Letter(s) from Avrora Yaroshenko to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1

My name's Waleriya. I live in USA. We have got acquainted with you on a site of acquaintances! You remember me?
If you not against ours with you of correspondence.
You can send me letter on email: walry_son@yahoo.co.uk
About myself I can write details to you on your message.
Write me plz.


Letter 2

Hi Paul!
I was glad receive your letter. Mad morning in city
Is like always. 40 minutes in a fuse. Received your letter, and it has forced me to smile.
I slept well, I feel a lot of energy. Now children sleep they are tired.
Becose we played much today and were very active.
I have free time to answer your letter. Paul how you feel yourselves? What your news now?
You know I is very glad that we has such nice conversation.
Also I am glad to find out more about you. I thank you for the answers.
For me age is not important, if I feel kindness, honesty, caress everything else departs on the second plan.
I such person that to me was more interesting to spend time with people more advanced age.
I want to continue the story a little about myself. I hope to you it will be interesting to find out it.
My job provides me with habitation. It is 1 room in Metropolitan area. This small place, but is very cosy here.
I live one in a room. As for a two here there is not enough of place. I try that my habitation was cosy.
To me to like to decorate or to change an interior of a room. Paul what concerning your habitation?
How often you change decorating an apartment? Whether you like it to do?
I already informed you that I work in America 11 months. The holiday 1 month will be speed at me.
If our correspondence will proceed. And you will have kind interest me.
Im sincerely hope that we could carry out some time of my holiday together.
What you think concerning it? It is very important for me. Please remember Im not seek the partner for 1 night in bed. I dont have necessity for it.
I search only for sincere friend. I hope that you can become my good friend. Probably its more...
I sincerely hope that you have good day. Also that you have a minute to read my letter.
I have continued story a little about myself. I hope also that you inform by the facts of your life. OK.
Write me, when you have chance. Its - real pleasure for me to communicate by such easy way.
Thanks. Walery.

P.S. It will be interesting you to look at me when I was little.

Letter 3

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How you???? At me today it is a lot of work.
I to write you the short letter. You not against?????
I'm fine. There will be time write. ok?
Later I will write.

Letter 4

HEY Paul, wow thanks for writing back.
How are you? Whats your news today?
Do you have any special plans? I have chance write you and inform you more about me.
Paul you know, that the charge of day among children can be an entertainment and very interesting.
I observe children, with which I work, and I see, how they are open and are pleased to a miracle and the life gives to each good thing by him. I am struck thought they so precisely see border between bad and good. Even they have no any parents, and their life are various for them always so Happy, when something a good case to them. They seem, forget rather All is bad. I see, that their eyes - shinning, and all is bad forgotten. They only DO NOT TRY, they really escape from the tragedies and they never want to remember concerning it. You know, It seems it receiving grown-up we forget, that happiness can simply fall from the sky in at any moment our life. Instead of it we constantly mean as the severe life can be, and sometimes it - is frightened us so much that with we
Only can not see simple miracles of life. Paul you agree? I believe this even most improbable, improbable, fantastic things could happen with Us in any place, in any time: tomorrow, this morning, in weekend, the next week - nobody knows when! And I only try not, forget rather it and I always we hold this feeling in my soul. What about you? Do you believe in miracles?
The main thing is to see it in time, dont miss it.
The miracles sometimes are in simple things of life, You only should be ready. As to me, I expect a miracle in mine Life. Paul you know, receiving the grown-up I try to look at the world, where I live Wider. I began to understand that " rich and beautiful " not obligatory Means " a kind, liking and caring ". I accept an opportunity that the man Who will make me happy, will not remind the movie star or gladiator :).
He can remind the usual man with usual life, but Im sure
That he will have the large heart. True beauty - always inside. Its in actions and thougts of the man, not in its automobile or private residence or him clothes.
It - what I think concerning, I only wanted allow you to know.
I would be pleased to read your ideas concerning all it important for you. Im really like our conversation. I would be happy receive your letter each day.
And if you are too engaged to answer or write much, please you only give me a pair of lines, that alright. OK. So that's it while. I wish, that you had pleasant day and hope receive news from you is faster. Best, Walery.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Paul!
I am very happy that you write me! It makes me feel that you need me, that you think of me. You to have dream? I know that you have a dream (because every person in the world has his own dream). I don't want to make you tell me about it but if you want go on. Of course i have one dream, maybe when you know about it you will think that it's strange.
I don't know, maybe it is but it's my own dream and that's all. I'll tell you about my dream only after you. I want to know your dream first and then i'll tell you mine. I want to be sure that you won't think that i am crazy. Dear Paul, write me your letter or though a little note. I want to know that you need me and that you think of me.
It makes my day better! But first of all you should think about your work, then about your family and only then about me. So i think i should better go now for work. By the way, you today have dreamed me.
I do not remember what my dream was, but I am precisely sure, that you have dreamed me. I have woken up and tried to recollect what my dream was, but and has not recollected. Our weather not so good. What weather at you? Thinking of you, wait to hear from you as you can write me, sincerely, kisses and hugs.

