Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Mykhailowa to Dileep (India)

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Letter 1

Hello, my new friend!

I hope you are not against of that I called you as my friend.... You and I are looking for the amorous relations, we are common with you in it so I think that at least we are the friends with you, we are looking for the same thing. I'm so happy that you are reading my letter now! It shows that your interest in me is more that the ordinary looking through the photos on the site.... You stopped your sight on my photo and you gave us the chance to be together by it. As I think, you want to know more about me (and I want to know more about you, to tell the truth) and we could make it via our correspondence. I hope that you will read carefully all my letters because I'll do the same, I am seriously looking for a soulmate. I promise you to read every your word knowing more and more about your life and to tell you about my own life too because.....may be you? Why not you? May be you are the same guy I was looking for? May be I'm the same woman you were looking for? The communication which we will have will give the answers all our questions. I'm waiting for you'll write me about your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, your dreams about the future. Will you do it for me? I am ready to know everything you want to tell me about yourself, I'm very good I'm so excited now! I am waiting for your reply dear!


Letter 2

Hi, my Kumar!

From the beginning you have to know that I'm in the excellent mood now and the reason of it is your letter which I received today. Thank you, thank you for that you replied me as soon as you could! I knew that the heaven heard me, it presented me the meet with you! This is the first letter that i have received from you...If you have already send me something, please, re-send me your letters, as I am very interesting in you and in getting to know you more better! And now I read your thoughts where it is written that you want to know more about me. Let's start. I write you about me and my life and if you have the questions, ask me them, okay? My name is Anna, friends call me Anuta. I was born at the 7th of March, 1984. My birthday is almost at Women's Day:) I was born in the town Belovodsk which is situated in Lugansk region in Ukraine in the family of engineers. I live together with my sister Kate who is three years older then me. Kate is all of my family left. Our dad died 8 years ago from cancer. Two years after our mother also died from breast cancer. It was a shock for Kate and me to loose our parents in such a short period of time. And Kate didnt talked at all for couple of months. And what about you? I want to know about your family because it's very interesting and important for me.
Family always means a lot for me and it always first for me! My childhood was ordinary till I lost dad adn then I understood that I am responsible for whole my family, but I could not help to mom... I graduated college and became hairdresser as I love to make people more beautiful and see their happy smiles after I will finish my work! To my mind ideal relations are based on respect, honesty, loyalty, mutual understanding mixed in with romance and passion. Some say I ask for too much and that is why I am still single. But I think all these things I have mentioned are so important for relations ,so I can’t agree on less.So I hoping our communication to be build on complete honesty and openness, so you can ask me any question that might help you to get to know me better. It will be my pleasure to answer them! I will write you about it in my next letter. I hope that you didn't find my letter too long.... I send you my warm hugs waiting for your soonest reply! Be safe.

Your Anna.



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