Letter(s) from Marilyn Isabella to John (USA)

Letter 1


I am pleased to receive your message and thank you for your personal email address. I joined christianmingle.com not too long go and you will be my first exposure. I am totally new to everything. You are such a nice and wonderful Man, and it would be nice to know you better. I think you sound great and interesting for me. You sound like a real man, and i hope you can give a little time and know more about each other. If you are here for fun or play alone, please do not answer me interested. Am looking for serious relationship. I am looking for a man to be together, someone looking for part of my life to not be a player.

My name is Marylin Bram, I am single and never married, but i have been in various relationships in the past but didn't work out. I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY USA . Few months ago I moved to Chicago. I am with my mother, I was living with my father in Syracuse before he died of diabetes 6 Years ago .. I came here just because my mother, because she needs me so much ...

I am Seeking for a loving partner, a husband and a man who will always make me look happy, and i am also willingly to relocate.

I look forward to a feedback from you.


Letter 2

Hello ,
I'm really happy for you to take the time to answer me. I hope this small step you take leads to something good for both of us. I'm Marylin Bram and I think you already know that ...lol. Well I think we should get to know each other much better.
What do you expect of true love and a serious relationship? And are you a passionate man and knows how to make a woman happy? cause this is important in a relationship because it makes good home, and God loves and blesses a good home. Do you live alone in your own house and how many hours you work a week and how often do you get online. In my spare time, I swim 2-3 weeks because it's my hobby and I like jogging. I'm only 33 years old by age, age is just a number for me, all I want in my man his honesty and trust. I'm quite tall with an average body, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listener, God fearing and a positive person. I'm a really easy person to talk to and a good listener. I like chilling with my family because that's what matters to me most. I like going to the movies. I am a family oriented person. I take God serious and put him first in everything i do because it says in His word that "seek ye first the Kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you". If we put him first, every other thing will be given unto us even before we ask for them because he see and knows all our heart desires.
I would love you to answer questions for better understanding.

What is your full name?

What do you like in a woman?

Are you a player or for real?

Are you really single for now?

What do you do for a living? work? Jobs?

How many girlfriends have you on the internet and what is your bad and good experiences on the Internet?

What do you do for fun and leisure?

How do you treat your woman?

Do you live alone?

What city do you live now?

Are you a faithful man?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and I think this is enough for the first letter, and I hope to read from you soon. Have a wonderful day


Letter 3

Hello John
Thanks for writing me again. I really wish i you could know how much you replying me has made my day. I took the risk of removing my profile from Christian mingle ever since i got your email and sent you a mail. I prayed to God and told Him i only wanted just one person from this site, and not trying a lot. I was scared you might not get to write me back, but with the reply i got from you today, i know the God we serve answers prayers. Just ask me whatever info you need from my profile, and will go ahead and tell you here cause i have deactivated my profile. I also deleted the profile because i was getting lots of messages from young boys and perverts... lol
It is a pleasure to read this extreme response to my questions and I really enjoy reading your email, now I know more things about you, and I love how you have responded to my questions, it really made my day with the beautiful answers you wrote to me, I think I need to tell you more about myself now. Dave, you have really got me thinking with the beautiful mails you've been sending to me all day. I feel like i have known you much more than the little time we have been talking. I am really willing to give my heart to you, and all i need is the assurance that its in safe hands. I do not want to be hurt again in my life. I want to be loved.

In the bible, it is stated in M't:6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." So even in our relationship, we need to put God first so that things can work just perfectly for us. I do not have any boyfriend. I am barely a week old on the internet dating network, and fortunately, i'm out. I told you in my first mail i just moved to Chicago to come take care of my mum, but i am ready and willingly to relocate once i find my soul mate.We stay in our home here. My dad got the house for my mum some few years back.

For me I like the storm and the smell of rain and the feeling of power after a storm to see. I go to educational lectures, beaches, movies, shows, concerts and occasionally to eat and taste some coffee, long walks to explore the city, quite ambitious, imaginative, friendly, sensitive, confident, generous and loyal.

