Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Semenova to Logan (USA)

Letter 1
I'm thinking why do not you write me. I do not know. But I hope that you will write me soon and everything will be fine. is not it? I'll be waiting when you answer me. I hope that you could not answer me because I was very busy. And not by what you do not want to talk to me.
Waiting for your letter .......
Letter 2
I hope you got my letter. Sorry, for that could not write yesterday.
There was a lot of work. The whole day spent in the hospital, in which the work. Yes, I forgot to say that I work nurse in the hospital. My name is Anastasija. I hope that you remember me. I met you on the dating site. I wrote to you. I hope that you got my photo. I sent you three. I will try tomorrow to send more. I hope that you like.
And I will wait for your letter tomorrow.
Letter 3
I'm sorry I can not write much. Today I am on duty at work. I promise you that tomorrow I will answer every day.
Do not forget
Be back soon
Letter 4

I am sorry that this gives. I just did not think that so much to me to come down and not even able to respond immediately. But now everything seems calm. Yesterday nurse in our hospital and I was sick ask to be replaced. I was going to have to write to you. And I was told that I would remain. And I stayed. I'm sorry that it happened. I will send you the photos today. Like it?
Yes, I can take a photo that you ask. I'm sending you this picture tomorrow. Okay?
You never told me your name. You probably forgot. What is your name?
Can you say?
I live in Nizhny Novgorod region. In a small village. My village is called Lykovo. I am 28 years old. And what were you thinking? By my count? I am well look like? I hope so.
I am working in a small hospital in our village. I graduated from college. And I have a diploma nurse. I work about 7 years old, and I very much. We have a very small village. And that is why I live alone. In the room. I select it after college. I grew up in a house boarding. I do not know a mom or dad. I have many good friends. But they are just friends to me. Nothing more.
We have opened Internet cafe a few days ago. Here a computer.
All the coming play, and I come here, that would communicate with his girlfriend, with whom studied together. She wrote me a letter. She lives in Finland. After graduation, she went there. It turns out there is married. It said to be able to get acquainted through the Internet.
I tasted. So I found you. And how did you get on the Internet?
I am familiar with English. But to understand the bad computer.
But I understand. Tell me about yourself. What would you like to tell us about yourself? Send me photos. I'm really looking forward to.
Tomorrow I will watch. But then I go on the Internet in a cafe and I will wait for your answer. You write me? I'm really looking forward to.
Letter 5
I am glad to receive your letter. I'm sorry, I was not able to respond immediately. I come after work, and to answer your letter.
I hope that you will talk more about themselves and respond to my questions. Otherwise we can not know one another. Do you agree with me?
How you name? It is Logan? Yes? Tell me. Today I sent a photo that you asked. I hope you like it.
I hope you like the new photo that I sent today.
I want to ask you about your life after work. Can you tell me about this? What are you doing? How do you rest? What to do like? What have the desire. Who do you rest? Can you tell us?
I usually go after work home. Prepare to eat, and then watch TV.
Sometimes I go to the park or dancing. Closer to the weekend. But very rare. We do not here any club or theater. I go to nearby town for that would go to the movies. I've got a girlfriend and I have to go with her to rest. Basically I love to watch sports news and just news in the world. I know how to knit? You know what this is? I think you're wearing knitted socks. They are very warm.
I like to go swimming in the summer at the lake. We have very clean water. The lake is small but clean and cool water in it.
Underground. It is very deep. You've seen a lot of fountains?
We have a small fountain in the park. But it only work a month. Many times I see large fountains on TV. And she wants me to be about great.
I think it's interesting. Would you go with me on the big Fountain?
What do you think? If you and I were together. We would find, what to do? I think so. And it would be fun. I await your response. It is waiting. You are a ray of sunshine in my life. You dispersed consistency and I like it. Thank you.
Letter 6
Logan Interesting, but what do you think? How much time do I have to write you a letter? The answer to your letter? I'm glad you answered me. I'm waiting for you to write me.
Logan I am so glad to know that you're doing, and what you like! I'd like to try to participate. If I were you. You would take me?
Vacationing together?
