Scam letter(s) from Elena Kudryavtseva to Gary (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Gary, my name is Elena and I am writing to you from the Tula in Russia. Let me tell you a little about my sity. Tula - the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Tula area. It is located on Central Russian upland, on the river Upe (inflow of Oka) in 193 kms to the south from Moscow. Consists of five administrative areas. A population ~ about 600 thousand person.
OK, I received your letter at the Internet site and wanted to write to you. My girlfriend has helped me to find this site. I badly understand in computers and sites. After I looked it, I found your words very interesting, your profile very attractive, and you have captured my interest .! You sound like such the wonderful male .. I hope we can correspond and become good friends. I am a serious woman looking for my better half, my Sweetheart! I have finally decided to pursue my long time dream of meeting a wonderful male from your country. I know it sounds silly like fairy tale, but it is true. I have had some no good relationships in my country, and the Male I seek is not here. I am looking for a Male that still holds strong family values, great morals, wants but one man, and is a tiny bit old fashioned, but a modern Male as well.
He is a kind heart person that loves to live with exercise, the outdoors, traveling, he likes to play and have fun. A man with these traits is no longer available in my country. I know the man of your country is all these wonderful things that I speak of in this note, but we have no more of in Russia . you are unique, special men like rare jewels to me .! The men in Russia have become spoiled and like most of the Men now prefer multiple partners and lack any commitment. It seems no one is committed to a life long wonderful family these days, but only into being selfish and taking care of themselves. I still believe in only one man for me . one man I can have as a best friend and lover for the rest of our lives together.
Gary, I am 27 years old. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. My growth 5 ' 6 " and 110 pounds. I love sports. I like to eat healthy food, and stay active. I have a ton of energy! I love children (but I have none of my own) I love to play with kids because I am a big kid at heart.! The children in my neighborhood love me because I play with them!
You will find I am very serious about my correspondence. I am seriously looking for my better half . the Male that I can share a wonderful adventure in life with, raise a wonderful family together, and spend my life living for the smiles and happiness of my Beloved. I hope for some times of correspondence and learning of each other and then I hope to meet if he would like me to. My dream is that I can win his heart and we are together soon ..
Gary, you seem like a very special Male. You have my interest!:-)) I would enjoy corresponding with you and learning much more about you. Please write me soon and hopefully you like it as much as I. I would be glad to send more photos to you as well through our Internet correspondences.
Bye for now Gary . Have a wonderful week! I hope to see your photos....
Letter 2

I am very much interesting your life, you really sounded sweet you are indeed sweet.
Well, i was birth in city Tula, i was educated in city Tula, I studied medicine.
I live only with the mum. At me is not present brothers sisters. My father worked the militiaman, but it tragically was death at performance of the official duties. There was a robbery of shop, my father has arrived till calls to shop, there was a shooting, my father protected the child in shop, he has closed by his ****** and the thief has killed him from a pistol, it was two shots one in a shoulder, another was exact in heart it is instant death. Us have given after his death a medal for bravery. It is sad to me now to recollect it, we with the mum have spilled very many tears because of this tragedy.
OK, enough about sad. My mum works a stomatologist. I too wanted to become a stomatologist, I have gone in the steps the mother and now i am working here in Tula as a stomatologist. I love my work. But still miss someone special. Wherever I go I see love and romance here, but i can not get right person, who is romantic and honest, Because in Russia, as you do not know, male very miserable no smile on face and just drink, smoke and fight. But you sound very sweet and honest. i would love meet with someone like you. You are pretty, sweet, honest and educated, that is all i can ask for you got all qualities. I am very romantic and like to laugh and make others laugh. i miss true love in life as life is too short. and very busy working and working we could match up very well as you got same destinyasi do. it " s just matter of time until we, meet. i like people from your country as they are very much family oriented, like family and kids.
i i i i want, it " s my dream to have children, someone to be there when we get old.
