Scam letter(s) from Susan Morgan to Dileep (India)

Letter 1
you are welcome but am still looking further to know you better may GOD bless you my dear
Letter 2
Well not much but i need to know more about you if really that you are a serious man.
Here is internate so alot of thing is happening over here okay that was why i still insisted in knowing you my dear am sorry but you need to understand me please
Letter 3
Sure dear i am interested
Letter 4

Please are you married? and i want to know your job be"cause i want us to discuss about some thing may God bless you my dear
Letter 5
okay i have accepted but you need to tell me the truth so that we may not hyave problems in the future because you know that the future is very important in my next mail i will tell you more about my self may God bless you are you a christain?
Letter 6
My name is Miss Susan Morgan, the Daughter Of Late Mr. And Mrs. Jean Morgan from Cote d'ivoire in west africa. I am 25 years old still single and a university undergraduate living now without parents, I am a white africa girl being that my mother was a white Europian woman a france origin ,and my father was a black man from this country cote d'ivoire in west africa where am living now, My father got married to my mother in Paris france years back when he was living in france, my father told me when i grew up that my mother later died when i was just 3 years old in a car accident , and after her death my father returned back with me to his country in africa , and got married to another woman who is from this country , and she bear 5 children to my father 2 girls 3 boys , but this woman and her children hate me too much,

What pains me much is the death of my father this year january 2013 ,The sudden death of my father really brought sorrow to my life , My Father was a very rich business man in this country when he was alive, He is a dealer of Gold Dust and an importer and exporter of all types of goods and has a lot of properties, But he was poisoned to death by his Family members because of His wealth..

after the death of my father the family members comfiscated all his properties and left nothing for me ,even planing how to assasinate me to enable them inherit all my fathers properties, So when I discover this plan against my life. I ran away from our home immediately , now am hiding out at a hotel in another city some where far from our home so that my life can be save but i still thank God almight that i later found a pastor who has been taking care of me since then so it was all about but please do not use this against me in any form may God bless you more amen My best regards to you.
Yours lovely one
Miss.Susan Morgan.
Letter 7
Also i want to use this very opportunity to inform you about my step mother and her children over my an inheritance which i inherited from my late father before his death. If only you will beleive me because i will like you to also help me with an accout so that this fund can be transfered into your bank account over there in your country
So that when you receive it then i can proceed with my visa to come and join you over there,then i can continue with my studie so that you will help me to finf a very lucrative business where this money can be invested in may God bless you more. Then my step mother and her children are against me because of the money which my father deposited in the bank of africa before they killed him. Mean while i need your help so that this fund can be transfered into your
bank account on trust so that when you recieve the fund then i can come over to join you over there in your country to continue with my studies Also i will need your information's if only you will agree with me so that i will forward them to the bank of africa as my foreign trustee who will help me to receive this fund over there in his country.
So i need your full name,address,your phone number including your scanned copy id card or international passport so that we may proceed with the bank because this is what they need in other to transfer the fund Here is the contact of the pastor that has been taking care of me since all this while
EMAIL so hear is the bank contact you can ask them more about this fund remember that i told you that it was deposited by my late father before he died. NAME MR COLLINS UNEZE
PHONE: +225 45084354
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