Scam Letter(s) from Olga Dolgireva to Brian (England)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Brian!
I do not wish to wait two months... It is the hottest period in a year and I do not wish to spend it in loneliness. I do not have not enough love and kisses. Understand me. I wish to love and be beloved... Time goes very quickly and I am afraid that it remains very little. It seems to me that soon my life will pass also I and I will remain lonely. As though it is not sad did not sound, nevertheless the youth leaves...
I should have my photos now and I do not like to be photographed last time... The love is necessary To me... The True love. Kisses at night... In the Morning and in a current of day. I wish to have the child while I am capable to become mum...
You do not hasten to organise our meeting and it disappoints me. What sense to wait 2 months if I we can meet now? Many times I asked you about it, but you only postpone term of our meeting. I do not want uncertainty. I do not see sense in your questions which have no sense in relations. I think that for the true love there is no difference what type of music interests you or me and etc.
You are really very dear and pleasant to me, but money it not the main thing for me. You promise to me in the future too much and it frightens me because you cannot find for me now even 400 pounds. One trip on smart cruise would manage more expensively, than this money which are necessary to me for documents... Forgive, if I than that have offended you. I am became very sad.
Your Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Brian!
I do not know why you do not manage to find my house on map. The park which is located nearby my house is called "the Park of name Gagarina". I hope you know that such Jury Gagarin? He is the first person in the world which has visited space.
My beloved, I very much want our meeting as soon, as probably. I dream of you every night. I ask you postpone purchase of your house if it interferes for our meeting. Why we cannot live in the old house? I will arrive to you for 3 months. We with you can live together and for this time we with you can well learn the friend in a reality. We will understand how much we are compatible and then we will make the decision on our future. If we decide to get married, I can remain with you in England for ever. I will not require special documents if I is your wife. I ask you to think over my request. In the future we will get married and then we will think over purchase of the new house together if we solve it.
I very much wish to spend this summer together with you. We can go to the beach together. You will show me the sea. I very much want it. I will be proud, when I will go together with you and to hold your hand. I wish to be yours lady forever. I love you Brian. I ask you, do not postpone our meeting. I have got tired of loneliness and I wish to begin a new life together with you.
I wish you nice trip to Scotland and I wait impatiently for your answer.
With love, your Tatyana.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Brian.
I understand that we should be patient, but it is very difficult now. I dream of you every night. I represent as we will walk on a city and to enjoy the sun. I very much want it. For me there is nobody more important, except you. I am assured that we are waited by a happy life together. I wish to be yours lady. I wish to give you all my love and care. Nobody is not necessary to me, except you. I hope that the next weeks you can settle all affairs with the house and work and then we can plan my trip to you.
My dear, unfortunately I do not know as to use program GoogleEarth. My house is near with park. Weather here too becomes very hot with each passing day. Certainly I do not forget my bathing suit when I will come to you. I hope, by then the swimming season will be in the heat. I wish you nice weekends.
With love, your Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello my beloved Brian!
After our acquaintance, I feel the happiest woman in this world. I am assured that I have found the correct man whom I waited for long years. I wish to be your lady forever. I wish to give you all my care and tenderness. I am assured that waits for us the happy future together. You the man of whom each woman dreams and I are very happy that you have chosen me.
My dear, I consider it also that making love with the loved man this connection of two souls. During this moment we should not be constraining and we will make all for each other to receive the highest pleasure. When we will together we can make love many times in day. I also love making love with my beloved. I understand about what you speak also it completely corresponds to my desires. I hope that all our dreams will be executed in the near future. Nobody is not necessary for me, except you Brian. I want my future life only together with you. I madly love you and my feelings become stronger with each passing day.
My darling, in my last letter I have asked you to write me also your full address. I trust you completely and I want that you also trusted me. I ask you to write me your address also. I send you my kisses and embraces. I with impatience wait for your letter.
With love, your Tatyana.

Letter 5

Hello my beloved Brian!
I thank you for your wonderful letters which you write me. You have entered deeply into my heart and I do not represent my future life without you. I am very glad that soon you can to help me with my trip and I can start preparation of my documents.
My dear, money it not the main thing for me. I will love you even if you have no many money. Nevertheless it is a pleasant surprise for me, that we will have a luxury life together. But I want that you knew, that money it not the main thing for me.
I do not consider myself old for children. I am ready to give birth to the child for the correct man. If you want it I will give birth to the child for you. We will talk about it when I arrive to you. At first we will spend together 3 months. For this time we will make the further decision on our future. If we match for each other I will be ready to remain together with you for ever. I will be happy to become your devoted wife for ever. I have got tired of loneliness and I want changes in my life. I am happy that I have met you my lovely Brian. I will make all for you that you were happy together with me.
My darling, I write you my address. My full name is Tatyana Dmitrieva. My country Russia, city Kirov. The address: street Vorovskogo, the house 14, apartment 2. I ask you to write me also your address.
I finish my letter with dreams of our meeting. I send you my embraces and kisses.
With love, your Tatyana.

Letter 6

Hello my beloved Brian!
I trust you, I trust in us, I trust in our future, all will be good, because I very love you!
I wait, that soon there will be days when we will be together and our love will not have restrictions.
It will be fine time which we will spend together in luxurious hotel with own private sauna. I also very much want it my beloved.
If it was possible for me I would like to go to you right now.
My dear, I do not think that it is necessary, that you have arrived to Moscow. It will be only superfluous expenses for you.
I can will cope with it and to prepare all my documents in travel agency in my city and to arrive to you to London.
If it was possible, I would begin preparation of my documents already now. I already said to you, that for this purpose I need 400 pounds.
If you can send me this money I will at once begin preparation of my documents. Preparation of documents occupies about 7 days.
I hope that you can help me and we will begin our new life together. I very much want it. I wait your answer.
Forever, your Tatyana.



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