I love lounging, travel, entertainment, watching people and see the website .. I'm not a vegan, I love to cook. Also interested in investment, trade, technology because this is one thing i learnt from my dad. He is a good investor and loves trade and technology, so i think i got that trait from him.. I think I am intelligent, must be able to be a good friend and lover and open to the possibilities with the right playmates are endless.

Yes, I'm for real, because I do not have time to play games, buts its awful when someone hurt another good feelings ... Well, a relationship means two things, 1) It may mean that we have a friendship relationship, which I think is, 2) relationship also means to be romantically and sexually involved, and I think that we are not at that level.

So I think at this point, given how much me we have e-mail each other, we will definitely form a friendship based on some external and internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that will bring us a little closer with good intentions, and there is a risk of the ratio to become slightly larger.

I have several reports that I have not fully been appreciated. In fact, many times I felt I was taken advantage of and that hurts. I want someone who recognizes the little things I do for him, and know how to be grateful. For example, if I were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man, he could thank me by giving me a hug or a kiss .. Or maybe send me a card for no particular reason, just to tell me, "Thank you."

I am very grateful for what people do for me and I will reward them in my own little way. For me it's the little things that mean a lot to me.What does it really mean to be affectionate? I love a man who can show his feelings to me anytime, anywhere without having to be shy. And a man who knows how to be affectionate is a big plus. I love it tenderly.

This may be an odd, but I've learned that there are many people who put in their way. They have a way to open things and never proposed or advice. Stubborn people are a big turn off for me. I like a man who is open to ideas, thoughts, and basically. I consider to be sensitive also means sensitivity. A man who is ignorant, mean, and just plain insensitive is difficult to get along.

I would say that I'm not afraid to show my feelings. I want someone who is sensitive and caring. If I'm sad, I like him to comfort me and much better. He has not much to do, but just knowing that he comforted me is more than good enough.

Have you ever had someone not stand up for you? I was deeply hurt when someone I once knew would not stand up for me, even after he told me that he loves me .. I would never let anyone hurt my friend or my husband and I would always stand up for him. One thing I always do is to protect everyone.

My dear I think I have written you almost everything about me and I hope that you will like everything you've read about me, I will stay here until I hear from you

Well I can not wait to hear from you.

Letter 4

Hello John,
Its 1:49AM in the morning and i'm wide awake. I got all your mail and will reply them all. You have really said so much sweet words to me that i can hardly get my mind off you. I will really love if this can turn out to be something good for us. I open to all possibilities having children. It depends on what my husband wants. I have been using my mom's cell phone ever since i got to her place, so i have limited access to it... lol, but i can make use of it whenever i want to. I wanted to ask if you have children, but it obviously skipped my mind. I have never been married, but i have been into various relationship that didn't turn out good. I have really been praying to good to give me a good and serious man, and this is one reason i decided to register on a Christian dating site. I am very glad i got to meet you there and i hope you are just the perfect man for me. so far, you have been so sweet and its so difficult to resist a man like you. I do not have any siblings. I am the only child of my parent. I actually thought i mentioned that in my first mail to you. I do not only love to hold hands in public, i can also kiss my husband in public. As long as i know you are the right person, then i am ready to do anything that will put a smile on my husband's face.

Letter 5

Dear John
I'm so sorry for calling you Dave. While i was typing my last mail to you, my mum was asking me if i had booked an appointment with her therapist who's name happens to be Dave, and while answering her and typing, i mistakenly typed Dave. Didn't notice until you mentioned it. I'm sorry.
I understand your message ...
I feel very happy to read it and I like the kind of person you are.
You're my kind of man who i can love and spend time with ...