I am glad that you I was pleasant to a photo that to send you. I shall try to do more photo what you liked to receive them even more.
I've never been to the United States. But I do not think that the distance is a problem. I want to learn you better. If I shall be sure in that that we shall be happy together that I shall come to you. I can do everything myself and come.
I to live now in Russia. My city is in the Nizhniy Novgorod area. And the city in which I to live it Lykovo.
Photos that I sent you were taken last summer at the park. In this photo, I and my friend Yuliya. I told you a little bit yesterday about it. Almost all my pictures, it helped me to do. Today, I am sending you a new photo. Like it?
Logan I would like to know more about your family. Who are youfriends? On who go to this event? Meet the holidays? Your relatives?
You can you tell me. You told them about me? What do they say? That you tell them? You have many relatives? Friends?
Logan I have always lived in a society of many people. But I no relatives. And I do not even know what it is. First, boarding, Then and now college dorm room. But I have a lot of acquaintances and friends. I often meet them. We communicate. Basically I every day, talking to an old woman. She's my neighbor. Anna. It give me much advice. Tells how to live. Talks about his of life. He says that the love in my life alone. And most importantly to meet her. I told her about you. And a few more friends. They were so happy. They say that I do not even look the same. Become more happy. Can you imagine?
Logan And you have both? I celebrate the holidays with friends. I would be glad if you can go to with me. Would you go with me? And their friends? Introduced to them?
Maybe you're tired of my questions. And the answer to each.
I'll wait.
Letter 7
Logan I am glad to receive your letter. It is waiting for your answer and wanted to hear answers to their questions.
You have asked me why I search for the man which it is far. I could not find the man in our country. Because men in our country want only sex. And serious relations are necessary to me. Therefore I have decided to write to you.
Logan I hope that you will be more candid and tell me more about your friends and loved ones. I want to know more about you. I want to know with whom you communicate. In Russia we say so. - Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are.
I would very much like to speak with you over the phone. But I do not have it. I can not give you my number for what you could call me. But I'll try to find a way to talk with you and hear your voice.
How do you like my photos today? I hope you like it.
Logan I want to talk more with you about your work. About counterparts.
You've got a lot of women at work? I guess you're popular? Or not?
Tell the truth! I like you very much, because frankly all you say. I think you and I can not have secrets from one another. Why do we hide?
Really? It is better not to hide anything, that would not be disappointed later. I Logan right?
Logan What are you doing at work? What are you doing? Do you often rested with colleagues? When was the last time? Where? Tell me. You like it? And you would be able to take me with you? Or is it you are not allowed? Logan With the girls, we often sit together and drink tea at work. A lot of talk. We work on no man. Women only. And constantly argue about something, talk.
Logan I said yesterday that met with you. All at once it became interesting. How? Where I met you? What are you talking about. I'm told. They are so happy. They say that it is very good. Logan What you think, after we meet? I want to know. I have many thoughts in my head.
And you what? Tell me.
I am waiting for your answer.
Letter 8
Today I woke up and the sky was gray. At first I did not understand why this happened, but now I understand. You could not write to me today, at work, a lot of problems and I feel bad. But I know that tomorrow is another day and it will be perfect for you and for me. I received your letter.
Logan I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 9
Logan I want to convey to you his wishes that you had a good day.
Whatever success has always been with you. In order to be good luck was with me enough for me to receive your letter.
I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 10
Logan I am glad to receive your letter. I was bored and waiting for your answer. What do you think? What are your thoughts. And of course I was very interested to hear about your job.
Yes, I come to you. But I must first know more about you. If I am confident that you is the one that I fell down the man with whom I want to be I'll come. I promise that I'll come to you, I will do my best to do this.
Logan I hope you tell me more about yourself. Do you have nothing to say about what you do every day?
Today I sent you two of my photos. But they are old. I do this about a year ago. I had a bit of a different hair color and hairstyle. I hope you liked it.
Logan I always think of you. What are you doing? How was your day.
What we could do together. I already can not imagine a day without thinking about you. And I feel so good.
Logan Do you know why? I do not know. But these feelings I really like.
I hope that we're going to know one another more and more. And then to fully understand our feelings.
