Scam letter(s) from Elena Kudryavtseva to Jon (USA)

Letter 1

MY Sweetheart John, I am ultra crazy about you!!! Your words melt me in such a way I cannot explain. I love you so much. John, I want all your love-all that you makes you who you are - mind, body and soul. Please do not worry that I desire only some of you. I'm so relieved you have strong desires for me too. I am totally overwhelmed with emotions of being your woman and beloved. Actually I felt this way the first times I read your emails. You somehow look familiar to me, as though I've known you for a long time. Strange, Indeed! You're on my mind constantly - day and night, when I go to work, all day at work, and especially before I go to sleep. I wondering what it would be like to kiss your gentle lips, be in your arms, and smell your scent, your essence. Thanks for making my last weeks the best I can not remember! I feel in my heart that we belong together. You are perfect, the best that I can dream to be in your hands. I love you and I want to be with you. I can assure you that MY HEART IS YOUR! I went in Visa-Agency to find out all about arrival you. To me there have told what documents I should make. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need some other documents for registration and I need Visa, Passport and Insurance. I had some accumulation and I can pay the Visa and the Passport. I shall borrow money for purchase of Insurance. I think that I can ask mother that she borrowed from somewhere. I will have all necessary documents for this process on this week, now necessary to me only to issue Air Tickets. It cost 1200 dollars. I can not find this sum. I did not think that travel to you will be so expensive. It's at once make me suppressed and disappointed. I did not know that is necessary so much money, I have only 1000 dollars. I shall pay it for Insurance, the Visa and the Passport. I can not pay Air Tickets to you, I have no such sum. Today, all day I was very much upset, but when I has thought about you, to me at once became easier. I know that I have my beloved male who will not throw me. I believe that I can ask help for you, you will not leave me. We should be together. Our love is the strongest, I believe that you can help me with it. I refuse think that these monetary papers can to prevent us. So should not be, It is not fair. We should be always together. I hope that you will help me. I believe and I hope that we soon shall be together. I believe in our love and I know that we can overcome all difficulties. I am absolutely mad about you, John! My heart is beating faster in thousand times than normal at the mere idea of meeting you, and of course, experiencing your love and tenderness. It's a sweet dream, but it can be carried out very soon and we will love each other - physically, emotionally and mentally for many years to come. All depends now only from you, my love.If you can help me now very soon we shall happiest people on a planet. I promise! MY LOVE you always in my heart and I miss you. I miss you so much I can not keep mind from thinking of you only. MY SWEET PRINCE I LOVE WITH EVERY PART OF MY HEART. I want you to known that you are my the biggest love in my life that I can show my love towards. I have never been this much in love with anybody like I am with you. And these feeling are permanent in my heart. John I believe Soon our dreams will come true and we can be together and share in all the things we each desire. Believe me when I say that I am not going anywhere, because you have enchanted me. I believe that this was meant to be with God's blessing. I never realized until fate has taken us in hand. I'm most sorry to have to end this letter, my beloved John. It's time to go home. You can bet I will be dreaming of you the whole day, do not worry. You and I can not lose each other! If it's written in the stars, then it shall be. Agree? As it was written by immortal letters in the book: hope and pray on God, but do itself all that it has taken place. I love you my angel and cannot wait to see you. We should work through life's troubles and make our love stronger. I cannot wait until forever, and when I get so much love from you. I wish you were her right now so you could hold me tight and give me passionate kisses. I await your reply with loving heart, as your words are as necessary as air to me now. Your love it is very necessary for me. I hope you can help us to meet. Just remember that I LOVE YOU John!!!
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