Letter(s) from Oleg Williams to Dileep (India)

Letter 1

My Dear,

I am Oleg Williams of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) Commander, Currently in Afghanistan. During Libyan revolutions I intercepted some Luggage coming from Tripoli and later discovered its Money $5.5m I have moved out of the country, These Funds $5.5m US dollar bills was among the Boxes of Money brought into Libya under hidden circumstances by powerful Arab Nationals/Oil merchandise who where out to give financial support to the late Col Muammar Gaddafi war against Libyans (NTC).

I need a good partner honest, intelligent enough to control all someone l can trust because my job is very terrible and l may die tomorrow here because of my actions at the boarder during the war .I made arrangements with a Diplomatic courier service that moved the funds out of Libya as personal properties.

I want to give you 100% assurance that this transaction is hitch free; all I need from you is your maximum cooperation for a smooth transfer of funds in your position for our mutual benefit and investment in your. Should you be interested kindly respond and send your full contact details so I can give you an elaborate details of this deal. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times.

Mrs. Oleg Williams

Letter 2

My Dear,

Thanks, Although we have not meet before ,But ,Honestly I must tell you that I am very happy for your response which really encourages me more stronger with sound hope for capability of handling this deal assisting me in this transaction without any betraying.

As I told you am still in the service and I cannot move this funds from Afghanistan here without a concrete arrangement as I initial deposited it as a personal belongings with a Security Vaults I wish to have you as my partner, helper, Husband or a Father you should understand that the fund $5.5.million it is legal but due to my positions I will be ban to ask many questions so its better for me sending it to someone I know outside the states for investment

For your information this money is well packaged inside a digital metal box consignment of which nobody has access to it and the code numbers remains secret to me. I will review to you once you receive the consignment, this makes it impossible for the staffs of the Diplomatic Company to know the real content because I registered the consignment with them as my personal Belongings, note that the consignment is insured and has none inspection tag, this makes it easy for it to be flown from one country to another without scanning at any airport.

The consignment was flown out of Afghanistan to London by (WORLD WIDE SECURITY DIPLOMATIC COMPANY) Afghanistan branch to UK office because it was never safe and secure here in Afghanistan due to war…………..

I have assured WORLD WIDE SECURITY DIPLOMATIC COMPANY that I will get my partner to receive the consignment on my behalf and that's the more reason i wrote you. We don't need to transfer the fund through bank, Company, will successful deliver the consignment to you (Home Country) through a Diplomatic Means as soon the release is completely done on your name as my partner. Your duty will be to Claim the boxes from the diplomat as all the documents concerning the shipment will be in your name.

These are the date's needed from you before i will entrust the fund on your care completely, below are the date's;

A : Your full name.
B : Your contact address.
C : Your contact telephone/fax numbers.
D : A scan copy of your international passport or your national identification card.
E . age
Upon the receive of all this information’s I will give you the contact of the fox Diplomatic Company for onward delivery.

Try as much as possible to help me out and you will have 20% of the $5.5million usd after you received the consignment in your country of which you have to save guard the remaining 80% for me until I come to meet with you.

I wait to hear from you.

Mrs. Oleg Williams
Commander UN (UNDSS)