Logan Can you tell us more about your day? A typical day. What do you like? Tea or coffee? Scrambled eggs with sausage? Salad? What do you eat? What time are you going to work? What are you looking for evening TV? What do you think that if I came to your house? What would you change? Can you imagine that? Tell me. Logan I am very interested to know all about you. I hope that you tell it to me tomorrow.
For example, I think that if we were together. They learned each other better. Each had our day started with a kiss. With passion. Then I would make a wonderful salad. Then go to work. After working to meet.
However, to come home. I will prepare a wonderful dinner. I will be able to surprise you every day of my culinary abilities. I'm sure.
Then along to watch TV, listen to music. And go to sleep at night in the embrace of passion, tenderness and affection. What do you think of this day? I would have liked. But I think that first we need to know one another better. Logan I miss and already looking forward to your reply with your dreams.
Your Anastasija
Letter 11
Today I open my mail and there is your letter. But I hope and trust that you will do well. We have to work today had a meeting and I called the best nurse. Do you like doing? What are you doing? Write to me soon?
Letter 12
Logan I tell to you that I do not speak even to the girlfriend. And when I do not receive your letter I think that you to be upset and do not wish to write to me. But I hope that it not so. And you will write to me soon. Logan I very much wait your letter.
Letter 13
Logan I am glad to know more about you. I always think. I think about how we met with you? Meet? Why have I decided to write about? And that to me you say. Or do you have someone answer?
Yes, I come to you. But I must first know more about you. If I am confident that you is the one that I fell down the man with whom I want to be I'll come. I promise that I'll come to you, I will do my best to do this.
Logan You did not tell about your day? You do not want, what I would become a part of it? Or do not want to talk about it?
Logan I want to talk about how you imagine a happy life? Logan What should I be? What are you gonna do? What will we do together? What for you happiness? When you're happy? What makes you happy? What for you is the happiest moment in your life?
Tell me. Logan Do you think? Where does happiness? I think it needs to be created. If you do not do it. That can be a lifetime to sit in a chair and just grow old. And then never experience happiness. Or am I wrong? For me, it seeks the happiness home. By the beloved man, make him a great breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And not just in the kitchen. To see the happy eyes. What would he hug me, kiss, give his own passion for flowers is sometimes granted. I think I'm ready to live my life in the arms of the man she loved. And I'm sorry, that now there is not anyone around. It would be nice if it was you.
Logan I watched a movie. I liked the actress in a shirt men to cook him breakfast in bed. I would also like to try. You have to let me wear your shirt? Just throw on yourself? Well, just imagine. I have many desires. And I hope they will come true with my beloved. Could it be you? What do you think?
I am sending you a new photo. Like it? I would like to see in this photo you were beside me, instead, a snowman. Logan I miss you and await your answer.
Your affectionate friend Anastasija
Letter 14
Logan if you do not want to talk, then just say so. Why did you just say something? I await your answer every day. I want to communicate. If I'm not interested then tell me about it. I will not wait.
Letter 15
Logan I am glad to receive your letter. Bored and waiting for your answer. I was very interested to know that to make you happy. Because I want that to my man was always happy. Maybe that you're my man. I think that soon we'll find out Logan I hope you tell me what you make happy. I hope that in the next letter must tell. Yes? I'll wait. I have not thought about what kind of site. Just went and decided to you communicate. What do not you like?
Logan I want to talk to you about your past relationships. All of your girlfriends that affect your life. Who change it. In which direction? Why do not you together? What prevents you from living?
What problems were? I think it's you and I need to figure out that there were no problems. If suddenly we meet and be together. Logan Do you think? Am I right? Tell me about it?
Logan I had no luck with men. At first when I was in school I was in love. But he did go to another city. And I'll never find it. In college, got acquainted with me often. But somehow all basically look for sex on a two-fold. I do not want that. I think first you need to know one another. People do not animals. And after learning, to enjoy the passion, tenderness and love. Tenderness and love. Hugs, kisses. I have a dream that would be in the arms of her husband.
