Scam letter(s) from Kristina Pedalkova to Lars (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello dear Lasse! I am glad that we can begin to communicate with you. To me, this first experience on the Internet and I'm glad that I can correspond with you. We have age difference but is not problem for me and hope for you too. To be honest I do not really imagine how to begin my letter. But it seems to me that I should tell you a little about me and my family:) As you already know I live in the country of Russia, in city Samara, maybe you heard about this city My childhood and youth was in Russia. Here I finished school.
And just received a higher education. I graduated from the faculty of architecture. But unfortunately here I can not find a job in my field because a creative work is not in demand in Samara. That is why I work here in the cafe as administrator, I am not very interested in this job but I have to work, because i have something to live. I live with my mother and grandmother after the divorce of my parents.
To be honest, I dream to go to another country and start a new life because i don't see life perspective here.
Lasse tell me a little about your family,life and work, I am very interested in this!
You might also want to know why I'm looking for my second half here.
To this are many reasons, first in my country is very difficult to find a decent man who will respect woman, because There is no respect for women as in the west country's. Historically mentality of Russian men different. Secondly, I want to try something new and I think that the Internet is the best way to make new acquaintances. This method I advised from my girlfriend who already lives abroad with her husband and they are very happy together. And I decided to try my fate and find happiness here.
I feel that I need drastic changes in my life because I feel the emptiness inside my soul. I sincerely hope that all is not in vain. I also would be interested to know the reason why you are a registered here? If you do not mind I want to ask you some personal questions.
How you treat to children? And are you ready to have more children?
Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think that we will find a common language, and maybe something more:)
I'll wait for your answer with impatience.
Your new friend Kristina
Letter 2
Hello dear Lasse! Thank you for your letter. I am very pleased to learn about you something new. I hope that my previous letter was not boring you. Reading your letter, I realized that you have an interesting inner world than one similar to mine. I am very pleased that I found someone with whom I am interested in sharing my thoughts.
In my opinion communication by issues are too trite. So I'll try to tell everything about myself in my letters. And I hope that you support me in this. I am very glad that you are serious in your intentions and you are not registered to have fun. Because many men only want fun with girls and doing everything to drag a young and beautiful girl to bed, already having a family. I do not respect these people! I do hate it when lie to me. I believe that if you lie to person it means that you do not respect him. Once I already had such a bad experience, and I do not want to experience it again, to be honest I'm afraid of this! Now I do not want to talk about it, because my mood immediately falls:( I hope to find here my love. I am very kind, gentle, faithful woman. But for a long time, I am lonely. I had been unable to find good man. Because there are many men treat all girls like dolls, with which you can play, and then leave. I'm tired of this.
And I want to live in dignity to respect me and love!
I deserved it for so long. I am looking for a long and serious relationship that will escalate to the family in the future . I hope that I'm not scare you of my dreams, but it's true, and every girl dreams about it. After these words, perhaps you have the impression that I maybe a weak girl, but it is not so. In my life there was a lot of change and not always good, and I believe that I survived it with dignity. Also I am very ambitious and I'm sure I'm doing better than I now have. Now I have not good time, I would even say that the black stripe, I want to repaint it to white. And when I communicating with you, i have some hope that this will be really soon.
Now I am 28 years old, I am in the age, when ready to have a family and children. I'm sure that'll be a good mom.
Lasse, also if you're not hard to tell me about your previous relationships.
How long have you lonely? And why you broke up with your ex?
Also tell me what you are fond of?
I would be very interested to know more about you, your preferences and desires, perhaps even your dreams. Also what you like to listen, i mean music? What is your favorite film? And what you like to eat. About me my favorite music band is depeche mode, did you hear them? Also I have many favorites film but most of them I like “***** dancing”. I also love to cook, and I think that I have obtained a good, once you test my food, by the way my favorite cuisine is Italian. Also i very like art it is my passion. I like painting and attached some of my works. Hopes you like it)
I hope you liked my letter. Also I would really like to see more of your photos. I will wait for your answer with impatience.
