Scam letter(s) from Yana Krysenkouva to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
I just do not remember, on the Internet, where I saw your address
E-mail and decided to write to you.
Please contact me at my e-mail address
and I'll be glad to hear from you.
Regards Yana.
Letter 2
Hi Rainer!!!
I am very pleased and I am very glad that you wrote me a letter again.
I want to write to you about myself and my height is 168 cm, and weighs about 60 kg. I appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and good attitude towards others.
I like men, sincere, calm, and which never will be deceived.
You probably want to ask a question about what I live alone and I have a young man?
I'm not married and I do not have any children? But I really want children, a boy and a girl, but only from a loved one. We do not big city and a few good men, and many men drink ***** and become alcoholics, and the kind of person I just do not need it and on this I have not had a serious relationship.
I do not drink and I do not smoke and I do not when I have not tried, and since I'm interested learn about you, tell me, do you drink alcohol or smoke?
I am 35 years old, but unfortunately I could not build love and decided to try to find a man abroad. I've been thinking about it, to write a man who is far from me, and I've heard that you have a very good man, decent and very well dispense with the women, and appreciate them, and when did not abuse women. I have already heard about the girls from Russia who went abroad and found happiness and love, and they are very pleased to have found a decent man and I also decided to write to you.
If you have any questions, I have a great desire to answer them.
I have a dream, and my dream is to have a happy family, her beloved husband.
I'm very tired of being alone and I'm so hunt to find a man with whom I will be very happy.
Please tell me more about yourself.
I'll wait for your letter, your girlfriend Yana.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Rainer!!!
Today I am very pleased to receive your letter and all my thoughts are about you and I have nothing else I can think of.
In my head my thoughts are confused, and I know only one thing you need for me, as I can not imagine us without each other.
In my life there was only a job, but now my life is you. With each Email me, we are getting closer and closer. Do not you think?
I'm wondering what you're doing? Tell me what you dream? What would?
Last night, a friend came to me, and we sat and drank tea, We were talking about you, and she told me that it is very happy for us, and even a little jealous of me.
Every day, we get to know each other more and more, and I trust you, and I have from you secrets and I write the truth. I trust you.
I am very vulnerable people and trusting, easy to offend me, and just as easily cheer and cheer, and I do have one drawback, I can not hide my emotions. I like to communicate with people and study them. My dear, but you are not me who need it.
Our relationship with you, this is now my purpose in life and I will do everything to make you are the happiest man on earth.
I finish the letter and I will certainly wait eagerly your letter.
Always yours and only your love Yana.
Letter 4

Hello my love Rainer!!!
Today I woke up with an excellent mood as yesterday, I learned all fact that we were together, we can be together, and I can not wait for the moment when we're together. I am very glad to see your letter, and I almost always read them several times.
I do not believe this is happening to me, I have you and I love you very much.
Yesterday I went to the agency to find out all the information to come to you. And I got all the information that we had together.
The agency I explained the whole situation that I'm going to a loved one that we were together, I was told that it is very happy for me. All the details are explained to me. To come to you, a visa is required for me. In this situation I was offered a tourist visa.
I was offered a tourist visa, it will be valid for 90 days, it will be done about 3-4 days.
My prince Rainer, this is the good option to be together.
My beloved, the visa costs 430 euros, health insurance from 180 euros and 130 euros and 120 euros a general tax.
The total price of the visa costs 430 euros. All documents will be made in Moscow. My dear, how you understand that I have a very small salary and I can not afford it, and I ashamed to ask you this money, but other than you or me who can not help.
Also today I was told at work that I'm leaving and I'm going to a loved one.
Please help me, do me a translation, as I ask you to be together and apart from me you who does not need it.
And when I arrive to you, then I will make you the happiest man on earth, I promise this to you.
Make me a translation today, and after a few days I will arrive to you and will always be there for you.
You have to go to the bank branch and MoneyGram
I do translation for visa 430 euros and I can already get it in an hour.
I was told that it is - the most reliable and fast money transfer and besides me it no one will be able to get. The bank will give you a control number (MTCN) of 8 numbers and you will have to write to me necessarily, because without it I can not get your translation.
I'll give you the address of where you need to do to me translation: Russia, Moscow, ROSBANK KRASNAYA PLOSCHAD 3, for the name of Yana Krysenkouva.
This - the address of the bank in Moscow, and tomorrow I will be in Moscow to start doing Visa and in Moscow, I'll get your translation.
I love you very much and of course it is - a shame for me to ask you to help, but other than I have no one able to help. As soon as I arrive to you, I will thank you, and will make you the happiest man on earth.
I'll be waiting for your letter with great impatience.
Always yours and yours alone the love of my life Yana.
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