Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Razumova to Jay (UK)
Letter 1
Hi and it’s Kamila,
I'm happy that can write you this email because yesterday I did not feel well and wasn’t able to tell about myself.
Do you remember me? What is my country?
I am in Azerbaijan
How old are you? I will send you my picture and I'm 32 years old and I write with hope that you seek girlfriend?
and I hope to find to myself a interesting person. I told now in agency of acquaintances that they have removed all my details on other web sites because I could write only to you. I believe that you absolutely do not expect to get from me any message but it is the truth and it not spam. I forward you this email in hope to get back any reply from you.
Write me if you like me and you still have some wishes, and tell me also if you still free man and you live one?
Letter 2
Good afternoon and its Kamila again here. So I am glad that you have answered me and you are still single man. I do not think that distance between us so important and also age correctly? I think that it is trifles.
I know that there is a lot of program as messenger and skype and also others. But I can not use there as I am not able. My full name Kamila alidovna and I live in Azerbaijan in city Fatmai. You can look it on a card near to Caspian sea. I live one and I have no children. To me of full 32 years and growth about 163 centimetres. Also I work as the seller of footwear and clothes in shop. You can tell about your work also?
I want that you knew that I real and I write to you with fair intentions. I do not wish you to deceive differently I would not write you the letter in general. Tell to me also more about yourself ? What kind of man are you? I cannot search here any man because of rules religion (islam) and still try to use some Internet. I think that at us it will turn out.
Now in hope I finish the letter and I think that you also have fair intentions? I tried to get acquainted on the Internet once but it was useless and there were no worthy men and all tried to ask naked photos. It will be a pity also that I never to give it on the Internet.
I wish you pleasant day. Here Kamila...
Letter 3
I am so glad that you've answered me today again and of course I wish to learn you more. How was your day yesterday and today? I just to search for time from my work and go from my shop. I think that you already know that work as the seller of footwear and female linen in shop fatmaii also as the city name.
I LIKE YOU and I wish to tell you more about myself and do not want any deceit between us ok? Also I wish to be always fair before you as it important. I saw and read a lot of interesting articles on the Internet about that as people to ask naked photos, also money. All it not to like me. Both I not such and I ask you not to think badly of me.
Important: not to lose with you contact if I I will not receive from you the answer I will send to you my letter repeatedly ok? Only in that case if I will not receive from you the answer. The manager of Internet cafe has told to me that sometimes letters can be lost or another.
To me and now I know thanks for all your words little bit more about you and I want continuation.
Mine the religion is muslim. But it only religion, I can communicate with you and to me it is not important on religion. I live separately from the parents and also from sister. My native live in a city of Baku and I live in other city and the distance between us is about 40 kilometres. BY rules of my country Azerbaijan my father should search for me for the man. But I do not want it as want the life and itself to choose to myself the man. I never concerned with men as I cannot do it here in Azerbaijan itself. This that what just not to like me. But in the rest my country beautiful here again is the sea both the beautiful nature and people also very kind.
I think that nevertheless as at any girl for me important beauty and I always to watch over myself behind health, behind the figure. Also I think that also I of such beautiful was given birth by mum and very grateful to it. That as to health - I not to drink almost alcohol, and never smoked cigarettes and did not accept drugs. I like to see simply my friends and to spend time together, how to go to cinema, or to sit at home and to do different hairdresses each other. At me friends - only girls. And I do not concern any men. Therefore I have chosen the Internet, you.
Also never was in other countries and did not travel though dreamt of it much and I think that that hour will come once when I can leave from here.
At present I do not write anybody the letter except you as if I is disappointed in you then I will try to communicate further. But I think that you the good man and you approach me!!
I tried speak with different men earlier and still could not to choose to myself approaching as basically all try to play the Internet and not to like me it.
Also I ask both of us that we not to hurry up never to do any conclusions or to speak about a meeting. I wish to learn until then you better and to communicate ok?
I speak in English fluent and I can communicate. Also I know the Spanish language, Italian and French a little. I learnt English language at school and then even 6 months of informal conversation. I have no phone at present as it is under repair. I think that in 2-3 weeks I can back take my phone and to ask from you a phone number to call to you.