I think I have a good feeling for you, and I think we can have a wonderful time together with love and understanding ..
I want you to know that I do. Because of a serious dependency that are looking full of love
I am a loving lady ... I give my heart to a man, when I'm in love with him ...
I will also be your best friend ... I like how we started, and I want us to continue that maybe after a few weeks we can come together and finally have our ways ...
I want you to promise never to hurt me ...
I want to promise you never let me down ..
I want you to promise never to break my heart ...
John, i am totally sorry i did not reply you immediately. I was busy making Lunch for my mom and also did some little house chores.

I'll tell my mother about you, and know her opinion ..
You are a great man of honor, and I want to be a part of you ...

Let me know in your answer, what do you think of me. Am so sure i will hear from you soon, and i am eagerly waiting for it.

Much cares


Letter 6

Hey Sweetheart,

I have been checking my mail over and over again waiting to receive a mail from you. How are you and how i was your night? I woke up with smiles on my face and so much joy in my heart. I kept on reading your mails over and over again. wow, you have said so much sweet words to me and now i can't get you off my head. I guess you are busy at work now. I will be patient till i hear from you again. Have a wonderful day at work and make sure you don't stress yourself. I want you to know you have someone who cares so much about you and would love to snuggle with you on the couch and watch TV together. Mom also sends her regards.
Have a wonderful day

Letter 7

Hey Honey,
Anything i read your mails, i laugh so hard my mom's always curious to see why am that happy. She told me the last time she saw me this happy was when my dad was still alive. She is really curious to meet that man behind all these. She told me to be careful, but i assured her you are not a man that will hurt me. One prayer i keep praying is that all these doesn't come to an end. I asked you if you have any children, but i'm sure you forgot. You were carried away with the sweet words you want to tell me. You are really sweet John, and i pray God blesses you abundantly for making me happy once again.


Letter 8

Hello Honey,
Sorry i am just writing you back. I was a little stressed yesterday, so i hit the bed early. I woke some minutes ago and you had to see how i rushed to my system to come and check for your mails.I am always filled with so much happiness and i can't just help but to smile while reading your mails. I know God has answered our prayers, and it is left for us to make this good thing permanent. Its so cool you have a son. He is all grown now. I will definitely share the bad experiences when the time comes. I really love the camping pictures, and i also love your Rig. I know i will get to spend time with you in the Rig. I wish i could just come over and spend the weekend with you. I am really sorry about your folks, i know how it feels. It took me a long time to get over my fathers death. I will attach a picture of me my mum took for me when we went for a late night work last night. I hope you love them cause they are only random pictures.
Love and cares

Letter 9

Hey Honey,

I am happy you can see all you want in me. I am happy i am the type of partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with. I work out to keep my stature ;) and i also eat very healthy food. Thanks for always reminding me how beautiful i am. I don't only want to be beautiful, but i want to be the beautiful wife of John C. Sharp. I also took a cup of coffee with some toast for breakfast. I love you so much. Holding me will definitely make me feel better. What are your plans for today sweetie?

Letter 10

Hey honey,

hmmmnnn... your breakfast sounds yummy. Thank you so much for wanting to make me your wife, and i promise never to let you down. Our love will definitely grow as the day goes by. I will try not to be shy when talking to you. I can see you have got the day all planned out. I will be taking my mom to see the doctor for check up today. she has an appointment with her. Make sure you don't get carried thinking about me while you are at work okay... lol. Love you so much John, i really mean. I love you so much.

Letter 11

My love,
My mom just said she jealous of us... lol. she said i have been smiling and sending mails since i woke up. Well, she's really happy for us. I will be taking mom for her check up soon. She has partial stroke and high blood pressure. Baby, you will never lose me okay. I will always be with you till we grow old. I have checked and i am proud to tell you i am not diabetic.
I'm sure you have been thinking about me and doing your yard work now. I love you so much and i mean it with all my heart, body and even my soul... lol


Letter 12

Hey baby,

We just got back from the clinic. Her check up went well, but he doctor told me i have to keep an extra eye on here because her blood pressure is on the high side. I have prayed to God and i know nothing wrong will happen to her. I guess by now, you be either rounding up your yard work or probably done with it. Honey, make sure you get some rest okay. I love you so much. I just can't stop thinking and asking myself if this is really happening. I love you so much baby. Can't wait ill we finally meet and see. My heart beats so much for you John. You are God's sent to my life.