Your Kristina
Letter 3
Hello dear friend Lasse. I waited your letter. I feel great interest. How do you answer me on my email. I am delighted that we have a lot in common. If you want to know anything else about me. You can ask, I think you can trust. I told my mom about our correspondence. In the beginning it did not take it seriously. But after my story about you, she changed her point of view. But she still does not believe in something that might find the love so far. My mother is very worried about me, and she wished me only happiness, she fears that happens to me same, that happened when I had my last relationship, she still hates that man who betrayed me. I want to tell you about my past relationships, they were 2 years ago.
I want to say that even now it pains me to recall them. There were many beautiful gifts, and no less beautiful words. He said that I was the only woman in his life. When I do I love the open man, and I hope he does the same thing. I do not think that people are able to do so. I learned that he spent his time not only for me. It was another girl. Fortunately, I learned the whole truth. It was very hard, but now I'm ready for a new relationship. And I'm glad that you also want a serious relationship. I want to create a warm relationship. I think the most important thing between two people should respect each other, always shared not only joy but also trouble, to support each other in difficult times. I do not need man who will say that all is well when things are bad, I need someone who will say everything bad, but I'm with you even though there is nothing. I hope you understand what I mean. I want to know. You really put on these relationships, as you told me? I am concerned that you can hurt me. If this happens, I'm afraid I lost my faith in people. Please do not do it in my soul.
Today I received a phone call from my cousin who lives in Syzran.
Her mom, have a problem with health and she need surgery.
I will go to Syzran, because my cousin is now lonely and she needs help to care for my aunt.
Lasse i feel that you serious and i belive in you.
I send you my photos, I hope you like. I'll wait for your answer.
Your Kristina
Letter 4

Hello dear Lasse! First of all, I must say that I really was waiting for your answer. When I read your letter, I feel your caring and warmth. I do not have enough heat here, I think I can feel it through the distance which divides us. You exercise the care, this attention to my life, to my family. With every your letter I get a particle of warmth and confidence in the future. I want to tell that to show feeling through the e-mail is really hard. I can write you a much about what i have and what i feel. And i think that i already do it. But the meeting is the way to make these feelings! Also i understand that you are that man with whom i can talk a lot, share my life and secrets The most important thing for me now is that I can share what I have in mind now. Now a very sad time for me. But I can tell you everything, I have no one with who i want to share my inner world, but with you i want. Because I believe you, and somehow convinced that you do not hurt me. Now I feel a profound shock, and only you help me get out of it. I've arrived to Syzran. Today I was at the doctor with my family, surgery will be done tomorrow. We're all very nervous and we pray God that all will well, and I want to ask you that you also prayed for her. It is very important to me now. And if all goes well, I hope we can meet at one moment. I feel desire to meet you in real life more and more. It will be one of the most important things in my life. New people in life always change the life each other of them. How do you think? So i think that our meeting is the logically end of our communication. We are similar in many thought, so i think that what is interesting for you would be interesting for me also. And on other hand i never cross the board, so it will be very much interesting and delightful for me. Now i close this letter with thought and hopes on you. I want to know what do you think about it? Please don't make an slow answer, i 'am very worry and wait it. Send you a big kiss now Your Kristina
Letter 5
Hello my lovely Lasse!!!
Today my mood has improved, because my aunt had the surgery and it's went well.
Now her life not in danger, she was transferred to a general ward.
The doctor told us that she will need around 2 weeks, so she is fully recover.
And it makes me happy, a huge load had fallen from my soul.
And now I can breathe calmly, without any horrible thoughts, which visited me recently.
Now I think about us and our meeting!
When I think about us I feel as fast pulsate in my heart.
I feel that you want to see me in real life the same strong.
I believe you therefore I hope that your words not only words.
You look like man who can keep one's promises therefore I believe you my honey Lasse.
I searched this, trust relationship.
And now I have trust relationship with you honey, because I trust you and I feel that you trust me too! My darling, do you know as much important for me our first meet in real life?
Darling, I need to say that we could meet with you at any place of world! But I imagine our first meet in your home.
Because this place where you live, you come there after job.
Honey, I want to see you at such lifes moments! I want to see your days activity and also I want to be a part of your days. I will be able to understand your way of life better.
