Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Barry (New Zealand)
Letter 1
Hello, my new friend.
I am very pleased that you are not disregarded my letter. So you're interested to find me.
I'm sorry I did not reply to you immediately. Unfortunately, I had a lot to do. But now my schedule is more free and we can start our full communion.
I am a girl who is looking for true love. I decided to go to the Internet to find their happiness, and as a man who will love and respect me.
Thank you for your beautiful photo! You are very beautiful and sexy! I am very happy to know you more and develop our relations.
I believe that the difference in age, culture and race can not prevent two people to build a real, serious relationship. Love speaks the same language, not dividing people. Do you agree with me?
I'm a little embarrassed, so I do not know where to begin a story about me, but I'll try.
First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Yuliya. My height - 1.69 cm, and my weight - 54 kg. I have no relatives. I'm freezing of loneliness. I want to see next to me was the man who will love and respect me 100!
Now I'm 30 years old. I was born on July 27, 1982. My zodiac sign Leo.
I live in Russia. I live in the city of Astrakhan. My city is located on the Volga River. Our city is bounded by the Caspian Sea. Astrakhan is located 1,500 kilometers south of Moscow. I love the mountains and the nature of our region ..
Tell me about your town. Where do you live? Do you like your city?
From early childhood, I had to live alone. My parents and my older sister got into a car accident when I was 3 years old. The accident occurred on one of the commuter routes.
Public guardianship transferred me to an orphanage (orphanage who have no parents). Now, I'm all alone. I have no brothers and sisters. But not looking at the fact that I did not have parents, I received an excellent education. I always knew that you have to be polite and respect the people.
I had a very difficult childhood. In our children's home had many children.
When I was 7 years old, I went to school, which was located next to our children's home. I've always loved history and literature. I always wanted to learn the culture and way of life in Europe, America and Asia.
When I was 18, I had to get away from the children's home, as I reached the age of majority. I came into the world, where I had to do it all yourself. I had to look for a place to live, work. I got a job. I was an employee at the library. I really wanted to go to university. But I had no money.
When I worked in the library, I read a lot of books. I decided to try to go to university. I was very lucky. I passed all the exams as "excellent"! I came to learn from the educational psychologist. However, I continued to work serving in the library. I really enjoyed studying the behavior of people. I like to help people in difficult situations when they feel bad, and when they need help. My mother was a physician therapist is probably why I chose this specific work. I think it's my destiny to be a psychologist.
When I graduated from college, I was trying to find a job. But it was not very easy. Many organizations in Russia does not want to take the young people to work, because they believe that young people do not have the experience. But after a long search, I decided to call the orphanage where I lived all my childhood and offered them my help in the education of children. Orphanage director told me that they were happy to take me to work. I was a very happy event. And now, five years I have been working as a psychologist in a children's home where I spent my whole life. The walls of the children's home for me, as a family home. I enjoy helping children, because they are just like I am now living without parental warmth. I love children. I believe that children are the angels who live near us.
In this life, I'm looking for the man who would have to really love and respect.
I turned to the internet to find love because Russian men do not respect women.
Russian men are trying to use women only for personal use. Russian men want in a woman his slave.
Men in Russia and only do they drink vodka and do not do anything at all for love. Some women beat and even children. Russian men lost dignity. Of course, in Russia there are good men, but all of them have families and even children.
I'm sure you're not like that! I want to get to know you closer. I believe that fate will help us.
Unfortunately, at this point I have to finish my first letter to you. In the next letter I will tell you more about me, about my work, about my hobbies and, of course, about the relationship that I am looking for.
Please tell me a little about you. Where do you work? How is your life?
I am very interested to know you. I am very interested Internet communication, as it is with me for the first time.
I look forward to your next letter to me.
Your new friend from Russia,
Letter 2
Hello my friend, Barry!
I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Thank you for what you do not forget about me. I am interested to chat with you!
I'm very happy that we are starting to know each other better.