But why should I not met precisely that. Who'll be happy. And who can make happy. And so we communicate with you now. Maybe because I've been waiting for you? Maybe you're the one that I was looking for? Who can answer? No one. Only we do. Logan Do you agree with me? Or not.
Logan I hope you can tell about their relationship and why they go bad. I really like your sincerity, and I hope that you will always be so frank with me. Because I think what is most important in the relationship between a man and a woman is sincerity.
Logan I will now bear subside and think about you. I want to see a dream that it was you. Perhaps you've had a dream with me? And you could have come now in my dreams.
I am waiting for your answer.
Logan I miss you ........
Letter 16
Logan I am glad to receive your letter. With each letter we are getting closer and closer to one another. And perhaps we will soon find out, we created one for the other or not. What do you think?
Logan I hope you can tell about their relationship. Because I would like to know this. What would do if we meet so that we would be happy with you. I do not think that the distance is a problem. I want to learn you better. If I shall be sure in that that we shall be happy together that I shall come to you. I can do everything myself and come.
Logan I hope your day is wonderful, and after receiving my letter.
Your mood will improve, you will smile and all is well on this day.
Good? By the way, I was able to come to you in your dreams? Have you seen me? Can you tell us about your dreams? Logan I think a lot about us. You and I are so free to talk about everything, with no secrets.
Trusting one another. This is probably the way it should be. Because it separates cheating. And we know one another more and more every day. Because we speak the truth, about ourselves and this is the best.
I think so. And you?
Logan Do you think? Logan I think a lot about you and me. And I am more and more like you and want to meet you .. I do everything I can to talk to you. Do you understand me. We can talk a little. It may be that what that way would be to talk faster? I would like to call you, but the phone in a nearby town, and I do not own. In our little village of no towers and did not carry out cable for your phone.
Because it is not economically viable. But I'll learn more about this and tell you what and how. And maybe have a way through the Internet, to do something? I'm bad at this because I do not understand when he first used. But if you tell me how and what to do - I do. Good? Logan I'd like to talk with you more.
I would like to one day feel the warmth of your hands. You must have warm hands and you could warm me in his arms. And I think that soon it will be possible. But first, I still want to know you more. I hope you do not mind? And I hope you know how we can communicate via the Internet. Not just email. I do not understand this. So tell me more.
I'll wait.
Logan I'm bored and waiting .........
I hope that tomorrow we will learn a new way of communicating.
By the way, as you my new photos? Like it?
Your curious and know you girlfriend Anastasija
Letter 17
Logan I am glad to receive your letter today. I was looking forward to it to find out about what other ways you and I will be able to communicate.
Logan I tried what you say. But I did not work. I ask the head of Internet cafes to do it. He said that it will not work. Due to the technical characteristics of their equipment. I do not understand this. My full address: country Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod region.
Village Lykovo. Molodejnaya Street. House number 5. Apartment 12.
Postal code – 606242.
Today I sent you another photo. In this photo I, Yuliya and Anna.
Yliya in the middle. Anna is on the left. And I was right. I hope you like it.
Logan What you feel when reading my letter? Do you like to answer my questions? I love to get your candid answers. And I am more and more I want to know you.
Logan What do you think? When you get my letter. When you write to me?
Tell. What feelings come to you. Are you happy? I'm happy. When I was writing a letter can not stop. But I understand what you're probably tired of answering so many questions. Or not?
Logan I told you about his talent? I can very well cooking, massage, can treat many common diseases, can make even the birth. Can you imagine? What would you like to feel in yourself? I would like that I would have made you a massage that will restore your strength? Or relax so that you enjoy your sleep? And you wake up as good as new.
Logan I Would like, what would you and I could go now in the cafe or the park or the beach. I want to spend time with you. Even watching a movie there is no desire without you. I miss you. I want more. Do you mind? I would change your life if they had arrived? In the better? I could make you happy?
I hope your answer will come very soon. I have time to get to the house? And how to go about email? Did you know? An hour or two? At what time did you write your letter to me today? After the job? Or do you do it early in the morning?
I am waiting for your answer.