Sure more than anything I want to see you and to be with you, but I will be also happy to know your family and your friends. My darling I want to know everything about you! I think if I will be with you at your place we could test each other as husband and wife because we will live in one home! We will wake up and go sleep together.
Also we will have a breakfast together and to do together many things! What are you think about this honey?
Together we will be happy. Sure I understand that you can busy at job, but I would like to make any surprises for you. I will cook delicious dishes for you my darling. I will decorate with candles your home and we will have unforgettable evening! Only you and me! My sweetheart, I have many ideas about surprises for you, but you need understand that surprises must to be surprises therefore I can not say to you about this. I love to share with you with all, you my second half and I can to share with you all my inner feelings. Dear I feel that your soul the same as mine! And I want to be with you.
You are my soul mate Lasse and I hope that we will be together very soon.
I am waiting for your answer with impatience.
Kiss you in your sweet lips,
Your pure angel Kristina
Letter 6
Hello my dear Lasse!
With every your letter, I got more and more I want to touch you, feel the warmth of your hands, the tenderness of your touch.
But I want to not only get all your feelings, but also show you my own.
I want to release the huge, irresistible flow of feelings.
It can not be released without you, without my presence next to you.
I dream about how you take my hand and we walk with you to your favorite places.
I am confident that I too will love them because we like same.
I need you like a breath of fresh air after a long location far away from each other!
You are everywhere with me. The only thing I miss is that I can't touch you.
But if I close my eyes, I imagine myself your face and it seems to me that you are near me.
I want to kiss you in your sweet lips.
I don't know why but I think that you are a good kisser ... I can't wait for the moment when we meet.
I understood that we match each other very good because we have the same feeling, ideas and thoughts.
I feel that I am almost in a fairy-tale, which you begin to present to me.
You are my prince and I am your princess. We belong to each other.
I want to pour together with you, my darling! You are all for me now.
You became so close to me as for example my mom and my sister.
You are a part of my life. I dream about our meeting ...
I just imagine you and me dancing and looking to each other's eyes. We move very slowly.
You put your arms round my waist so that I can feel your warm breath.
We can find out how arrange travel to you, please give me name of airport where i need to arrive.
I talked with my mom about you and our meet. My mom said that will be better and more comfortable for us if I will go to the travel agency to get more information about trip to you! Do you remember I told you that my mom ready to help always? She agrees to search the best travel agency ! She is wise woman and with her help I will choose right travel agency!
My sweetheart Lasse, I will write you as soon as I will know about trip to you!
I want to see you very soon, I want to feel you therefore I decided to come to you on vacation. I can come to you in end of August, I hope it is comfortable for you too.
Kiss you in your sweet lips, Your pure angel Kristina
Letter 7
Hello my lovely Lasse!
I am very happy to read your words!
You know my face is always smiling and I'm becoming more aware of the fact that you are a man of my dreams.
My dear, I hope that very soon we will be together and nothing will stop us!
So about my travel, I was in agency and my travel plans on 28 August, i hope is ok my darling.
I learned that travel tour from Samara in Stockholm, Sweden will cost 850 euro,
Travel tour includes: international passport, visa, medical insurance and tickets (round trip).
They can arrange for me only complete travel tour. I can stay with you for a 2 weeks minimum up to 3 months
This is the cheapest tour, bringing with all the discounts of 15%, best agency I have found my lovely.
So I think we should organize my trip with them help. Problem that I need not only tickets, but also all the documents.
And agency in Sweden can't organize an international passport for me because it is only possible in Russia.
They also can not arrange a visa for me without my presence. I hope you understand this.
I hope it goes well for you my dear. I learned that you can make payment directly to the travel agency.
It will be safer and easier for us, because after the payment they could begin to organize my travel to you immediately.
My darling because of sick my aunty, unfortunately i haven't money to pay my travel, i hope is not a problem.
I think you should write to e-mail the agency and learn all the necessary information that you need, it will be good if you can write to them now, because the Internet customer service works 7 days a week.
Them site
e-mail address of a customer service and e-mail of manager who works with my travel his name Robert Babkin.