How are you doing? How's the weather in your city? I hope all is well.
An Internet cafe is very slow internet. Therefore, it is more convenient to me to write to you just e-mail. On the modern means of communication such as Skype, facebook, and various kinds of messengers I still need to dream of. I tried to install the program online, but I could not. Internet pages are slow, then the connection just dropped. Especially since my time in the internet cafe is limited.
I have a lot of work. But, I do not get tired, because I love working with children. I love to see the smiles of children. You love children, my friend?
As I have said before, I live alone, and I have no parents. I have no brothers and no sisters. I do not live in a large one-bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, my parents did not have their own homes, so I have to rent an apartment. I do not live alone. With me living landlady, which I'm paying money every month for accommodation. The landlady is 82. She's an older woman and I take care of her, because she has no family, too. I make cleaning the house, preparing to eat, I go to the grocery store.
On weekdays, I get up at 5:00 am since my work is far away from my home. I have breakfast, do exercise, take a shower and leave for work. Usually for breakfast I eat vegetable salad, bread toast, tea or coffee.
I get to work by bus. The road up to the job takes about 30-40 minutes. My working day begins at 8:00 and lasts until 18 pm, then I go back home.
By the way, I have a cat at home, Barsik, he is now 3 years old. I love pets, especially cats and dogs.
All my friends say that I am cheerful girl. I lead an active lifestyle. I like to communicate and get to know new people. I love the cheerful company. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to chat with friends, because I have a lot more work.
In his spare time, I like to walk in a city park or by the lake. Do you like nature?
On weekends, I go swimming and go to the gym. I believe that every girl must watch her figure.
In the winter, I like to go skiing and ice skating. In the future, I would love to go skiing. But, unfortunately, this is just my dream. I have never traveled outside of my country. Do you ever have any dreams?
In the summer, I like to do aerobics, swimming and sunbathing on the beach. In the summer, with friends, we go hiking, biking. Sometimes we drive away from the city. Do you love to travel? Do you like sports?
I love listening to music. In general, I prefer classical music. I also listen to chill out and pop music. At home, I have a lot of tapes with recordings Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. What kind of music do you listen to, my dear friend Barry?
Since childhood I am passionate about painting. I like to visit the exhibition of paintings in the museum of the city.
Unfortunately, I can not afford to visit an art gallery in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and about the exhibitions held in other countries, can not be considered. Wages psychologist in Russia is so small that it does not give me that opportunity.
I love to cook. I myself come up with new dishes and try to bring them to life. I hope that in the future I can treat you to my very tasty dish. Its name is a secret I'll leave that for you to be a surprise.
During my life, I read a lot of books on psychology and behavior. Also I like to read romance novels and detective stories. It seems to me that when reading an interesting book, immersed in it, going through all the events, along with the characters.
I'm trying to keep track of all the events taking place in the world. Now, unfortunately, I can not watch TV very often, so I have a lot of work.
Not looking at a lot of my passions in my life is not full of happiness, because I do not have love and affection. I'm looking for true love. From our conversation I expect to just build a serious relationship. I think that we necessarily succeed. My friend, what do you expect from our own? I think our views are similar.
In a relationship I'm looking for trust and understanding. I want the person I love is always appreciated me, never hurt and love. I think you're looking for a serious relationship, too, Barry?
How do you see your future woman? What are your passions in life, Barry? I look forward to wait for your new letter to me. It is very interesting to chat with you!
Sincerely, your friend from Russia,
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend, Barry!!!!
I had a great weekend. On Saturday, I was walking in a city park. In the evening I cooked a delicious dinner - soup Solyanka. This delicious Russian soup. When we're together, I will prepare you for this soup.
On Sunday I got up very early. I rented a bike and spent an active bike ride. I really missed you. I would like to spend the weekend together with you. I'm sure everything will turn out, and soon we will be able to be together in real life.
Did you miss me? How do you spend your time?
Today is a wonderful day in Russia. I turned on the computer and saw your new message. Thank you very much for what you did not leave me unattended.