Your bored and waiting for an answer Anastasija
Letter 18
Logan I am glad to receive your letter. I really miss you and wait for your answer each day. I'm glad to see when your letters. They make me happy and my day gets better. Every day I think about you. I wrote just for you. And just to chat with you. I do not have time to chat with many people. Why do you think that I have to talk with someone? I am happy to receive your photos. Internet cafe is called. Simple.
Internet cafes.
Logan I think a lot about us. You're closer to me than even my neighbor. I feel like you make me happy every your letter. And it is pleasing to me. Today on my work came to the couple. They were of different ages. But they can not be one without the other. They even go to the doctor together. And all the while holding hands. I want that to you and I, too, could hold hands. I want to feel you. Your warmth. Your kisses, caresses. I want it all to try. I do not know what happened to me. But it seems to me that I love. This feeling I'm not familiar. But I know that in me, after our acquaintance with you, that awakened. And it is to please me every day.
Logan I believe that the best day is any day that we spend together.
What do you think? Do you agree with me? Logan I talk to a neighbor.
With colleagues at work. I have two colleagues with whom I talk all the time. And they say that to me is changing. And for the better. I began to smile more and more kind, and in my eyes shine. Light. I do not know what to say. What's happening to you? Do you feel that? What has changed? Can you feel the change? And those who are near you? What do they say?
Logan I really want to know everything. If you feel the same. What does this mean? I am so excited to talk with you. Read the answers to my questions. I like it when you write sincerely and for each.
Logan I think I love you, but I think it should be checked. Do you know how to check the feelings? How to check the love? Tell me if you know the way. And I go home with thoughts of you. Logan I hope you are all well, and you feel fine. I'd like to hug you and kiss the night.
But you are far away. But everything in life is change.
Come to me in a dream today. I'll wait.
Logan I miss .....
I am waiting for your answer.
Your gentle and love Anastasija
Letter 19

Logan I am glad to receive your letter. I really wanted to find out how many pages enough of your desires. And what would you do and feel.
And I hope that my photos today, you liked it. This photo was taken last summer.
I love the photo that you sent. Logan, You're very beautiful. I wish I could kiss you for real. I'm a little jealous of you. Because I had never seen the mountains with my own eyes, even from far away.
Logan In my village, unfortunately there is no phone. But it should be in a nearby town. This is a great city and I think there is a way to call you from there. I'll try that be come up with.
Logan I told you about what I think about you constantly. It's true.
I do not know how to describe to you what I want. All I dream about. I do not have enough time for that to do this in my letters. But I know that we need to do is to find out.
Logan I last night could not sleep. I thought to do or not. Thought over many things. And I want to make this gift to you. I did not sleep all night. I watched TV and thought of us. Time goes by and you can not press the brake. Suddenly, our meeting is fated to us. As we have been able to meet? You're in the same country. I'm in the other. But we met. They began to talk. It's not by accident. We have something to attract one another. Can it all be coincidence? I think - what is not?
Are you Logan??
Logan I talk to a neighbor Anna. I talk to my friends. I asked advice.
And they told me what to do. And I think that I take a risk and to do so.
Logan I will come to you? Do you mind? I know all about how and what to do and let you know when I can do it. You do not mind. Are you glad that I'll be with you? I hope so!
Logan I want, what would you think and tell me. You want, what I would come? I need your answer is "YES" and I do it. Or do you say "NO"? I hope you tell me the answer. I'll think of you. I hope that you also want it.
I am waiting for your answer. I'm really looking forward to. I hope that you can not bring myself to wait and say, honestly and openly,
Logan I am waiting for your letter.
Your loving Anastasija
Letter 20
Logan I'm the happiest girl in the world. You meet me at the airport, and we will be happy forever. I have tomorrow to go and find out everything that is necessary that I was with you. And I do it. And we'll be together. And we'll be happy. And no one can ever separate me. I love you Logan!!!
I hear about Las Vegas. I even have often seen the movie script which was in Las Vegas. Of course, I will be very happy to go there with you. Logan I do not understand why I have not received some letters from you. Today you wrote only one? Only it's a lot of writing? You wrote to me in English and Russian. Today, I found it easier to understand you and what you say.
I enjoy my job. I work nurse in a local hospital. My job is to care for the sick. I do them an injection and ligation. My main job is to assist a surgeon.
