Letter(s) from Avrora Yaroshenko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

My name's Waleriya. I live in USA. We have got acquainted with you on a site of acquaintances! You remember me?
If you not against ours with you of correspondence.
You can send me letter on email: walerymal@yahoo.co.uk About myself I can write details to you on your message.
Write me plz.

Letter 2

How are you?
I am perfect, but I have a lot of jobs, therefore I could not answer to you earlier, but usually I try find free time to look, that continues my email.
It's perfect, you have found, that free time has answered.
Large, that you are open for our communication. Well... My names Waleriya.
Me 28 years.
I live in Fargo (North Dakota), US. I work in educational area.
I work at the children's centre Fargo.
If it will be interesting to you to learn more about my job.
That I'll write you about my work in my following letters. OK What about you? What area by yours job? What your hobbies?
Also I want inform you that I'm in USA almost 1 year. If that is exacter 11 months.
In USA I have arrived under the exchange program of education.
I work with children. In USA I have arrived from Europe.
I worked 5 years in England. City of London. In educational area also.
Me very much like my job. I like children.
I wait for answer.

Letter 3

Excuse what long not to write to you because at me was a lot of work (This week was simply mad)......
But I not to forget about you!!! And you me do not forget :) How at you a life? What the new? What plans for week-end?
Excuse for such short letter, I promise to write longer letter next time!
Your friend Waleriya