I'm glad for the children at the orphanage where I work all right. All children feel fine. I am pleased to see the smiles on the faces of children. How is your day? I hope all is well!
Today I would like to tell you about my past relationship with a man, and why I'm looking for my love on the Internet!
When I was 26 years old, I met a man whose name was Evgenie. He was 32 years old. We met him in the movie, when my friends and I used to go there. He was sitting next to us, and the whole film turned in my direction. After the film, he came up to me and introduced. At first glance, I liked him. After that, we started to meet with him personally. Evegenie always took care of me, gave flowers. I really liked it! I thought that this is the man I am looking for. I thought it was the man with whom I want to spend the rest of my life! But one day, we agreed to meet him in the library. I wanted to take the book. But Evgenie not come to the meeting. I was waiting for it for about 3 hours, but it was not. After that I went home. The next day, my friend Irina told me that she had seen Evgenie with another girl. Irina told me that they kissed. At first I did not believe Irina, but when we met with Evegenie he was very rude to me and said he just used me.
I cried a lot and was going through. I was betrayed and abandoned. I was very hurt and offended, because he said that he loves me and wants to be my husband. He cheated on me. He used me. He had another woman.
All these years I have practically no contact with the men. To those with whom I wound up dating men were not serious, were drinking vodka and pursued only bad intentions. On the first date, many began to pester me. I rejected these men right away, because I'm only looking for true love and serious relationship. I told myself that I was never going to love.
But my friend Irina was able to convince me that love exists and perhaps somewhere in the world there is a man who will love and appreciate me. I found you and decided to try it! I am very glad that we met and we can chat!
I was greatly disappointed in Russian men, because they are trying to use women just for their own selfish purposes. Russian men need only meet their needs and vodka. Many men beat their women and children. It's very scary. So I decided to try to find love abroad! Now, I do not regret the advice of my friend Irina. I am very pleased that you and I met. I like to communicate with you, Barry!
Please tell me your story. Why are you lonely Barry? Are you disappointed in love, too, Barry? We're very similar, as we are looking for true love! I want next to me was a man who will love, respect, appreciate my feelings. The most important thing is trust and understanding! I want to get closer to you and to develop our relations. I am confident that we will succeed!
Now I have to finish my letter. By this letter, I fasten my photos.
Your best friend from Russia,
Letter 4

Hello my dear, Barry!
I am very pleased to see your new message. I am glad that we can get to know each other better. With each letter, I understand that you and I are very similar people. Do you think the same way Barry?
Today I have a bit of a busy day.
I got up very early, as outside my window there was a very loud noise. I live next to the highway road. When I looked out the window, I saw the two cars collided. After that, I could not sleep. In this accident one person was injured. In my eyes there were tears. I am very worried about the people. I wanted to go out to help the injured man. But the ambulance arrived and the man was taken to hospital.
Many people in Russia do not respect the rules of the road. The people behind the wheel, never miss pedestrians. You have to be very careful when crossing the road.
On public transport was a lot of people. So I'm a little late for work.
Last night I was thinking about you. You became my very good friend. Even a bad day spent not prevent me to write you a letter. I feel that between us there is a nice relationship. In my life there have been very few friends, so now I'm very happy that I got such a good friend like you, Barry!
Some employees are telling me that I was very happy and cheerful. I think because we're acquainted.
Do you think the same way Barry? Do you consider me your friend?
Please tell me which season do you like best? I prefer all seasons of the year, but my favorite - this summer. Summer beckons me its sunny days, bright green trees, fragrant flowers and bright colors of autumn foliage of trees that are ready to sleep winter sleep. In the spring and summer I like to go on vacation. In Russia, everyone is trying to go on vacation during those times of the year to enjoy the sun. Many people travel abroad. Every time I leave my place in a small town. I can not afford to get out on a romantic vacation. But I'd love to greet the dawn of the sea or even on the banks of the river with you, my dear friend, have fun splashing in the waves of the morning, as a tear of pure water. Who knows, maybe this is what lies ahead?
