Letter(s) from Irina Danilova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dearest lovely friend Scott
How are you? I hope it's fine. I congratulate you on past Christmas and New Year.
Excuse me, that I for a long time didn't write to you. The matter is that I have very big problem. I don't understand, that occurs in my life. In the beginning the God has given you for me. And then he has filled on me a heap of problems and tests. The end of 2005 became for me the biggest test in my life. I cannot overcome it while. It's a horror!!!
After when I have written to you last letter, Denis has got in hospital. He felt like very badly. Doctors could not understand in what business. They have made the careful analysis. They have found a leukaemia at Denis. Do you know, what this such? They have told, that Denis will live no more than for 3-4 years. I cannot present the life without my precious son whom I have brought up with such hard. Do you know, what I feel now? I cannot even describe those feelings which turn in my head. I don't want to live without Denis. If Denis will die, I shall die too. My parent heart will not sustain such loss. Therefore now I am ready to rush to a precipice. I am ready to sell soul to a devil that he has rescued my son and have presented him a life.
Doctors have told, that they can rescue Denis. But it needs to be made in the shortest term. Operation should pass in February. Because later late something will make. Now we can give Denis a life. But cost of operation and necessary medical preparations exceeds $25000 USD. Prior to the beginning of February it is necessary to pay half of cost. $13000 USD. therefore I didn't write it to you. I searched money. We have taken two credits in bank. We have bypassed all our friends familiar and relatives. All helped to us. Someone has given 100 roubles (=3.5 $). Two could give us on 1000 roubles. My girlfriend hasn't regretted and has given 1600 roubles. I went to various chiefs of firms, I addressed in the government. I asked the help there. The some people could help me also. I am very grateful to them. I even have found Denis's father. I am grateful to the God, that he has not given up to me. Victor has found $2000 USD and has given it to me on treatment.
Now I have $8500 USD. I never had so many money. But it is not enough this money to pay Denis's treatment. It is necessary still $4500 USD. I do not know where to search for it.
Today my mother has told, that I should address for the help to you. I cannot ask money you. But I am compelled to struggle for a life of the son. Therefore I am compelled to ask your help. If you can help though something, I shall be grateful to you. Even 100USD will approach us to an object in view. Therefore I ask you. Respond to my request. Help me. Think, whether you can give money for us on Denis's treatment. How many you can?
I shall wait your answer.
Irina and Denis.

P.S. Someone has sent this picture to me. I have thought... may be it will help me... Therefore excuse me, but I have decided to send it to you...