I am looking for serious relations and i hope to find this in you. But i think, for love each one must be ready for and clean our soul. I am serious and frankly person. I am sure that there are many things we dont know, learn and teach is important. We can build everything, as love too.
By moment I have only one dream; find somebody for love. sometimes i imagine come from work, kissing my husband, joking to laugh together to eat together, and to fall asleep in his gentle hands. this is my dreams to be happy! I am sports, I love driving, i love fitness go to gym, I love various kinds of sports. More I love winter kinds of sports, I love a ski, fugure skating, biathlon. I love gymnastics, I love to look of basketball, volleyball, easy athletics. like eating healthy food. Music, I like all kind of music but lastely i ear only for relax, instrumental or electonic music like; Michel Jarre, Amenvis., Gregorian chants like enigma.
Also I love music melodious and romantic. I love flowers, I love red and yellow roses, also I love field flowers, they too are very beautiful. My favourite colors red and yellow. So, now i have to go but i come later. Tell to me more in detail about itself, about your life, that interesting was in your life.
i dont have computer home, also i have to came at net-club to write to you the letter.
So I ask, that you have excused me for some delay in my letters.
Ok. i will wait to hear from you, and i will write you later. Thank you very much Gary.
Take care. Your Elena.
Letter 3

My dear Gary.
Thank you for your positive response to my message - it gives the first pieces for the my of impression about male called Gary, I am trying to build in my mind. To me really interestingly all that you write. It is interesting to me to know you and your life.
I feel that we have so much in common, that I would like very much to get to know much more about you. I think, that through open and honest questions and answers we can get to know each other. You can always ask me any question on any subject. I will always answer you, and you will always get an open and honest answer back.
I feel good at all by your words, - I actually enjoyed reading your words. You have a special way of expressing yourself, that it makes it a joy to read.
I am personally and financially independent, and can basically do what I want to do. My heart is free, and ready for my future Prince of my Heart. Is it you?
I am an incurable romantic. Life for me is unthinkable without romance and love. I can ensure that my male will never be bored with me, and my male will never lack romance and love with me. I am looking for the King of my Hearth, - and I will care about him, if we find out, that we want to progress into something more serious.
In my spare time, I go to the fittness center twice a week, go swimming every Saturday morning, and when I get time for it, I go tennis, I love tennis very much, tennis is my favorite kind of sports. I constantly observe competitions and tournaments on tennis. I think that Russian girl not badly tennis players are able to own it. You love tennis? Do you look it on tv. What your most favourite kind of sports? Football? I look sometimes the world championship on football. You went in for sports at school? You are interested in a politics? I am politically no active, and am I am not interested by politics. I am romantic! I often go to the theater or a concert with friends.
I have no the own automobile. I never went by the automobile behind a rudder. It is my dream.
Besides the information I have already, I obviously have a lot of questions about you. As a start, I would love to know a bit more about you as a male and a person, - but also about your thoughts and dreams about your future. Your dreams about the future can be anything, maybe daily life? children? travel? studies? romantic moments? (are you a romantic male?), passionate moments? (are you a passionate male?), or? - just tell me about it. If a dream is important to you, it is important to me, because it will tell me so much about you. Do you cook, and what kind of foods do you like to eat., do you like sea foods?
What are your hobbies and what do you like to do on you free time?
I has put a few pictures this letter. Hope you will like this!
I hope to get a letter from you soon, where you tell me more, and of course, I would love to receive many, many new pictures of your. And remember, that whatever questions you have for me, you will always get an open and honest answer from me.
Until then, I am sending you my sensual embraces, and kisses,
Letter 4

Hello my sweet Gary.
Gary! I was so happy to hear from you! I was so happy! so happy! Gary you are very much sweet and lovely!
I have talked to my best girlfriend Valentina about you today. I have known him since we was five years old. We talk about everything. She is two months younger than me, almost to the day. She very much was interested in you, she is very pleased that we have got acquainted and speaks you " Hello! ".
