Romance scam letter(s) from Alina to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Hey! friend! We do not know each other but I am here, !wish to be your friend and maybe more! answer me!! single lady Alinka
Letter 2
Hello Michael!
Thank you very much for your answer!
I was a little embarrassed to write you first and now I am very glad you answered me!
Let`s know each other better?
So,my name is Alina,I am easy going and cheerful girl!
I am 29 years old,I hope my age is good for you! anyway,for me it is just numbers!I live in Russia,in a very nice town Snezinsk (it is 1500 km from Moscow)I have a high education, i teach English at private school,so i can write and speak English well.Why i wrote to you?
I am single,and ready to change my life!I I want to meet my man and create a nice family in the near future.
I was not very lucky with men in Russia before-best of them are already taken and others-are not good for family life.
So one day i decide to try Internet dating!
i saw your profile on a dating site (sorry,forgot its name)
and i like it very much!
I think you are nice man and we have much in common!
This is shortly about me.I also send you my photos.
Please,write me more about you and do not forget to send me your photo! regards,Alina.
Letter 3
Hi again, Michael!
To tell you the truth I am very pleased that you`ve answered me so quickly!It was very interesting to know a little more about you! How was your day?
let me tell you more about me,what i like..
My life is pretty simple,but I enjoy it.
I am working with children, and it is my big hobby!
They are so nice and funny! My work is very responsible but even if i am tired,i always find a reason for a smile!I like to smile) And what is your job? do you enjoy it?
in my free time I like dancing,camping, walking around the town.
I enjoy watching movies,especially comedies and romantic stories, the last one i liked is " A lot like love" with Ashton Kutcher, my favorite actor.I spend much time with my family and friends.
Sometimes i do not mind to read an interesting book with a cup of tea!
I live a healthy lifestyle,do not have bad habits,i like swimming and jogging!My friends say that i am cheerful,energetic and romantic girl..i can only add that it is true)
So,I am pretty happy with my life,I can only wait for the right person to share it together!
What are things you enjoy in life?If you want to ask me something-i will answer with pleasure!
Please write me more about you because i want to know everything! So i think end for now.. and will wait for your answer!
have a good day! Alina p.s.I use the Internet cafe to write you as my laptop is broken,so talking on skype or messenger is a bit difficult there.
I hope it is not a problem.
in your letter you mention the age matter, but I don't think that this is a great problem! I like the fact that you are older then me and I suppose that this is the best union when the man is older then a woman ;) I have never taken interest in men who are the same age as me, because I don't know why I don't feel comfortable with them. and with you I feel comfortable and safe even through the letters, so I think that in real life everything will be much better! the Russian poet Pushkin said: "there is no age for love" (in Russian it sounds much more beautiful, but the meaning is the same) and I am absolutely agree with him! and what about you?
I can't tell you that i am a great music fan and that I have some particular preferences... I like the music that SOUNDS good, but what I certainly don't like is RAP. I simply don't understand it and those who are listening to it. But if you like rap I don't mind, after all this is not that important. I like the music of Mariconner (not sure in the spelling), if I am not mistaken he wrote the music for plenty of films. this is about music :)
Letter 4

Good day, Michael!
how are you? I hope everything is good!
i was wondering all day if you already answered me or not.
And I am very happy to get your letter.
I still can not get used to these quick Internet letters.
It is so nice to get answers from you very day!
I find it very amazing, how quickly Internet can connect people from different countries.And it gives us a great chance to know each other! Internet,certainly, is good thing,we can easily make new friends and have fun, but unfortunately, there are also many games and cheating..
We can only guess who is the person on the other side of the screen..
I am new to Internet correspondence,and I hope my experience will not be sad.
I am a real person and I want to explore something good with a real person too.
I think it is very hard to know person in a distance,that`s why I do not want to have a long pen pal.I am interested in a real meeting and serious relations in the future.
And I have a good feeling about you! so if you want that too,we can continue our communication.
i am waiting for your answer!
Alina p.s.I am an english teacher and i love my profession.
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