Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Barashka to Terry (UK)
Letter 1
Hello, Terry !!!! How are you doing today???? Hope you are all right and in a good health!!! My name is Tanusha!!! I am a nice girl from Eastern Europe who is looking for a good reliable family oriented man to create serious relationships with!!! I hope to find here in Internet my future husband!! What do you think about my plans??? I wonder may be you havethe same plans and hopes for this site as I have???? If so then we need to start our communication and get to know each other better to find out if we can be a match!! Are you agree??? My motto is TODAY IS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!! Do you like it?:)Life is passing fast and I don't want to lose a single day! And what is your motto? I send you some of my photos with this letter, hope you will enjoy them. I am a nice simple girl from Ukraine who is used to a simple country side life. I am not a glamorous lady, I am pretty old fashioned, I believe in love, I have strong family values and I don't believe in divorce!!! If you value these qualities in a woman then we have a chance to be a match!!:)) I want you to tell me more about yourself and I hope you are serious about marriage as well, I also hope that you are honest and faithful!!! It is the most important features in a man for me! I don't care that much for your appearance, age, nationality or how much money do you have, but it is important for me that my man is marriage oriented, honest and don't cheat on her me!! In Ukraine it is extremely hard to find a man who is ready to get married and take the responsibility for his wife. Men here are very irresponsible! Their mentality is very strange to me, I can not understand local men, I am shocked with their behavior and that is why I have made a decision to find a husband abroad, may be I will have luck with you??? I hope so!! At least I have to check it!! Will you give me a chance to check if you can be a good match for me?:)))
Please be so kind and write me more about yourself hopefully with photos!! Tell me about your character, your personality, your family, your job, your friends and so on! I want to know everything!! As for me I am a veterinary doctor by profession, and I am looking for job now. It is hard to find a job under my profession here in my village but I hope to find it may be in another town I don't know. Now I have a temporary job at the food shop. I will work here until I will find a good job at a veterinary clinic. I adore animals and kids! And you??? Also I did gymnastic for all my life from early childhood and I even won three prises from the regional competitions. But my career in gymnastic is in the past unfortunately, I need to think about something more serious. But I still can do a lot of acrobatic stunt! I can show them to you if you want:))) I am a funny girl and I like to make people laugh!! So with me you will not be bored I am sure of it!!! I am also very affectionate and I will be very naughty with my man!! I will be waiting for your answer at this e-mail address Hope to hear from you soon!!! Kiss you!!! Tanusha.
Letter 2
Hello, Terry !!!! A big smile to you from me on this sunny day!!!!:))
The weather is perfect today and it made my mood perfect too!!! But after receiving a message from you my mood became even more than perfect, it became brilliant!!!!!:)) Nice photos! I like you!! Your dogs are so cute!
Thank you for telling me about yourself! I appreciate it! You are from the UK! I am sure it is a nice place!!! I am proud of you to hear to how many countries have you been too!!! I dream to travel the globe too! I am sorry for your divorce:( I am please to hear which kind of woman you are looking for because I can see myself in your description!!! I have all the qualities you need! I am glad you are a good cook too! How are your kids doing? Thank you for telling me about your job. I wish you good luck with it! I like all kinds of music too! How are you doing there today???? How is your mood?? Hope it is getting better now while reading my letter:))? And I hope after viewing my photos it will get even brighter than before!!!! What shall I tell you about myself??? Well today is another best day in my life:) My name is Tanusha! My full name is Tatiana but I like to be called Tanusha, it is my pet name:)) Do you have a pet name too??
Please tell me your real full name and also your pet name! May be you have a special name just for me to call you?:) The way you will be called by me only and nobody else!!! Where do I live??? I live in Ukraine!! Khmelnitsky oblast, Dunaevetsky region, Rahnovka village! May be you can try to find it on the map???
I am weak in Internet but I have heard there are very good and detailed online maps now where you can reach my village easily! But pity that you will not be able to see there all the beauty of it!! It is a fantastic green nature here, breathtaking fresh air and blue blue sky!!! I adore my village, I am a country girl and I love animals very much, but I guess I told you about it already. Also you know about my profession, yes??? I am a veterinary doctor by profession! I have graduated a medical university in Khmelnitsky where I got a higher education. The education is very expensive here, my mom would never be able to pay for it, but I studied there for free because I am an orphan, I don't have a father who died 15 years ago:( I wish I was without a higher education but with my father alive instead!!! But it is life:(( He had a cancer and the doctors could not do anything.
After he died I promised to myself that after I grow up I would become a doctor to save people's lives!!! My dream has almost come true, I can save animals' lives now and I am very proud of it too!!!
Unfortunately there is no work under my profession here in my village:(( I am looking for a job at the neighbor villages which are not far from me, there is still no result but I hope for the best!!
