Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Bondarenko to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, hello Frank!
Good day!! How do you feel? Do you have a good mood now when you read my letter? I am excited right now and I have a merry mood while I write you my letter... can you imagine why am I so happy???:)) It's because I write my letter to YOU!! I looked at your profile and I found it very interesting, immediately I had a feeling that I would be very glad to know you better and to continue our communication further. So... now I want to know you better, please write me about yourself in your letter. What about me, I am a girl with big love in my heart. I still didn't find my love, my second half, my soulmate but I don't want to be alone any more. Our world is big and our life is not easy now. All people are thinking about material things forgetting the thing which is the most important in every life.... it's love. I am sure that love is the most strong power in this world and it can move off all difficulties at once!! Do you agree with me? Do you have the same thoughts as me? I feel, that you have the same feelings as me because you are alone, you are looking for your second half via Internet now. So may be it's me?? What do you think...?? We will know it if we communicate and if we know each other better. We can know it via our letters so let's start. I am waiting for your quick reply, I hope that you will write me soon! Your Katerina
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank!
With big pleasure i would like to meet you this Summer or Autumn!
I hope this day is going to bring you more joy and happiness than previous! Thank you very much for great letter, thank you very much for wonderful photos! You look great!
It's very interesting to exchange the photos, i am happy to get your very much and i would like to hear from you again. I would like to have big collection here. Also i hope you like the photos i am going to send you! I keep the thought in my mind that the pictures of me will always make you smile when you look at them! I am very kind woman and want you to feel something wondeful when you look at them!
I would like to tell you more about myself and answer all your questions! My name is Katerina Bondarenko, i live with my parents in little town called Slavyanoserbsk. It's situated maybe in 40 minutes away from the region center town, where do i work. I wake up early in the morning, take shower, drink a cup of tea and leave for work - i work as an administrator in the kids entertainment center. I adore children very much! If some parents want to do some shopping they leave kids in this center. All the st?ff is nice and kind, we always care for our kids! In general, i like people, i like to help people and it's the best feeling - to know you have helped someone. But there is one problem - i have not found the person i would like to care for.
I want to be the whole world for my future beloved man, i want to be his best friend, partner, perfect lover. I want to be honest with you - i am unhappy here, darling, i am looking for a nice, honest man, to build the happiness
together. It's not easy, but if you neer try you never get what you want! Do you agree? As you understand i love kids, won't your children who are very adult against me if we live together, for example?
I do not drive and do not have an international apssport. It's not so easy to make it here, prices are high and salsaries are poor. What do you know about Ukraine?
A lot of men are looking just for a pretty face and perfect body. I do not want to be used all the time, do you understand? I want to be honest with you too - a lot of men here tried to spoil me, to use, but all the time i resist and stay not interested in this. That's why i hope everything will be good between us. I truely believe that you are not one of them, i feel that you can be my special and the only man!
Tell me i am right! Please!
Honey, we have to discuss so much, i hope to hear soon from you.
Please don't be shy and ask me everything you want to know about me!
And don't forget to send photos! Send you my hugs and kisses.
Letter 3
Hi dear Frank.
Thank you for good photos and wonderful sincere story. I am so sorry for your daughter.
It seems i have read something about this horrible disease. I do not want to say. If i could help with something... I still want to have more kids and i can't imagine something like that with my kids. I do not know if it depends on the lifestyle of the parents, that's why i am trying to practice a lots of sports to be healty and have healthy children in future.
I am sorry about the situation with your ex, anyway it's in the past and you deserve to have a good girlfriend right now. My last relationship ended 4 years ago. There is nothing to tell about. But i have got some experience, i do not want to date to Ukrainian man anymore. There are some reasons. After that i have not got any boyfriends anymore.
Thank you for good advices as for the passport and visa. I think there are similar ways everywhere to make passport and get visa, the difference may be not big. Maybe with the price and terms. I do not know, i have not asked them yet. Anyway, i am not sure i could make the passport soon, the salady is very poor here.
With you i feel comfortable and good, i think we could be good couple, ut i want to be tell you something, i worry a little about us. I did not want to tell this at the beginning, i was afraid you would leave me. The reason is i do not speak English. I wish i could start learning English soon. Now i use the services of the translations agency, i have to pay for each letter and photo i send you. That's why our correspondance and relationship are very important for me. Soon i won't be able to pay for letter. I am so sorry about that. I won't be able to write you letters soon, i have poor salary to spend all my money for the correspondance, i need to feed myself too. I hope you understand my situation, that's why i do worry so much for you and me.
I do not want to loose you, such great and wonderful man, i won't forgive myself if i loose you. We are both adult people, i want to be your woman, your wife, your life. Just tell me everything is okay and you are still intered in me, please. It's gonna be big stress for me if we can't be together. Just tell me what do you think about this, okay.
I wish we could meet when you arrive here. I think we have enough time to decide if we really need this. As for me - i would like to meet very much. I work in Lugansk, it's situated on the East of Ukraine.
It's rather big town with 450.000 people. The roads not good there, but i hope we could meet.
I wish you nice weekend. Hope you have realy fun. As for me i do not have any special plans. Usually i meet with my best friend on the weekends, she usually come back home and we spend some time together.
We know each other since childhood. Do you have a best friend? Could you tell a little about thim? Honey i wish to hear soon from you. I want to see some new photos of you and your daughter.
Letter 4

Hello dear Frank.
I am glad to hear from you again. You always tell so smart things and give good advices, thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for nice photos, you daughter are very nice.
Honey, i wish we could meet and i wish i could do the passport as soon as possible. I understand your position, i have been trying to keep the correspondace. Unfortunaly nothing worked between us, but i still hope the situation may change.
I like you very much, i have never seen such clever man as you, can't imagine if we stop the communication. At the same time i understand your desicion. Anyway, i hope we could find the way. What do you think about that?
Do you have any ideas? I hope, you are very smart man, i am sure you have some ideas to solve our problem.
I miss you very much.
All the time i think about our situation, about us.
Honey, if you ever been serious interested in me - please, do not leave me, please tell me i am special for you.
I need your support.
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Frank, Welcome to the translation company "ModernLgGroup" Our company has relationships with many regular clients, your lady Katerina is one of our clients. URGENTLY We are writing this information letter to you by a petition of your lady Katerina. Your lady Katerina is interested in you and your future relations, she asked us to write you this letter in which we inform you about a reason of her silence. We translated your personal correspondence with Katerina for some period of time. Your lady Katerina paid for our services herself in time always but now Katerina can't make the payment for your correspondence because of her financial circumstances. If you are interested in continuation further of your personal correspondence with your lady Katerina, you are not going to stop your relations we are ready to provide you the prices and conditions of our translation company. If you have questions - we will gladly answer all them.
Thank you for your choice. We are open for all your suggestions. Sincerely yours,
office manager
of the translation company
Valentin Polevach.
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