Letter(s) from Anna to Dileep (India)

Letter 1


And I am single and am missing the one that my heart needs. I have not yet found him! I saw your profile and thought that it would be wonderful to get to know more about you. I hope to get to know you better!

I have a dream of meeting a man with a real feelings. I will express all my dreams and thoughts. They will be about future life. You will know everything I am doing and feeling from my heart. I want you to be not an image but have a sense of warmth and kindness that you will feel from my heart.

The loneliness is getting to much for me now and it would be so nice to be able to share my life with someone special. I will leave you now but will write more if after reading my letter you are still interested.

I am sending you picture of me and I hope to hear back from you soon!

Here is my e-mail address: glaskovaya@bk.ru Anna

Letter 2

Hello dileep.

First I will tell you more about myself. You already know my name Anna and I am from Ukraine. I am looking for a serious relationship and get married and create a strong loving family. The man who I am looking for has to be honest and loyal and have a good sense of humor. For a good relationship I think is mutual understanding, trust and respect for each other is very important.
I don't have much hobbies I do a lot of things I really like to swim and go out for a day and see other places or a Zoo sometimes I go to a cinema or theatre and see a musical. My favorite place is near the river, I love to be outdoors or go with some friends to a cafe .When I am at home I watch some tv i like to watch a good movie. My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. I listen to all kinds of music. It depends on my mood but most of the time I listen to the radio.
sometimes I read a book about what happened in the past so I can see how it was in that time. I love to cook that is my hobby I like to try new dishes and most of the time it taste good. I like sport much and I always try to run a couple of days a weak and I use to skate a lot.

As for my work I work in the library. I am a librarian.

I hope you know a little more about me and I am very glad to meet you I will tell you more about myself in the next letter if you want to know more of me believe me i am very serious about finding the man. I love and create a serious relationship with you and I wish you have a very nice day and i hope that I will hear from you soon. will you tell me about your intentions and more about your life and interests?

Your new friend.


Letter 3

Dear and sweet Dileep,

Was a big surprise to me your answer, I did not expect this and I am very happy now and thank you very much for your honest and quick reply. You are so funny, I like you very very much, darling. As for my age, I am 26.

I want the same as you, I dream about real and serious relationships and also I appreciate personal qualities such as responsibility, kindness, loyalty, sense of humor, honesty, speak with the true, frankly and passion , but for me the beauty is not the most important thing, but the inner beauty, yes, because the beauty with the time is gone, but the inner beauty is forever, now for your knowledge I am really honest, in extremely honest, I like to speak with the true and frankly, I do not like to lie and I hate when the people lie me, also I am very romantic woman.

Now i live in my native town which is called Rivne. i do not have computer at home and i do not know English.

When i study i was living in another town and my boyfriend betrayed me. I have been on my own for study time, apart from a short time when i thought i had someone in my life but i was wrong, he was seeing someone else. i did not see him from that time. I just want someone i can trust, someone who will inspire me to do more, I am a very caring woman.

I have a very wide taste in music, everything from classical to metal.
I like all kinds of films, maybe we can both sit and watch a scary film together? when i get scared i could hold on to you.. I would like that..
If you ask any of my friends they will all tell you that i am a very courteous, kind and caring person, always ready to help anyone that needs it, I do have very old views on how men should treat a woman, and i will always respect a man. My father died about 9 years ago and he was never betrayed my mother.
All i want in a man is a honesty, compleat honesty and understanding.

Ok i think i will leave it there for now.
Take care and thank you so much for the your letter. i will be waiting for a letter from you.


Letter 4

hello my dear Dileep,

you are whom I look for in my life. you respect yourself and others and you are also honest, compassionate, considerate, affectionate, and open-minded. Those are all the things that I need in the person I choose to be with.

In this world today there is not near enough love and compassion and it makes the world feel cold to me, I heat things up a bit. I just cannot wait to meet you.

my parents were very old fashioned and also taught me to respect men and people at all, to be a good woman, and to be a romantic which I am all of the above. I write poetry and I will love to open doors for the man I love and I always treat him like a king.

all my heart wants to build own family and to take care of it. i dream about family dinners after work and speaking about everything as a good friends. i think that man and woman have to be lovers and sex is very important part of relationships but if they are friends too and can speak about different things and support each other in different situations or will help with advice . i think it is ideal relations.

