Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Emmanuel (France)
Letter 1

Hello dear Emmanuel! Thank you for the pic, I find you attractive!
How are you? Is it smile on your face? I hope so, because I'm smiling, and I'm happy to hear from you! I have to say to you, that I am new in the Internet, and I could not imagine myself, that my message to you will give result, and I'll find your letter so fast!
You surely is very interested how have I found your e-mail address.
It's simple. The Internet Cafe worker had sent my letter onto 100 casual addresses that computer program had offered. I have got answers from three people - a girl from Israel, a man from China and you, my new friend.
I'm not interested in women, and a man from China wasn't interested in serious relationship, and the third one is you and I would like to communicate with you. Ok, my name is Yekaterina, I'm 27 years old, but I won't begin to re-tell to you all information, which was in my previous letter, I just want to remind you, that I'm from Russia, I was born in Russia, and I live there now. So, I live in Ivanovo now, it is a small city not far from Moscow. I was born there, but I lived in Moscow after finishing Pedagogical academy, but I had to move to my native town, Ivanovo, 2 years ago,
after death of my father, because my mother needed my help. But now I think, that it was right choice, and I am not sad about it. So, I have to say, that I am sorry for so short letter, but I have to go now (frankly speaking, I thought, that you won't answer, and I came to the Internet Cafe only to check my mail), and I have to say to you, that I am very glad to keep our conversation, and feel free to ask me, what you want to know about me, I'll be happy to answer to every your questions. I am sending my picture to you, it was made year ago by my friend from Moscow, she is professional photographer,
and she made few pictures of me, it was funny to feel, like professional model :) So, I am waiting for your letter to my e-mail: and I won't let you to wait my answer!
Bye! Yekaterina.
Letter 2

Dear Emmanuel! Thank you for the new pictures!
I am very glad to get your letter today, and I have to say, that I'm happy, that I have decided to communicate via Internet. It is very interesting way of communication, and it is rather new for me. But I have to say, that I am not looking for pen-friend, I want to say,
that my intentions are very serious, and I look for my second half,
and (I hope, if we with my chosen one will want it both) future husband.
I haven't children and have never been married before, I have my own special reasons for it, may be I'll tell to you about it later.
I hope you'll understand me, and if it is only the game for you (I don't think so... but...), tell me about it, please, and may be it will be better for us to stop our conversation, because I don't want to get hurt. I have to say, that I am very interested in you,
I want to know you better and to understand you, what kind of man you are... And to decide, was I right or not, when I have written to you. So, what else can I say... I work as an English teacher in the school#5 of Ivanovo. I'm 1 m 70 sm tall, my weight is 53 kg.
My favorite flowers are orchids, but I'd love when my man brings me flowers, which he picked up, and it doesn't matter what kind of flowers it is. I like tender colors, such as pink and pastel tones.
I like to watch movies at home, some TV shows of course, and sometimes sport channel, but not often, because I have to say, that watching sport alone is not interesting for me. I like outdoors activity,
but I have no opportunity for it. I like to walk in the park and to read books there when the weather is good and warm and I have a free time. My small town - Ivanovo - is 3 hours far from Moscow. By the way,
I have never been abroad. I live with mum in 2 room-apartment on 7-th floor. I used to work and help my family from my childhood.
I believe that God will give me sometime happiness to love and to be loved! Well, what else can I tell you...? I have a quiet character.
I love the nature, flowers, different music (it depends on my mood),
sports (swimming and dancing the most). But especially I like to prepare meat and to bake pies. Unfortunately I don't have a man for which it would be desirable to do. Please, do not play with me, do not damage my feelings! In my turn I want to ask you some questions to understand you better. Please, tell me more about your work and friends, I want to learn more about your family and life in your country. Emmanuel, I am waiting for your answer with impatience!
Your new friend Yekaterina.
Letter 3

