Scam letter(s) from Alida Affi Akassi to Dileep (India)

Letter 1
Hello, Thanks for responding me, is a pleasure meeting with you I will like to know much about you. I am from Ivory Coast precisely in West Africa. I am 25 years old, I am single, and I have no kid as well. I am sending you more photos of me to know my description. I love watching moving I love music and I love sports especially football and others sports too. Gradually I will tell you more about me
Thanks kiss and one love,
Letter 2
Hello My Dear,
Thanks for your mail, is a pleasure to me to meet somebody like you. You look so class and handsome. You can call me on this number: + 225 483 350 13
Waiting to hear from you
Kiss and one love
Letter 3
Ok my Dear love this is more photos of me as you requested.I will like to see more of your photos too Thanks and waiting to hear from you ALIDA
Letter 4

I will send you more later Kiss
Letter 5
Hello, My name is Affi Akassi Alida, I am the daughter of former Prime Minister Affi N'Guessan who is currently detained by the new regime. In fact my father was close to Mr. Laurent Gbagbo, former president of my country.Therefore all members of the board were arrested because they were like threat to the new regime. Faced with this situation that prevailed and precautionary principle, before the crises here in my country my father was able to place the sum of 1.8 million Euros in cash under my responsibility in France. The fund is currently in Paris in a secret place and nobody knows the existence of the fund. I decided to seek for assistance to me recovers the fund of 1.8 million Euros, which is located in Paris as I have explained to you. Because of our current situation presently, I would like to entrust this transaction to you and I am willing to reward you with 30% of the total amount once the funds are in your possession. I really need your support to help me get the fund and I will be pleased to reward you for your effort. If you are interested in my offer respond urgently to me, I beg you to help me without hesitation. Sincerely, Affi Akassi Alida
Letter 6

Thank you for your respond, my intention is to find a honest and reliable partner whom I can trust to help me recover my funds and also to invest my fund in good project. Please send me your full address for further proceeding of the consignment in Paris; my wish is that there will be a trust between you and I for the benefice of this transaction. Once I am convinced of your disponibility, I will send you the contact of the person in charge of the transaction in Paris so that you proceed for the recovering of the fund.

Nobody knows the exact contain of the strongbox except you and I .The consignment was declared as family valuables with the person in charges in Paris.
I will like that you have trust on me, because it is with trust that we can work together to avoid misunderstandings. If you are interested in this offer, you must follow my instructions for the success of this transaction. I guarantee you that you have nothing to worry about. All I need is your attention and your willingness to assist me in this transaction. As I have promised as well as soon as this transaction is done I am ready to offer you 30% of the total amount.

I am counting on you to keep this transaction secret for security reason, I guarantee you that you do not risk anything as I said. I am waiting your urgent response to give you more information on this issue.

Please send me your address and your direct phone number as soon you receive this message. I have sent already some of my pictures to guarantee you of my person and I will like also to have yours.

I expect a positive response from you.
One love to you and big kiss as well
Affi Akassi Alida
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