I do not know what time it is there or when you get the time to read my e-mails.
I do not know the time difference between us but I think we are at least 9-10 hours ahead you.
so when you're getting up I'm usually going to bed. When you're at work I'm asleep, and when you get off work I'm going to work. My work begins from 8:00, I should wake up each day at 6:00 to have time before work. I work 10 hours each day except sunday.
My work comes to an end at 18:00. Then I go in net-club to read with big desire and pleasure your letter and to write to you the answer. Sometimes I go to you to write in a lunch break. After work I go home, that to prepare for a meal, to have supper and prepare for sleep. I lie down to sleep about 22:00 or 23:00.
Gary, I was extremely impressed by you! YOU A VERY NICE! I want to correspond with you and become friends and even more! I'm looking for my better half! I'm very serious and looking for my better half! I always wanted a husband and family!
Gary if this is a fairy tail It will be coming true! I want it and hope it leads to being! I have strong family values, great morals and only want one man! Men in Russia want multiple partners and no commitment! That's not for me, I want only one man.
I'm a little old fashioned, but modern as well! I Strongly believe in only one man for me.... one man i can have as a best friend and lover for the rest of my life!
I love sports! especially swimming! I eat healthy foods! I do a lot of my home cooking! I'm was cooking the fried hen today morning!
I have to cook my own food! no one to cook for me or help me make meals! I very much like to cook! I love kids, I do not have any kids! I want a family so bad. All my girlfriends are married and have kids! I cry cause I do not have a husband and family! I hope this leads to being! Gary your very sweet!
Gary! I'm very glad your very serious about looking for a better half and I am also serious too about finding my better half and I hope it to be you! Gary I like you very much and I hope you like me too!
Gary I would love to see more photo's of you so I can save them and print them out and look at you every day! Gary if you want too, I send you more photo's of me, I have it is a lot of photos, I send it, if you want to see it!
I would like to give you my home address, that you could write to me the letters written by a hand if you will want.
My home address of sending by mail:
Kudryavtseva Elena
Belkin Street, house 26, apartment 40.
Sity - Tula
Country - Russia
I have no phone temporarily because there something has broken also to me of it yet have not repaired, but as soon as I will have opportunity I shall give you my phone number, ok.
Write to me, please your home address, I want to send you the letter written by my hand and my photos, the truth our mail badly works, but I hope that it will reach you well.
I hope to hear from you alot! I want to get to know you more and in hopes this will lead to serious!
I go for now Gary. I have to go in shop behind purchases while it have not closed. Gary have a very good week.
I'm drawn to you already I melted when i read your letter!
Gary write me soon! Love Elena.
Letter 5

Good day Dear Gary,
I was very glad when I got another letter from you. I was very excited and happy to get it. I look forward to getting your letters.
When I speak of you with my girlfriends and with my colleagues, that I work with. They see that I am happier when I do get your letters. Dear Gary, - your letter makes me very happy, because it gives me confirmations of some impressions I had of you. I get confirmation of my impression of you as a romantic person, - just like me. But I also get a sense of you, as a man with a lot of love to give, and as a man, who is ready to receive a lot of romance and love - both mentally and physically - in your life.
I have saved all your letters on my computer so that I can re-read them when I want. I think that you are a very sweet man that I do want to get to see in person. I feel, that your words are written with words from your heart. I hope we can continue our dialogue in the same open way, because it will be so much easier for us. I wish to see you in the person. I keep up the hope and desire to do that someday, soon hopefully. When I talk to my best girlfriend Valentina, she asked me if I really think that it is going to be possible for you and I to meet person to person. I tell her that if there is a will there is a way!