I do not know what to tell you about my village. This is a small place. The closest big city is located 200 miles from me. The population of my village 500. This is not enough. But I like it here.
I know a lot of people because a lot of people come to the hospital and many I know.
Logan, There is one shop where I buy products. There is a beautiful lake in pairs and which I like to swim in the summer. Around my village a lot of wood. I love to pick mushrooms and berries in the summer.
I live alone. The room in which I live is very small.
I usually come to the internet cafe and pay about $ 2 per hour. I could move there around 1:00. This is enough time to write to you and read your letter.
Logan I can no longer tolerate. I would now go and learn everything.
But perhaps all is closed and until I get that nobody will be. But I know. I do it for you and me. Whatever we'll be happy. And no one can ever stop us. We'll be the happiest people in this world. I promise you.
Logan I'm so happy. I can not describe. I want to jump up and be with you. Feel your tenderness and passion. I know. What should we be good together. You know it as well. Am I right? Logan Do you think? You'll be glad. I'm sure. I'll be happy and you too. And so we'll be together. Always happy. And no one can destroy our world of happiness with you. I'm so happy.
Logan I want to cry. I waited your answer with impatience. I do not know what would have happened to me, if you did not answer. I'd probably just do not come to the Internet cafe.
I love you Logan!!!!!
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Logan A little more and I'll tell you when I'm with you.
I love you !!!!!!
We'll be together. I promise. You're the most wonderful man in this world and I do everything to be with you. Because, like you anymore.
You're the best and I'm ready to do anything for you.
Your loving and gentle Anastasija
Letter 21
Logan I can not come to you. I'm sorry! I do not know what to say. I have no words. I do not think that will tell you that. I'm sorry.
Logan If you can forgive, I pray, forgive me. I'm just stupid and naive. I do not know. I did not think it can be. I thought it would be much easier. It appears very difficult. I was going to a half hour with the forces that would tell you. I can not come.
Logan I'm sorry!!
I hope you can forgive me.
Letter 22
Logan you not forgive me? I have not slept all night and all day nothing to eat. I am guilty before you. Sorry. But I do not know Logan I beg you to forgive me. This will never be. I will not give unrealistic promises.
I love you Logan!!!!
Letter 23
Logan I've thought a lot about what to do. How do we meet. I have not slept all night. I do not want to wait that long. I want to meet with you and move on. Life is short, it can be. And we will live and do not meet? It's wrong? Am I correct to say? You have to do everything to be happy. In order to be together. And for this we need to meet.
Logan I have decided that all she'll do. And after two or three weeks may be with you. How do you like this idea? I thought about how to find the money. I have an idea. I can sell the room and furniture, ask friends and acquaintances to help. I think I'll be able to collect the necessary sum, if you really try. And I'll be with you. Are you happy?
Logan Will you meet me? I thought about everything. Everything will turn out. I am selling a room and live with Anna for a while. I think that it would not be opposed. I'll talk to her about it tomorrow.
Logan I still know what to do and I will inform you about everything that happens. I think they all turn out. I do not want to live alone.
I want to be with you. And you're the man who opened my eyes to the world and I think that all happen. I know everything. I think the main thing is we want to meet. Really? And believe in it and very much want.
Logan Soon we will be together. Can you count the days and iron suit that would meet me at the airport. I'll do it. I love you Logan!! I am sure that when we meet, we'll be happy. Because your letter brings me joy. And you give me happiness. And I'll do anything, what would you be happy, too. I want to make you the happiest man on earth because I love you more than anything else!
I love you Logan!!
Coming soon will be in your arms.
Yours Anastasija
Letter 24
Logan I really miss you. I miss that could not immediately come to you. But I gathered all the documents in his room, and give everything to test. I put it on sale and I was told that I had to buy about $ 1000. But the money is not enough and should have waited. I think what to do. I sign the documents for the sale. And go to the bank, to learn about credit. Just try to ask for help from friends.
Logan I know everything, and very tired. But I'm ready for the meeting of all. I so want to see you. Logan What you do today? What did he do?