I the house girl and me not to interest any parties or discos. Though I very much love music. But most of all I dream that from work I could spend all free time with which beloved I will to choose itself but I father. You understand a problem?
I like men for which also important only work and the house where the beloved or the wife will wait. Which other girls also will never interest. Here that that I wish to find to myself. Tell to me you you can be such? I like men which know that that they want, that was aim lives and also diligence and the important values during lives and the rest is not so important.
I want to myself I will search for the man for which unique girl. And only then I will give all my heart and completely my life and beauty.
I never was married and I think that I can do it only 1 time in a life on love.
Here that that wished to tell to you today and I think that I to interest you also?
Tell to me your answer and I send you a photo, I will hope that I like you very much.
Here fine day and Kamila!!!
Letter 4

how was your weekend this time? I ask you not to take offence if not always I can write you the letter. BUT yesterday there was a Monday and certainly I could write. I think that you spent your time well also yesterday?
Here a Tuesday and I miss and I do not see your answer,
I think that you could write at least a little and not the big letter?
Here Kamila!!
Letter 5
Hello again dear and you are good man. And I like you very much!!! I wish to answer you now.
I do not like men which speak lie. I know now that you not the such. I think that you speak me the truth. I think that correspondence will be fair.
If I with the man that I go with it up to the end. It is very difficult to trust men. But I will try to trust you through letters. Also still very early to speak about a meeting. I think that we can discuss it later? But not now. I never flied to other country and also I have no documents. At the given stage I simply wish to learn you better.
Nevertheless I should consider the important question with you. I wish to argue. If the girl has no children. Then it can have children then. If already at the new partner - men are children. Then it is possible and not to have children. Easier to care of other children. It is necessary to know simply that near to you there are children. Also it is necessary to love them as the and it is correct? It nevertheless.
As to again me. My birthday is on February, 3rd. I feel that I need to be already with the man. And not only because of age. And also because I already want real love. I do not wish to be already one and all games are not necessary to me. I the serious girl. I think that you understand it reading my letter?
As I have already told, I never travelled to other countries. It will be interesting to me to look the world. But I do not wish to do it one. As I should receive this pleasure together with my man. I am pleasant like the world. Till this time I can look it only through the Internet and also through the TV. I want that you to me have more told about your city. Nevertheless I think that there in perfectly summer and in the winter?
I wish to tell to you that just a climate here very warm in Azerbaijan and almost always warmly. I sit now in Internet cafe and it is necessary to go for work.
That the chief did not demand from me much I should return to time after a break.
I already many times received the award. As I am able to work with clients...
Nevertheless it only work. And as to my hobbies. I like to go to pool on Saturdays in the evening. I and 2 more my girlfriends we go to pool. We take masks or points, also a cap on a head. Also we bathe 40 minutes. And then to go and drink hot tea. Or sometimes wine if there is a mood. I think that so.
I also wish to tell to you. What most of all it is not pleasant to me in people? When any person tries to show it that it above others. Not to like me it.
Also that that when the person brags that it has many money. In general it is disgusting for me. It is never important.
I work fairly in shop. I cannot reach the big. Though I can more and work with diploma higher education. But nevertheless.
Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak that they have expensive things. It not the main thing in a life...
Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak lie. I learn at once it. And in general any truth will be learnt sooner or later. And then then it will be a shame to the person.
It is pleasant to me when the person can always tell greetings. Or always to rejoice or support. I like positive people.
I think that you such? Tell to me more about it.
That that should like me in the partner? Not important where it works and how many earns money. Main this happiness and trust. I think that people should trust each other in the relation.
But also where there is a belief - there should be and check. It is necessary to check the favourite person silently always. I it know all from stories of my girlfriends, my aunt, my mum also. That I was always cautious.
I should see in the partner always support. And if I have a relation - then the love and pleasant actions from which at me will be a smile.
I think that you think also.
I want that we have never deceived each other. I will never ask you things which you do not wish to do. I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also do not want that you asked me those things which I do not want. And then all will be good. And at us much can turn out. I will try to trust you through the Internet.
I send you the photos. And it I on a photo and you am pleasant it? Tell to me.
