Scam letter(s) from Ulyana Doshebaeva to Espen (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my name is Vera. Do you remember me? I received your message on Russian Cupid. Yes, i would like to know you better.
I am 32 years of age, live on my own in Russia. I work in a private dental clinic. I have never married or had any children. As a person I am almost always positive about life and by far my best quality is sincerity.
I'm here for serious relationship and hope to find my true love and my half. Not for fun, not for penpal !!!
I like travelling and visiting new places and getting to know new people.
If you would be kind enough to write to me and send some photos I will reply with the same.
Anyway I hope to hear from you soon. For now I send you my Warm Heart, Hugs and Kisses. Sincerely, Vera
Letter 2
Hello Espen, how are you? I'm so happy you found time to write to me. Maybe we can now become good friends or even more if we both so desire. I am sure, many women want to contact you and maybe I am not the most beautiful one, but I have a good heart, I am sincere, honest, caring, and I know how to please my man in very situation and make him happy. I am a mature and not spoiled girl, healthy and without bad habits. As you already know I'm Vera, 32 years of age, I hope my age is ok for you? What is your real age? I live in Russia in beautiful city. I work in private dental clinic. Yes, I'm a dentist. I have never married or had any children. As a person I'm almost always positive about life and by far my best quality is sincerity. I'm family oriented. I'm here for serious relationship and hope to find my true love and my half. I like travelling and visiting new places and getting to know new people. Yes, I have my passport. Have you been in Russia before? I'm freely speak and write in english and russian languages. Which languages do you speak? I'm 168 centimeters tall and 53 kilograms weight. I'm active person and always full of energy. I regularly go to fitness. I like also yoga and tennis. I don't smoke. I live alone in my apartment. I have computer at home, so we can start to exchange letters as often as we want. What do you think of this? I'll give you my phone number when I know you better. Ok? It will be interesting to hear you on phone. I've written to few men before, but relationships other than friendships have never developed. Now I am still looking for that dream Gentleman who become my partner, lover, confidant and best friend and my husband finally. Maybe that person is you? I desire a kind, positive mature and stable person with whom I can share my life. I think we all want that! Why are you looking for your woman abroad? I will stop now and wait for your response. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me everything and I will answer you truthfully as best that I can. I cannot promise anything about our future, but I want to get to know you. Let's see what happens between us now and in the future. In other words, I'm excited about having the chance to get to meet you. Have a nice day! It is really nice to meet you. I shall wait your answer! Sincerely yours, Vera
Letter 3
Espen my new friend, hello! How are you doing today? I know there are a lot of people who play games on internet but i hope it not about you. I want to give you chance. You should know, I deleted my profile from the site. I'm really serious with you! It would be unfair if I continue my search and at the same time will try to build relationship with you. Do you agree Espen?
Before I tell you anything I must say that I am here not for exchange mails for many years. Espen, i'm not looking for penpal. I'm sure, the one month or two will be enough, that would get to know each other well enough and make the final decision whether we want to meet in real life face to face, or to break and try with another person. If this is unacceptable to you, you should tell me about it before we go on. ok? I still have not had vacation this year and I'll be happy to travel to your country, if we decide to meet. But first, I want to know you better.
Espen please tell me more about you. What woman can make you happy? What makes you angry and what makes you happy? Tell me about your family and your work. It's important to me. I want to see on the map the place where you live. So tell me the exact name of your city. I think you can find my city on the map without problems. I live in Russia in Cheboksary city. Really beautiful place.
Why I seek a husband abroad? I believe that if a woman is really looking for her soul mate and doesn't have any hidden agendas, she won't limit her search by a certain country. The search is worldwide, including her home country. Most important is to seek everywhere and something absolutely great will come out of it. It's not important where it happens, in your own country or abroad, because happiness has no borders!!!!! Espen, i am not that naive to think that things are some kind of "special" abroad but I believe one should be hopeful and keep searching, knowing you've done all you could. I would like to see next to me a man who is intelligent, successful and financially secure, as I am used to this level of life. Life is wonderful and precious, I try to enjoy and to live fully every moment of it. I feel that I want to find my life partner as I feel I am ready for the serious relationships. Espen, is this also what you want to find here????
Looking forward to hearing from you soon and of course i would like to see your new pictures. Sincerely, your new friend Vera.
Letter 4

Espen hi, what's your mood? what are your plans for this weekend? It's Friday and I and my colleagues had a dinner at restaurant after work. Was really hard week. Now too late, but I decided to write to you and ask you to do one thing. Ok? Please take some of your photos in your home, at your workplace and in other places. Ok? This will help me to present your life in more real. I hope you liked my today's photo. My friends say I'm a good driver. Espen what car do you drive? Now I want to go to bed. write me! Sweet dreams. Sincerely your Vera.
