Scam letter(s) from Anna Razumova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Frank!

I’m glad to have the opportunity to start the correspondence with you.
My name is Irina and this is great to have a chance to write a letter to you. I am 28 and I’ve understood that it’s time to look for the serious relationship.

I'm here with the only purpose – to find a man who'll become my life partner and the one whom I love and respect. I hope that this kind of communication is good for the beginning of relations. How do you think?

As for me, I am a very social, easy-going, kind and funny person. I’m a big optimist in life that’s why I enjoy life and keep smiling practically in all life situations. I’m looking for a man to share all the best moments of my life. I want to look at the same direction with my partner. What about you?

It would be so interesting to learn more about you and your life, to get your photos and just get to know all what you’d wish to share with me. I will be waiting for your letter to me.

If you’re interested in communication with me, write me soon. Be sure you’ll not feel boring with me.

Have a nice day!

Letter 2
Hello, Frank!

I am glad to get your letter today. How are you?

My friends say that I’m crazy to choose the most difficult way to find a partner…Yes, it’s difficult, as we are far from each other, but it doesn’t stop me at all. Real feelings are not afraid of the distance.

I want our communication to be really open and sincere. For me, the most important part of relations is understanding between partners. It’s much easier to find the solution to all life difficulties together. Do you agree with me?
I am here to find the right man to have a friendship and relationship with, to smile every day and live happily in understanding and commitment.

I’m 28 years. I live in Poltava in a rented apartment.
I have never been married and I do not have any kids. Perhaps, one day I will have a family and if my partner and I want a kid, I will become the best mother for it.

I’m a make-up master in a studio of beauty. I help people to find their images. I enjoy my job and do it with the great pleasure. Do you love your job?

I like pets very much. I have a dog, his name is Richie. I love him very much. Do you love pets? Have you got any at home?

I would like to find out more about you and even though email is not perfect it would allow us to know each other well enough until we meet in person. It would be nice to learn more about you, your personality and what you value most in a relationship? What you like and dislike in a woman?

Please, forgive me for being so talkative.

Just hope that you aren’t tired of my a bit long letter to you :)))
Waiting for your answer the soonest :)

Have a bright day!

Letter 3
Hello, Frank!

How are you?
It's very pleasant to realize that somewhere in the world, may be thousand miles far away from here, there is a person ,whom I am not a stranger any more, for whom I've become interesting and important person.

I have an artistic nature and I like to paint. I’m a make-up master, so my work is creative and very often I put on the paper new images that appear in my head. I can say that it's my hobby sometimes.
If you want I’ll show you some of my works.

I work much and practically don’t have the weekends. But if I have some free time, I try to spend it in the circle of my relatives or friends. I miss them very much as we don’t have such an opportunity to see each other very often. When we meet, we go to the cafe and talk, talk, talk…:) I’d like to get to know how you like to spent your free time. Do you like to go out with your friends?

I don't have such bad habits as smoking and taking drugs, I think that it's not good for women to do this! I drink socially, but not much.
It’s important to keep health especially for young women as they’re future mothers. What do you think?

My full name is Maksimova Irina. I live in Ukraine, Poltava, Lutsenko Str. I work in the studio of beauty and love my job very much.

I don't have the international passport and never been abroad. It's just my dream to travel to Europe or to the USA.

I have to stop now, or I'll continue and continue :)

I wish you a very good day,

Letter 4

Hello, Frank!!!

It is always so nice to get your warming letter. How are you today?
Do you have a nice day? How is the weather in your region? I appreciate your attention to me and that you don’t let me to feel boring :)

Unfortunately, I don't know English and I use the help of translator in order to write this letter.

It’s interesting to me how you spend your days. How did you start your morning today? I never have breakfast; I prefer to drink a cup of strong coffee. What about you? Do youhave breakfast at home or you prefer eating at the cafe? You may be thinking why I ask you about it. I just love to cook very much and I would be happy to spoil you with Ukrainian dishes. Have you ever eaten anything from Ukrainian cuisine?

It’s very interesting to talk to you. It seems to me that we have much in common. I can express my emotions without any doubt as I’m sure that you’ll understand me as none else.

I want you to know that I’m not an angel and as every person I have my bad sides. One of them is that I am too open. Many people use this feature of my character for their purposes. I can’t pretend, but some people can do it perfectly. Very often I open my heart to people who don’t deserve it.

I realize that I feel free talking to you. It is a very good sign.

Hope you aren’t much tired of my letter :) I wish you a good time and take care! I’ll wait for your letter the soonest; I'll wait it with impatience!

Letter 5
Hello, dear Frank!

I went to bed last night with a vision of you next to me. I slept like a baby all night, because I was not feeling alone. When I awoke this morning to see if it was real or if it was a dream, realty hit me that it was only a dream. Very soon, I know that you will be right next me, and that I will not have to dream of it again because you will be right there so we can hold, hug and squeeze each other tight. Baby, I long to be there with you so I can help build you and support you, so that we can accomplish a whole lot together as husband and wife.

How are you today?
What is the weather in your country? Does your mood depend on the weather? I like the sunny weather, but I also like rain.
When it rains, I like to sit near the window with the cup of tea and look after small drops sliding on the glass. In such moments nobody can interrupt me from my thoughts. In such moments I become very dreamy. I want to sit with my husband next to a fire and listen to the drops on the roof.

Oh, maybe I?m a little bit depressed today. Perhaps it?s because of my job. In general, I prefer being optimistic and happy. But sometimes the consequences make me very sad. The matter is that we have a new boss in our studio. And as it seemed to me he is a very unpleasant person. Previous boss was my friend and we had trust relationship. It happened because her son invited her to live with them in Poland.
I don?t like to complain, I?m just starting to consider you as a close person and I share with you my feelings.

Our destinies have met in the huge world of the Internet, and I have the amazing feeling that the thin thread of the love and hope will have reached between us though the distance. I don't lose the hope to meet you, the person that became the dearest person in my life. I'm ready to present you with all my love and devotion, all the tenderness of my woman's heart . Your Irina
Letter 6
Dear Sir,

We inform you that our client Irina has not the opportunity to use the services of our agency because of her empty account. That's why we can't fulfill the translate services any more.
We were sorry to disappoint her, but our services are equal for any client. Miss Irina will be able to have your letter translated and write her reply to you as soon as her account is positive.

We hope that you can help Miss Irina with the translation account and then she'll be able to continue the correspondence with you. Sir, your Lady Irina is waiting for the answer to her.
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