Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Javier (Panama)

Letter 1

Hello, i do not know that write in similar cases, but I have decided to write to you because would like to get acquainted with you. I will tell fairly your address have learnt absolutely casually, in a search engine.
i single woman, live in russia. i would like to meet worthy, not married, lonely, taken place in life, the self-assured, mature, clever man.
if dialogue, acquaintance is interesting to you of ours, write to me.
i do not have enough big information on you, therefore to me it would be pleasant if you could send the photo and tell a little about yourselves that we could have more real idea about the friend the friend.
very much I hope to receive from you the answer.

Letter 2

Hello Javier,
Thanks for your lovely email.
To me it is very pleasant that I have interested your attention and you have decided to write to me.
Javier if it is possible tell where do you live, in what country, in what city?
I think that to you who will be very interesting to learn a bit more information, I. I think that it will help you to understand, who I, than I am engaged also what my purposes in life, it is possible and will be the answer why I have decided to write to you.
First of all I want to tell that I single woman, never was married and I do not have children. Though children for me very many mean, I very much love children.
I the quiet, temperamental, intelligent, creative, sociable girl in what that I happen planing, but in all I love an order. In people I appreciate sincerity and ability to make a compromise, ability to find understanding between any people.
Probably you wondered why I have written to you? I easily enough can answer this question. I am lonely and would like to get acquainted with the decent, fair, gentle man who also is lonely as I and still in search of the love. I will tell fairly till today a little that I know about you and at all did not know what is your name, never saw you, but I would like to learn all it to know who you.
My unique desire it to have acquaintance to the serious man interesting and frank, fair and sympathetic, sociable and cheerful. With which we have general interests and always there is a possibility to find a lot of interesting that it is possible to discuss.
To me it is really pleasant if you have sincerely shown the desire to our acquaintance but if for you it is game, it would not be desirable to spend the time for nothing simply.
I understand that to you would be interesting to learn much about me, to my life and certainly I will be glad to you to inform it. As you already know my name Alena.
I live in central parts russia, in a small city cheboksary. To me 31.
I work advertising agency, I the advertising agent. I am engaged registration and distribution advertising. At me higher education, I own several foreign languages. I can tell about myself that the cheerful and resolute girl, is ready on much for the sake of the happiness. Since the childhood dreamt to be independent and has achieved it.
My growth 174cm, weight 60.
I very much would like to tell about myself much, but in one letter it is very difficult for making,
Probably at you is what or questions you write I I will necessarily try to answer you.
I would like, that you have told to me about yourself.
As whom do you work? How you like to have a rest? Whether is at you hobbies? It is interesting to me to learn about your life, work and interests, all that to you was to be told about itself, it would be simple us to communicate easier in the future if we trusted each other.
Javier very much it would be desirable to see as much as possible your photos.
With impatience I look forward to hearing from you. Alena.

Letter 3

Hello Javier,
To me it is very pleasant that you have decided to answer again to me, it means for me much and I really understand that you have absolutely good resolves.
If we really want to have serious relations between us we should is better learn each other and understand that we expect from this dialogue.
I madly was is glad to see your photos. I will tell fairly you to me very much were pleasant, you the charming young man.
Javier I very much would like to find really much in common, hobbies, interests between us, but the most important thing that both of us are lonely and we want only one to meet worthy companion of the life. Javier I can tell that is keen on our dialogue, but not always I manage quickly to you to answer as now I work and it is necessary to give a lot of time work, therefore I hope for your patience and understanding.
I also very much would like to feel whose that care, attention and tenderness of the beloved, the person which me understands, to appreciate not only in words. I will tell fairly in my life there were relations which as I thought can lead to true love, but at once I have understood that have betrayed me, lay and deceived, that I to forgive could not in any way. I want that these relations were fair, sincere, it would be desirable to trust men as earlier, but very much I am afraid that again will hurt me.
I have placed the questionnaire in marriage agency because I consider that I can probably meet the real man from other country, with other culture, with other behaviour, different from Russian men the tenderness and care.
Javier I very much would like to learn a bit more about you, than you are fond and what you like to do at leisure, you love children? All for me it is important only because I want to understand better you and I will be very glad if we have fair relations based on trust to each other.
At leisure I like to listen to music, I cannot tell that the fan of a certain genre as I can freely listen to different music all it depends on mood. I like to travel, walks on wood, I love and I am able to prepare well meal. I consider that the woman is simply obliged to be able is tasty to prepare, therefore in it I do not have any problems. I like to go in for sports, swimming, skiing. Last year I have tried to go for a drive for the first time on a snowboard and madly it was pleasant to me, this unforgettable sensation.
I live in separate one-room apartment. I like when in my house a cosiness and an order. At leisure I like to observe cinema. In life I the sociable and resolute, hardworking woman, probably therefore at me is many friends, good relations with fellow workers, but there is no person unique close and favourite to me of what I very much dream and with impatience wait a meeting with such man.
At me very friendly family, good, which kind parents I madly love and I appreciate. Parents on pension and they live in suburb, they are engaged in housekeeping. I have a brother whom family lives about the.
I do not know that you still wanted to learn about me, but I will be glad to answer any your questions.
Some my photos, hope to you it will be pleasant.
I look forward your answer.