Nevertheless I will finish probably my letter. As wrote to you much today. I will tell only a little more on my family. I also I have no house a pet now. I completely live one now. And I work much. If I had a pet then it is necessary care of them. And at least to walk both in the morning and in the evening. I cannot. I wish to change my life but till now it is impossible.
To me now in a head the thought has come, and I would like to ask you. You write to other girls of the letter?? In Azerbaijan it is impossible never for another's men to show the body. Never feet, and completely the person. As all girls try to be closed by clothes. But I thought, how we will get acquainted with you if I do not show my photos. I wish to show you myself, and I would like that we got acquainted is better. Thus all those photos which I send - never should leave your hands. You understand me?
I search to myself just for such man to whom I could trust. And which never will tell to me bad words.
I search for such man who will be tender with me and strongly to love!
That I became another. I should learn you better, from different directions! Should understand all your gravity in acquaintance!!!!!!! Should understand, what you the person?
Therefore I wish to learn your character more??
I think, that I will not lose contact to you. I am afraid of it!!!
I very much would want every day to speak on the phone with you, to hear your voice. I think, what your voice sweet? But so it is a pity to me, that I have no phone. And consequently at night I can think only of that is see your following letter What your schedule of day? It is very interesting to me...
Well, I will say goodbye and wish you all the best.
Here Kamila!!!
Letter 6
I think that all my letters go to you correctly and without a delay. And still I will know that you receive my letters if you answer tomorrow me.
I will wait for your answer the darling Jay
Letter 7
Hello again my sweety and it's Kamila again who think about you!!! Is very glad to see again your letter!!!! And I simply early am sorry if not always I have time to write you the letter ok? I ask not to take offence and sometimes after work also I am not in time.
I wish to answer you and you know it. Because I know, that you will wait for my answer. Here now I come after work and I answer you. I very strongly like to write to you letters and to tell about my bottom! As you are able to read correctly them and
To understand! Correctly and fairly you answer me as I want because you the interesting person and I learn a lot of new with you. And I will forgive pardons much that probably sometimes I do not understand you. But so I wish to write you the big letter as to like me it.
Today I rose early, nearby 5:30 morning. Because I needed to do to itself a hairdress, and I was used hair curlers... It for hair. Then I to go for work as usually, also, Please tell me how is the weather there today? So, now I have come to Internet cafe and I can already forget about a cold. At me to appear the good feeling -
Which brings to me warmly in my body! I wish to rejoice, and I do not wish to be tired and upset, I Want, that your mood and a smile always were cheerful!!!
The pleasure is present every day at me as you write and do not forget about it! I understand, that we are familiar only in
Several letters, but I feel, that I can really open to you! But I wish to receive from you reciprocity, I want, that was
Sincerely with me! And never lie to me as it is spoilt only by relations, the truth? You also consider? The trust is
Basis of strong friendship and good long relations!! I try to speak always only the truth and is sincere with people. And also I am not able absolutely lie, therefore and I do not do it! As even the small lie then goes to growth in serious lie! In a life
There are different good and bad situations, but I never turn a back to my girlfriends and they never betray
Me. Let it is better than I can help, than not help at all! They help me a difficult minute and always a support to me and I
I love them always and in any situation. In Azerbaijan the friendship is a value and all friends hang together and go on a visit constantly, do each other surprises and gifts. And HOW at you it occurs?? I think, that at us with you is much
The general. I wish to tell to you about my character, but it is difficult To me to write about it because I never wrote about it. I think, that first of all I fair always. I very much trust people and I hate treachery! But as soon as I see that
The person speaks me lie, and I can feel it! Then I understand at once it and I can not trust this person any more. I can
To communicate with it. But to trust it is more never. You understand? About it it is final at me the principles. I have some friends, but they the presents also can always help me. My parents... I also can trust them. But I have left from them on another cause also to you already spoke. Because they wished me to reduce with other man!! And when I have learnt - I have disappeared from my father. I very much feel people and I can understand at once bad people and good. I very cheerful and
I love humour how to listen, so and itself I speak ridiculous things and I tell ridiculous cases! I should note to you. That I
Very much I love children. A little my girlfriends have children, as boys and girls. And if they come to me on a visit or I
Them I see somewhere then I necessarily play with them. And if we go on shops together. Then I am better to myself I will not buy anything, and to it necessarily toy. That they rejoiced, as it is possible is more often and spoke a word "Thanks". I have many the different
Interests also I can be the different woman, I like to dress beautiful things, I very much like to look beautiful. I willingly dress jeans, I have colour favourite dark blue. I can dress under it still shoes, on high heels!