Letter 6

Hi dear!!!!!!!!
How your day??? How you????
Today on work I am very tired.
I will write you the short letter.
I to wish to find out as you?
I will wait the answer.
Yours Walery.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Paul!
I am so happy that I have your answer to every my letter! I think of you every day, all nights, every moment!!! I can't live without your letter, I need your letters every day! Maybe it's too early to talk about it but I am already talking! I really need her letters every day! With every letter we know more and more about each other. And I like you more and more! Now you are the important part of my lonely life! I have dream as well as all women. I want to have loving husband that he understood and loved me. I think, that at all women of dream identical.
I am so proud of myself that I have so wonderful man! It is YOU!!!
Today at job the boy has drawn for me a picture. It was so superb.
When he to me to give this picture to me it began a pity.
Name of child Mike. it is child to me like, he clever, cheerful.
At me on eyes tears have appeared. In his picture were drawn house and woman with man.
Here to not suffice each child parental caress and attention.
Dream of each child to have the parents and house. If I could To take these all children home and to bring up them, it would be very good.
It would be pleasant for children, but it is not real.
It is necessary to adult people to think of it. Some families take children to themselves home on education.
Not all children to get into families, it certainly is a pity, but anything with it to not make.
I have to go home today early. I miss you very much so, please, write me as soon as possible. Always yours and only yours Kisses,

Letter 8

Good Morning !!!!!!!!!!!!
how are you ????? Today we have at work checking. I have a little time.
Today we'll check the level of teachers.
I think everything will be fine.
My boss is an evil (((((
I wish you good day.
Sorry for the short letter.
Your friend Walery.

Letter 9

Good morning!
I'm sorry for not having written. a lot of work. Today during the day I'll write. Ok?

Letter 10

Hello my dear Paul!!!
I was very glad when i received your letter! How are you there? I miss you very much! Do you feel the same to me? It would be very great to know that you feel the same and you think of me the same! Please, tell me. I would like to know it. Today I thought as though it was good to sit somewhere at cosy restaurant and to have romantic supper at candles. What you think of it? By the way you the romantic person? I hope that you think of me during your funny time because i think of you when i am sad and when i am happy. By the way as you know i become very happy when i can see your letter in my mailbox. I on work with hope to find your letter there! And every time i become happy when i can see it here!!!!
Paul, i want to tell you again that i am very proud of you and our relationship! I appreciate our relations!!! I would better go. I hope to hear from you soon and to see your letter in my mailbox! With all my feeling s to you, Kisses and hugs.

Yours Walery.

P.S. I want summer .....................

Letter 11

Good morning !!!!!!!!!!!
How are you?? I have a good thing. what are your plans for the weekend??
We are friends go in the evening in a cafe. probably going to have fun.
I'll write you a short letter.
I wish you a good weekend.
I will wait for a response.
Your Walery.

Letter 12

Hello my dear Paul!!!
How are you there? I miss you very much!
Thanks for the phone. Later I'll tell you my number and we will be able to hear the voice of each other.
I feel you are almost near me. I want to know all your desires, all your dreams, all your thoughts and feelings! Of course you have a lot of them but maybe you can tell me, please! It would be very good for us to know thoughts of each other! How how was your day? How is your day today?
You the best the man!!! I feel as my feelings become stronger to you every day. I would better go now, but i hope to hear from you soon today or tomorrow!
Excuse me for such short letter. Miss you very much!
Kisses and hugs, Walery.

Letter 13

Hello my darling Paul!
How are you there? I miss you very much! How are you doing?
I hope everything is fine there!
I got your phone number, thanks. Later I will tell you your number or call. what do you think?
Recently I have felt, that I become more senior and life goes away. I feel, that there comes the following stage of my life when heart demands love, families. Am I foolish? I want to have who will be close someone for me the most close person. I do not want, that my life passed further colorlessness and is ordinary. I want something new, fine. I want to change my life. You means much more to me than just a guy I speak to.
I want to ask you about photos you have.
Can you send me all your photos? I want to print some of your photos and to place them in mine wallet. It would be great to feel you are near me! So please, send all of your photos, ok? I will wait forward for them! And you can be near me every moment!! It is so great! I have a lot of feeling about you.
I wait your answers!!!

Letter 14

Good morning my dear Paul!!!!!!
How are you?? I'm good. This weekend I was invited Jessy the barbecue.
I think it's hilarious weekend.
How is your weather?? Here in Fargo begins in spring.
I want summer ............................
You can go swimming, sunbathing on the beach.
Ooooo this is so beautiful.
What is your favorite season?
I really like the spring and summer. Spring period of love and meetings.
You with me agree?
Summer period of rest and enjoy life. You can relax. enjoy life.
I will not write a long letter as soon need to go Jessy.
Gently hug.
Your Walery.