Letter 4

Hello Javier,
Thanks for your message.
You unless have not received my message which I has sent to you yesterday?
I certainly always have a possibility quickly to answer you, I can simply write to you only when I on work because houses at me are not present the computer.
Once in two days at me I think there is a possibility to check up mail, sometimes happens that every day.
Unless it is what that a problem?
Javier I can see your photo?

Letter 5

Hello dear Javier.
Thanks that have found possibility to me to write, I looked forward to hearing from you.
Javier you should not worry if cannot answer me quickly, I always look forward to hearing from you with the big impatience.
Javier it is certainly sad that you have no possibility to me to help to organise our meeting as I hoped that my holiday we can spend together. Javier I will be not assured of that that soon new holiday as to receive it holiday I worked for me long 8 months. I really hoped that we could meet, could learn each other, to become more closer to each other. Personally I waited from this possibility much. Javier words it is difficult to give feelings, emotions and one our meeting could change, replace much one thousand letters and a photo which we could send each other.
Javier a situation in that that even if you then want to arrive in Russia, I cannot meet you and spend with you enough free time. I have a lot of work and I cannot change holiday on later date, therefore I offered you a meeting in March.
Certainly I cannot accuse you, in that that you are guilty in it, is simple so has developed that our possibilities have dispersed and very difficultly really to organise our meeting.
It was a shame to me to ask your help, I hope that you forgive me.
Javier I have other offer. I could pay a part a trip on credit, it is now possible, but it will be necessary for me that you have helped at least with half of cost. The big credit I cannot take as I have a mortgage, but 500-700usd, I think it probably. If you could would like to help with half of cost then I think that our meeting could take place in March. I would like to arrive to you in Panama because I could learn personally you, learn your life and already then we could do what or conclusions about our future.
Javier write to me urgently as if there is a chance to organise our meeting, I would like to use it.
Yours Alena.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Javier.
Thanks for your audio. You already speak a little on the Russian? At you very well it turns out.
Javier you have received yesterday in the evening my message? What you tell? We should to continue discuss this question, or all of you have already solved?
Javier I am simple now there is in full a misunderstanding that to me to do, because I already both have issued the credit and have issued holiday and have already agreed with consulate, they I wait my documents. What to me to do, you tell? To cancel all plans?
Javier certainly I hope for your support, your understanding. It would be desirable to meet you already soon, to embrace you and to tell all that that has collected in my heart.

Letter 7

Hello dear Javier.
I looked forward to hearing from you, because for me it is important to accept what that decision concerning us. To me it is very pleasant that you think of me and already even have started to study a little russian, it is very pleasant.
Javier in two weeks of the beginning of my holiday and I would like to know our plans, or we prepare our meeting or not. Simply I need to be informed in bank to cancel reception of the credit or they should transfer money to my account. Also I need to be informed my decision because I have directed them documents for check in consulate and they I wait for my decision, either to continue registration or to cancel.
Javier anyway I respect your decision, but you try to find out all situations as soon as possible and to inform me the answer because I the answer is waited by people and I do not want that that or to start to do without your approval.
I will be glad if you allow me to arrive in Panama. I wait for this a meeting with big hope.

Letter 8

Hello javier.
I hope that at you all well.
I very much wait for your decision because to me already called from bank, they also want to know my decision. Find out it somewhat quicker and inform me.
javier I promised a photo specially for you, I have made, I hope that you can be convinced that I am able to fulfil promises.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Javier.
I was very glad to receive your message. Today I worked, it was necessary to finish some orders.
Javier I have asked the friends about possibility to me to help. My friend has informed that will help me, but only 400usd, I am more unfortunately I can not find, but I will need for it to return this money after a trip as you already spoke it. Taking into account the credit which I can receive and the help the girlfriend, at least still it is necessary for me 700usd, it is all that I can make. If you can give me this money then there is I any more I do not see any problems for our organisation a meeting.
Javier I was interested in bank, about that as you can make remittance, it is probably enough easy, you can send from any your bank directly on wash the bank account, for this purpose you need to go only to bank, to specify requisites of my account and to carry out transfer. In this case any additional money it is not necessary to pay for transfer of money resources any more. In a current of 2-3 days, money already should arrive into my account and I can make at once payment.
Whether Javier write you can help me because I really should inform the answer both in bank and in consulate. I very much hope that we will make our meeting, your help very much to us in it will help.

Beneficiary Bank:
VTB 24 (JSC), Moscow, Russia,
? 4272290749582763
my bank account.

Yours Alena.