In the winter I like the white snow that envelops our land and trees. I like to watch how children make snowmen and playing snowballs. In winter, we celebrate the long-awaited holidays - Christmas and New Year. I love to give gifts on New Year's Eve. Usually the New Year in Russia is the most important festival. People in Russia are preparing a lovely dinner and give each other gifts.
My dear friend, at this stage we need to get to know each other better and develop our relations. I am very glad that I have such a wonderful friend like you.
Are you a romantic person? I would like to lie down with you in the sun and listen to the sounds of the sea. But for now it's just my dream.
How is your day? I am very interested to know you! You can ask me anything that interests you. I will try to answer any your question, because I trust you as a friend!
I look forward to wait for your next letter to me.
I send you a million kisses sweet.
Your best friend,
Letter 5
Hello my dear angel, Barry!
My prince, please forgive me for not reply to you immediately. Unfortunately, in the area where the Internet cafes have been damaged power lines. The restoration of the line it took considerable time. Fortunately, this problem has been fixed, and I can write to you again.
This weekend for me was very intense. I had to make a lot of reports about the behavior of children. But you never came out of my thoughts. I always think only about you and about our future.
Each your letter to me this is an important event in my life. You are a very interesting man and I want to develop our relations. We are getting closer to each other. I think you're a very good friend. No, you are to me has become much more than a friend. I have never met a man like you. You're very kind, romantic and smart!
I am grateful to God for what he has allowed us to meet you. For that, the time I've known you, you became my closest and dearest person. Now, I say this from the heart, from the heart. Today I had a dream. I saw you at my side. I felt the warmth that comes from your body. I took you by the hand. We went for a walk on unfamiliar place for me. I was the happiest woman, because I am next to you, my dear, Barry! I looked into your eyes filled with passion, I want to kiss you. But, unfortunately, my dream was over. When I woke up, I really thought long about you, about our future.
What do you think of us, my dear Barry? How do you see our future?
Today I want to talk to you about faith.
Do you believe in God? Some people do not believe in God, but I believe it is the right of every person.
I am a believer girl. My faith is Orthodox Christianity. Since childhood, I went to church.
Now, unfortunately, I am unable to do it very often. My job takes me a long time. But in my heart I still believe in God. I believe that part of God lives in each of us. In Russia, a lot of churches and temples.
In general, women attend church. Men do not like to go to church. As in Russia, few believers in God men. The men in Russia only goal in life - is to drink vodka.
In general, in Russian men do not value their women. Russian women trust men and love them. But men do not appreciate the work and the love of women. They throw women alone. Many women raising children on their own. But God helps us in many ways.
I will try to make my future family was the happiest in the world. I just want my man to respect, appreciate my feelings and love me. I want my man will never hurt me. Many of my dreams perfect man I see in you, Barry! I believe in what you see in me the quality of your future beloved, too?
I will appear to you the feeling I still can not explain. But I think that very soon I will be able to open my heart to you.
Unfortunately, now I have to finish my letter. Please answer me as soon as you get a chance. I always think of you, Barry.
I hope that my letter will not make you sad. I trust you and therefore I tell you all what I think.
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend, Barry!
Thank you very much for what you do not forget me and write letters. Your email is always for me like a ray of sunshine that penetrates my heart.
During our conversation, I recognize you very well. You're smart, beautiful at heart, intelligent and open-minded person. It is my pleasure to communicate with you, Barry! I see that we are very similar, we have the same outlook on life. Do you agree with me?
With each your letter I understand that you become for me the family man! I'm ready to open up to you all my secrets. We know very well each other. I think that our past relationship was a mistake for us. Our previous life left behind. Now we need to continue to live and to look ahead, not stopping for a move.
Today, I almost did not sleep all night because I thought about you and our relationship. You became my dear person and I want you to have everything was fine.