Gary, I have had some dreams about you recently. It has made me wake up with a smile on my face. In dream we walked with you together on a beautiful summer garden and kept for hands. It was very much colourful sated and beautiful, very much it was pleasant to me. There is an old proverb, which says, that " Dreams are the mother of reality ", and I believe it to be true. People who have forgotten their childhood quality of dreaming, will end in a routine oriented life, simply because because they do not know " where to proceed to ". I know that I am falling deeply in attachment with you also. I can feel it in my heart.
I am a bit surprised about myself, - I never thought that such warm and loving feelings could arrive in my heart, in this virtual world of the Internet. But my feelings are true. So how did you place yourself so quickly in my heart, dear? Do you have a special connection to an Angel? or do you practice some old type of Magics? At any rate, I feel Magics! My dear Gary, for my next letters, I shall scan some pictures of myself to send them to you more, - in the meantime, I look forward to your next letter, - your thoughts, your comments and most of all: your dreams.
Gary, let me have a look into that little secret room in your mind, where you keep your little secret dreams about romance and passionate love. As I told you earlier, you can tell me all completely openly, - I will never be offended by your words, and it will tell me so much about you, - which after all is the purpose of our dialogue. I am going to close this for now. I shall wait from you the letter with impatience.
Take Care my Dear and Sweet Gary,
With heat in my soul,
Your Elena.
PS. Today I went on a beach with my girlfriend Valentina, Valentina photographed me and I send you some photos, that was made for you there. I hope that you will like it.
Letter 6

My Dear Gary:
You do not know how happy it makes me to get your letter today!!! I love reading your letters. I love reading your words. It makes me happy to open my mail and see I have a letter from you. And to see words which you have written for me. I am so glad that you have come into my life. So much better my outlook on life has improved. I also have very strong feelings for you. It is like a dream come true!! I am so glad that you decided to write to me, in alot of ways you have opened my heart, and made me feel like there is hope that I will find true love.
Gary In the letters I have written you, I have reviled more personal feelings, than I have reviled to anyone in very long time. I feel like I can tell you anything, I have never felt so comfortable with anyone in such a short time, and the thing about is we have not even met face to face yet. That's how special YOU are to me!!! I say to myself, can this be real? Can he be real? My God Gary I believe I am beginning to fall in love with you!!!
I very much want to meet you and would be glad to your arrival in Russia, but there is one BUT! Employees the Net-club beforehand warn the girls concerning meetings Now I shall try to explain: If the man comes to Russia to the beloved girl, the girl bears responsibility for his safety we have such groupings of the gangsters, which meet and track down the foreigners at the large airports these gangsters plunder and injure of the foreigners, is especial of the Americans there is even such, that they kidnap the people and require of the relatives the large repayment for his freedom ! I would not like that with you something happened I never shall forgive myself, if with you something similar happen! I very much love you and do not want to lose you ! It will be much better if I shall come to you , especially I never was abroad It will be twice pleasant from of this travel, I shall see a lot of new and interesting, and most important, I shall see you, my love!
Gary I think of you all the time, I have so many dreams about you, that it is hard to pick one to tell you. Here's my favorite dream of you. I dream of walking along a forest path you beside me gentlely holding my hand we come to a small creek. and we decided to have a picnic. We talk and share our thoughts and feelings. Then we just look each other in the eyes, and we kiss passionately. I think how lucky I am to have found someone that I love, and that loves me. I believe that heaven can not be much better than that.
I has told all my friends about you. I have told about all feelings which I test to you. I have told them as I am happy that you have appeared in my life. I have told them as I am grateful to you for that that you have shown sincere interest to me. I have told them as I value our relations. But I do not let them read your letter because they are mine, all mine. I do not mind you showing my letters if you want. Gary I think of you much. I sleep and I'm thinking of you. You know what Gary? It is magics! It is the magics that come from the power of love! Are you magic man?
Gary I wish I had time to say more because I now need to go. I am sorry, that in this letter I could not tell all that I could tell you in alive. I hope, that you understand that I can not express all feelings which overflow me looking on the screen of the monitor so full as I could explain to you looking to you in eyes. I too desire to meet you face to face. I believe it will happen. I want to hope this is our destiny. Cause you sure are a dream come true. I can only hope that you feel the same way about me. I think about you all the time, With Love Elena.
