Scam letter(s) from Natalia Cherkasova to Dileep (India)

Letter 1
Hi !!!
Pleasantly that you speak in English as my Danish language weak enough and me will be much more convenient with you
To communicate in English, I think you will be not against...
You the married person whom age at you, you have children???
I very much hope, that this letter becomes the beginning of our big friendship!!!
You liked my photo??? :)
I have written to several men, but you have answered me only!
Probably it is destiny?!
By means of the Internet I try to find the partner in life as in real my life I do not have time for acquaintance.
And how for a long time you use the Internet for acquaintances????
I am interested in search of the foreign man as I do not like mentality of Russian men!!!
And you like mentality of your women?????
I did not happen outside of the country, but I always would like to visit many countries of the world.
I consider, that the true love does not know borders and consequently I am done not frightened by distance between us!!!
Me serious relations, therefore interest only if our interests do not coincide, the request not to spend and my time simply!!!
I hope you serious relations interest!?
For me colour of the person, and its religion is not important.
For me it is more more important, that the person was decent and fair.
For me the age and appearance of the person are not so important, for me private world of the person is more important!!!
To me 30 or 60 years to the person are not important, I consider that each person should be interesting that with it it was not boring, and age in it not a hindrance.
It is interesting to know, and what for you it is more important?????
At me it will not turn out to write to you often as I write to you from work, at home I have no access to the Internet.
Me the financial position of the man does not interest, but it does not mean, that the man should be the poor person, not capable support the
And you are capable to support the family????
In the future if our acquaintance proceeds, and we learn each other better, I would like to hear your voice by phone.
My telephone number on a mobile phone is registered on firm of my father.
From this number I cannot call in other countries and accept calls from other country, therefore in the future I could call to you from the payphone.
I very much would like to communicate with you with the help yahoo messanger, msn, skype, web-camera, but unfortunately on my computer these programs it is impossible
To use, as the network manager has closed access to these programs.
I consider, that the Internet does not give full representation about the person and consequently in the future if we like each other, I would like to visit you,
To look at your life, to listen that about you your relatives, the friends familiar speak, and probably to remain with you for ever!!!
Last year I have received the passport for travel abroad, and now I can travel to any country of the world.
I can forgive much, but only not treachery and lie!
And you are capable to forgive treachery and lie????
I wish at once you to warn, that I do not search for long correspondence!!!
I know, that on the Internet many false people and consequently in the future when we learn each other better, I will send you a copy of the passport,
That you could be convinced of my reality.
And I also very much would like, that also you sent me a copy of the passport that I also could be convinced of your reality.
I hope you will not offend my requests, and you will understand me?!

Now it is a little about itself:
I from Russia, live a city to Yaroslavl.
I was born September 16 , year 1985, my growth of 169 centimetres, in a family I the only child.
I was not married, children at me are not present.
I have two higher educations, economic and legal.
I studied English language at school and at universities.
I talk in English much better, than I write.
In 2008 my mum was lost in accident, and my father married in second time.
I the provided person, well enough earn for a life.
I work as the economist, in firm of the parents.
My working day begins from 9:00, comes to an end at 21:00, sometimes I remain for the night on work to prepare some documents for the new
The working day.
I have the own new car.
My favourite actors Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Sheron Stone, Will Smitt, Tom
Cruise, Bret Pitt, Bruce Uillis, Dzhulija Roberts, Richard Gere.
My favourite cartoon films it is Captain Nemo, Underwater friends, the Glacial age, Madagascar, Shrek.
My favourite music Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Sting, Madonna, Milen Farmer,
Deep People, Gipsy Kings and many other things....
My favourite kitchen Russian and Italian.
My hobby, collection of ancient coins, and also I write poems.
I very much like to sunbathe on a beach, to leave on picnic.
Sometimes I like to run on fresh air.
I love all seasons, but most of all I like Winter and Summer.
Sometimes I like to sit at home near a window, listening to rain noise.
I very trustful person and consequently many people use my trustfulness in the mercenary purposes :(
My favourite holiday Christmas, my favourite colours green, blue and pink.
I very much love animals, but unfortunately no I have, as there is no time to look after them.
In the childhood I took a great interest in art gymnastics and consequently I have beautiful appearance.
I do not smoke a cigarette, alcohol I use in small doses, I love red wine and cold champagne.
I about much still would like to write to you, but I am compelled to finish this letter, I should continue the work.
It would be desirable to believe, that you very good and decent person who has the big and kind heart!
Please tell to me more about the life, about the friends, about the family, about your work, about culture of your country, about your traditions.
It will be very interesting to me to know all it!
I hope you will interest my letter and you will answer me!
With impatience I wait your answer.
Letter 2
Hello !
How are you, how your mood?
Today at me very good mood because in some days at me holiday begins, at last I can have a rest from work!
It was pleasant to see your letter in the mail box!
It would be desirable to believe, that we have already made "FIRST STEP" to sincere and true friendship, between me and you!!!
Heart rejoices, when represent in the thoughts, that someone writes you the letter, and during this moment thinks of you :)
You understand my thoughts??? ;)
I think you should know it: the Man capable on the present love and to respect the woman, has every chance to win my heart!
