Scam Letter(s) from Irina Storozhuk to Greg (USA)

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Letter 1

My wonderful man Greg,
My lovely Greg, I want to ask your pardon. Because, I have no constant access in the lnternet. Therefore, I to write seldom. But I hope, that you understand. And you are not angry with me. Your letters delightful. I am sure, that we necessarily shall meet. Because our love is higher than the sky and stars. I trust your words. You have convinced me. Therefore, I wait our meeting. Concerning cost of travel. I wrote to you. I have paid advance payment forthe visa and the international passport. I borrowed money. And I have paid the stayed sum for documents. Therefore, I shall receive the visa and international passport on August 8. lt is pleasant news to you? I shall receive the tourist visa. I can live with you of 90 days. When we shall be together. We can issue for me the working visa. And I can work. But I should receive the American license. I should receive rates. But it not a problem. I the good expert.
Therefore, all will be in the order. I can fly to you on August 9. But I have no money for the ticket. I to have only a monetary duty. Because I borrowed money for documents. Therefore, I hope only for your help. The agency will not return my documents. Because I should buy the ticket only through this agency. I and agency concluded the contract. Only provided that, the agency legalized for me papers. The ticket to cost not less than L300 dollars. You can send 1300 dollars? | shall not hurry you. I understand your situation. You should write to me. As soon as, you can save 1300 dollars. You want to hear my voice. I shall call to you. You wrote your phone numbers. I shall call from the telephone company. I hope, that we can hear our voices. (Smile) I want to close eyes and to appear near to you, to feel and outlive all, about than you and i dream. I want to feel heat and tenderness of your hands and taste of your lips. I am ready to go with you though on edge of the Earth. I am ready to spend with you all days and night even in a tent, and for me it will be paradise.. I want to finish my letter by words: I do not know what will farther. But now you have made me happy lady. I forthe firsttime have felt desired and necessary. Your sweet Ukrainian princess (smile ) lryna,.
P.S.You want to see my photos with my mum. But I have no such photos on a computer. I shall take my picture album in travel. And you can see all my photos and my family. Okey



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