Scam letter(s) from Favour Williams to Dileep (India)

Letter 1
Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing fine,thank you so much for your kind reply to my mail,Please accept my apology if it does embarrass you. However, it’s my urgent need for a foreign partner that has brought to my urgency to make a good and trusted contact with you.firstly i believe to make a good introduction of my self to you which i will also be expecting from you as soon as we come to each others understanding towards this urgent and important venture, my name is miss favour williams,a decent young lady and a citizen of ivory coast here in west parents names are Mr.Oliver williams,and my mothers names are Mrs.marry williams.both from ivory coast.dear my reason of contact with you is to kindly seek for your kind cooperation to help me towards securing my inheritance from the bank into your account over there in your country,pending my arrival to join you over there,to start a living. i am contacting you because right here i am in a refugee camp,this is a result of the fatal war that has led the the lost of my parents and relatives which was caused by our former president Mr Laurent Gbagbo in 2011 who is now facing the judgement after killing innocent people causing alot of people homeless,and now i am alone in the refugee camp having no parents and relatives to take care of me,or a home were i will call my home.please i want you to be my trusted partner to help me transfer my inherited money from my late father,into your account. because he made me his next of kin before he died,but right now i am been restricted from been transfers the money directly because of my refugee status. i have contacted the bank towards my present condition here in this refugee camp,and wanted to transfer my inherited money into my account,but it is not possible here that the bank can transfer money to a person with refugee status,i was asked to provide a trusted relatives or partner by me,whom will help me towards the transfer.the main issue here is that some of my relatives has died and most ran away during the war in my home country,because right now i am in Senegal a west African country were i have been under the refugee authority since i don't have any relatives or home to stay,i was brought down here with the help of the red cross society. right now the bank is eagerly waiting for me to provide my relatives or a trusted partner who the money will be transferred into his account,with my good and clear authorization of the person to claim my money in his account.Meanwhile,arrangement to facilitate the easy transfer of this fund without problem has already been put in place by the bank manager,if you are interested kindly reply me back to indicate your interest, then i shall intimate you with the method of application and how you can apply to the bank for the release and transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account. my late father Mr Oliver williams,has made a deposit of {$ 2.3 million us dollars} on my names as the beneficiary and the next of kin,to inherit his funds and property. i want as soon as the money is transferred into your account,you will send me money to get my refugee clearance certificate from the refugee governing body,and my traveling documents to join you over there in your country,i believe you will kindly understand me with a good heart,i have promised never to disappoint you in anyway,and i also expect the same trust from you.I do advice you to keep this as a top secret.because i am afraid of losing my life when people gets to know about it,since this is all about money,all eyes will be on us. I wait for your urgent reply once you are interested to be my partner kindly send the below information's,so i can keep the bank informed about my trusted partner.' 1.YOUR FULL NAME.............
3.MARITAL STATUS....................
6.AGE.................... please you can always call me on phone with this number,(00221771351351) this is the refugee camp office telephone number,call me please,Rev Gerald Thompson will send for me to answer your calls,i will be very happy to talk with you on phone. Regards. your love.
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