Letter(s) from Nadezhda to G. D. (Canada)

Letter 1

HI My friend.
George I am very glad, that you have answered mine the letter.
I want to tell to you about myself on more detailed. I live with mum in a small small house. We have kitchen garden and a facilities.
I do not have not brothers not sisters. I the daddy has died five years ago, of heart attack. He worked for me with mum much and his heart has not sustained. I already wrote, that I have stopped to study and this started to work the ambassador tragical events.
I work in a museum in the city of Almetyevsk, but I live in suburb. Almetyevsk is not ours the native land. Yes I was born to Almetyevsk. But mine parents have arrived from the Far East. They lived on Sakhalin. The father have transferred on work to Almetyevsk, and they with mum began to live here. He worked the engineer. All friends and relatives have remained there. To Almetyevsk I do not have relatives. Sometimes we are copied, last time we saw 5 years ago.
Mine mum is the unique person close to me. I very much love her and I respect. She already on pension.
At us a small prosperity, and I cannot dare to buy a computer. My close girlfriend Katya allows me to use her computer, and I can read yours letters, and write to you the. We with Katya are very close, she to me as the sister.
My growth of 177 centimeters, my weight of 52 kgs. I was born on August, 18, 1979. This year to me 26 years will be executed. But everyone speak me, that I look much more youngly. I very much love sports and walks. In summer days in the evenings, I go on jog, and in the winter I am engaged in a sports hall. I have my loved dog Naida. It every evening runs with me. Still I very much love navigation, time in a week I visit pool. Two times I go to a week on aerobics and fitness. I think that about the health and the figure should care from early age.
I always watch for the health and a figure. I use only a non-polluting product.
We have kitchen garden in which we raise vegetables and fruit. Therefore we almost always have fresh products.
Everyone in the morning I do gymnastics. And still I very much like to walk in a wood. In a wood always pure and fresh air, is a lot of trees. Walks in a wood it is very useful and beautiful. I like to collect berries and mushrooms, and then itself I do jam.
I do not use alcohol and I do not smoke. At leisure I like to go to cinema and to visit theatre. I am interested very much with a history and natural sciences.
On the days off I go to school theatre and I work with children. We put small theatrical statements. As our children sing and dance. Sometimes we go in children's homes and and we arrange concerts.
I very much love children, and in every possible way I render them care. At us many which children were thrown by parents. I do not understand, how it is possible to throw the child. I very much like to prepare, and many speak, that at me very well it turns out. When at mine the girlfriend was wedding, dishes on a wedding table have asked to prepare for me. I with pleasure have helped her. They wanted to give me of money, but I have not taken. I have told, that she mine the girlfriend and me it was pleasant to help her.
I have much written to you and if mine the letter tires you, tell, and I shall write on less. It is interesting to me to learn about you more.
Tell please, that you like to do At a leisure, what your loved by cinema, music as you concern to the nature. What your loved a dish and as you concern to animals.
With impatience I wait your following the letter.
Your friend Nadya.
P.S. George I send you my photo, and I hope, that you will send me to.
I want to apologize that I so for a long time answered you, but I already spoke you, that I have no computer. If I shall not answer for a long time, do not worry, and do not think, that I have forgotten you, I am simple have no regular access to a computer.

Letter 2

Hi My Dear Friend.
That happened, why you to me do not write.
I miss, please answer me.
Yours Nadya.