Letter 7

Hello my Sweetheart Gary!
I was so happy to hear from you!!! I with the big impatience wait each your letter and I very much happy when I see that you have written to me. Gary I have so much to say and dont know where to begin. So I will start off by saying that I am so grateful to you that you has come in my life. It makes me so happy to open my mail and see I have a letter from you. And to see words which you have written for me. Your words do the most rainy and cloudy day by the filled sun and force me to be pleased to each day and give forces to me.
I am so happy that I have met you Gary.You do not imagine as I grateful to you for that you are in my life. Gary before you came into my life was empty and grey, now it is filled the sun and all colors of a rainbow. My heart was cold and closed, now it warm and open. My heart flares fire of love from strong feelings to you and is open for love to you. My gentle angel I love you so much, I want to be with you forever. And I will be yours ONLY. You are my dream, I have no other dreams. I love you more than words can describe. To me so pity, that I not near with you now. I would be happy to everyone day that I can to be near to you Gary. You are so kind so sweet and warm. My biggest dream to meet you in the person and I would be the luckiest and the happiest woman in the world. I very much hope that sometime soon my dreams will come true. Now I understand that my life, nothing means without you, because I love you!!!
Gary I am so in love with YOU!!! I never would have dreamed that someone like you existed in this world. Much less that I would ever have dialogue, or meet that person. And sweetheart I truly believe that you are man of my dreams!!! Gary you have touched me in so many ways. You have reached a part of me that no one has EVER reached. I just hope you believe me when I say that I LOVE YOU!!!! I love you from deep down inside me. XXXXXX please, please believe me when I say that I love you. That it comes from my heart. It is true!!! My girlfriend Valentina asked me the other day: " How can you love someone you have never met " And I said that maybe the best way to meet and fall in love with someone is this way. Because there is no fear, no insecurities, you can be yourself get to know them. And though me have not met face to face. (yet) I truly believe I good know his, because I know his heart. And when you fall in love with someone is not that the part you are supposed to look a!
t? And not the outside? Because the outside changes with age. But the heart stays the same no matter how long we live. I have told her, that I love your heart, I love you all my heart and ALL my heart belongs to you Gary. You are so valuable part of my life!
Well My love I have to go. I will miss you. Today at night I will lay on my bed and thinking of you, my love Gary and hoping someday soon we shall meet in the person. I am very serious about all this and I wouldnt want anything more in this world than to have a kind loving male like you Gary. Maybe someday I will be able to find all the correct words, to be able to tell you. Take Care and please hurry writing back. Until then you will be in my thoughts.
I am sending you the romance, passions and love of my dreams, and infinite passionate kisses for your sweet, soft lips.
Loving you from,
Your Elena.
Letter 8

Gary thank you for such a sweet letter believe me - my heart starts to knock on hundred times more strongly when I read your letter. Because it came from My Prince that I LOVE VERY MUCH. I am glad you are open up your feeling more.
Do not stop show me your feeling, because I never plan on stopping telling you my feeling about you. Because I want to be near to you, I want to see your beautiful eyes, I want to touch your body, I want to to feel your smell, I will never need anybody in my life but you my love. I can not imagine being without you, please do not go anywhere I only want YOU!!!
Gary I think this what God plan for us why else are we in love with each other when we been alone and not happy. Now all will be on another, we have found each other and I am grateful to the God and Destiny for that they have connected us in LOVE. Now I want to be with you always. I have my happiness for the rest of my life and thats my Sweet Prince Gary you all I ever want to be with the rest of my life. I want you to feel free to tell me all about your love about us. YOU the only one I believe, because I need nobody in life ever but YOU and I think you will be happy with me because I have so much love for you. And it will take about hundred years to show you all my love for you I hope thats ok with you. it takes that long. I mark on my calendar this special day its the day you say you LOVE ME. And I will never forget it day. I so want to be near with you right now and kiss your gentle lips with passion.