I hope you that person, capable to respect opinion and feelings of the woman?!
I consider, that soul and thoughts of the person should be transparent as water!!!
you agree with me???
At the difficult moments of a life I am always ready to help the favourite person, and also, to be with him in a grief and pleasure.
I try not to refuse to people to whom my help but if their help is required to me is required, I never will tell him about it, as I
The person very constraining and modest.
I very would like to present the heart to the good and kind person, to open before him as the book that he could read me throughout all
To devote all remained life him, to be dissolved in him, to be for him a guardian angel!!!
I the Christian, sincerely believe in God, and only therefore I try to forgive people though I admit, sometimes to forgive happens very much, very difficult... Thanks you for time which you spend for me.
I am very happy, that you continue to write to me.
My heart rejoices, as I know, that in a distance from me there lives the man who waits my following letter.
It is very a pity, that early we were not familiar with you...
I very good listener, you can trust me all secrets, I will hold them deeply in the heart.
Now I will tell to you a sad episode from my past.
It was 8 years ago.
At this time I should marry my groom.
All was good, till certain time.
At restaurant tables have been ordered, musicians are invited, invitations have been sent visitors.
We very much loved each other (anyway I thought so).
However, the trouble came nearer more close and more close...
My groom has told to me, that cannot marry me as loves other woman.
I have heard it 14 days prior to the planned wedding.
The world has fallen for me...
I required days to calm down from this news.
The most bad was that I could not trust long time to men.
I very much loved this person.
I read everyone his desire on his to eyes.
I knew this person since the childhood, I was confident, that I knew him by heart.
We knew secrets and secrets each other, he were my ally in many affairs.
he has betrayed me in the heart and in the soul.
I required in many years to forget and forgive this treachery
I have been enamoured in him as the little girl.
We a lot of time were together.
Only one God knows, that occurred to me during that moment of my life.
From him I did not expect such treachery, he have crushed my feelings, and I
long time suffered.
I felt very badly, I can not describe to you these feelings in words at all...
I cannot explain to you, that during that moment occurred in my heart.
My life seemed me finished, and I would not like to live.
There has passed time, and my feelings to him have cooled down, now I try not to recollect it.
In the heart I have forgiven him as I understand, that insults destroy our hearts.
I became more stronger, and now have learnt to understand people a little.
I have laid down for myself the aim, and have decided to try the happiness again.
But this time I became more more cautious and is more skilled in a choice of the partner in life.
I very much hope you not such person, and are not capable to hurt the beloved!
I about much still would like to write to you, but unfortunately at me it is a lot of work, and I should to continue work.
Do not miss..... Good-bye.....
Letter 3
Hello !

I hope our acquaintance starts to find sense?! ;)
I am grateful to you for time which you spend for me!!!
How your mood, what weather at you?
Today at us very cold weather.
How there passed your day???
My day has passed as usually, anything new...
Early in the morning I ran at school stadium that is near to my house a little.
After jog I have taken a bath.
Leaving a bath I have made a breakfast for the father and the stepmother, and after we sat down in the car of the father and have gone for work.
The working day was difficult as I had to fill many reports for tax police.
As I already wrote to you I work in firm of the parents.
We supply the military units, the necessary goods (footwear, mattresses, pillows, and many other things).
I like my work, but I very much do not like that fact, that I always under supervision of the parents...
At my father very difficult character.
It is necessary to have very strong nervous system and patience to live with this person at least one day.
My father is angry and is nervous on any trifles.
My father considers, that all should be under his the control.
My parents supervise each my step and consequently limit to me feeling of freedom.
I cannot make an independent step, without the permission of the father.
Probably my father arrives correctly, but I not so like it :(
I could not arrive with children also as my father with me arrives.
And as you think: the feeling of freedom is necessary for people???
You think my parents arrive correctly with me, I supervise each my step, limiting me feeling of freedom????
I try to understand them, but at me it not always turns out....
At my age the person should live independently, but my parents do not wish to understand it.
Sometimes I feel the *****, I have such feeling, that my parents use me in the mercenary purposes.
I feel as a bird behind a lattice which all time would be desirable freedom drink.
I hope you correctly will understand my frankness?!
Please do not think of me badly, do not think that I the spoilt and whimsical child who complains of the parents.
I understand, that each parent wishes the child of good luck, but I also understand, what not each parent wishes to understand or can understand the
The child.
At my age people make of the decision independently, and it is the fact!
Unless it is correct, when parents make of the decision for us, and do not leave to us is right to think independently????
I think it not correctly!!!
Speaking under the truth, sometimes I feel the closed person, and I very much do not like this unpleasant feeling......
Often happens such, that to me forbid to visit the girlfriends.
I tried to say to the parents that I cannot so to live, being all time under their supervision and the control, but my parents do not want
To me to listen, and each our conversation comes to an end with scandal.
I tried to live independently, but my father forbids me to leave the house.
On work my father does not give out me my work record card, and without the work record card I cannot be arranged for new work.
I tried to find in myself forces and courage that without approval of parents to leave the house, but each time does not suffice me bravery to accept it
The decision.