Letter 3

Hi George.
I again have received yours the letter, and it pleases me. I do not know as you concern to our correspondence, but it is very pleasant for me, that at me the new friend has appeared.
It is very interesting to me about that what at you a life. I to want, that you have written about your city. I to watch on TV about your cities, they very big and beautiful. I to think that at you in city is a lot of museums and theatres, I to want, that you to tell to me about it. I to hear, that women in your country are engaged in work and do not care of family. Women in our country to love children and to be engaged in domestic affairs. For them their career is more important. It is the truth? It is very difficult to understand to me it. I think, creation of family it is very important in a life and it are impossible, to play feelings of other people. Ours cities not such big as at you. The biggest city is Moscow. In it even there is a underground.
Speak that Moscow very big and beautiful city, I saw it only on the TV. Ours Almetyevsk, not such big, but very beautiful city. In it is a lot of parks, museums and theatres. And this spring have opened the first branch of the underground. Almetyevsk there is directly near to great Russian river Volga. Volga very beautiful and very big river. With friends, in the summer, we frequently go on coast of the river and when warmly we bathe.
Sometimes I Drive on coast of children with our theatrical a mug. On the nature with them it is difficult. They continually strive to jump in water, or to climb on a tree. Small children it is very big care and the responsibility, but very much it is pleasant to me.
I love our nature. I like any season. But most of all I love autumn, as Pushkin.
I am confident, that you heard about the great Russian writer who with unusual love described Russian nature. You have certainly understood, that Pushkin my favourite writer. At him I studied to appreciate and love world surrounding us.
Tell to me please about your city, about yours the nature. I want to know what your favourite writer. One great person has told, that about the person it is possible to learn much if to know that he reads.
Unfortunately I should finish the the letter. Already late, and tomorrow it is necessary to rise early on work.
Good night and kind dreams.
I hope soon to receive your following the letter.
Your distant friend.
P.S. George I send you a photo.
It's me and my girlfriend, I hope, that it is pleasant to you.

Letter 4

Hi My Dear friend.
George I am glad to receive again yours letter. About everyone new I understand the letter, that we become closer. I start to trust you even more.
I did not correspond earlier earlier when, there is nobody. I also did not know that it so interestingly. I am confident, that I can soon trust you the most personal ideas. Even those about which I do not talk with mum.
But for me correspondence with you it not simply pleasant pastime. Certainly about it early to speak, but I hope to find the person with which it is possible to create family.
When I have seen your structure, I not at once have paid to you attention. But then later when I have thumbed through many pages I again have casually got on your structure. And you me has very much interested.
Understand, that I do not want to hurry event, I think that we should learn better each other. Please write to me, with what purpose you placed the structure in on a site of acquaintances. You search for serious relations, or is simple for the sake of entertainment. Inform me please, why you have decided to get acquainted through the Internet instead of what to get acquainted in the street. It is important for me to know. I think, that on streets it is impossible to meet the person who can trust.
When you meet the person in the street he it is not frank enough with you. He tries to like you not such what he is actually. He tries to look another. You understand about what I? And when you correspond with the person difficultly to be another, before you there is no person, you do not look him in the face, alone with the ideas, and such what you are in a life.
I want, that you would know, I was more with anybody not to a kind correspondence. I do not want to choose the best, I want the one whom me to present destiny.
The most important, I ask trust, know, that you can trust me completely.
George I with impatience wait yours the letter.
Your friend Nadya.
Far lonely heart.

Letter 5

Hi my dear friend!!!
George I to want to ask you, how you affairs? I am very pleased, that you always to answer me. I with impatience read your letter. I at once to read it is very fast, and then slowly, already beforehand considering all your remarkable words.
I to know, to that you to interest, however a problem to make so I call, whether it is valid? Unfortunately, I to not have phone, though it - very necessary thing in the house. Unfortunately, we with mum cannot buy and establish phone. In Russia not for, everyone has phones to have phone of a house as far as necessary to pay it is a plenty of money. Certainly, I would like to speak with you, but me the disorder. I was not so good to know the English language, but me to understand not so. It would be all the same healthy. You to want it? Certainly, it is good, when connect not only letters, but also and words. And on the other hand, it is possible to see in it in the friend. I to explain to you. For example, you to call, to each other, but as, we well can understand each other, I shall think it for us to arise the disorder. When I to go to school, in a lesson of the English language we to listen to a cartridge with conversation in English. I then was badly to understand w!
ords and feeling conversations. I very much to change, that it is bad to understand the English language. And more I think, that I should be hardly mysterious.
When I to look pictures in a museum, I to think of you. I to present, as though we with you are located in a picture. Around of us beautiful flowers, also bright lights of the sun. I to present, that I to make to you a wreath of colors, that we go on a soft grass, I to collect flowers. It was very beautiful dream. I to dream and time have passed very quickly.
The beginnings to be relative I to speak with returning by a life, to look in the future. I always to think of you and about your letters. I to think, that you the good person.
I feel pleasure when I have yours e-mail, I think of you, and sometimes I have, is sad, when I think, that we are far.
Sometimes, when I to go, I see various people of pairs, I look, as they close each other, I feel loneliness. I was not present I know, whether you have feeling of loneliness. If you also feeling of it then you understand me and know, it frequently. I am very pleased, that I to meet you. I can write to you ideas. It is good, when there is a person which will support always and to understand You, will help at any time to you and to console you.
I would like to study your opinion doing our acquaintances by more serious. With each letter I, as though the approach you.
I shall wait your letters, and to dream of you. Care.
Your good friend Nadya