Gary I love you and nobody will ever get my heart but YOU and only YOU. I love you so much I just want to eat you up with love and put you in my heart forever. You necessary for me always and if I have my way I be there right now but I feel it will be soon. You more important than air to me. I want to arrive to you to be with you. If you want I tomorrow will go in Visa-Agency in my city and I shall find out what I must make that as soon as possible to be with you. I very much want it. As soon as I shall find out all what to me shall be necessary to make for arrival I at once will write to you, my love, ok.
Gary I so want to be with you. Because you my angel and angel are always happy and I am very happy with you. And I feel we have more than alot of people have love that is deeper than the sea. I think that we are created to each other. I know that we should be together, it is our destiny. We shall be happy with you beloved!!! I never get tired to love you! I do not know that was in your life bad before my occurrence in your life, but now anything bad never happen, I shall become second half of your soul, and you will become second half of my soul!!!! And you will never feel badly yourself with me, because I shall lift very much your mood, because I love you and I wish for you only happy days!!! I shall open to you the most distant sides of my soul, you too, we will make each other happy!!!
Beloved Gary, I try to catch our happiness that it never lose any more!!! I know that we are not perfect, but we shall make all to become better for ourselves, for each other, for people ar!
ound of us that people are looking us to became better!!! I shall be your angel the keeper, and you will be my angel the keeper!!!
I wanted to tell you that you are in my heart always and it feel good that your in there. So I hope I can sleep but you in my dreams. And that I LOVE YOU MORE EVERY DAY AND IT KEEP BUILDING EVERY DAY AND I HOPE MEETING YOU SOON. YOU ARE GOING TO GET SO MUCH LOVE FROM ME, I THINK YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOREVER AND I WANT ONLY YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN SOON.
Letter 9

My dear how are you? I hope you are good.
I read your letters and feel your warmness once again. Thinking about you always makes me feel better. I can only imagine what you are doing and how your days are going. Are you sad or happy? Are you having fun with your friends and family. As know as I look at the stars, you are too looking at them. We are wondering how each other is doing and how we are feeling. We are separated by miles of ocean and land but yet we are so close in spirit. I close my eyes and see your warm beautiful smile. Every day that passes is a day closer to being able to see and be near you.
My love Kiev to be in Ukraine and is abroad. I should do all necessary documents. For arrival in Kiev it is necessary for me to pay 750 more $. Because the Air ticket up to Kiev costs 750 $.
Gary I keep you on my mind and in my heart as always. Your friendship and love is a gift from the heavens above and I feel very fortunate that our lives has crossed. You are a precious, valuable soul. Any woman would be very lucky to have you, you must never forget that. The greatest pleasures of life are being able to share your thoughts, life and body with someone special. I am very glad that you are happy and that I have had something to do with it.
The passion and feelings in your words stirs my imagination of us being together soon.
I yearn to be with you more and more. I will fill your mind with many happy experiences and pleasant thoughts. Your mind will become addicted to the many personals thoughts and times we will have. Your body will experience the intimate passion and pleasure that you have desired for so long. I want you to close your eyes and imagine me giving every inch of your perfect body sensational pleasure. My warm hands and mouth will massage and treat you like a prince. From a passionate kiss on your lips, down to the your *******, your thighs and down to your feet. I want my words to burn through your body and arise the passion within you.
Please send me your letter complete with love. Inform me when we shall be together! I thirst for ours a meeting!!! I thirst to be with you soon!!!
I wish you All Good and hope to hear from you soon.
Kisses, Kisses, Warm thoughts and wishes,
I Love you,
Your Elena.