Letter 5
Espen my darling, hello! Thank you for your nice letter and for your kind words. It's so easy to speak with you! and I'm very happy that we become soul mates now. So, how was your day? I hope that my letter help you to smile! On Sunday, I celebrated my 33 birthday. For a long time I could not decide which restaurant to have a party, but I found the perfect solution. I rented a small ship and organized my party on the water. My parents, my friends and my colleagues were surprised when I told them about the place of the celebration of my birthday. I had an amazing birthday and spent a great weekend on the Volga river. Were a lot of delicious meals, fun, music and dances. I love to dance! When you invite me on our first slow dance? Don't keep me waiting too long Espen! Smile! You're a good dancer? In the evening, when it got dark there were fireworks on a ship. It was beautiful! It was a great feelings! I was happy! Honey, but I was really sorry that you were not with us. Too bad you could not appreciate the beauty of my new evening dress that I bought on Saturday for a party. My father said I was the queen of the party. Smile! I think I can make your heart beat faster when I tell you that on Saturday I bought lingerie from the new collection "Victoria's Secret", this is really ****! Honey, your pulse quicken? When the party is over and I went back to my apartment, I felt really sad and lonely. All my friends and colleagues are happily married and when the party is over, they all returned to their families and I think had a good night in bed. Do you understand me Espen? I'm sure they were not alone that night. I did not tell anyone about this, but I'll tell you. Tears filled my eyes when I came home and went to my big cold bed. I felt so lonely. I do not want to be alone more! Espen, my heart is full of love. I want a man to whom I will give all my love and tenderness. I want only to tell you that you are very dearest to me and I know that it's not fleeting feeling, I see that you are kind and understanding man, you can love and make happy people, whom you love. You are attentive and intelligent. I'm happy that I met you! and I hope that you are happy too. Dear, I want to tell you that I spoke with my parents about you. You know I love them very much and can't make a secret from our relation. They knew that I look for my beloved in internet and were agree and when I told them about you they were surprised of course but glad too! They ask me who are you, where do you live? I think they have asked me one million questions. May be two million ..... Smile! They are my parents and they worry about me. I told them and my father said that his daughter can't find bad man ... they are right, aren't they? Dear, I feel that time come to make next step in our relations I want to know what do you feel? How do you see our future relation Espen? Waiting impatiently for your answer, darling!!! Don't keep me waiting too long, my sweetie! Wait for your letter as usual, my angel! Forever and ever with all my love your Vera.
Letter 6
Espen my dear, if destiny will unite you with the woman you fall in love and realize that you are made for each other and your feelings are mutual, you're ready to get married? or marriage it is not acceptable to you? Espen, your life is stable enough, what can start a new family? What do you think about this? Answer now, please! Your Vera.
Letter 7
Espen my sweetheart, hello! I want you to know that there is someone here who thinks about you. How are you doing today? It was really nice to get your letter and know that you are thinking about me. With every your answer it seems to me that we have more and more the common things, don't you think so? I really hope we will meet one day and want to tell you honestly that sometimes it seems to me that I'm already fell in love with you! I'm not sure of my feelings for one hundred percent, but this is what I feel at this moment. On Monday I will speak with my boss about my vacation and after that, we will discuss with you our further plans. Ok? Write me please how do you imagine our first meeting, my dear Espen? I have dreams and maybe they will happen with time which I hope. Please share with me your thoughts. If your future wife will have small tattoo, it is acceptable to you? I have small tattoo on my body in one special place. I think I can show you when we meet. Ok? I want to know how you pass your usual day? You wake up and what do you do next? Describe in detail. Ok? What are your plans for coming weekend? Today I have a fitness and yoga class. My sunshine, I will write you tomorrow and will be happy to receive a new letter from you with some photos. I will go now, I will take you with me in my thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend, my darling Espen! Sweet kisses for you, Vera
Letter 8
Espen my sweet! I miss you badly!!! Why I get your letters with a delay? there is problem on your side? Today in my family a little holiday. My father bought a new car Volvo XC70. You know this car? Father wanted to brag his purchase and he and my mother is visiting me now. I cooked chicken and we have dinner together. I think, me and my mother we will let us a glass of red wine in this case. Espen, maybe I'll get *****? I'm joked!!! My father did not drink alcohol at all. My parents say hello to you. Tell me, do you prefer home-cooked meals or do you prefer to dine out? You do not have problem with alcohol? What your favorite perfume? Now I will close. I do not want to leave my parents without my attention. Ok? I'll be waiting for your answer with impatience! Write me, honey! Sincerely with all my love your Vera.
Letter 9
Espen my dear! How are you doing there? Are you thinking of me today, at least once? Last night, I saw a beautiful dream. I saw you and our first meeting. Honey, it was at the airport. You gave me red rose and hug and I felt your perfume. I gave you my hot kiss and you took my hand in your hand, looked into my eyes and said that from now on, we'll be together and forever. When I woke up in morning and realized that it was only dream, I was a little upset. I did not want to wake up, but was necessary run on a work. This dream was so realistic. I was sure that my pillow smells your perfume. Espen can you believe it? It was perfect! I can not stop thinking about our first meeting, all the time. To tell the truth, it prevents me to do my job well. Today my colleague asked me, what I think of all the time and why my behavior has changed? I asked him, how he knew it and he said that it's written in my eyes. Yes my Espen, our soon meeting took all of my thoughts. I do not know how it will be, but I'm sure it will be great. I will be happy if love and passion, will fire flashes between us, during our first meeting and we will realized that we are made for each other. I hope for it! More than month, we exchanged letters and now it's time to meet face to face! Only after that we can continue to develop our relationship further. Dear Espen, you and me we are adults serious people and we will not give empty promises each other before we can talk face to face. Ok? Here is my full details. My name - Vera. my surname - Kazakova. My full home address: country - Russia, city - Cheboksary, street - Peter Yermolayeva 2, apartment - 130. Please give me your full name and surname and your full home address. This is important! I want to have this information before I will begin any preparations my trip to your country. Write me as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your letter! I kiss you! Your Vera.
PS. Espen, I'm waiting for your details!
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