Letter 6

Hi My Dear.
George How you today? How yours mood?
Mine mood very good because I have received yours the letter.
Today I felt, that I shall receive from you the letter. When I since the morning have woken up I felt, that there will be a good day.
So it also is. Today very good weather, and the working day has passed well. But the most important I have received yours the letter.
Your letters each time cheer me up. I try to leave work each time on earlier what to check up the letter box, in hope to find out yours the letter. Certainly I cannot go every day to Katya, she has private life. But I try even once in two days.
Yesterday I at last have told the to mum about you. I for a long time was afraid to tell to her, I thought, that she will not understand me.
But she has told that I have made a correct choice. She speaks, that to her has carried to meet my father. He was the good person, the loving husband and loving father. She speaks what presently difficultly to find the present the man.
I have read to her some fragments of your letters, and she liked that as you think. She has told, that you the good person, and to me has very much carried, that I have got acquainted with you.
I speak her, that I when did not doubt it.
Still mum has told, that now she has understood, why I so have changed. She speaks, that I began more cheerful, and cheerful. Even on work have noticed it. I think, that thanking you I a life has changed. Earlier in mine the life was only work. And now in mine a life you have appeared. I now for some reason live not only for the sake of mum and, I now live for the sake of the future. Earlier in my life there were moments when I lost hope to find happiness. During those moments I not veins, and existed. When I have lost the father, have lost the favourite person, have left study, I have thought, that began true a life, full of a pain, losses and disappointments. I have thought, that was not present what future, there is only a severe present.
But now I have understood, that the life is full also of the good moments. You have brought in mine a life pleasure. Each yours the letter, this letter from another a life, more good and kind. I do not want you to frighten, but I start to become attached to you. Now I do not present myself as I shall lie to sleep, if not I shall read yours the letter. Now I need in you.
Please write to me more likely.
I with impatience wait your following the letter.
Take care.
For ever yours.

Letter 7

My friend I so that to be pleased, that you to not pass, to write to me. I ask, that you have written to me everything, me you cannot change. Your secrets will not leave further. I to be capable to hold secrets. In me everything to be usual. It is very pleasant for hearing to me, that you also to not transfer me and to think of me. Even sometimes. It is very interesting to study to me in each letter something new. It to make us almost absolutely familiar. In me such sensation, that as though we with you already to meet. And you how to think concerning it? But however it is very interesting how to pass your day, how to go your business? Well, now I to want to ask you, what for you there new, whether - all good? Before former work of people, on former alive. Actually it - to be new. Who could to give me love and to burn mine heart.
Excuse me which has written a little once again, Today I would like to study your opinion concerning children.
I very much similarly to children, the some people my familiar have them, and I have big Pleasure when I look how they to care of them. Sometimes, When my friends leave in the evening for cinema or cafe, they leave The child in me of a house about which I cared and cared of him while they No. Then I have great pleasure to show care About the child. I would like to have children, my friends speak, which I would be Good mum. Fine, tell to me please about the attitude to children.
I to not think earlier that it is possible to test pleasure from dialogue with the person which thousand miles from you. You to possess force Which attracts me. But also also frightens. I to be afraid what strongly to get used to you. But not that what I to not want it. I to be afraid that you to get tired from our attitudes and to tear with me. I to hope that I am interesting to you. And we to tell each other it is a lot of about the feeling.
With hope yours Nadya.