I have decided for myself, that so to proceed cannot any more, and that I will leave from the parents as soon as in my life there will be a person which I
I will grow fond.
I know, that my parents so simply will not allow me to leave from them as I know many their secrets.
I have made the decision and that in this world will not force me to change the decision!!!
I ask the guardian angels that my sufferings came to an end, and I sincerely believe, that my requests will be heard once.
Sometimes I would like to leave on a desert island, and to remain there for all life that all my problems with a family at last have been finished.
I stop to write to you, in the following letter I will tell to you more about my life now.
I could write you the letter written by my hand and to send you this letter on your home address, that you reading my lines a smog
To feel me more is more real!
How to you such idea??? ;)
Personally I very much like this idea!!!
Also it would be very pleasant to me to receive the letter on you written by your hand!
Only please do not take in head to send me gifts as it will create to me the big problems with my family. My address:
City: Yaroslavl
Street the Moscow prospectus 127
Apartment: 58
The postal index: 428 000 Good-bye, your new friend!!!!!
Letter 4

Hello my dear!!! I am grateful to you for time which you spend for me.
I start to trust you, your letters become a part of my day.
I would like to learn you better, how much only it is possible.
Sincerely I hope, that in the future our mutual relations will yield result.
I think in a life there is nothing impossible if our desires happen sincere.
You agree with me????
I think, if the person very much wants something, or has dream, means it is necessary to trust and aspire to the desires, not paying attention to barriers and
Circumstances of a life.
I am confident, that only in such a way, it is possible to carry out the desires and dreams. In this letter I will tell to you as there passes my life now.
To tell the truth I long time thought to tell to you about it or to keep silent, as did not know, how you will perceive this revelation.
My parents wish to marry me, to the son of the rich friend who has joint business with my parents.
My parents my opinion though I do not test to this person of feelings, and this person to me does not interest is very unpleasant.
Parents of this person very rich people and consequently their son is very spoilt by money.
This person has spoilt to me all my life....
I said set of times to the parents, that I will not marry this person, but my parents at all do not wish to listen to me.
This person the real loony and a hypocrite who hides the true person under a mask.
This person some times beat me.
I went to police to write on this person the complaint but then my father was in furiousness when has heard about it and consequently has forced me to take away
Back my complaint from police.
I have not obeyed to the father and then my father has accused me before police of lie, having told polices, that it he has struck me in an impulse of the
Anger, instead of as I have written Dmitry in the complaint.
One God knows, that then occurred in my heart.
Dmitry has felt the impunity, and has definitively lost fear, having struck me in second time but if it is all has ended only with it,
But is not present, this animal has not calmed down and has ***** me.
This animal has counted all in in advance, has come to my apartment while my parents left in holiday, on the sea.
I long time went to the psychologist, but it has not helped me, and then I have ***** a lot of medicine, but I was rescued in time by doctors.
Dmitry very mean person, he left this situation dry of water, having told to my father, that I am pregnant from him, and in such a way wanted
To **** our child, but it not the truth, I was not pregnant.
This person the real hypocrite.
Sometimes it would be desirable to burst into tears, but I understand, that tears will not calm my heart.
I sincerely believe, that the God sees my sufferings, and that soon my sufferings will stop.
I tried to tell set of times about this **** to the father, but my language does not obey me as it is very a shame to me even to recollect
About it.
This vile person has deprived of me virginity, and now because of this person, it will be very a shame to me to look in the face to the future husband.
I the believing person and consequently should be able to forgive but to forgive it not in my forces, I when I can not forgive it and when I can not
To forget about it.
My father has begun to hate me, thinking that I have killed the child.
I live in a ****, my girlfriend spoke me set of times that I left the house, and that I am guilty in all sufferings.
I did not expect to hear from the girlfriend these words.
The psychological help was necessary to me, and in the answer I have received only insults....
I know precisely, that in Russia I will not have a future.
To me it is very lonely, as there is no person who would try to understand my mental anguish.
Sometimes it seems to me that I descend with mind, and that in this world all think only of themselves.
All people egoists seem to me, but in the heart of the heart I understand, that my thoughts are erroneous, as in this world corrects not only angrily, but also
Good also.
At me such feeling as though all world has lost sight and hearing, and from it to me becomes even more sick on heart........
I hope after reading of this letter, you will understand, what occurs in my life, now?!
I write you these words and from my eyes tears flow, I cannot understand why I so I suffer, and for what the God arrives so with me.....
I tried to leave to live in other city, but my father has found me, by means of police.
I as the prisoner in prison, with me address as with the *****.
I tried to talk to Dmitry, I asked him to leave me alone, but he does not listen to me.
Each time as I start to talk with him about it, he at once starts to become hysterical, and wishes to listen nothing....
Several days ago I went on consultation to the lawyer to listen his advice.
Having listened to attentively my history the lawyer has advised to me to talk to Dmitry frankly.
Dmitry not that person with which it is possible to talk frankly, I tried to talk to Dmitry set of times, but my conversations of nothing
Have changed, he as was a pig, such and remained......................
I have told to the lawyer that tried to talk to this person set of times, but each time our conversation came to an end without results.
