Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Birak to Terry (USA)

Letter 1

My dear Terry!
I am very sorry that i was not be able to write you. I have my ticket for next week but it is seemed that i will not be able to come. I am really don’t know what to do. I paid too much money for the last documents in policemen station. I also had to go to Minsk for some papers . I was so happy that everything finished and i can forget about everything. This Monday they said me that i have to pay again and it will be finish. I have to find about 1000 dollars till Monday. I promise you i do my best but i am not sure i will be able to do this. I can sell my car but it will take some time for me . Terry listen i dont want to ask you money again because i know how much you have already paid so i can only ask you please come to me. I want to be with you and want to marry with you as soon as possible. I dont want to be alone any more. All this make me crazy . Sometimes i think that all this will never finish and i can only say that i am so sorry that i live in such country and i only make problems for you. I want to make you happy but i dont know how i can do this. Please forgive me today i am in very bad mood . I have some idea hope tomorrow i will be able to do this if no John please if you really love me come to me. Forgive again i want to rest little bit. I will write you again tomorrow hope i will have some good news. Have a good day. I miss you. Sveta
Letter 2

Hi My Dear Terry1!
I am very sorry for the shot message. I am very busy and i will try to write you later. Please chek the number you gave me I need to collect the money. You gave me 303277809 but in bank said that it is not correct number. Please chek this as soon as possible and write me. I love you so much and hope to see you soon. Big kiss for you my dear.
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