My full name: Kristina Viktorovna Pedalkova
My address: Russia, Smamara, Ul. Radisheva 23/35
My birthday: 10.06.1985
Dear Lasse, I dream about our meeting.
I can not wait for the moment when we are together, we can hear each other and kiss. I'm sure it will be the happiest moment of our life.
And all your doubts left you! I hope that we will be together at this time.
I truly hope we can build our future and getting married.
I want to kiss you and show you how I love you!
Please write to me as soon as possible! I miss you!
kiss softly. Your Kristina
Letter 8
My lovely, 31 August is ok for me. Yes my visa valid on 3 months and all documents and ticket cost 850 euro. I provided today my passport for travel agency and can't make copy at this time! But why you need this? You not believed in me or have doubts? It is makes me upset if be honestly.
About telephone number i need to change my simcard, i will do it after weekends. But i can call you from public phone, please remind me your number. I hope is ok for you my dear and we will arrange my travel to be together on 31 August. Please contact with travel agency, i already told to the manager that you will write to them.
Kiss you tenderly and miss you! Your sweet angel Kristina
Letter 9
My lovely, we will arrange tourist visa and i don't need documents from you. Arrange this type because it is most easy and faster.
I will change my simcard and give you my number, but anyway give me your number and i will call you!!! Please darling contact with travel agency as soon as you can. I miss you! Your sweet angel Kristina
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Lasse! I am glad to receive your response.
Please don't have doubts in me!!! You are most important person for me and i will never hurt you!
I promise you!!!! I hope that your words also true!
I can not life without you now. We know each other not so long ago, but I think I know you better than anyone. Previously I had thought to correspond on the Internet is not serious and not interested, until I had met you! You're a man of my dream, i hope that our meet will be so soon. I do not know if I can tell you this, but we are friends and I do not want to hide anything from you. You should know that I would be very glad to have you in husband in future, because I believe that you treat women like princesses. You are very responsible, and I very much appreciate it. Besides, you are very clever and charming. Your thoughts and feelings make a huge impression on me. You think just like me. Is not that great, Lasse, when two people find a lot in common? And we will be together i hope it can be so soon!
Darling, if be honestly i hope that you will be my husband, hope i not scare you of this)).
I often imagine life with him(my future husband), and I want to tell you about it now. One morning he wakes up, feeling a sweet gentle kiss on his cheek. He opens his eyes and sees me, smiles and wishing him "Good morning". For me to wear a black silk shirt, which I have not had time to change, as all morning to make breakfast for my beloved husband. Of course, he has already managed to smell of something tasty and now hurries to the kitchen to see what I have already prepared for it. He sees me sitting at the table waiting for him. By the middle of the table, he sees the apple pie, which is still hot, because I just pulled it out of the oven. He sit down next to me, and we enjoy breakfast. He tells me that I am the best cook in the world because it is nothing of the sort never before eaten. I embarrass his words, but answered him that, to the best men in the world I will always do the very best. After breakfast, I begin to lead the kitchen in order. And it is at this time is in the bathtub to take a shower. Some time later, he feels the touch of my hand on his body. I want to join him, he pretends that it is not against it. We are beginning ... sweet love ... deal, which gives us a lot of love and pleasant feelings. I do not know how to stay because I want to continue to make love with him and more. But in the end, we stop a phone call. My husband tells me that he needs to separate at a very important meeting. But he asked me not to get bored, because he soon returned. While it is not, I do housework, watch TV and cook dinner for us. Today we have a roast chicken with vegetables. As soon as I start to miss it, it immediately appears and presents me a sweet kiss and a bouquet of flowers. I put it in a vase and call my husband at the table. During the meal, he tells me about their meeting. Day comes to an end, and we go into our soft bed. We falls asleep, embraced, with each other and wish each other "Good night!" On the one hand it was a normal day, but on the other hand, it was one of the happiest days of our lifes. How is my story? Do not dream it you? As you know, I dream about this life only with you, and i sure that will have it. What do you think Lasse?
Waiting for your reply soon. Warm and gentle kiss! Your Kristina.
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