Scam letter(s) from Olga Krasnoperova to Roy (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my love, my love! How are you today?! As at-report
You weather?! How there has passed day? Whether you thought of me?! As
You slept today?! At me all is normal. Yesterday, when I have come home,
That I laid down in a bed which was cold and empty as not
Was in my bed you. I long laid with open eyes and thought
About us, I would think somewhat quicker we were together, we could kiss, embrace,
To rejoice to each day where we together! I thought of our future, about that
As we with you will walk, bathe in the summer, to go to the cinema as though
To both of us for 17 years :) to go on shops, to joke with each other,
To laugh! Together to sleep, to open eyes in the morning and to look that we
Together, to see each other on the person of a smile, light our enamoured
Eye! Together to Look as the sun rises over horizon and as leaves for
Horizon with leaving day! You only it present! And still to lay on
To coast of lake at night and to look at the star sky and to dream!! It very much
Perfectly! You present it please! As it would be good! Mine
The sun, I love you madly! You are necessary to me only! I want that we
Always were together! I want it all soul and heart!!! When I read
The letter that me is overflowed with feelings even if I am very strongly tired on
To work, I all the same think of you as I love you! The sun you
Mine, a bear you I if you knew as now to me does not suffice you, as
I now would like to nestle on your ******, to feel your strong and
In too time gentle hands which will never release me from
The embraces, you are necessary to me only my treasure, my man.
I wish to be with you! I achieve it! I cannot more without
You, you so do not suffice me! I so would like to kiss you very much
Very gently!! To tell to you it is very silent in an ear: "My darling, I LOVE YOU"
I wish to look in your eyes, I am confident that your eyes will to look
On me with passion and love!
The darling I am very happy that you can to help to pay to me a trip.
I love today went to a tourist bureau and asked as they accept payment for their services.
They to me have told that they accept cash. After I pay in it cash I conclude with them the contract and they start to do to me all documents. The darling at me is the bank account.
On it you can transfer money for my account:
My bank account:
The bank name: OAO "ALPHA BANK"
BIK bank: 044525593
Full name of the client: Krasnoperova Olga Aleksandrovna
Account number: usd: 408 178 403 088 100 022 03
Name: Olga
Surname: Krasnoperova
The country: Russia
City: Ufa
The address: street Mira 14 apartment 37
The postal index: 450 000
You necessarily should send money in currency "dollar". I as have learnt that there are different ways of transfer of money. You can send money "the express train in the way" - I will receive money already next day and there is "a usual way" - I will receive money through 3 - 5 days.
For us it is better if you send money "the express train in the way" because my holiday will begin already soon and I need as soon as possible to start to do documents. If you can, send to me a copy of the receipt of remittance.
When early in the morning I open eyes I think of you when I go on
Work, I think of you. When I go to bed I think of you, and at night
To me to act in film dreams only about you!!! I hope at you as! My sun
You so do not suffice me! You and only you do me happy! I
I love you!!! And now I should go urgently home and to make a supper! I
I love you! Yours Olga.
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