Romance scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Shubina to Xavier (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hello Xavier!
I was so excited before checking my mail box, frankly speaking I was waiting for your letter! Thank you for your reply!
How are you there? How is your days going? Hope the weather is nice there.
I have created my profile on the site not so long time ago, as you see, I am a fresher and have no experience in internet dating. Do you believe it works? I have followed few forums and the opinions are totally different, I see that there are so much lies and fraud but there are happy love stories. I have a friend who married a foreign man and they are expecting a child, well me too I hope to find here my second half, maybe you?:) hope to learn you better first! Why are you looking for the woman abroad?
To give you the common idea about me, I was born the 28.08.1984, so I am a Virgo. Do you believe in horoscopes? And in destiny?:) I live in a small village Malinovka, in Kharkivskaya region you can check it over the internet. It is very small place, but quite and picturesque. Nature is wonderful here, there is forest not so far from my house and it is so great to go there for jogging and for a picnic with friends. I like so much to listen to the birds singing when I wake up early in the morning. The only problem is that there are not so much things to do here. Nature is the only best card here. Unfortunately there are no industry and so no places for work, that is why so much young people go to big cities for work or even abroad, that is why there are so much alcoholics and drug takers. I want to tell you that I do not have any bad habits, I do not smoke and never took drugs, my parents gave me a wise education. But me too, I have to go every day to another town for work. Oh! My work is very positive and creative! I do what I like and it is happiness. As you know that from the profile, I am working in the beauty salon, I take part in a wonderful process of making woman and men pretty and happy? As for my specialty, I work with nails, I do manicure. Of course I have more woman then men among my clients. Do you do manicure? I wonder how it is going in your country. If you are interested, I will tell you more about my work later, I can talk about it for hours!
I live with my mom, I help them financially and I take care about them. My parents are divorced. I have a sister and nice nieces. Do you like children?
I have to finish here, I do not want to bother you with a long long letter? I have to get back to my work. Nails, nails, nails?
Hope to hear soon from you and to know more about you. Will you send me some photos?
Take care and have a nice day
Letter 2
I have never played games and I did not have any fake profile. i wrote you because i was interested.
You know, I am so sorry to hear about your past experience over the Internet. as for me, I have heard about the woman and men playing games, cheating telling storing and looking for easy money. i have to tell you that for me it is disgusting, I would never do that. i have my job and I can pay my life with it. I am here because I want to find the life partner who will love me, take care and appreciate. I want to be with the man who will respect me and all I can give him. i am looking for friend and lover, for soul mate. I do not want to waste your or my time. I am happy to hear that you are serious.
You know, I do not need anything from you. I have my job and i can pay my life on my own.
As for the profile, i decided to delete it because there were so much not serious men, they were proposing me the one night meeting in Kiev, sent me the naked photos and asked me to write erotic letters. It is not for me this kind of communication.
I hope that you see what I mean.
I sent you the photo with my mom last time. did you see the picture? did you read my letter?
I will send you again the photo with my mom.
Letter 3
Hi again Xavier!
How are you there? when you will have your tournament? i would like so much to see it!!!
thnak you a lot for your compliments, I am so happy to hear from you. My mom will melt when i will tell her that you think she is very young looking:)))
thank you so much for sending me your family photo, it is so great to see you there with wonderful children, reading books!!! it is very nice! perfect pictures!
How are you doing there? It is very nice to hear from you again. You know, it is really nice talking to you. After I have created the profile on the site, there were so much men writing me, but frankly speaking they do not seem serious, they do not pay attention to what I write and ask for sending them the bikini photo. Well, it is really great to meet you here, because I have very serious intentions and I feel ready for working on solid and strong relationships with the very right man for me. Maybe you? Time will show.
You intrigue me so much when you tell me that you do some massage! what kind? I adore massage, I do not do it but i would love so much to get to learn to make it!
You told me that you are working with the medical electronics. It is very good and interesting. will you tell me more about your job?
thank you a lot for telling me more about you. As you do, I do not like to go out, I am rather calm and home oriented person, i like so much to spend quite and calm time with my family and friends at home. I am so happy to hear that you love children.