While I am waiting for a good job I work at the local food shop as a salesperson to help my mom with at least some small money. I work there for 1,5 year now 6 days per week. My Birth date is 04 September 1984. I am a Virgo. I am not too much into astrology but I know that a lot of people believe it. I have never been married and I don't have kids. I never smoked and I am only a social drinker. On my Birthday or on the New Year I can drink a glass of wine or champagne. I'm also a fan of flowers! They bloom in my garden, I care for my garden very much. I am very neat and I like to clean my garden and my house. My house is always very clean! They say I have a nice sense of humor and people feel comfortable with me.
I am not aggressive or rude or self concerned. I am kind and nice person. Also I like to smile very much!!!:)) And you?? I try to develop my personality, I am learning and growing every day. I also like to cook very much!!! They say my dishes are very delicious!
Especially borsch and vareniki:)) About my family. After my father died I stayed with my mother, I send you the photo of her. Her name is Valentina. She is an accountant.
Also I have a younger brother Misha, he is 26 years old and he is a driver. You can see a photo of him also. He is married and have gorgeous twin kids, a boy and a girl!! They are still very small 7 month only!!!! I adore them and spend a lot of time with them!!! I send you also their photo, their names are Kristina and Oleg:)) Also I told you that I did gymnastic for all my life, I send you some photos of mine where you can see some of the stunt I can do with my body:)) Hope you like it? Umm, I can also make some nice stunt in the bed room with you:))) I am sure you have never tried such a things before and our making love promise to be very exciting!!! I am a very passionate woman!! But surely it is too early to talk about it now...
We need to get to know each other better and then become more intimate... So can you tell me what do you think about me now??? I hope I have not disappointed you in anything??? I understand Internet relationships are hard but I don't want us to write for too long!!! I want us to meet in person!! The world is so small, distance can not be a problem!
Are you agree??? We can plan everything properly and meet in real ok??? I want to meet you in person very much! I believe it will be possible because only mountains can not meet:)) You know I think I need to tell you now about my English skills. I don't speak English unfortunately. You know I tried to translate in several automatic translators but the translations failed completely due to the big differences between our language, the translations sounded just like a set of different words which didn't make any sense. Also even if the translations were ok I would not be able to write you in Russian because I don't have any access to a computer with Internet except at the agency. But I found how to solve the situation! There is a translation agency in my village, they translate documents and also letters!!! Isn't it great? They do a perfect job I think and until I will learn some basic English we can use their service to write each other what do you think? Please believe me that I am going to start learning English immediately!! It seems my letter is getting to be too long, I am very sorry if I bored you. Hope you are not snoring now?:) I truly hope to hear from you sooner!!!!! Write me immediately after you will wake up!!:) I am waiting very impatiently for your reply!!! Kiss you, miss you!!:)))
Letter 3
Hi, Terry, it is me again!!!!!! Thank you so very much for another letter of yours!!!! I am very pleased with your attention to my person:))) I like your nice photos!! Yes I really like you!!! Thank you for telling me more about yourself today! I am glad distance is not a problem for you too! I am please to hear which kind of woman you are looking for because I can see myself in your description!!! I have all the qualities you need! My dream man is a real gentleman!!! He knows how to treat a woman, he has a good sense of humor, he is reliable, responsible and have a wonderful smile and kind eyes:))) Do you recognize anybody in my description???? Look in the mirror!!!:)
How are your dogs doing? I am glad you like dogs too! I like your thoughts about love! Yes 6 kids will be enough to start with:)) I adore your sense of humor! My day was ok today, I have had a lot of work, a lot of costumer at the shop and I was pretty tired on my way to the agency but now after getting your new letter I feel very excited and my tiredness has gone completely! Your letter made my heart to beat faster... I don't know why because we don't know yet each other properly but my fast beating heart whispers me that you can be the man I was looking for!!Yes it is true!! But surely it is too early to make any conclusions, we need to continue our correspondence to get to know each other better, are you agree:)) Again I send you some photos of mine! Hope you don't mind me to send you my photos in lingerie but I want you to see them! I want to become more intimate with you... What can I tell you more about myself?? I am a quiet person too and I don't like conflicts. I don't like dramas, I prefer to discuss everything with my partner. What about you? I like to eat very healthy. I do not like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas which are not cooked at home by my own hands!!! I adore home made pizza! And all the other dishes which I can cook!!! I like to cook for my family, relatives and my friends!! By the way tonight two good friends of mine will come to me and I will treat them with a home made apple pie and a home made strawberry compote! I adore to make all kinds of compote from the fruits I have gathered from my garden! I preserve a lot of such a compote for winter also, so me and my family can drink a fresh delicious compote from summer fruits during the cold winter! I also preserve a lot of tomato juice, different gems and vegetable salads. Would you like your wife to cook for you too?:) When I have free time I like to spend it with my small nephew and niece!
They are little angels!!! My golden dream is to create a nice happy family! A good reliable man is very hard to be found here. My mom wants me to be happy and find a good husband abroad. I have the golden rule never to upset my mom !