I hope you read attentively my letter and you liked the small description of that that I love?
I think, that you have learnt me little bit better and if you want, ask me and I will tell to you even more. I want, that
So please tell me about your character. What you the person? As what you consider me, I do not aspire to be the ideal girl and I do not try to find the ideal man, I consider that ideal people do not happen On what you pay attention at first when you get acquainted with the girl?? I think, that the main thing in any girl
To be oneself, it is necessary to be natural and unique! Each woman has the secrets both it a riddle and I sometimes help
To find this originality and charm! I hope, that has not tired you with this letter and that you have read it really attentively. Tell to me in the following letter that was good at you
Today?? I will finish this letter, I think that it was interesting to you to read my letters, I want, that you understood me
Better, I think, that our letters do us more close each other and me it very much to please! I think, that this your day also
Comes to an end perfectly!!! And my mood such cheerful never disappears!!! I hope that further I on the former will learn to you more! On it I will finish the letter, I wish to wish you good mood, I send you a gentle kiss.
Letter 8
I will wait from you for the answer on Monday after the day off.
Do not forget you will tell to me that you to do tomorrow on Sunday? I will collect my girlfriends and then nevertheless to try to prepare a juicy apple pie,
Then tomorrow morning I will early rise to run a little and to support my figure.
I send you here a photo also to addition it when I was small and it was about 15 years ago,
Also I think that to you to like.
Kisses. Kamila!!!
Letter 9
Hello my sweety thank for this answer and how are you today? Today I have again gone to the cafe Internet to please itself with yours the letter and to cheer myself up to a maximum! I READ EACH YOUR LETTER ATTENTIVELY!!!! I try to answer you as I can. You see? I very much am pleasant like with you, as you very interesting person! And I very much, am very glad that you like also my photos. I want to you it is pleasant. You are able to deliver me pleasure!! I will hope, that we will not disappoint each other, I want that our relations have grown in something more than simply correspondence. I do not know why, but I feel to you warmly and tenderness!
It seems to me, that we are familiar for a long time and we write letters, as friends whom many years are familiar. Yesterday I thought of you much and have understood, that I look at you and I write letters to you not only as to the friend! I am a lonely girl, now I live one, and it is difficult to me to speak about my feelings and emotion to you because we only write letters, but to me says my heart, that I can open to you, that you very kind and good person! I think, that my heart still has a stone on a shower! As men do not think seriously of a life. The serious man is necessary to me. Now my heart all is warmer and warmer!
And I feel that it soon after a dream absolutely will find heat with you And it will fight all more strongly and more strongly. I think of this good bottom when I will meet the beloved who will give me pleasure and good mood every day! And that once I could forget about everything, that me connected a life, and also religion. Each person can refuse it, and a choice of other religion. The truth?
I am a girl and to me it is difficult, than to men in this world. It seems to me, that in the world very few kind and reliable men! Certainly in Azerbaijan many good men. But they meet seldom! Many men, through my father asked about me. I said to the father, that I can and will choose my life and my man my husband and no somebody!!! But as I already spoke you it because of religion.
I think, that I in the future will have children, nevertheless or to be mum of children of the beloved. But I wish to live, where is favourite and to name it love and happiness!!!! I think, that the good man will be care of the girl, to give it tenderness and love, and many the fine moments!!! And if to speak the truth I dream, that my man will be such! I think, that any girl will be happy with such man! Please, be not afraid of these frank words because I speak to you about the desires and dreams in a life. I wish to find the love, the happiness in a life! I wish to be with my favourite person, always together, support and a support in everything to create a family and to live long and happily!
I know, that it to make really, but the love is a feeling which cannot be bought or sold which comes from heart and it it is difficult to explain words, it needs to be felt!!! Love - the finest feeling which is given to us by the nature!