Yesterday we had a great game with the kids contests - Solve puzzles, read stories and poems have been taught. Girl Natasha, of which I told you in my last letter, is feeling much better - she's smiling and even talking. I'm very happy to see the smile on her face. I'm glad I could help.
I feel like we are getting closer to each other. Every day I think more and more about you. Each your letter to me is very important. I enjoy reading your warm, filled with love line. I am not writing you a letter, no nothing, I am writing to you only sincere thing. Our relationship became very close.
I found it very difficult to trust men. But now, in my heart there was a ray of confidence, thanks to you, my dear Barry! You helped me with this! I believe that you are the best man in the world, and you will never hurt me, you will not use and deceive me. For me it is very important! You are a wise and honest man. I feel the warmth and the strength of your love for me. I just do not want anything from this life, I just want to love and be loved. I want to feel happy. Now a lot of people who want to use women for personal gain. On the Internet, men only want sex photos of girls. I just want to build a real, serious relationship. I'm not playing with you, my dear Barry. I believe that you, too, do not play with me. I believe in your warm feelings for me. I believe that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love never dies. My dear and beloved Barry, I open my heart to you. I want to tell you that my heart and soul open to love. I believe in our feelings. Are you ready to love and to trust me?
Please tell me your opinion, as it is very important to me.
Now I am sure you are 100! I know that you will never hurt me, that you do not leave me in difficult times! I'm also willing to help you than I can!
Not for nothing, all the staff are telling me that I was a very cheerful girl. This is true. I am pleased to know that someone is waiting for my letters, respects and appreciates me.
I want to give all my warmth, love and affection for one man. I am a loyal girl. I want to come home and see my man who will greet me with a smile on his face.
Maybe God is helping us? Maybe it's fate? Do you believe in fate my dear Barry? Maybe all of this for a long time alone we missed each other? What do you think? Please open your heart to me.
Please do not hide anything from me. I want to know your opinion on this matter. You really are very dear to me man! I do not want to lose you! You make me happy every day!
Unfortunately, now I have to finish my letter. But I'll think of you and wait for your answer!
In this letter, I will tell you my soul, my real thoughts.
With best regards,
Your princess,
P.S. In autumn 2012, the first time I rode a horse. I love horses. I hope that you like this photo. I think that horses are the most beautiful animals.
Letter 7
Hello my dear and beloved, Barry!!!
It is a pleasure to read your letter, as it is filled with only positive emotions. You are very kind and gentle man. Each new letter from you to me like a ray of light. I am grateful to God for what he has allowed us to meet.
How is your day, my dear Barry? How is your weather? I hope you're feeling okay?
You know, during our conversation I really realized that for me, you're more than just a friend. The fate allowed us to meet. I think that between us there is the shell of love. About love and I would like to talk to in this letter.
You must ask, what is the love for me? What do you mean it's a wonderful feeling?
I would like to tell you about the word love, in my view. Love is the highest of emotion on earth that will never die, love is eternal. Love no one can destroy love is to chop off a rope.
Love for me is what I live for. Love means never refuse and trust the person who is around you. To love means to care for someone who is around you every minute of life, worry about him in difficult times. To love is to do everything possible to share happiness. Even animals know how to love. Their love is the purest in the world, because the animals have no obstacles in life. Animal Life is not decided by money.
To love means to trust. Love means never offend or deceive. This is the most important thing in the love between people.
I open my heart to you because I trust you. I really think that my love for you is real.
Love does not exist without friendship - friendship, on shared vision, common tastes, common goals. Moreover, it is a relationship between a man and a woman, friendship can reach their maximum heights. In this love reaches friendship intimacy - a sense of unity, in which all the private becomes public, and the total personal. The man is happy, happiness, and the other is saddened by the fact that the other sad.
I trust you, respect and never want to deceive you. I'm ready to rejoice and grieve with you. I LOVE YOU Barry! I am very glad that I was able to tell you this. I think that between us is ripe true love.