Letter 13

Hey Honey,

Will pizza do you for the night? How i i wish i could just come and make you some good and healthy dinner. Wow, do you know you are so cute? I love the picture so much and i love you too. I am also blessed to have you in my life John. You are just a wonderful man. You put smile son my face and say beautiful things to me. Are you thinking of driving over here to see us? That will actually be the happiest moment of life this year. Lol, i am going to ping you as much as you want me to, You are a gift of God to me, and i am so happy to have you in my life. I hope you haven't hit your bed yet. I hope i get to read again from you before i go to bed. I love you so much, and will forever do.
Kisses and hugs

Letter 14

Hey Sweetie,

Sorry i went to be a little bit early again last night. Was tired. Not easy taking are of my mom, but i love it. Nice you had a power nap after the loads of work you did. I'm sure that was going to refresh you. Wish i was around to give a massage. Sorry, my Full name is Marylin Cathlyn Bram. You can stay over in my place when you come. My mom will really want you to stay with us. Its going to be fun. I always thank for bringing you into my life. You don't know how much i am grateful to God for giving me you. My mom specifically told me to thank God always for the new beautiful gift he has given to me. I love you so much John

Letter 15

Hey baby,

Well she is doing fine. Mom has been giving some medications to calm her down. The Doctor has given me a grace to pay up the balance by morning. I just need to clear the bills for other visit and pay some deposit for today's visit and the time she has to spend here. I don't want to be aware of all these because i know my mom, it will worsen her case. She's going to freak out and i don't want her to. I have to pay at least a balance of $980 now to be rest assured she is will be giving all necessarily treatment. You don't have to stay up all cause of me. If you need to sleep, please do. I love you so much... Kisses.

Letter 16

I love you too and i miss you. I think i agree with coming over to your place. My mom really needs her medications. Please can we just get her well before talking about coming to stay over at your place? I love you too and i really miss you. Please don't let me down again and put a smile on my face.


Letter 17

Hey Honey,

Have you disappeared again. Please talk to me please. Love you

Letter 18

Okay get some rest okay. You want to send some what and put in my account or my moms? I don't get that part. John, i can't skype here okay. I'm the doctors place. If you can't help, why don't you just say it. I hate the fact i am disturbing you and still not getting anything positive. I really don't like. Have a lovely rest. Talk to you later

Love you

Letter 19

Hey Honey,

How are you. I just woke up and saw all your mails. Thank you so much, you make me feel so loved . I truly love you and will never stop loving you. Baby, don't worry about the money okay. I thing i learnt from my dad is never to settle for less. You know how is needed. I don't want you to help us out of self pity. What will be will be. This is just a trying period in our lives, and the bible says there will be trials and tribulations, but we'll surely overcome them. So i am sure me and my mom will over come this. What will be will definitely be. How was your night baby? Hope you slept good. I miss you and i really mean it. Do you have any plans for today? About the camping, i will love to go and i hope my mom is okay by then. Hope to hear from you soon. Kisses and hugs

Love you so much and thanks for all the care and support.

Letter 20

Hey John,
You never seize to amaze me. Now i just confirmed my mom is right. You don't care about me. You are just like the other pervs out there. Please i want to spend my birthday alone with my mom. You are actually asking me if we are still at the clinic. That is so mean incase you don't know. After i told you we had to leave the clinic and has been at the doctors place. John you obviously know why we were kicked out but you obviously shy away from it. Concerning skype, mom said you should abort the request you sent to her cause never wants to see you on her list, and she wants me to stop talking to you. We are not beggars. We won't allow just because we need help. Just remembered you said you are a christian. Christians don't act this way, and i am so much disappointed.