The person which has this feeling - the happy person!!! And what you think of love?? To a family? What for you the main thing in relations??? I think that of that that I wrote about different types of men - you do not concern them!!! Please speak fairly, you want something? You look at my photos and what you think??
I hope, that I set to you not so many questions and I wish to hear from you sincere answers because I really wish to build with you relations! I want that you looked at our correspondence as real construction of serious relations and I wish to be closer to you and I hope, that you too want it!!! If we aspire each other us to wait the good future!!! Today I will go to pool and to float there a little! I should support a figure nevertheless. Then it is a little to drink tea and to watch TV at home, and again one! I very much like to look various programs, news of day and many other things. I will finish my letter and I will think of you! I very much to wait your new letter, and tomorrow I will go to cafe with the big hope to see the letter from you!!!! I wish you all the best and a smile on the person!!! With heat in heart, Kamila!!!!!!!!!
Also I give now to you a kiss.
Letter 10
Hello my lovely prince and my sweet and how are you today again? Many thanks for your letter, I it now read also my heart very much rejoices!!! I to have delightful mood that I can read again the letter from you. As your letters do me very cheerful and cheerful! And I so think, that my smile absolutely never to leave from my person and anywhere and my fine mood never will disappear!! I have more and more desire to learn you better, absolutely all. I cannot explain it, but it is the truth! I hope, what my letters too give you cheerful mood and more desire to receive news from me?? Yesterday I spoke to my girlfriend about you and our correspondence and it envied me a little. I have told to it, that you very good person both very beautiful man and my girlfriend have wished our of good luck in our relations! It sends to you "hi" and speaks: if you such good person - then I do not disappoint you!!! I have told to it, that I will never do to you badly because you to me have opened both your soul pure and your heart big!
I am really very happy, that have got acquainted with you, this most good, that happens with me in my life.
Also we with you already speak about serious, as a family, children and the husband!!! Till now I never had the husband and children. But I very much want it. This most important thing. It seems to me, that a question on a family we cannot with you in letters discuss. It is necessary to look each other in the face that from it to speak. Correctly?
Last night I went home one. I represented much, that I go with you and to me it was not boring! I would like to go with you and to talk on different themes. I very strongly love romanticism. And my big desire it is final to go with the favourite person on the nature to be, to have a rest! There. Where along toward evening already the sunset can be examined! There, where already stars it is possible to look, various instants is "ladle", «the big she-bear», «a small she-bear». And other constellations! And you like such rest? It is romanticism I think. I am very romantic girl. Though other girls in Azerbaijan - very few people has such character.
I would like to sit also with you at home at very tasty and romantic supper. I would use all skills of cookery and would make an amazing supper that we could enjoy it that it was pleasant both you, and me! Around would put candles, and conditions I would think at once varied! As for loving each other people it is played also by a role, conditions! I should you tell. If I love the man then I do for it absolutely all! And I certainly search to myself for such man who for the sake of the beloved already could do everything, absolutely!! Would look at me and we together would rejoice. Also could admit love as it is possible is more often. To say very tender words to me that I was simply inspired from these words and could not restrain from the big smile and pleasure.
I had simply tears of pleasure from it! I can I hurry up a little, but I I wish to write to you not only friendly letters because I feel, that you become to me the loved one! Think of you, as about my man and if you not against I will write to you as to my man, instead of easier friend much! It will be good for you?? I do not know as it to explain, but I already would like you to name favourite!!! How you look at it? Already I wish you to learn more, what you inside, what from you in a shower?
Not only for me, and in general. Your desires, probably secret. What it is pleasant to you in love? Already what I write is pleasant to you? I think, and simply I want that to you it was good from my letters. That you could forget your past and again dream of the future. That this future was fast, and you could be happy. If you search nevertheless for serious relations and I on it will approach! Then you should be assured. That all will turn out also I do all for this purpose. I know also assured, that I young and at me still all ahead. I would like to notice - that the age difference for me at all has no value! As I consider, that the life with more skilled man will seem to me it better.
