Scam letter(s) from Eunice Lamtey to Stephen (USA)

Letter 1
Thank you very much for the message you sent me in the site and i really appreciate it a lot..Well my real name is Sathat, And Its a Pleasure Meeting you and I want to get to know More about you and see where it may leads us to, Well let me introduce my self to you,I am 34 years old Capricorn,5"7 tall 139 lbs,Mixed Race,born in Ghana and raised in Berlin in Germany,Do you have any problem with the distance between us?I am easy going,open mind with a great personality,good sense of humor ... What Am Looking For?
I'm looking for a person who is willing to enjoy life, and a family. Someone who is real, open heart and minded. Knowing the real meaning of a man. I'm not LOOKING for a man to give his BEST; I'm LOOKING for him to GIVE his ALL. In a time when, A GOOD MAN is so very hard to find; I won't hesitate to tell YOU..."I HAVE THE VERY BEST MAN IN THE WORLD, AND HE IS GOD...I want a man to sees me for who I am, and not what I am.... There nothing in the world I wouldn't do to make my family HAPPY to be with me. Meaning my kids and my {man} and BOTH FAMILY'S, etc.....I am interested in a man that can keep me smiling. He should be RESPECTABLE,HONEST,CARING, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR and knows how to love himself and others. A Man's appearance is important but what comes from within is of greater importance to me. Must keep communication open throughout the bad moments and good ones. Unselfish, Smells Good, Nice Attire ,Not Aggressive and Compromising. One that does not hold grudges,Life is too Short!! This is the Man I desire,Are You This Man Tell Me more about your background?
My Mum is a Ghana and my Dad is a Canadian, they got married here in Ghana,because my father was working here in Ghana as a gold mine when he met my mum and get married to her i am the only daughter of my Parent and my parents are the most loving and caring parents i ever had in my life,i lost my dad when was 30 years old that is 3 years ago.i am now in Ghana living with my Mum,Aunt and my uncle as well as my daughter Asiya. Occupation
well i used to work as an accountant but now work as a sales girl.. But I hope that does not make any difference because I Believe in my GOD and i know i will surely rise Up to my fit to be the strongest woman i was when i was working..Very happy to hear from you.And hoping to hear from you soon.Have a nice day and stay blessed.Bye and take good care of your self..

Best Regards,
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