Letter 8

Hi my dear friend.
George I again to receive yours the letter.
I was even more to be pleased everyone new yours the letter. About everyone new I to start to understand the letter that at me to appear to you any the feeling. I to be afraid to recognize to myself. But it seems to me I to start to become attached to you. It is strange. You for thousand miles from me. And I cannot imagine a life without you. To me already poorly simply to read your letters I to want to see you, to speak with you, to look in your eyes, to feel your gentle sight at my body. But we not is an opportunity to carry out ours desire.
Today I to speak with my mum, that I am similar to start to fall in love with you. She very wise the man and to ask me, whether - to similar I you? I to inform this, it on mine yes, yes I to begin to fall in love with these people. I to inform this, that you, which most remarkable person I when or to meet. She to inform me, that I should check up feelings because she to not want it I once again, to be mistaken again, to be injured. She to see earlier all my sufferings and also it was steady for this purpose to check up it. She to inform me, that still while early to speak be relative it, I was necessary to study people better and to some extent with it to coordinate. But you see, that I do not think, that you will wound me. I completely to charge to you and even it - is more. I, it also you I shall think to understand my mother. She to wish success of us only happiness, if in us with you give the god everything to go. I shall hope for it. On it I shall stop to write to you.!
However I to want you to inform, that if you, to not receive my mail, I have as with you not, I have time to write, please, not to be overturned. As I to have it - the big work, but not awfully I shall try to write it to you as I can. Well?
I with impatience shall wait your letter which each time begins all warmer. On mine we, that everything to become closer. I to send you my most gentle kiss. I to wish you the perfect mood, happy day, the sea love in heart and smiles. I tender kiss!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Nadya.

Letter 9

Hi my love. George today I to receive your letter and to be simply happy. It to be simple explosion of emotions. All the same, as the destiny is healthy what to reduce us. I to think, that you to check up sympathy to me. Certainly we can think, that through the Internet, there can not be transferred feelings, but all the same it already it then. I which you see to think that here, that I find love. And to go in absolutely opposite. On mine I already to find love. And for me it already it - is a lot of from, that means. I to think, that during that time, that we to write each other between us to operate a spark from hope, we to begin more rallied with you. I to think, that we are necessary the friend the friend. You to borrow all my heart. I am actually constant to think of us with you, About ours LOVE!!!!
My girlfriends to speak me, that I as though to fall in love. Yes I to inform them, that is it, is valid so. I you see the adult already the woman and I am capable to make a choice. But it is valid so. I already to inform my mum, that I to feel to you and her to wish me success both the big and moderate love. I certainly for a long time to think of it, but to me to want, that you informed, that sometime we should meet. Conversation through the Internet it is certainly healthy. But I to not have an opportunity to see you present. To feel you. I to want to feel your gentle a touch, your warm loving sight. I to want to hear your kind voice. I to not hear, but I to know you to be able to speak kind and gentle words for the woman. And I to want to feel it. You in fact to know as hardly two loving hearts on big distances. I to feel like the heroine the novel. You to read " Scarlet sails "? I as main the heroine to wait the prince. I to not see him, but I to know that he somewhere!
is. Also that he to search for me. I to trust he it is necessary to find me. And to come long-awaited a meeting, and we to be together, as in a fairy tale. I to trust that you my long-awaited prince under " Scarlet sails ". The idea on it so is pleasant for me and she heats to me mine heart. We shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last from the moment of our existence. And from this dream I am simple to decrease in pleasure. Now I to come back from memoirs on the basis. Accomplished after that letters I to think we even that it is more friend to become close to the friend. And more I hope, that today to us with you there will be dreams the perfect dreams. And I so that to want it. But it for me so is not real. I to not know as us to meet. But if you to wish to learn I. I am an opportunity to go in city and to learn as to go up to you. I to not want that you to think that I to hurry events. I to do as you to tell to me. George I to wait yours the letter and to hope for yours approval.
My mum to transfer you greetings. She is very pleased that we to find each other. I to her very much about you to tell and she very good person I speak it you.
I with not patience to wait yours the message my Prince.
With LOVE, yours for ever Nadya.

