Scam letter(s) from Lyudmila Azizofa to Darren (UK)

Letter 1
Hi dear Darren.
My name is Tanya.
I live to Russia and the name of my city Bor.
I was really is very strongly interested by your profile on a site.
You seem to me that really very interesting man.
Darren I want that you could understand me.
For me it will be very interesting to create with you relations.
In the first letter I wish to tell that particularly I search from the Internet of acquaintances.
And I hope that you can understand me.
Here I do not search for entertainment and games.
It seems to me that not seriously.
And at once I wish to tell that if you from those men which entertainments search from correspondence only for that simply remove my letter and be engaged in the affairs.
I here to find the serious man.
Correspondence simply for acquaintance is not necessary to me.
I have a firm purpose.
For me it is important to find the serious man in the Internet that will create with it strong friendship which to pass in serious relations.
Yes for me it is very important to find relations.
And I will search for them.
Now I think that you serious enough man.
But I still so know about you a little.
And we have very real chance as it is possible to learn is better each other.
Why I search for the man on the Internet.
1 I think that on the Internet very many people.
2 Here it is possible to find people which live in other countries.
3 I feel in letters more confident than in a life.
4 In letters it is possible to open soul.
Darren you are possible can understand now that that I search from the Internet of acquaintances.
In the following letter I will more in detail tell about myself.
Your new acquaintance Tanya.
Letter 2
Hi Darren.
I was very glad to your letter.
You seem to me that the serious man and as well as I wish to find relations in the Internet.
For me it is very important to understand it.
Today I wish to tell to you about myself.
To me of 26 years.
I work as the telephone operator in a taxi pool.
It is very interesting work for me.
It is enough responsible.
I have 20 men by a taxi which accept orders from me.
Sometimes we even joke with them.
For me this work very responsible.
It is necessary to be always serious to accept orders from people and quickly enough to inform addresses to taxi drivers.
In a taxi pool I have come to work one year ago.
I then had not the best times.
I have begun studied at institute as the teacher.
But it is a pity that teachers receive not so many money and our country.
Though formation should be very important for our state.
In a taxi pool I can receive much more money.
I had to go to work to a taxi pool because I aspired to begin the independent life.
Earlier I lived with the parents.
Now they are on pension.
My mum is called Elena to it by 54 years.
Earlier it worked as the cultural figure of education.
It was still then when our country was called as the USSR.
In our country now does not remain people which trust in komunizm.
And mum simply not to educate whom.
My daddy call Michael.
It works at factory.
He has already got used to this work and does not change it long enough.
At the factory the daddy is the deserved worker.
It even has a work award.
But as he speaks money from it to it any more do not pay.
The daddy drinks.
But now not so it is strong as earlier.
Speaks that health does not allow it.
I do not live with parents.
Now I rent to myself apartment.
For this reason I have gone to work in a taxi pool.
To me it is necessary to pay every month a quarter of the earned money for apartment rent.
But I feel independent.
After all it is impossible to live all life with parents.
My parents speak that it is necessary for me to find the man.
But I do not see worthy persons in the an environment.
On it I have decided to address to the Internet acquaintance.
I trust in that what probably to find the man abroad.
I do not pursue a beautiful rich life.
The firm confidence of that is simply really necessary for me that my man can hold and contain a family.
Darren now you could learn my life is better.
Probably it not such and interesting.
I will not write off to live.
It seems to me that all necessarily will come.
It is necessary to wait and trust only in it.
In free time from work I like to be on the nature.
I as very much like books.
And I should live constantly in the book novels.
I hope that once in my life to appear the serious love.
And I do not wish to hasten.
It is necessary to be assured of the man.
As it seems to me that the Internet good enough thing for this purpose.
Darren please tell to me about the life.
Probably you have a definite purpose in a life?
Write to me about itself as it is possible more detailed.
About the hobby.
About the work.
I will be very glad to know all it really.
Also I will wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hi the darling Darren.
I was very glad to know your life.
It very interesting.
Now I understand that I was not mistaken with the choice.
You have stability and confidence of a life.
You the serious man.
Your life seemed to me very active.
At me in a life of it is not present.
Simply I have nobody to show this activity.
I am able to do really much.
Today I wish to tell as much as possible to you about the life.
I always try to prepare houses for myself.
Many speak me what for I it I do?
After all I one also can quite eat in cafe.
But I do not see in it sense.
Thus only laziness will arise.
To me very much to like to prepare.
And often enough I invite to myself visitors.
Still mum brought up me so.
When I lived with parents to me often enough it was necessary to do very many house things.
And I was not lazy thus bringing up in myself an economic life.
It seems to me that very important.
After all in a family the woman should be the keeper of a home.
At me in apartment always a cosiness and comfort.
Often enough I change conditions and I do repair.
All is simple it to me very much to like.
I am bothered quickly enough with monotonous conditions.
And change of house conditions always pleases me.
Darren I hope you you will not think about me badly.
But I not strongly love a constancy.
It seems to me that I can find a constancy and I will not aspire to do change of the life only then when to a smog to live confident home life.
To one me happens boringly.
But I always avoid grief trying to plunge into the favourite novels.
Darren houses at me still are a cat of the Siberian genealogical breed.
His name is Iany.
It very beautiful.
We even carried it on exhibitions and Iany were not last cat.
And you have pets?
Darren now I aspire to show to you the life as it is possible opened.
I hope that to you all it very interestingly.
Simply I want that you could understand my life and my life.
My aspirations in a life.
I most of all now wish to have a family and to be happy.
It is my first purpose in a life.
I aspire to it.
And at you is aim lives?
To what you aspire?
It is necessary for us to search that for that general in the friend the friend and to do conclusions.
I will be glad to receive your letter with thoughts.
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