It seems to me what even the lawyer is afraid to contact their family.
Many my acquaintances have ceased to communicate with me.
There was a case when one my secret admirer has sent me flowers, having seen flowers the father has come to furiousness, and has forbidden me to leave the house.
It was very strong shock for me, the father long time shouted at me, and even wished to strike.
At me it is impossible to rejoice sincerely a life.
I often ask the God that he has sent me the favourite person who could be to me the best friend with whom I share the rest of the life.
My life, reminds me a terrible dream which will not end when.
If you only could know, how I was bothered with these constant problems with the family.
Sometimes there is time when I would not like to live.
I very much dream to create the family, to be the favourite wife, to love madly husband, but at present my life, it only dreams and illusions
Sometimes it seems to me, that my confidence starts to weaken, and that I should be measured with the destiny.
But I also sincerely believe, that destiny of each person in his hands, and that when not late to change the life!!!
Only thoughts that the God has created us for love and happiness, give me confidence and hope.
I pray every day that in my life there were changes, and I sincerely trust and I hope, that in the future my sufferings will stop......
With impatience I wait your new letter!
Good-bye, your sincere friend Natalya!!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear
Your words fill emptiness which is in my heart.
You have every chance to win my heart. Sincerely!
It is very pleasant to me to know, that in my life there was a person who sincerely worries about me.
It is interesting to know, and what it is pleasant to you in me????
This night I thought of what you the person in a real life much.
I start to get used to your letters, I very much would like to look in eyes of the author of these letters.
It seems to me, that you well understand me, and that between us there is a mutual understanding.
You seem to me the lovely person who has the big and kind heart. Sincerely!
Sincerely the good person would be desirable to believe, that you, incapable to hurt people.
I very much am afraid, that I washed all about you will appear illusions.
You are really nice to me, my reason is filled with thoughts on you.
It is very a pity, that at the moment to a life, we are far apart, and we have no possibility to look in eyes each other.
It would be possible to understand much, having glanced in eyes each other as "EYES" it is a mirror of soul of the person, display of true our intentions.
Yesterday at our place there was a big scandal.
My father has read my letter which I have written you.
I departed from the computer for 5 minutes to go to a toilet and when has come back have seen the father at myself in cabinet.
The father has read everything, that I have written to you, and for a rage have struck me on a cheek, on eyes at the subordinates.
It was very a shame to me before these people, I long cried.
And in the evening after work when I came back home, my parents have lifted mad scandal.
It would not be desirable to recollect yesterday's evening at all, on heart it is very bad, bad that my parents do not respect me as the person as the person,
As their daughter.
The father has taken away from me my cellular telephone, thinking that I speak with you by phone.
My patience comes to an end, I cannot so to live any more...
My father is guilty in death of mother, my grandmother.
To me now very painfully to recollect it.
To my grandmother urgent operation on heart which cost the big money was required.
The father had possibility to rescue mother, but has not made it.
After death of the grandmother, the father all our relatives have ceased to respect.
From our family all people close to us have turned away absolutely.
Money has very much spoilt my father, earlier the father was not such person.
In heart I cannot deeply forgive to the father death of my grandmother.
The father feels it and consequently is angry with me.
I very much loved mum and the grandmother, they were the best my friends, knew all my secrets.
Now, when they did not become, I feel very lonely person.
I very much worry that observing of my life, the soul of my mum and the grandmother have no rest.
Therefore I go every week to church, and mentally I talk to them.
I know, that they hear me, and help me!!!!!!!!
I envy people which are not lonely in the life, I am very happy for such people.
Without love the life of each person becomes boring and sad.
I thank the God for my acquaintance to you.
I seem to me I start to feel you as the person, feeling your attention, kindness, care and respect.
I very much would like to live the remained life in pleasure and happiness with the favourite person.
It would be desirable to believe, that YOU can be this person!
It would be desirable to grow fond so strongly that from love the head was turned.
I write now to you the letter, and on eyes there are pleasure tears....
To me really it is not believed, that in my life there was a person who sincerely is interested in me.
With impatience I wait for your answer!!! Your sincere girlfriend Natalya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear !
Thanks you for your letters which cheer me up.
At present my life You the unique person which tries to listen and understand me.
Your letters as a medicine for my sick heart. Yesterday to us Dmitry and consequently my mood has been very spoilt home came.
It has come to me into a room, tried to kiss me, but I have pushed away him from myself, having told to it that I will **** myself if he touches me still
At least time.
I have told to Dmitry, that I communicate with you, and that we very much like each other.
In the beginning of conversation Dmitry thought, that I have thought up this history about you and consequently with a grin on the person easy listened to me.
But having listened to me up to the end Dmitry has felt the truth and consequently his face has suddenly changed in my words. Dmitry very much was angry, but tried
Not to show it, trying to supervise the emotions as, houses at us were my parents.
I have seen a lot of aggression in his eyes, and during one moment very strongly was frightened.
It seems to me, that probably if I have appeared with it in a deserted place, it would **** me, the sight of this animal was so terrible.
