Letter(s) from Christy George Johnson to Mario (Zimbabwe)

Letter 1

Greeting My Dear Beloved Mario,

I hope that you are keeping in good health and cheer!! I am indeed very grateful for your positive response from Afro Introduction Network!!

It quite appreciated by me that we have same motive desire to build up a serious relationship that would leads to a positive future !! I wish to used this time to shared you the utmost important issue about me from my deepest heart. Like i told you earlier,“ Age, Location, or Distance is never a Problem for me!!!

Meanwhile, I sincerely request you to kindly be patient and read through my letter to you very carefully!!! Because I'm writing you in strictly manner because of my present undergoing situation about my unfortunate set of political civil war circumstances that has caused me to be resided under UN refugee agency in Senegal -

Where I am presently located as a refugee status condition. My biological name is Christie George Johnson, I am 23 years old from Monrovia Liberia, I am only daughter of my Late father, Who was the former Directorate of Oil Palm research in Liberia before the political civil war crisis that occurred in Liberia.

It was one early morning the guerrillas rebel groups attack my family house killing my parent's on a cold blood and the rebel attacks have cost majority of innocent soul to be dead. I am the only one alive now in my family, and I managed ex-caped my life to neighborhood country in Senegal with help of troop of ( United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees) www.unhcr.org.

I am presently living in refugee camp here in Senegal as a result of the civil war and sudden death of my late family, I don't have any relatives again whom i can go to for now because majority of my relatives ran away out of the country and some were died in the middle of the war.

The only person i have now here in Senegal refugee camp is Reverend John Sow, who is the UNHCR Humanitarian Voluntary Minister of the gospel preacher in the refugee camp premises. But, I am not living with him at church hostel. I am leaving in the women's hostel refugee camp. I want you to know that here in refugee camp, we are not allowed to go out often!

We are just living life like one living in prison and no freedom right. As a refugee status, I don't have any privilege to go out of the refugee camp premises without the knowledge of the UN refugee authority that protect the less privilege refugees. I'm only favour to be among the refugees woman that always sweep the Reverend offices regularly and this is where i got the privilege to sometimes have access to Internet computer.

I don't have my own personal mobile phone where you can call me direct so that we can talk oral discussion. But you are absolutely free to call me through the Reverend telephone number below +221-77-793-91-62.

Please feel free to call me as soon as possible, because I'd successfully pleaded to Reverend for our easiest oral communication. In other thought, I sincerely put my whole trust in you to shared you this important issue of mine as our top most confidential matter after a successful prayers and fasting revelation. I personally kept this issue to myself as a secret for some years back since my arrival to Senegal refugee camp.

The good news is that, I am presently with my late father's deposit certificate's of a substantial fund claim that made with Banque De L' Habitat Du Senegal. I got those deposited fund information from my late fathers Will certificate because when my late father was alive he made the deposit of total amount of ( US $2.4m - Two Million Four Hundred Thousand U.s Dollars) as a family treasure and mainly purposes of the deposited fund is to explored the future of my medical career at the university.

Please note, Thus deposited fund is 100% risk free and my refugee status condition does not permited me to conduct any sort of transaction in senegal. At this point, I sincerely need your immediate assistance to stand by me to handle the whole processing for me so as the fund can be remitted into your account pending on my arrival to your country of location.

Please note, I have informed the bank management in care of the deposited fund about my plans this new year to claim this fund and they had positively responded me to quickly nominate a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf becauase they can not deal with me in person due to my present refugee hardship condition that has caused me to fall behind to claim the deposited fund straight to my personal hand.

I want you to please stand by me to transfer the whole deposited fund into your personal account pending on my relocation to your country and also keep it to yourself as a topmost secret for security reason and don't tell it to anyone because am afraid of loosing my life and the whole fund if people gets to knows about it. I am telling you the whole truth about this deposit fund because of the trust that i have in human nature.

You are absolutely entitled with a reasonable percentage from the total transferred fund as soon as the fund completed transfer into your account successful. Because my desire is immediately the fund transferred into your account successfully, then, You will arranged on where to invest the money overseas possibly on products of your company and other profitable business of your directive-.

After, You will also send me some amount of money from the remittance fund to Senegal, so i can used it to prepared those my neccessary travelling documents e.g Passport, Visa and Flight Airline Ticket, that i will used to fly to your country! I trust and believe that by the special grace of God.

You will surely help me transferred this deposited fund to your personal bank account safely over in your country where we can both invest this huge fund wisely into a productive business of your choices!! I will definitely appreciate your interest and assistant to help me handle this transaction to successful mission, because I can not handle it personally and also considering my present poor refugee condition at the moment in senegal.

Once again, It is my top priority to claim the fund with immediate effect and start a new life again,I know you will understood me better and you will never let me down. Probably, As soon as I receive your positive feedback along with your personal mobile phone number contact and addresses details!

I will use those your information received in filing Banque De L' Habitat Du Senegal transfer application form with me and forward to bank to contact you directly through your email address for the processing of the fund transfer into your personal bank account on my behalf. I sincerely guarantee you that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law of senegal.

Trust me deeply with your whole heart and have strong faith in God that will can make it together to success in life! I will patiently waite for your positive response and thank's you for your help in advance.

May the almighty God bless you as you heared my cry for help in this my worst of time! Attachment here is my post medical graduate photo and others!!

Yours Truly Affectionate!

Christy Johnson,

Kind Regard.