Romance scam letter(s) from Angela Bornson to Doug (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend Doug.
I am glad to read your letter and see your very nice photo you are a very good looking man. I really hope I will learn more about you.
First I will tell you more about myself. You already know my name Angie and I am from Ukraine. I am 26 years old i was born on 29 may 1986. I live with mother now. I was never been married and i don't have children of myself. I had a relationship for almost 4 years and now I am alone for more then 3 years . I am looking for a serious relationship and get married and create a strong loving family. The man who I am looking for has to be honest and loyal and have a good sense of humor. For a good relationship I think is mutual understanding, trust and respect for each other is very important.
I don't have much hobbies I do a lot of things I really like to swim and go out for a day and see other places or a Zoo sometimes I go to a cinema or theatre and see a musical. My favorite place is near the river, I love to be outdoors or go with some friends to a cafe .When I am at home I watch some tv i like to watch a good movie. My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. I listen to all kinds of music. It depends on my mood but most of the time I listen to the radio.
sometimes I read a book about what happened in the past so I can see how it was in that time. I love to cook that is my hobby I like to try new dishes and most of the time it taste good. I like sport much and I always try to run a couple of days a weak and I use to skate a lot.
As for my work I work in the library. I am a librarian.
I hope you know a little more about me and I am very glad to meet you I will tell you more about myself in the next letter if you want to know more of me believe me i am very serious about finding the man. I love and create a serious relationship with you and I wish you have a very nice day and i hope that I will hear from you soon. will you tell me about your intentions and more about your life and interests?
Your new friend.
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