I and now cannot forget this sight, I have seen an indescribable rage in these eyes, and during any moment have very much regretted, that have told about us.
Dmitry addresses with me as if I its property.
The animal which does not have hearts, not having conscience and shame.
I cried and said to it, that I do not wish to see it and that it has disappeared from my life for ever.
Sometimes it seems to me, that my parents blind and deaf-and-dumb.
All my attempts to knock to their hearts, come to an end with failure.
How it is possible to give violently of the daughter in charge to the bad person?!
Parents heard as I cried, and at all do not send to me in a room.
Very heartless people, and these people my parents.
At me and now on tear eyes, heart it is compressed from a pain. Unfairly they arrive with me, I do not deserve it.
I all life obeyed the father, and now very much I regret about it.
The silly people thinking that in riches happiness.
About what love there can be a speech when their daughter suffers, is unfortunate and goes mad...................
Now I am confident on all of 100 , that they do not love me.
I am confident, that they use me as the ticket in the rich future, having given me in marriage for the person to which I do not test feelings.
This person is opposite to me, I even cannot be one second in its presence.
Has ***** me, beat me, has spoilt to me all life, and now wishes to marry me.
I will better **** myself, than I will marry this pig.
All of them of what all of them think speak about what wedding???????
Some hours ago I having taken courage have told to the stepmother about that that I have been ***** by Dmitry in the past.
I have told to the stepmother about it in hope, that she as the woman will understand me, but from it I and have not received understanding...
When I told to the stepmother about this ****, my person has reddened with shame, I was very a shame for looking in the face.
Having listened to my revelation the stepmother has told to me, that each woman should have patience, and that in the future I with a smile on the person will recollect these
Days. The stepmother the scatter-brained person seems to me. How it is possible so to think, and to speak the such??????
But is the most sick, to me became that I and have not heard from the stepmother of a word of sympathy.
The stepmother saw as it was difficult to tell to me about it, on my eyes there were tears.
Really at this woman heart from a stone????
My favourite mum, never would arrive so with me, my mum was the best my girlfriend.
If my mum was live, the father would not arrive so with me.
The father has very much changed after death of mum.
I set of times tried to talk to the father how this hypocrite has outraged upon his daughter, but at the last minute my language refuses
To obey me.
I am very a shame to me also I can not overcome in myself this feeling.
Today I spoke to the father about you, there was a scandal.
To me has bothered to listen to constant reproaches and insults, there is no more patience.
I said to the father, that "YOU" my choice, and that to me to decide to dispose as me of the life.
I have told to it that you very much like me, and that at present my life you the unique person which can listen and understand me.
Also it is the truth, at present my life only you can listen and understand me.
I am very grateful to you for your anxiety on me, you the good friend and the good person, sincerely!!!
For short time of our dialogue I already have had time to understand that you have gold heart, a kind and warm soul, therefore it is easy to me to communicate with you,
Therefore you draw me, therefore you like me, to me it is good with you!!!
In my heart there was a new spark, and a name of this spark "YOU".
I really got used to you and you are not indifferent to me.
I do not know as differently to tell that is now created in my heart...
I finish this letter with tears on eyes...
Letter 7
Hello my dear I am grateful to the destiny for our acquaintance!!!
You should know, that during this moment I test ocean of pleasant emotions!!!
I should tell to you, that it was required to me all the day to write after careful consideration this letter.
I always speak words only from the heart, but sometimes words should be picked carefully up.
I feel badly, when I have no possibility to use the computer to read your letter.
I feel pleasure and happiness when I think of you in the heart.
You should know, that each my letter is filled by emotions, in my words there is no emptiness.
I very much would like, that you perceived me not only as the friend, but also as the woman whom you can present the heart.
I would like to learn you at closer level.
I very much would like, that you divided the dreams, the hopes and the feelings with me.
Please do not think of me, as about the silly woman who lives only illusions.
I consider, that in a life there is nothing impossible if in it sincerely to trust and want.
Close please for some time the eyes, and present in the thoughts, on what our life if we lived together would be similar.
In each letter I would like to write about much to you, to share with you the secret dreams, but unfortunately I have no sufficient
Time to have time to write to you about it.
I wish to tell to you, that you very much like me, but you like me not only as the man, but also as the person too.
I speak now about your internal beauty, about beauty of your private world.
This beauty very rare, presented to the person the nature, and not each person has this beauty in itself.
The majority of men have beautiful appearance, but have no internal beauty.
For me internal beauty of the person, much more important, external beauty of the person.
I feel your kindness, care and anxiety on me in your letters.
Your words express your internal beauty.
I feel, that we become good friends, and the friendship is a basis of mutual relations! You agree??
I very much wish to learn you better, and I very much am to be trusted, as you want it also.
I hope, that you suppose thought that we relations can develop more more deeply, than simply usual friendship.
I very much hope, that my words in letters are not boring to you, as my words not simply usual words.
My words, this expression of my thoughts and feelings which I send you in the letters.
I very much would like, that you have found a place for me in the heart that you could divide the feelings with me.
I very much hope, that you sincerely rejoice, when receive my letters.
I very much hope, that my desires will be carried out once.