What time to you wake up in the morning? Do you have a very busy day? As for me I start working at 10.00 and I finish at 18.00. Usually I wake up at 7.00 because as you remember I have to get to my work by bus, it is another town and it takes me about 50 min. to get there. Well, to tell you more about my work… it is very interesting, creative and communicative. I do manicure, I have a lot of customers and they all have different tastes and wishes, and so often they are waiting the miracle from me? you see, I have to guess what they want? I build up the new shape for the nails which are not very correct or esthetic, I polish them and color, I decorate and pain them. When my client ask me for painting, my heart is in flower, you know, for me it is such a pleasure to take the inks and tassel! You know, my work need everyday improvement, I try to find more information about different techniques, different fashion streams and trends. I will attach some photos of my works, I hope that you will like it! Moreover I am attending the courses for cosmetology. I want so much to be a professional in my work and to make people happier. It is so great when you see the twinkles in the eyes of the people you are working with! And we have a very nice stuff. Frankly speaking woman in one place are like the serpentarium, but in our saloon it is otherwise. The only problem is the boss, he is very severe and all the time gloomy. What about your working stuff? Do you agree that the measure satisfaction with work depends so much on people you work with?
I hope you will be able to tell me more about your work next time. What is your main motivation for working? How do you see you in 5 years?
I have to finish here, because my break is over, I have to get back to my work)
I hope to hear from you soon
Take care and have a nice day
Letter 4

Hello dear Xavier!
Thank you a lot for your letters. i was so happy to hear from you. will you tell me what you mean when you tell me that you have a lot of complains about me? What do you want to say? I have never asked you for sending me anything, I have my job to pay my life and I do not need the sponsor. If we decide to meet I would be happy to welcome you here in my country if it is a principal for you. I have nothing to hide from you and if you will decide to come to Ukraine, please, let me know. It would be great to see you in reality.
I have to thank you a lot for the photos you sent me, it is amazing, I can not believe that there is such a beauty and you have seen it! Did you make the photos on your own? you have a great talent!
I am so happy to hear that you have won the competition! It is great news!
When you are talking about massage, i feel such a strong desire to have one! I see that you really love it! I think that man making massage is a gift for every woman. I am so impressed to hear, how much things you can do on your own, I see that you are very hard working man, but you manage to take pleasure from your work and to improve your creativity. I am sure that your works are very good. I wonder how often do you make the renovations in your house? i am sure that you have a lot of ideas in your head))))
As for relocation, when I decided to create my profile on this site, I regarded the probability of moving abroad. But it is not my purpose just to relocate and simply change the country, you know. I am looking for a man, not for a country. I am ready to follow my partner up to the ends of the earth just to be happy together.
You know, I live not in Russia, but in Ukraine.
You know, today in the morning when I was making a coffee in the morning I wondered if you like coffee or tea? What do you prefer to take in the morning? I hope that you had the same wonderful morning as I did. I like to wake up when the window is opened and I can hear the birds singing. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
I wanted to ask you, how do you spend you free time? The last weekend for example? Do you have a lot of fun with your friends or you prefer the quite rest?
As for me, I have a lot of friends, but most of them have already their own families, children, or they expecting a child. You know, it seems to me that when you are in couple you have totally other life values. I think that in family the relationships between man and woman should be on the very first place. What you think about it? Last weekend I went to the B Day party to my friend, she is waiting a child. I will send you the photos, there were so much pregnant woman? I felt so weird when they discussed toxicosis, the way they feel sick when they smell strong odor, the way they feel in the morning etc. I felt like they are from other planet? One of the woman told that when she entered the clothes shop and she saw so much different colors she could not help going outside because it irritated her so much. Well, it was a very informative evening))) But they are all very nice and propose gently to palm their tummies?
I have two best friends, my sister and Valeria, I know her for a long time, for about 15 years, since they have moved in the house not so far from mine. She is a very good friend and I never get offended with her, she is a person I can relay on, you know, friend in need is a friend indeed, she has has wiped so much tears from my face during my life. So, one could tell that I was lucky to have two sisters: ) I spend wonderful time with Valeria, we go often for a walk together, we play chess, we go to the cinema and we have a favorite cafe to take a cup of coffee and to talk about life.
Will you tell me more about your friends?
I think that we are who are our friends, and only friends can give the most objective opinion about person. I would like so much to know what your friends tell about you.
Take care
In a hope of your soon reply
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