Letter 10

MY Sweetheart Gary, I am ultra crazy about you!!! Your words melt me in such a way I cannot explain. I love you so much. Gary, I want all your love-all that you makes you who you are - mind, body and soul. Please do not worry that I desire only some of you. I'm so relieved you have strong desires for me too. I am totally overwhelmed with emotions of being your woman and beloved.
Actually I felt this way the first times I read your emails. You somehow look familiar to me, as though I've known you for a long time. Strange, Indeed!
You're on my mind constantly - day and night, when I go to work, all day at work, and especially before I go to sleep. I wondering what it would be like to kiss your gentle lips, be in your arms, and smell your scent, your essence. Thanks for making my last weeks the best I can not remember! I feel in my heart that we belong together. You are perfect, the best that I can dream to be in your hands. I love you and I want to be with you. I can assure you that MY HEART IS YOUR!
I went in Visa-Agency to find out all about arrival you. To me there have told what documents I should make.
I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need some other documents for registration and I need Visa, Passport and Insurance. I had some accumulation and I can pay the Visa and the Passport. I shall borrow money for purchase of Insurance. I think that I can ask mother that she borrowed from somewhere. I will have all necessary documents for this process on this week, now necessary to me only to issue Air Tickets. It cost 1200 dollars. I can not find this sum. I did not think that travel to you will be so expensive. It's at once make me suppressed and disappointed. I did not know that is necessary so much money, I have only 1000 dollars. I shall pay it for Insurance, the Visa and the Passport. I can not pay Air Tickets to you, I have no such sum. Today, all day I was very much upset, but when I has thought about you, to me at once became easier. I know that I have my beloved male who will not throw me. I believe that I can ask help for you, you will not!
leave me. We should be together. Our love is the strongest, I believe that you can help me with it. I refuse think that these monetary papers can to prevent us. So should not be, It is not fair. We should be always together. I hope that you will help me. I believe and I hope that we soon shall be together. I believe in our love and I know that we can overcome all difficulties.
I am absolutely mad about you, Gary! My heart is beating faster in thousand times than normal at the mere idea of meeting you, and of course, experiencing your love and tenderness. It's a sweet dream, but it can be carried out very soon and we will love each other - physically, emotionally and mentally for many years to come. All depends now only from you, my love.
If you can help me now very soon we shall happiest people on a planet. I promise!
MY LOVE you always in my heart and I miss you. I miss you so much I can not keep mind from thinking of you only. MY SWEET PRINCE I LOVE WITH EVERY PART OF MY HEART. I want you to known that you are my the biggest love in my life that I can show my love towards. I have never been this much in love with anybody like I am with you. And these feeling are permanent in my heart.
Gary I believe Soon our dreams will come true and we can be together and share in all the things we each desire. Believe me when I say that I am not going anywhere, because you have enchanted me.
I believe that this was meant to be with God's blessing. I never realized until fate has taken us in hand.
I'm most sorry to have to end this letter, my beloved Gary. It's time to go home. You can bet I will be dreaming of you the whole day, do not worry. You and I can not lose each other! If it's written in the stars, then it shall be. Agree? As it was written by immortal letters in the book: hope and pray on God, but do itself all that it has taken place.
I love you my angel and cannot wait to see you. We should work through life's troubles and make our love stronger. I cannot wait until forever, and when I get so much love from you. I wish you were her right now so you could hold me tight and give me passionate kisses. I await your reply with loving heart, as your words are as necessary as air to me now. Your love it is very necessary for me.
I hope you can help us to meet. Just remember that I LOVE YOU GARY!!!
I love you with all my heart and soul and that is the truth. No one can take that from us. Even distance and time can not to separator us. My love, I love you more than I can tell you. My love for you is forever and ever. I love you much. Many loves, hugs and kisses and much passion and romance for you.
MY PRINCE WILL GET THE BEST OF ME FOREVER. Thats how much I love you I just want to show you love everyday when we shall be together. I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL ADORINGLY YOURS ELENA.
PS. We shall meet in Kiev.
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