At me such feeling, that I knew you very much for a long time, I think in me such feeling not casually... And you have such feeling?? It seems to me we with
By you it is had related souls!!
I know, that if I can meet you, I can tell to you all that I can not tell to you in the letters.
I have to you some questions: In the relation with the girl YOU a dominating part???
I wish to tell - YOU like to be "LEADER" and to make all decisions personally, or YOU like to discuss questions with the girl and to make of the decision
I think, that is good, when problems are solved together!
I wish to feel your breath and to touch you, this desire overflows me...
I would be near to you if had wings, but unfortunately I have no wings :(
Now I only can kiss you through this letter.
Unfortunately my time is limited and consequently I finish this letter :(
I have made the choice, my choice it YOU!!!
Now a choice for you!
You always in my dreams, all time.
Good-bye, gently whole you! With impatience I wait your answer, your warm girlfriend Natalya.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Dileep Kumar!
I am happy to see your letter. It is pleasant for knowing for me, that you feel the same to me. I thought aforementioned this letter during long time. I wish to tell to you small secret.
As you know, my relations in family are awful. I during long time have solved holiday the father. But I work in its firm.
Some time back I have decided to exploit it. I had good money and have decided to provide me a little.
I have bought apartment. But my parents do not know about it. NOBODY knows about it. I have paid a part of cost from my savings.
But I had no, all summarise then. I have received the credit, and I cry it till now. I speak you about it because I do not want
To have secrets from you. During our acquaintance I have started to trust you, my dear.
It was difficult for paying for me according to the credit. I have refused me in many.
But I have reached, want, I want. I visit this apartment sometimes. Within several years it even grew in the price.)) I think, that I have made the successful
Investments. Apartments in Yaroslavl very expensive expenses.
Sometimes I think to throw here all and to leave in other country.
I am tired to live in isolation from the world and from people. The unique person who is not indifferent to me, is YOU! I think, that I not
It is indifferent to you also!?
My father constantly is not satisfied. It convinces me to marry for Dmitriy.
But he cannot understand, that I do not love this person. About you he at all does not wish to listen. I already spoke you its reaction.
Every day my desire leaves the parental house, more and more strongly. I think of it constantly. My ideas about you and about freedom.
I am certainly free, but I feel, that my father observes behind each my step.
Now I wish to ask you. What can you advise to me? Probably to throw all now and to leave!? Or to live in hope, that, as soon as the father
Will change the relation to me.
I am tired from loneliness. I wish to give my tenderness and tenderness to you.
I hope, that you seriously think of ours of the relation. I will wait your letter, and I hope to see your opinion concerning us. Well?
I should finish this letter now. I wish to wish you successful day and fine mood.
Yours Natalya !!!!!
Letter 9
My dear I in despair, at me the big problems, very big problems...
I write you this letter with tears on eyes, my heart is broken off from a pain...
I weigh day cried, I was betrayed by my congenial souls.
I and now cannot calm down...
My father very unfairly arrives with me.
I have left the house with the big scandal.
I have made the definitive decision, that I when I will not come back back home. I write now to you from library which is near to my house.
Today to us home came judicial-police officers.
I was in a shock from the heard information.
They have made confiscation of my car, have blocked my bank account.
These problems have arisen because of the big debts under the credit to their bank.
I in a condition of deep depression...
My father has deceived me as said to me, that this credit is already paid.
My father does not have problems with money.
I know precisely, that my father could pay this credit with ease.
I understand why it has not paid this credit.
The father specially has not paid this credit, knowing that I will have problems with bank.
He has been assured, that my bank account will block, and that then I cannot take advantage of this money for arrival to you.
Several months ago I took the credit in bank as money was urgently necessary to my father, for the next purchase of a working material.
I already some times took credits in this bank and consequently I did not have doubts, that my father during time will return this money.
The employee of bank has been very surprised, when learnt, that I did not see these receipts on penalties which were sent on my home address.
Now I know precisely, that my father specially hid from me this information as has told to me, that this credit is completely returned.
When judicial-police officers have come to us home I personally has opened to it a door.
My father very unscrupulous person as hearing this conversation it did not leave at all the room.
I have come to parents into a room and have asked them, what occurs and about what these people speak???
My parents the big actors they would be envied by any known actor.
They reacted to my question not clear a look as though do not understand about what there is a speech as though to it my question is not clear.
I in a shock from their artistic was more capable.
On my happiness, judicial-police officers spoke nothing about my apartment.
Otherwise the father would learn about it.
I could not constrain the emotions and consequently have begun to cry.
I have understood a plan of the father, on expression his an eye.
The father as always has thought over all beforehand.
With intellectual thinking of the father it is necessary to play chess.
His talent to expect on some steps forward, would be invaluable, for a full victory over the opponent.
To me very all would be desirable to tell to the father that I think about him, but my strict education does not allow me to make it.
My father the former military officer, at him very strict character and the iron logic.
he has got used to order and supervise over people.
he was at war and took part in many operations.
From the early childhood the father brought up me in very strict rules.
All my youth has passed awfully and now the past not to return.
The father always solved for me whom to me to love, and who is not present.