Letter 21

I never said you don't have my heart again. Please all i want to hear is that you cannot help in this my moms present situation. But i want you to know if my mom dies, the love i have for you dies to, and i will never in my entire life love any man again.

Letter 22


Am sorry, but mom won't let me use her Skype. Never. Now i see where all this is coming from. You think i am not real. Its okay. Just forget it then.

Letter 23

I just told you not to bother again. Didn't i? My mom is right and you are also right too. But i will just stick to my mom. I see sense in what she's saying.

Letter 24

Did you just say all these to me John? Wow... Thank you very much okay.

Letter 25

Hey babe,

You said you were coming over. I gave been here waiting your email telling me you around. You need to see my mom. I am so scared and don't know what to do. Thank God for the doctor that came to check on her yesterday evening and couldn't leave her in her condition and took her to her place to at least put an eye on her. I love you so much and i am not happy with all these you are doing. I can't believe you can leave me to face all these all by myself. Its so unfair. I love you


Letter 26

You are just a single and frustrated man. Wait, i am not linger interested in you okay. Just leave my life alone. I'm not ready to get married to a man that will threaten me. See john, if you want to forward anything to the police, please its my pleasure okay. When you do and we go to court, we will see who will loose. Guess i didn't tell you i studied Law. You will make know to me if i collected a dime from you. Its my choice to call whosoever on skype. And since i am not interested in you, then i will never call you. And please stop mailing me and move on with your life. You are just a lonely and frustrated man. I don't deserve a harsh like you. You are a threat and my life can never be alright with you. Thank God all these came up before i got too close to you. Please do whatever you want to do. See you in court.

Letter 27

John, i truly have feelings for you, but you don't want to understand my own point. John I love you and i will always love you. You wanted to help me with 700.00 without seeing my face, but all of a sudden you became keen on seeing me on skype. My mom is already involved in this and she has warned me not call anyone on skype. I totally understand her and she also said she doesn't have to want to have something without helping someone. She said if she was in your shoes, she will help no matter what. At least she will do it for God. John, she has told me not to contact you again and wait for our inheritance from the lawyer. She promised me to be strong and assured me i won't loose her John now the problem here againis that the lawyer has said we have to pay some fees to the security company holding my dad's money. Please I do not need your money here. Whatever you feel you can assist with, just tell me. If its the $300 dollars you promised, please just help me send it to the lawyer. Please don't do this cause of anything, do this cause of God. And i promise to come over to your place as soon as the funds are cleared into my account and after i have sorted out my moms bills. I make the promise to you with the whole of my heart. If you think i am not going to come see you or pay you back. Just let God judge. I still love you John, i swear, i do.


Letter 28

Okay baby, I love you so much and i mean it too. Just let me know when you are back and let me know how much you can send. Please make it something tangible, and also try to make it get to the lawyer today. please get back to me as soon as you can. I love you so much, and i promise to make things right and also surprise and put smiles on your face.

Letter 29

Hi John,

I just got all your messages now. I have not forgotten you and will never forget. My mom really got upset about the last mail i sent you. She feels i am disobeying her all because of a man who is not man enough to fulfill his promises. She feels you are just a waste of time and wants me to stop talking to you which i made her understand i can't. I have been running around to see if i can get some money across to the lawyer, but all seems negative. The only person willingly to give me some money wants to have sex with me before he does, and i can never do that. I'm a woman of integrity, and will never do something of that nature. I have faced with another problem now. The lawyer told me again that the money cannot be transferred to my account because its a very new account, and my mom's account has been dormant for a while. I brought up an ideal we should use you since i love you and want to marry you, but she said we can't. She feels you are not serious and can't be trusted. I am just in a confused state. I need my dad. Don't know where to get money to send to the lawyer. Don't have an account for the transfer and i can't make it to Malaysia cause of my mom's condition and lack of funds. Can't you just see the amount of problems a little girl like me has? I know God will make a way.