Dear Emmanuel!
Thank you for your letter today! You know, when I went to the Internet Cafe, and I watched the streets, trees, people, I have felt, that the Spring finally came to Russia! The weather was still cold, but I felt, that ice on my heart is melting, and feelings, I forgot about, are waking up too... And of course, I began to think about you, and if would not find your letter, I would feel myself worse. But I have found it, and my mood became much better. It is so amazing, I feel, that I can everything now, may be even to fly! I feel like a little girl, but it is a pity,
but I have to fly from the sky to the ground. I'll have a hard work day today, I came to the Internet Cafe at lunch time, because I think,
that I won't have power to write to you in the evening. But I know,
that today I'll do my best, and everything will be alright, because I have got so many positive energy now. I want to tell you that you're very good man and I like you very much. I hope, that my letters brings to you a little part of my warmth, which I am trying to put in it,
because you make me feel not so lonely now. I'd like to tell you about my ordinary day here. It is rather boring for you, I can say. I work as an English teacher in ordinary school for kids from 7 to 16 years old.
I work 5 days a week, and sometimes on weekends, I work from 9-00 to 19-00 every day. I'm going on-line in the evening or sometimes in the morning,
sometimes I use my lunch time to write to you, because I can't wait to see,
will you answer or not. I use Internet Cafe to write to you, because I have no computer at home, I even have no phone at home, but it is ordinary thing in Russia. What else I can to say, I don't want to talk with you about my things here, they are simple, and every new day is like the same. You know,
as we say here in Russia, we don't live, we have to survive :) So, I have to survive every day - in the morning, when I use bus to go to work, because Russian men don't know how to let woman to sit down in the full bus. I have some rest on my job, I like it, but my salary is about 1500 USD in year...
After my work, I have to think, how to save some money, and to buy cheapest and useful for me food, how to make tasty dinner with this. Oh, this thoughts sounds silly for you, may be... And when long day finally comes to the end, I read books, or watch TV a little, and when I go to bed, because I have to wake up at 7-00 to be able to get to my work.
And that's all, I forgot only visiting pool 2 or 3 times in week. Did I get you bored already? I hope not, but it is my life here. By the way my birthday is on December,28. I'm the only child of my mother and I haven't any brothers or sisters. I have to go now, I will wait for your respond impatiently.
Yours Yekaterina.
Letter 4

My dear Emmanuel! Thank you for the orchids!
How are you today, honey? I'm fine, but I could not wait for this moment, I wanted to go to the Internet Cafe faster, because I needed to see your letter today! I want to say to you, that I LOVE knowing,
that you think about me! I have to say, that sometimes I think about our first meeting, how could it be? If we did not meet each other in the Internet, and somewhere... I don't know, may be even on the street, we could only to look on each other, and would go for our business, and in this case I would not know you so close, as I know you now, and may be you could forget about me after few minutes... And may be.... But I write you, and you write me, and it brings us pleasure, and I hope, as many as for me. Oh, my dear, I want to say to you so much! I have to go back for a work right now, it makes me sad, but thoughts about you will help me today, and when I'll go to sleep, I hope, I'll see dream about us together! It should be wonderful!
I'm very glad, that you want to know more about me. I wrote to you,
that I was not married, and my last relations have finished 2 years ago. Do you want to know why?! My boyfriend was very rich, and spoilt.
He did not see woman in me, he did not interest my inner world (as all men in Russia). We have such phrase - "To live, like the bird in a gilded cage", and I don't want to live like this bird. I want that man,
which will be loved by me, could estimate my love, my care about him.
I can say, that there is not so many interesting things in my life here, but the most important thing, that there was nothing,
that I could shame in my past. I live honest and decent life, and I hope, that my life will change to the best in future, and many of my hopes I connect with you, my sweet Emmanuel.
P.S. I want to give you my mail address in case you want to write me an ordinary letter:
Lenin St., 8-18,
Ivanovo, Russia
I miss you! Your Yekaterina.
Letter 5

My dearest man Emmanuel!
Thank you for the picture, I like to get them from you very much!
How are you today? It was so wonderful to get so amazing letters from you! I re-read all of them, from first to last, and I love it so much!
I have forgotten, that someone could tell me so wonderful words, as you, and I have to thank you for it! I love your words, and when I read it, I feel something in my heart, something what makes me smile,
when I think about you, something, what makes me hurry to the Internet Cafe to see you letter... Oh, it is so beautiful feeling! I forgot,
that I felt something like this, may be, when I was a young girl, and I went to the my first appointment. Thank you for it! You know, when I think about us, I understand, that I need you in my life, that I already feel, that we have some kind of intimacy between us, may be I am mistaken? I don't know, I want to ask you... Do you feel the same?
I need to know it, and also I need to find answer on one question: may be we were created for each other? If it is true, I want it to come reality, our reality, I know, that you can show me beautiful world of feelings, which I forgot about, and which were in my heart, and wait only for you... You waked it up, and now I don't know what to do... I need to know, what do you think about it, I'm waiting for you decision, it is all, what I can to do!
Your Yekaterina.
Letter 6

Dear Emmanuel!
You know, I just wanted to tell you, to show you my great desire,
I can say, dream, I thought from early childhood about. About my dream to travel somewhere, but it was impossible for me, and as you know, I have never been abroad, but enough about dreams! It was tactless for me, to write to you about it, and to show you my dreams, which worthy only little girl, and not woman, as I am. But I was on the seventh sky from this dream, and I just thought, that it will be great idea to visit you in my first time, when I'll be outside of Russia.
I am happy! Do you really want me to arrive!? If you saw as my mum was delighted! She wants for me the better life, than I can have here,
and it is very pleasant for me. Dear Emmanuel! Write please once again,
that your intentions very serious, now, it the most important!!! And if it is valid, and, in your next letter you'll confirm that, I'll go to Moscow to the travel agency(my aunt works there), to find out, how can I arrive to you, my dear Emmanuel! Honey Emmanuel - you give to me new breath and hope on a new life!!! Is it really truth?????????????????????
Having concealed breath I wait for your answer impatiently, Yekaterina.
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