Letter(s) from Sophia Nyarko to Rodney (USA)

Letter 1

Now you question me with anything i write you or any picture i send you..So you are not getting any pictures from me anymore...Just listen to your wife since i understand her Situation as a woman because am also a woman as well

Letter 2

You are Really hurting me with yours words to be honest with you

Letter 3

Like i said,believe in your wife

Letter 4

have never said that but your words are hurting

Letter 5

You already know my heart

Letter 6

where did i said nice?

Letter 7

sadness in my heart

Letter 8

You know so let forget about that

Letter 9

Good Morning daddy and how are you doing?How was your night and any dream for me

Letter 10

Than you don't think about me much like you use to do

Letter 11

i always think about you and please call me now

Letter 12

I'm also a honest person as well

Letter 13

i love you too daddy

Letter 14

i have never said anything mishonest to you

Letter 15

i love you so much