Please tell me what you think about this? Are you ready to love me for real! You're ready to move to the next level of our relationship? I'm ready for 100.
I'll look forward to your next letter to me.
Your love,
A million kisses for you, Barry.
Letter 8
Hello, my love, Barry!
Thank you very much for your beautiful letter.
You are the most interesting and intelligent people in the world. I am very happy that God has allowed us to meet you.
Now my face just smile and not a drop of sadness, as I talk to you.
More and more I realize that you are the person with whom I wanted to spend my life - a walk in the park, read books together, listen to music, meet the dawn and sunset to accompany. I feel that you are very romantic and funny man! It is very important to me.
I think that between a man and a woman, one of the most important senses - that trust. I believe that without trust there can be no love. Credibility is the key to a clean and sincere love. You can not love a person without confidence.
Deep down you have to ask yourself - "Could I trust someone close to 100 if I can do everything for love." I think that a person who truly loves to find an answer without difficulty. He proudly says "Of course, yes, I trust your loved one."
Please do not think that I believe that you do not trust me, I just want you to open my heart and soul. I just want to build a lasting relationship between us. Without trust we can not build a real love. You write me a very kind words, you're not hiding anything. You make me feel cheerful. I have no anxiety at heart. Thank you for everything, my dear Barry!!! I am very pleased that in this world there is a man who thinks and cares about me. This man you Barry!
If we really want to create the only real, long-term relationship, we need to trust each other. I want to say to you with an open mind, I trust you are 100. I want our relationship was only mutual feelings. My dear Barry, please tell me, do you really trust me as I tell you? Please, answer me honestly. This is a very serious matter. Do you trust me 100? Are you willing to lend a helping hand in difficult times? I am ready to help you in everything! I will always try to do everything for you to be happy with me!
I adore you. With each letter, I understand more and more that we are very close to each other people. You can rely on. Are you always wondering if you open and kind person. Please answer me as soon as you get a chance.
I wish you success in all your endeavors. You are a very important person for me.
With best regards,
Your love,
I send you a kiss.
Letter 9
Hello, love of my life, Barry!
How are you today, are you? How is your weather?
Unfortunately, I have no personal phone, so I can not call to you and give my personal number.
Most recently, my personal phone is stolen on the bus. At the moment I can not afford to buy a new phone because my phone was bought on credit. Now, I need to pay the remainder of the credit for the phone. Maybe then I can think about buying a new phone.
Perhaps in the future I will be able to call you from a public phone. As soon as the opportunity arises, I will tell you this.
Thanks for the great photos. You're a wonderful man. I am grateful to you for what you're near me. I am sure that in the near future we will be able to be together in real life.
Today, Russia is very sad. But in my mind a lot of sun, because my life was you - my only beloved man!
I'm very happy that fate has bound us a chain of love. All my life I dreamed of such a man as you. And now my dream has come true. I found you among the millions of people, the only one with whom I am willing to spend all of their time to give all the love and tenderness! Thank you very much for what I have you Barry!
Every night I think of you. Sometimes I can not sleep. My thoughts of how you and I wake up in the morning together, in each other's arms. We're looking into each other's eyes, I kiss you in your sweet lips. In your face a smile. I also dreamed the dream, as we walk with you in the park. You take me by the hand and we run with you on the river bank. It's so romantic. But when I wake up, you are not here with me. It saddens me terribly. I want you to be with me in real life! For me you are the most dear and beloved people. I do not have anyone near you. I want us to be together. This is my biggest dream! I would like to see it become a reality. I understand that we share a very large number of kilometers. But I think that for real, pure love, there is no distance or barriers. True love overcomes all boundaries. I believe in our love and I am sure that we will be able to overcome all boundaries together. We can truly be together.
My love Barry, please, tell me what you think about this? Tell me your thoughts about our future? Are you really willing to meet with me in reality and spend a lifetime with me? For me it is very important your opinion. I look forward to your reply.
Your love for life,
Letter 10
Hello my dear and beloved, Barry!