I have understood, that in Russia I will not have a happy life.
The father will not allow to me to live easy and happily, he will eternally interfere with my life.
I cannot calm down, on my eyes of tear.
I consider that my father very unscrupulous person, but tell him about it I cannot.
he said to me, that sincerely wishes my of good luck, but I trust his to words.
The father insists on that I have undersigned with Dmitry for a registry office and became his the wife.
I have told, that I when I will not become his the wife as this person is unpleasant to me.
I have told to the father that Dmitry has deprived of me virginity and that I have been ***** him.
I was in a shock when my father has easy apprehended these my words.
he has told to me that I have left their house if I will disagree to become wife Dmitry.
I have told to the father, that this my last decision, and that I when I will not change this decision.
My father whose blood flows in me, has betrayed me.
The father probably thought, what without money I cannot begin an independent life???
In it time he ????????!!!
I long not thinking have collected all things and have left the house.
I write you this letter and for insult my eyes are filled by tears, and in heart emptiness.
Such bad state of health at me was not very much for a long time, from the date of funeral of my mother.
My thoughts are definitively confused, and me already pleases nothing in this life.
My father the real egoist..............
he very unscrupulous, artful and thought over person who does not have compassions in the heart.
I never thought, that my father can so to arrive with me.
All these years I fairly worked, working on him 7 days in a week.
Thanks to me, he has earned many money, and his the capital was increased greatly.
Now I understand, that all this time he used my trust in the mercenary purposes. I guessed, that my father uses me, but I sincerely believed, that in due course his the relation to me will change,
As in the heart of my heart I very much loved this person.
Well why money so spoils people???
Why my father thinks only of itself, and about the money as though in this world there is no love and happiness???
I often think that it will be easier to me to die and be born anew in this world to begin all at first.
Why my father perceives my kindness for weakness???
I always concerned to him with kindness, love and understanding, and he when did not understand it :(
Why he so concerns me???
Really my father blind and sees nothing further the nose???
At me it is impossible to answer all these questions and consequently my heart feels an awful pain.
Now I know for certain, that I all this time was mistaken in him :(.
My father does not regret me, in his heart is not present love for me.
he it is definitively spoilt by this ****** money, at him heart from a stone.
he has exchanged happiness of the daughter, for this ****** money and consequently has lost my respect for.
I set to myself many questions and at me it is impossible to find on them answers.
I very much would like abandon the country and when not to come back back.
I very much would like to forget all problems.
I very much would like to forget the past, and to try to begin the life anew, together with you!!!
Unique my pleasure there is YOU!!!
I am grateful to you, for your time spent on me!!!
For short time of our acquaintance I already have had time to get used to you very much!!!
I very much like your private world and your relation to me!!!
I am very grateful to you for your care and anxiety on me!!!
I am very grateful to you for your understanding and respect for me!!!
I very much would like to arrive to you to look at your life and to get acquainted with you more close.
Becomes necessary to me the man which could to me the best friend who could understand each my thought.
My heart prompts to me, that I have already found such man.
I now speak about you!!!
I could present to you the warm heat, the care, to become your best friend and the true wife!!!
Please do not think, that I use my acquaintance to you to leave the country.
In my thoughts there is no it!!!
I always talk to you sincerely and each my word starts with my heart!!!
I speak you all truth because I believe, that I am not indifferent to you!!!
Now, your support, and also your presence at my life is very necessary for me!!!
I have made the definitive decision, that I will not come back back home.
Riches and expensive cars are not necessary to me, expensive clothes and entertainments are not necessary to me.
I want sincere love, I would like to give and receive love!!!
My dear, I in despair. I wish to leave this awful city. I will not be assured what to regret about it.
If we wish to be together, now the best time for serious actions. I have lost all that held me here.
I have lost trust to native people. But I have trust and feelings to you, my dear!
I should finish this letter. I hope that you will understand all that I wished to tell. I will wait your answer. We are owners of our happiness!
I kiss you!
Your expensive Natalya!
Letter 10
Hello my dear __________!
I very much was delighted, when have seen the letter from you!
I very much missed on you, very much, very much...
I am grateful to you for your care of me!
Your words transform me into the strong person!
Please do not worry about me.
To tell the truth I for days on end shed tears, as at me in a head the act of my father does not keep within.
My life seemed to me finished, but with your occurrence my life became more more joyful. Sincerely!
I now write you the letter with tears on eyes, but now it is tears not from a grief, and for pleasure!
Your letters for me as a medicine for my sick heart and soul, Sincerely!
Be confident, that my father will not find me.
I even rent now a room in hotel addressed to the cousin for certain to hide from Dmitry and the father.
I will better die than again I will come back to myself home!
I have seen real faces of the parents, they have lost completely my respect.
Please, please do not think of me badly.
You probably now think: how it is possible so to refuse from the parents?
Parents happen different!
I am confident that for certain you understand each my thought!
Do not worry about me, back way is not present!
Earlier I was one and consequently was the weak person, but now I have YOU and I feel the strong and confident person, SINCERELY!
I have hidden the passport that day when my father and Dmitry have learnt about our acquaintance.