One more thing then I will stop boring you, I love to write poetry!I have been doing it since I was 9 years old . my teacher took it and read it aloud, from that day on my classmates called me the Poet, my friends still call me that!

I think if we meet and you will fill my heart with love i will write many romantic things.

Always Yours, Anna.

Letter 5

my prince, my Dileep,

I dream you to be closer to me and love me. I want to hold my heart next to yours and feel us beat as one. I have many thoughts of just kissing you and stepping back to see your reaction, or just touching you passionately, and seeing your reaction. i dream to cook for you.
As i am cooking, place your hand on my cheek and kiss my neck, and whispering in my ear, i love you. Or leaving a romantic card on the dinning room table for me to find when i get up as you leave for the day. Or leaving a rose on the table another day. I like your picture, you look very nice, dear.

Darling i will always communicate with you, about every thing my dear, every day things, your feelings, dreams, desires, your passions, and about us. I can not imagine a day i will not talk with you. My love will be deep and pure for you. I just can not see me not talking to you.

There are things i still do not know about you, as well as you don't know about me. We still have things we have not delved in and now is not the time for them, they will come out when we are together. There are so many things we don't have time to put to paper. We still have so much to say to each other and too much to do to each other, because our passion for each other will be strong. Or love will be strong, We will prove our love and passion,desires,and love to each other. All will come out, all will continue for the rest of our lives together.

when we meet, our letter writing will end but the relationship will last life time, our true love will come out and shine like a harbor light, all night and day our love will shine till we part from this earth. A life of joy, peace, happiness, love, devotion, romance,passion, respect, and giving is all i want to give to you. And to me, i will always give you myself every day. You will know my touch of love and tenderness, my kiss of love to let you feel and taste it.
My hugs to take away your sad times and to embrace your happy ones.
Our chatting with each other will be to fill each other with all our thoughts and dreams. And our love making to complete our love for each other, and start our family. And our love making to complete our love.
i want to be only with you.

your Anna

Letter 6

Dear Mr. Dileep,

it is a letter from Anna's translator. i am as a representative of translation service has to inform you that we will not provide her with our translation and computer service because she cannot pay for it.
her salary is very low for it. she cannot even to buy own computer.
all her funds she spends for food and rent of her flat.

if you are really interested in her and want to be only with her you can pay for restart of your communication. we will inform you how. just let us know.

you can pay for one month or for each letters. it is depends on you.

if you want to interrupt you communication and leave her forever let us know too.

your lady is waiting for your decision impatiently. she wanted to be only with you very much.


Letter 7

Dear sir Dileep,

If you are serious and want to continue the relationships with your lady Anna, try to understand her, she was paying for the correspondence and now she doesn't have such opportunity that's why she asks you for help. If you are against and don't wish it, we will not translate her your letters, because they should be paid.

best regards,

Letter 8

Dear sir Dileep,

of course, we have our own e-mail address, if you wish we can send a letter from our address, but this e-maill address was created special for lady, that's why we send our office letter from it, please, tell us your decision, because the lady is very worried about all this situation.
Hoe for your soon decision.

with respect,

Letter 9

Dear sir Kumar,
We would like to inform you that your lady Anna came to us and asks about you, she wishes to know about your decision, would you like to continue the relationship with her, can she rely on you and trust you or not. She is really interested in you and worries about your disbelief.
She wants to know are you able to help you or not?
Hope for your soon decision.
best regards,
translation service

Letter 10

Dear sir Dileep,

We are very glad to tell you that our company is legal and work only for clients' interests. Lady can come to us from 12 p.m. to 16 p.m. If lady Anna will permit to give her number, we will let you know about it.

with respect,
from translator

Letter 11

Dear sir Dileep,

we wish to inform you that your lady Anna asked to give you her number, it is +380961972403. You can write or call her. If you wish to use our interpreter, you are welcome, the time is 12 p.m. to 16 p.m.
The translation service wishes you a nice day.