Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Mykhailowa to Lars (USA)

Letter 1
Good day, dear Lasse! I am so glad to see your reply and nice picture! Can you imagine I doubted just a little, cause a lot of nice girls write you every day. Anyway I don't want to think like this anymore and want to tell you something about me, because you should imagine who I am:) You already know, that and I am here to find my love. I am sure that everyone has the right to be happy! Do you agree with me? I look for kind man, because our world sometimes can give us some difficulties and I am, like a little girl need in a protection and support. Of course, I am not a weak person, I just want to find my soul mate with who I will be real woman. I hope, that I can find this man in you. My life story is not very special:) I live in Bryanka. I like my town, because it is my native place of birth, but if I will have serious relation I can move to my boyfriend, it is not so big problem for me.
I understand , that I must know English, because it is international language, therefore I start to learn it by myself. Hope, that soon I will speak with you without any barriers. Now I use service of interpreter, who works in private company in my town. I am one child in my family and I live with mother. I grew up without father, that's why I don't have a big experience in building a complete family. Anyway, i know, if both of partner want to make happy relations , they can create strong family. Maybe is so early to make plans:) My job is teacher in elementary school . The reason why I chose this job is very simple, I adore children. They make me happy, because they are not able to lie and open to the world. I like to listen good music, movie to walk with my friends. My favorite sport is free calisthenics. In childhood, I was in this sport, but I hurt my leg and I came back to my ordinary life. Which is your favorite sport? Tell me about your tastes in music, movies ;) Now time to time I visit dance lessons. Dear Lasse, I like a lot of things in the world and I cannot write everything in one my letter to you, because I don't want to be boring with long letter. Just ask me everything what you want to know about me. And of course I am impatiently waiting for your reply. I send you some of my summer pictures. Did you heard about Azov sea? :)
Bye for now. Sincerely yours Ksenia.
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