If you only could know as me painfully now on heart :(
I do not trust in all event...
At me such sensation that is all occurs not to me....
I thank the God for our acquaintance to you!
Our acquaintance the present gift for me!
I neither when will not disappoint you, nor when, when!!!
I would not like to meet and look in eyes of the author of these letters :)
I feel the happiest woman all over the world, SINCERELY!
This night I all time thought of the first bottom of our meeting!!!
Really it soon will occur? :) :)
You have really well thought, whether such woman as I is necessary to you?
You such darling ;)
You very much like me private world! Sincerely!
Your care and attention Thanks are very pleasant to me!
I am ready to present to you the heart!
You are really ready to become the owner of my heart? ;)
Your dreams and desires it is sincere, from heart?
My love I wish to inform you good news :) Only read please this letter very attentively,
As each step for me here is very serious and extremely important!
I know that You a little it did not expect, but I first of all wish to be with you Fair and Opened, I hope that You will understand me...
I have called today to former school friend Andrey, concerning our meeting. I have well considered it, therefore
That it is the best variant to meet.
I am familiar with this person already long years.
At me with it very friendly and warm relations.
Andrey now works in embassy of your country as the lawyer-consul.
I have told to it about all problems and about our acquaintance to you.
He also as well as I has tested a shock condition when has heard from me as my father has arrived with me.
In the beginning our conversation Andrey has offered me the help, having invited me to Moscow to itself home.
To tell the truth I would not like to go to Andrey at all because at me one desire it to meet You!
He understands it and consequently does not insist on my arrival to it.
I spoke with Andrey to ask it about the help.
I was confident, that this person can accelerate to me process of reception of my visa that I could arrive faster to you.
Andrey also has explained me very in detail necessary information, for my trip to you.
To me all its words were clear.
He has told to me, that will help to receive the visa without what or problems.
For reception of my visa it will be necessary for me to collect some documents in the city and to send it all it is a fax.
It can begin at once process of registration of the visa as soon as will receive from me these papers.
My visa will have a tourist appearance, for a period of 3 months.
In our conversation Andrey also has asked me about money for air tickets.
I have told to it that I have no money for purchase of air tickets.
Having learnt about it, he has told to me that I did not worry about it.
He promised to get for me these air tickets absolutely free of charge as has the friend in airport cash desk.
For pleasure my eyes were filled with tears as I could not constrain the emotions.
It was very pleasant to me to know, that Andrey sincerely wishes my of good luck and cares of my future, worrying about me.
He also has told to me, that for passage of customs the paper from a place of my work about my monetary income is required to me.
I have told to it, that I have no these papers as I do not have now work.
I have heard a pause in its voice.
I have asked it why you are silent???
After a small pause Andrey has told to me, that then it will be necessary for passage of the Russian customs for me 1800 euro.
Under the law of the Russian state citizens of Russia are obliged to give at customs this paper confirming financial solvency,
To pass through the Russian customs, for entry in your country.
This law has been accepted already very much for a long time and very long time is used already.
I should show this money at customs then they will set to my the seal in the declaration which will confirm my financial
These are obligatory conditions, for the Russian citizens not having citizenship of your country.
Andrey has told to me that it would help me with the finance, if not terrible illness of his father.
I very much was upset when have learnt, that his father is sick of a cancer.
I have understood, that it spends many money for its treatment.
I have told to Andrey, that I very much appreciate its care of me, and that it very good friend.
I can count on your financial help?
This money will be at me, and I will not spend cent from them.
They are necessary to me only for pass of the Russian customs.
I will return you this money at once on arrival to you as soon as we will meet.
I now have 6 000 roubles, it approximately 150 euro.
This money the maximum for some days of residing will suffice me.
I still have with themselves some gold products.
Tomorrow I will go to jeweller shop to sell these products.
I do not know how many for these jewelry to me will give money, but I think, that it will be approximately 350 euro, it is probably a little more.
The price of a hotel room 20 euro for one day of residing.
I try to save on everything, even on meal.
Yesterday I have spent many money speaking with Andrey by phone.
I should go to a polyclinic to pass medical inspection, for reception of the information about we wash health.
And also I should receive the characteristic from the local police station, confirming that at me is not present in the past and in present time
Problems with the law.
And also I should receive the characteristic about my marital status, in local administration of my city, and also documents on mine
Andrey has told to me, that process of registration of the visa will last 4-5 days a maximum if I during time send it documents collected in the city, about
Which I have written you in this letter.
My time is limited.
I am confident, that if I do not appear at home in 7-8 days then my parents and Dmitry will start to search for me, and these are superfluous problems, which in
The given moment of my life to me are not necessary.
Please well think and give me the exact answer that I knew that to me to undertake further.
I finish this letter.
I very much hope, that in this letter I have explained you all in detail, and that each my word will be clear to you!!!
I very much wish to arrive to you, all my dreams are connected with you!!!
Agree, what one meeting will not replace to us even one million our letters??
I stop to write you this letter, with tears on eyes and with a pain to heart...
I will pray all night long, and very much I hope, that my requests will be heard!!!
I with impatience will wait for your positive answer!!!
Your love Natalya!
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