Letter 10

Dear Javier to pay all expenses a trip, still it is necessary for me approximately 700usd.
Unfortunately that I can make all.
Javier understand if I cannot prepare documents to the beginning of my holiday, I cannot then to arrive to you. I will not have a possibility to change holiday.
Therefore I very much hope for yours support. I very much want to make this trip to meet you.
Javier I need to make as soon as possible payment because to time remains on the preparation very little, therefore much now depends on you. Inform me your decision as I should plan already our meeting because both the bank and consulate wait for my answer.

Letter 11

Hello dear javier.
Thanks for your message, for video which you have sent. I have attentively seen it and I will tell that was very glad to see you in the live. Thanks for this video, it were very unusual.
javier you have asked me when me birthday, at me in the summer. On June 4, and at you?
To me it is very pleasant when you speak about the thoughts, feelings and opinion on me. To me it is important that you think of us, about our relations. I at all do not hide from you the thoughts, you are pleasant to me as the man, you positive, charming and attractive. I am am involved with your kindness, your honesty, an openness.
Certainly I would be glad if we could meet personally, could spend what that time, to learn even better each other, to understand how much our feelings mutual.
javier I wrote to you that I live in city Cheboksary, it in the central part Russia. We have an airport, but it small, it does not accept the international flights. If you even like to arrive in Russia, you would need to fly in Moscow. There to buy the ticket for a train and already to arrive in Cheboksary. Distance to Moscow approximately 700km to my city.
If you are ready to such a trip, certainly you can arrive, but we need to plan our meeting because I also have work and I cannot stop all to meet you.
I should warn you that Moscow very dangerous city and you should be careful, because I would not like that with you that that happens through my fault.
It would be possible to us better to wait warmer weather, to wait my holiday, to meet in warmer the country. Probably in March I could receive some weeks holiday, but it is yet known. Moscow enough expensive city and everyone tries to deceive, rob there, why at me about this city such opinion. Certainly we could meet in Moscow, but it is very expensive, is much more expensive for example than in other city Evropa. I think that you can receive more information on it on the Internet.
javier I very much appreciate you, I respect and would like that our relations could be the presents. I would like to meet you to look in your eyes and to understand how much sincerely you. Write to me I will look forward to hearing.

Letter 12

Hello my dear Javier.
I was very glad to your message. Very much it were pleasant to me to a photo. Thanks for video. At you very good, cosy house. I hope what be fast I can your visitor.
Javier I have learnt in more details the information on a trip in Panama.
The overall cost a trip with the account preparation of documents, registration of the international passport, preparation the visa, the insurance, payment of tickets, there and back makes 1785usd. Including payment all taxes and consular gathering.
Javier I did inquiry in consulate Panama. They have informed me in detail all information on that that I should make to receive the permission to a trip. I should fill now the statement and direct documents to consulate in Moscow. In a current of 4-5 working days, they consider my documents and I need to make payment 1785usd.
Document registration to last about 3 weeks, therefore there is a good possibility to the beginning of my holiday by March to receive already all documents.
To me have told that the departure can be carried out approximately on March, 3rd from airport Moscow.
In Los Angeles I should make change and already take off in Panama Ciry Tocumen Intl Arpt. There you should meet me. It is very good possibility for ours a meeting. I can spend in Panama no more than two weeks, it is period of validity the visa.
I have specified the information on that that you spoke to me. Whether I have asked it will be necessary for me to receive the additional visa in USA as I will make there change. To me have informed that it is the intermediate change, only two hours, therefore the visa it is not required. As I even will not leave airport Los Angeles.
Javier now we should solve a question with payment as I cannot pay itself such sum. I have found out that I can obtain the credit, but only 700usd. It is required to me still at least 1100usd. If you are ready to help me, I can begin preparation and already direct documents to consulate, to begin registration. I should be assured of that that you will help me, only then we can meet.
Javier I really very much want you to meet and I already really in many respects was adjusted on this trip to see you. I think that we very well could spend time together, have possibility to make our relations closer.
Javier if you will help me, I think not the best way to use western union as I have read on the Internet, it demands additional money. I have a bank account, therefore you without problems can help me. I can make at once payment. It is much more safe and is guaranteed.
Javier that you tell write to me I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Alena.

Letter 13

Hello my dear Javier.
I hope that at you all well and you inform me good news.
Javier I very much want that our plans were realised that we can meet, let we can spend this small holiday together. I madly dream of this bottom when I will see you for the first time.
Javier write to me as soon as possible, I should inform in bank and consulate, my decision.
Yours Alena.

Letter 14

I have been very surprised when you have sent me these photos. How it is possible?
Who that uses my photos.
Washing name Alena. I do not know as my photos have got to the Internet, these are counterfeit profiles.
I have sent to you a copy of the Russian passport and in my passport my name Alena is written that.
if you do not trust me then to me it is very insulting.