Scam letter(s) from Ellen Micheal Donald to Dileep (India)

Letter 1
Nice to read back from you,
Am ellen micheal donald I was born in usa but right now in florida am 5.5ft am average,well I am in my final year studying accountancy in the college.....what else you wanna know about me?
Letter 2
Yeah am happy to read your mail,am here looking for my everlasting life companion who I can be with till the rest of my single living with my sis (angela) in florida cus am still in the college...I will like to get to know you much because I believe age is just a number and distance does not matter if truelly you are intrested in me ok?
Letter 3
Yeah baby I'd really love to have some good relationship with you so far....would you also love to go out with me?
Letter 4

***,how have you been cheated on internet?can you tell me?
Letter 5
*** I look for honest am aint a liar I will tell you the truth and I can't tell you such lie,I would rather not come to you ok?I want you to put your mind at rest you have found the love you have been waiting for ellen a true woman tho.....
Letter 6
Ok baby I will send you when my sis (angela) came back from work ok...I really wanna have real love and am happy have found you...are you real to me or you wanna deceive me?
Letter 7
***,baby am so sorry I really feel your pains darling...have also been cheated once because I lost my ex bf last year due to cancer you see we both have somethings to offer each other and I pray we both have a long way to go ok?am here for you and you are here for me add me ok?I love you.
Letter 8
My love Good Morning and how are you doing today?I hope you had a nice night darling?baby,am so happy to tell you have never fall in love the way I felt in love with you because I dreamt about you and I thought about you like I never be in love with no man,baby am using this opportunity to tell you how much am in love with you and I promise I will never hurt you in anyways......
Baby are you gonna hurt me or betray me?
Letter 9
Baby Good Morning how how was your night darling?honey,am so sorry I slept off while I was chatting with you because I have to wake up early and go to class and I hope you understand I can't never joke with your love I promise I will send you the pictures to you today by Gods grace ok?honey please come online have been waiting for you but it seems you are mad at me and am saying am so sorry once again darling,please come online I really miss you and I wanna chat with you,you are the only one that can make me happ please don't let my friends mock at me please am not happy the way you are acting to me baby..
Yours Forever
Letter 10
Hello darling how are you doing?I really can't do without you my love...I miss you and I love you
Letter 11
Honey am coming soon you know I told you am in class please bear with me?yours ever(ellen)
Letter 12
My love,my angel,my darling and my life..
I'd not know how you will feel but has the matter of fact I had to tell you this?
I'd not know how you will take it because have already told my sis this situation but she told me I own my life that I can come to you but she did not have any money to give me due to that she just paid my college fee during my final examination baby.....
My love kindly send me my flight money so I can go and start up my travelling documents and to send you all my details before friday am coming so you can know exact time am gotta arrive to indian for you to come pick me up!! My love I hope you understand me and I hope have not get you upset my love I really can't wait to be with you my dear...I love you so much ok?
Letter 13
Honey why do you have to send me this kind of email ?I really love you with all my heart and I think you also know but you should have told me before you left me online that you are going,you just left me without telling me anything and I feel you did not have me in mind or may be you have forgotten about me that's why am so sad honey.
Am very sorry if I might wrong you in any ways and in any manners and I want you to know I will always love you no matter what and please I want you to know am totally differents to the womens on net who are not faithful and honest.
Am honest and am faithfull to you my sweetheart....I really love you baby and I will continue to love you though?
Letter 14
My angel,my love and mine forever!
Good Morning Dear and how are you doing this sunday my love?I really appreciate your effort and am so happy you really wanna meet me in person baby?
I really love you so much because you have not let me down or regret loving you my really greatfull amd am happy because you make me happy and I promise I will never hurt you or wrong you in anyways my baby..............
Honey I will send the address to you and please can you tell me when you will send it so that I can start preparing the document before friday so you can see all my flight details for you to know when you gotta come pick me up in the airport darling....
Honey,I think you really understand all what am saying ***?baby please come online and reply me ok?I really love you so much and am happy for me finding you has my husband for life and forever....
Letter 15
Honey here is the address you gotta send the money into.....I just got it just now my baby?
Honey I wait to hear from you darling and kept wondering why you are silent that you aint replying me baby what's wrong please tell me though... Name: linda ramey address: 32nd str. westpalm beach state : florida. zipcode: 33407 country : united state......
I really love you my dear and I miss you so much..
Letter 16
Honey its for my friend in the college ok?????I just got it from her ok.....I did not wanna send you any agent address that's why I send this to you my baby ok?
Letter 17
***,baby I swear I'll die with the mail you sent me so you wanna take me as a big fool,you wanna dissappoint me,you want me to be a big liar infront of my friends?oh thank you for breaking my heart......despite my time and the love I have for you,yet you still find it difficult to believe and trust in me.......
Obvioselly you make me cry till the end of my life,thank you once again....
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