Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Arbousova to Al (USA)

Letter 1
My Al! Sorry, have few minutes! i need back for my work!
I was in travel company! I cant make all alone! Its some expensive! Also, i will need take Usa visa! Close tome Ekaterinburg!
Its take 15 days!
But, i have make big parts payments ( tickets, currency iniquery, inssuirance)!
Tomorrow, i need make last payment! Its about 230 $!
i have only 80 $ after all payments! I cant find more! Sorry, I need about 149 $. to me not enough this amount! to me need its tomorrow!
I have pay my money about 2487 $! Its my saved! Next tuesday will book flight tickets!
Also, to me will say when we go to Usa embassy! I think next week!
Can you help me this amount 149 $ today? , I can send you my date! Maria Nizovtseva.
city Tomsk. street: Sovetskaya. home 2-31. Russia.
You can send money by money gram or other system! Its fast!
I very hope on you Al! Then send me informations by sms!!!
number for sms: +79877319539.
Its good chance be together and know each other!
Now, i will say my mother about my plan!
Letter 2
Al! I am tired and not want write you more!!!! I only lost time!
I say what i have find!!! Not more! All my documents now in travel agensy and make new!!!! I will yake it when make last payments!
Send today soon 130$! Its all i can rise! Or not lost my and you time!
My mother give me 20$! But, she think its money not for trip!
she very angry and never give me more any cent! About you questions you can read in my last letter!
about all! My last love and my broken heart!!!
I like you but you killed my feelings you not trusting! P.S. Maria Nizovtseva. city Tomsk. street: Sovetskaya. home
2-31. post code: 634029. Russia. phone for sms 89877319539.
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