That is why I decided to look for a husband through Internet! And I am very excited about our correspondence, darling! May I call you "Darling" by the way?:) I am a very passionate woman! I want to be the best lover in the world for my husband! I don't have a partner now but I have a lot of sexual potential in myself which I am ready to give to my husband! I like to dress sexy for my man, I want him to enjoy the way I look and feel horny for me all the time!!:)) Are you ready for this?:)) Oh, my letter is going to be too long again, I don't want to try your patience again and put you into the deep sleep:)) I will be finishing for today, honey, so it is your turn now to write me a letter and send photos!!! I will be waiting for you! Kiss you miss you!!!!! Tanusha
Letter 4

Hello, my darling Terry!!!! Hello, my honey!!!! Do you know how much I am happy to write you a letter again??? And do you know how much I was happy to get another letter from you today??? I like your photos very much!!! Thank you for telling me more about your life in this letter!!! Yes I want to become intimate with you! Hope you like my naked photos? They are for your eyes only! If you would ask me what was my priority for today I would answer you that it was to send a letter to this nice, handsome, noble, serious, kind, family oriented man with a wonderful sense of humor, called Terry!!!!! Yes, you are my priority!!!! As you know I pay for each letter to be translated to you, and I do my best to keep our contact!
You are very precious for me. If you are looking for a woman that can take care of home and support her man at the same time, to be your best friend and be a part of your plan for your future life together with her, some one you can trust and be open with so you can be sure that I am that woman!!!! I hope you will understand it and I hope to win your trust and love!!! It is up to you to decided if we can be a match, our life is made of choices and decisions and I hope that your heart will tell you which choice will be the right one to make! I don't really believe in long Internet relations, but we will not write endlessly, we can meet soon if we want! I can come to you or you can come to me, just one flight and we can meet, what do you think of it??? As you know I try to enjoy every day and live every day like the last one!!! I am usually busy but when my happiness is in risk I can find time to try to do my best in order to reach my target: "Happiness", we are here to be happy, nothing else, we didn't come to this world to be engineers or doctors, just we came to enjoy this life and be happy!
For that reason I try to enjoy every day of my life and I am sure with you together there will be much more bright moments to enjoy!!! My days are going good here, hope you have a nice time there too!!!
You know I have received a small hope today to get a good job under my profession!!! There is nothing certain yet but one of my friends told me that in the neighbor village a good vacancy can be free in several weeks! Can you imagine it?? I don't know yet anything exactly but there is a hope for a good result!!! I am very happy, I strongly need to get a better job because the money I earn at the shop are extremely low and it is hardly enough to survive! But I am a very optimistic and goal oriented girl and I am sure everything will be ok!!! Honey, I will be finishing my letter for today, I wish you to have a good day and night and hope to hear from you soon!!! Miss you already.... Tanusha
Letter 5
Hello, my darling, so precious Terry!!!!! I hope you have a nice day!!!! My dear, I want to tell you that I consider yourself as the most valuable man for me! I could not even expect starting my search in Internet that I would be able to meet such a person as you are and that my search would lead me to this kind of feelings... I am sorry if my words are too frank for you but this is the way I feel now and I am not used to hide my emotions, I am used to tell everything openly. Hope you do not mind this. Terry, I don't know how to say this news to you, I am not sure how will you react, but hope for your understanding. Do you remember in one of my first letters I told you that I didn't speak English and the only way I found to communicate with you was through the translational firm service, they translated our letters for each other and provided me with Internet connection with you. I had to pay money for their service and those money became to be too huge for me:((( I had 60 usd of saving for my future and I decided to spend them for my communication with you because my intuition told me that you could be my future!! And I believe it didn't deceive me:)) But now my savings are over and I am at a loss what to do:(( To keep our contact I still need to pay money which are too much for me:( I have to pay 5 usd per one letter to be translated. I don't know what to do!!! So I thought may be you could help me to keep our contact and keep in touch at least in the nearest weeks??? My salary is supposed to be delayed, my mom is going to receive her pension soon but I am not sure if she can give me more than 5 usd from her pension because we have a lot of bills to be paid. Honey, once again, I am sorry for this request of mine, but I want to keep our contact so much and I am desperately trying to find the way to solve this problem and keep in touch with you!!! Can you help me with it??? If not, I will understand but I truly hope for your help and care. Please ask my manager any questions you want, I will not be able to write you any more letters until my account will be fulfilled because it will be too expensive for me.
They have different prices and options so you can ask them about it. I can not write you directly using different translators or something like that because first of all I don't have any access to a computer except at the agency and secondly all the automatic translator from Russian language are too weak and not readable I have tried them already before starting to use the agency's service. I want you to know that I miss you very much already and I truly hope that we will not lose our contact!!! Kiss you miss you.... Yours Tanusha with love!
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