As at the senior man was in a life more than various situations and experience was saved! To which can learn the beloved. How you think? I think, that I correctly argue and indeed in a life. Many the good moments which do the person happy. Acquaintance to you - to it an example! I really very strongly rejoice every day!!! But I yet do not speak about it to my parents, yet I do not want. I notice it, my girlfriends notice it and speak that I have strongly changed!!! Nevertheless and this my letter already I think absolutely another. Here I start to tell to you about my private world and about my desires! I think you still much learn about it. At me to be saved already it is a lot of words for you. But I wish to see, whether it is pleasant in general to you? Whether you can entrust me all what in your heart? It will be interesting to me to know about it. I have the most delightful feeling now. All is good, when all only begins.
Here, yours Kamila here!!!
Letter 11
Hello my greatest love in this world! I am very glad, that I can write now to you the answer to your letter! I full of energy and forces, cheerful mood and the full positive. Just that is necessary for me! I can ask as you business? Nevertheless weather was a little adjusted today and now is little bit warmer when to go along the street. It is very glad, and still I would like to visit you and consequently knowledge of you for me it is very important!!! But in letters all it you will not see - it is necessary to look it your eyes. So you to me all the same will not have time to tell all. I think, that nevertheless I know the most important thing! As I strongly would like to see you most of all now. This my unique desire and me now very much would be desirable it! If I was able everything then I to fly to you on the sky, and to come at once to you to the house. Already would stand on a threshold and you would meet me. Or, if I knew, how I can travel to you - then already would plan. But I still do not know it!
I wish to inform you today - important, that I will already go within these days to a city of Baku, in agency of travel. I will visit some agency at once to be convinced of accuracy of the information. Just there I will move tomorrow, and certainly I choose for this purpose time. That I learn all information, I will inform you!!! I understand, that if I to agree on this step - then I should spend many forces!!!
There is 4 best different agencies. I will choose the best and I will tell to you. They have all necessary communications c consulate for documents and can book tickets. And they can organise without problems my trip to you. And also in any country.
You can write them the letter also. The friend to my family there works. He knew my father and studied with it at institute. But I will tell to it that he spoke nothing to my father. I think it will help us.
If you wish to write the letter to agency then. I will tell to you all data the darling.
I not to doubt, that in our future relations WILL not be doubt and mistrust to each other. I not to doubt even that our love vanishes simply so. You to say to me, that I the frank and beautiful girl. And if I love you then you will love also me and never to throw.
BUT I to LOVE YOU and this main thing, I so I consider, and if I to meet you and we together will be - then I to become the happiest girl on this planet. I never to throw you, favourite my man! I never to think badly of you. I the girl who is able to forgive and if there will be errors then I not insult - you correct them! It will be present also and at my party, and to depend on me and from, whether you are able to forgive. You can not doubt my words. As I to write to you only, that I think and of what I to dream! And all my promises is NOT WORDS ON the WIND! It is the truth and if them correctly to understand you agree?
And, if between us there will be such feelings and full confidence. Then we meet, despite of everything. I would like to feel you soon, to iron you and to show all my care and love to you my careful prince. I understand, that now my life depends on you! Also I think, that you to look at it from the correct party! I wish to see you, to be the beloved. That you never to throw me!!
Whether but it is possible?? I can learn it!!!! And then I can see your answer, your beautiful words about love. Your feelings about me and your opinion!!! Also REMEMBER - THAT FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE I AM ready ON ALL! I would like to hear from you also these words. If you so to think, then you to write. It will be very difficult to meet and we should understand it both. I never flied still anywhere for limits of Azerbaijan. It will be very difficult and is not simple!!! I think - that our meeting will spend all our efforts and diligence, she will demand the help and care from you!!!! But we are ready and to it we will aspire, the truth?? We will not surrender!!!!!!!!!
I will finish today my letter! I will be glad to see from you the answer that my eyes shone for pleasure!!! I to give you 9999999999999999999999999 kisses!
I LOVE YOU, my gentle and careful man!!!
Yours for ever here, Kamila!!
Letter 12
I will be waiting from you the letter tomorrow my sweetie
Also I send you a photo and I see that yet did not send to you never it is a photo.
I think that your answer will be important about your feelings to me and this main thing.
Yours for ever Kamila
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