Letter 10

Hi my love. George I to receive from you the letter. And I to understand, that I only to begin to live. It in us with you still sends. Now I though to find feeling in a life. I to not present it - it is more than life without you. Let this loudly to tell, but I had use to open feelings thus. Please, to not think poorly of me, is simple to fall outside of limits me feelings and me to inform my mum that probably me soon, to leave for another the country.
I to want you to tell that I very much to like to travel. When I was small to take the Daddy me on fishing and hunting. We frequently to go for city and to live in tent. But I when to not go further Almetyevsk. And I always to dream about far the country about present big travel. So it is pleasant to have an idea on that that there is a Person, for which I the desirable person and which expects, To see me. And as yours Creation has connected people, and friends will concern to To what I shall arrive to you? I would not like to create For you any inconveniences. Yesterday I have visited the agent Travel. It has told, that their organization can prepare for me Travel. It demands some weeks. They will be To be prepared for me for the passport, insurance and some other documents Then they will order for me the visa. The agent has told, that behind of the visa I should To reach to Moscow in your embassy. It has told, that now Hard to receive the visa of the tourist in your country, but them Can care, which I could receive the visa without problems. They to tell, that me will disassemble on travel to you in group of the tourist of structure, So it is easier to receive the sanction in your embassy. They will disassemble for me the visa of the visitor.
After that, it is required some times to reserve for me The ticket and to develop more convenient route of the plane. The girlfriend lives in Moscow in me. We together to study at university then she, to leave for the husband and to leave in Moscow. His name Lena, she to work in a beauty salon. She also will help me with purchase of the ticket. I have told to it, that I shall conclude with them the contract on my travel, Soon. Tomorrow I shall study from them full details to be relative Cost and necessary documents. Today I had a small Free time from my work, also had no time to study all in detail. I very much hope, my fine, that in all of us will be good, also we can to be fast number with each other. Frequently I think of it. I have various imagination concerning us two. Today remarkable day. But me it is all the same sad.
George I to think of you all night. I was bad to sleep this night. For me to be pleasant from this an idea. But me be to realize very hardly that it only mine an idea. I madly to want that it to be the truth. I to eat hardly to realize that we there is no opportunity to meet together dawn. I very much to want to awake you in the morning, to prepare for you for a breakfast. To meet you with work, and you to speak " dear I houses ". I to embrace you to tender kiss. You to have a rest the ambassador work. And then we to walk under the moon before dream. For you my PRINCE

Letter 11

Hi my love. George I at last to receive long-awaited yours the letter. I to want to know, that you, to think concerning mine The previous letter. Accomplished I to inform you, that tomorrow I to want to visit to Embassy. There I shall try to study concerning the visa in more detail.
I already to inform concerning us with you of the girlfriend and they are very grateful for me, that I to find such the man as you, and for you just as them to inform, that you also to find very good woman and the true assistant which very much would like the wife. They also to want it I to be happy with you. I to inform them, that I was possible to leave in other country. I today to meet the agent. He to tell to me complex and road of official registration of papers. I strongly to experience loved liked and for a long time to cry.
The price of all documents and works of travel agency, does 560 dollars. For me it very much a big price, I to not know that to me to do. My ideas to be confused. I to start to search money at relatives, they to not have such money. I all to tell what to leave to the love. But I to not mean that on ours ways to rise an obstacle.
I shall not do this contract. I to not know as you it to tell, it is last mine attempt to see you. I to ask you to send this money. If such money not so it is difficult for you. But I to try to find them. And it does not begin a barrier to us, tomorrow I should enter the company of travel and to conclude the contract. I shall wait very much And to hope, that we shall be together. I already to inform concerning us with you of the girlfriend and they are very grateful for me, that I to find such the man as you, and for you just as them to inform, that you also to find very good woman and the true assistant which very much would like the wife. They also to want it I to be happy with you. I to inform them, that I was possible to leave in other country. Certainly they will be absent on me just as to my mum. But all from them to understand and speak me, that I to work to cause my heart. To me to seem, which we already so - it is close to - from each other, it in me even to compress breath. I to think, that in the first we should charge to each other, you I see it for us now the most important. Accomplished I am simple to exult with happiness that a life to present me you. I to thank destiny and the god for such person as you. Yes I am in love with you and me to not want to hide it. I to want to keep you for hand and to continue a life together. I shall think, that we Care more likely the friend the friend. I to want it you to inform me also most of all. You always in my heart. I to not know dream all this, whether it is valid, only one god, I know, as Everyone will be. I all the same to hope on the best way. The justification, but I cannot Frequently write, but I shall try, as it will be in my forces. Please to not worry If !
you, to not receive my letter. If it to take place I have as, I can not write You. In me very serious day was also me very much to get tired. Well? I hope you for me not so to take offence, I should write to you so with what norm.
Yours Nadya.