I am very pleased to see your new message. You are very dear person to me. I am ready to give you all my life! You have no idea how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My thoughts are of you and our future life together. I'll give you my heart. I want to be with you. I love you!
My dear, you know, today I visited a travel company to find out all the details about our meeting.
I went to an excellent travel company respected by many people in our city.
I asked the manager of the company and described the whole situation.
I found out what documents are required in order to officially fly to your country.
Manager of a travel company said that for the flight to your country will require a passport, tourist visa, medical insurance, and, of course, tickets.
The most important thing for me at this stage to make a passport and visa. Tickets to me will also draw firm in which I order a passport and a visa for a price.
Preparation of a passport takes about 1 week. The cost of a passport is 78 USD.
But with the visa's a little more complicated. Visa issued approximately the same time as the passport - 1-1.5 weeks. Visa is the most important document, without which I can not fly to you. The visa fee is 470 USD (per visa fee includes medical insurance).
When I learned that I would need 548 USD, I wanted to cry. All my dreams of our meeting immediately collapsed, because I do not have so much money, my love Barry. I do not know how I have to do. This amount represents two of my monthly salary. I very much want to be with you! You are the most dear and beloved person in my life! You're the air that I breathe every day. I was walking down the street and thought only of you. Now my eyes with tears. These are tears of sadness and grief. I do not want to live without you. After all, without your presence in my life, now it makes no sense! You are the person who gave me happiness, you're a man, I dreamed of my whole life.
Now I have only hope, your help is my angel Barry.
I believe that money is not the main goal in our lives. The most important thing is that we are happy together. We love each other and there is nothing more important! Money is just paper, for which you can not buy people's feelings. But now, in order to meet, we need this amount of money.
My love Barry, you are ready to carry out our shared dream of love? From your help depends our future life together. Now our only fate is in your hands! Please, take the right decision. God gave us a chance and we should use it!
I have full confidence in you. I know that you can help in any situation. You will never leave me in the lurch! You guardian angel, whom God sent to me. You are my life.
I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you, kiss, men feel your support. I know that you are the most kind and honest person. I know what you are going through, I can see you really want to be with me and it is very important to me.
I found all the qualities of the ideal man to you, Barry. Now, a day without you is hell, and your letters to me, it's the sun that haunts me every day. I'm madly in love with you, my dear Barry! I am thankful for the fact that it allowed us to meet.
My angel, a travel agency, I received detailed information about payment services. I learned that I could pay the cost of the documents for cash. To do this, you need to send me the money via Western Union and MoneyGram, stating my personal information. This is a system of instant money transfers. It is fast, reliable and convenient way to pay. I'll get the money from you on the same day, after you make a money transfer to my name.
As well, you have the opportunity to pay all my expenses to the documents through a bank account travel company. You can choose any convenient way for you to pay. For more information, please get in touch with the manager of a travel company - Mariya S. :
It is this manager is preparing my documents. You can ask your questions about the payment and the preparation of my documents.
When communicating with the manager, please include my personal information.
I hope you can help me as soon as the spring are good discounts on the paperwork.
I want to make our appointment as vividly as possible and joie de vivre. I want as quickly as possible to see you because you're my whole life! I can not live without you, my angel. Very soon we will be able to be next to each other Barry.
I love you so much Barry, you are my sunshine among the clouds. You are my whole life!
I hope you will not refuse to help me and soon we'll be together. On you depends on our future. I am sure that our love will not collapse!
I look forward to your good news, my love!
Your princess of Russia,
Please answer me as soon as you're able. I look forward to our first meeting at the airport in your country!
A million kisses for you.
I am sure that we will not be a barrier 548 USD, and you'll be able to make our future meeting a reality!
P.S. My data to send money through Western Union or MoneyGram:
Country - Russia;
City - Astrakhan;
Zip Code - 414000;
Street - Lukonina, Building 4, Apartment 21.
Yuliya Mikhaleva.
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