How to wake up? What to eat? What are you thinking now? I gathered all the documents necessary for registration of passports and visas. Still need to make some inquiries, and all will be well. I was told that may need a letter from you. The fact that you invite me to visit. I hope that, if need be, you can write? Logan I am sending you a photo.
Logan, And I hope you like it. Or not? Would you like to be with me in the photo? I send you my kisses. What would they have to warm you, and you feel better. Now go home and see what else is needed, what I would have been able to be with you.
Logan I miss you and await your answer.
I love you Logan!
Promise me that you have read my letter, then I dreamed.
I'll wait.
Loving and affectionate Anastasija
Letter 25
Logan I am glad to receive your letter. I can not sleep. I have to improve his spoken English, and I try to do everything that would be with you. Soon I'll have to get an answer about the room and I can start to do. I hope that everything will turn out. And I can finally feel that your kisses, love, tenderness and caress. Logan And you're happy about it?
Please forgive me for what I could not write to you. Yesterday I spent the whole day in the city. When I come home that Internet cafes are not working. I was not able to write to you. Logan, And you can not even imagine how happy I am today to read your letter. I'm happy because soon I will be with you. I love you! I am happy because soon you arrive. I hope that you still have my address. If not, then let me know. Tell me what parts you need and I'll let you know. I love you!
I'll wait for you. I hope that you and your friend to get to get to me. At least to the Nizhny Novgorod. There, I think I can meet you.
Logan I am very bored. I, as a present, I'll be with you. We will walk together to wish for. Our happiness, no one can never destroy. Because we'll be the happiest. I do everything that would make you happy. I am sending you a photo. What would
You see how I look and I can get to know me when I arrive at the airport. Logan And I was able to come to you in your sleep? What do we do?
Logan I will do everything. All turn out. Yesterday, talking to a neighbor. She said that those who fight for their happiness and achieve it. The main thing would be together. And then all turn out. I am sure that you support me, and if it will take to help. It will be necessary, what is the paper on you. I clarify and say to you. I hope that you will not have problems to collect them. Then we can be together!! I love you, Logan!!
I am more than anything else I want to be with you because I love you.
I believe in these words as busy. I really want you and I were side by side. I can not think about anything now except you. Also what would be with you. I fall asleep with thoughts of what will soon be waking up in your arms.
Logan I'm bored. I am sending you a lot of my kisses. Look at the sky.
At night. Do you see stars? With each star, I am sending you a kiss. I hope you get them and your mood will be fine you'll have a beautiful dream.
I miss Logan!!
Waiting for your reply.
Yours Anastasija
Letter 26
Logan I am glad to tell you good news. I got $ 1,000 for his room. I was told that I would have to release it a month later. I'm so glad that I could find a large portion of the amount that is needed.
Everything will turn out, and we will be together. I believe this because I saw a wonderful dream. Would you like to tell you?
In my dream I was walking along the road, I saw your silhouette.
Logan I ran and stumbled and then see that your hand to catch me. And we embrace. I felt so good. I felt your care and tenderness. And you kiss me. I even felt in the dream as the kiss was sweet. And now I'd like to try your kiss on the present.
I hope you liked my photo. This is a photo I took last summer on the beach of the lake. I love to swim in this lake during the summer.
Logan I So miss you. I was told that a letter from you will not be needed. I'm going to come without them. And everything will be fine. I can do all by herself and we will be together. You're looking at the stars? Got my kisses? But, how? Want to try these? I am sure that you want.
Logan I sign a contract today with the travel agency and pay the first part. The rest of the need to pay after the date will be known and the airport where you want to fly. Can you tell me? In which airport you will be able to meet me? I was told that you need a better name, city and airport. Or code. I do not know what it is. Tell me what you know and I'll tell them. Good? Logan I am so happy that I was able to start.
If everything turns out well, it means that everything will be fine. I know what it is. Because we created one for another. Because we will be good together, and we can make each other happy. What do you think?
I can make you happy? I know that you can. Because I am happy that you met. I think that everything will be fine. Logan I miss you and want to see you.
I love you Logan!!
So you want to cuddle up to you soon!!
Your loving and gentle Anastasija
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