P.S. I invite you to barbecue ))))

Letter 15

Hello my dear Paul!!!!
I miss you very much!!!! I am getting on fine.
Excuse that so seldom to answer your letters.
At me with children much work and no time off. It is not enough free time.
Be not angry with me. I understand all, that you wait my for answers is often. I will try. Ok?
So what fills your day today? Which of Is it something interesting i should know?
I hope everything is fine there and you miss me at least a little!!! I miss you very much! You have no idea how much i miss you! How is your working day passing by?
Are you tired? I’d like to go out with you tonight, for example, to visit some pub or a small restaurant to have a chat at dinner. What are your thoughts on this? It would be great! Is it popular to be outdoors in your country? Which places do you attend after you come back from work?My dear Paul!!! i am so happy that you are here with me, i mean you write me letters! I am so proud of myself that i have the best man in the world!
I lack of words to express my feelings well-nigh. I didn’t expect to become dependent on you. My mood varies during the day subject to the news I get from you. You just can’t imagine how important to me is to get to know all the events happening to you. I so much wish to take part in your life, let it be my shoulder you may cry on if needed.Sometimes I can’t believe in presence of such a wonderful, splendid, interesting and intelligent man in the world. I wanted to share my feelings with you as well as I want to tell you of other emotions. Hope you take interest in reading my mail that it seems to me became confusing. I skip from one topic to another. I am writing anything I get on my mind. What for I do write the next sentence? I have a desire to confide my secret to you. I look forward to being forgiven. If you are not ok to listen to this, tell me without fail, please, and I’ll stop at once for keeps. This secret wish counts my impatience to kiss your lips. I want to hug you, to clasp you to my bosom. Everything I feel can’t be expressed in written form.
Forgive me, my sweet-heart, for the confusing letter. I am writing it actually panting. Forgive my inexpediency and cowardice. I am not able to hide my feelings longer. I love you!!! You see I told this to you. It seemed to be even easier than I thought. For the first time in my life I experience such a deep feeling. I’ve said everything I have in my heart and I’ve stopped thinking over why, what for and how it will be further. I just actually love you... and you know this.
You know all my ideas and feelings. I hope, that I did not disappoint you.
Your loved Walery.

Letter 16

Hello, my king Paul!!!
How was your day? I'm wonderful. Every day I wait with impatience for your letters. Yesterday in the evening I learnt to cook a new dish. It's a pancakes with meat. It was so tasty. Sometime I will cook only for you. You wake up in the morning and I bring you coffee. You get up, take a shower, come to the kitchen and there is ready meal there. In the evening we will have supper with candles. I think, that so should be.
I did not inform you, that I some years back was engaged on rates of the masseur. I thought, that to be useful to me such trade, therefore I can give you massage when you will arrive from work. I'm sending you a small poem. Tell me if you like it. OK?
Bright, eyes
like heaven's stars,
Lips so full
I need to know -
when will be he mine
for all of time?
His name is Paul
He is my Prince
I shall take him to the ball
to dance in front of all.
Midnight will come
though he will not run.
He will be mine
to the end of time.
I've prayed so long
for one as this.
With him beside me
we will have bliss.
My ideas are with you each minute, I love You. It is cold without you, I dream of that as you me to warm. As Your gentle hands were closed behind my back. To me becomes so warmly, This unique idea which to me brings good mood. Love It is a very strong thing which creates miracles, we shall be together as Single unit which who can not break off and separate. To me so Pleasantly that I have you favourite, unique unique. Write back as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your letter.
And I'm thinking about you. Kiss you.
Your Walery.

Letter 17

Hi my prince Paul!!!
I am happy to receive the letter from you. Today at me very good mood.
Today at my girlfriend Birthday. Her call Jessy. She to work together with me. We to live near to it and bring up together. I very much to love her and she is my best girlfriend. She always to wish good luck me only happiness. The ambassador work we shall go to it home and we shall congratulate her. I already to buy to it a gift.
This fine red dress. I to know, that it very much to like it. She to want already for a long time it to buy and dream of it and I to present it to it. But this evening will be sad as I shall be one and you can not come with me embrace me, dance with me. All my girlfriends will be with the husband. I shall think of you all day and to miss you, my love. My heart lives, but in it to not suffice affinity to you. I very much to wait our meeting. I may not while embrace you, the kiss to care of you to make so that you the happiest person in the world was. I am very strong to wait it. Promise me, that we shall be together! Promise me, that you will think of me each day! I love you!!! I shall wait your letter, my love.
Yours forever Walery.

Letter 18

Hello my dear Paul.
How are you? The hope you is perfect. I only am perfect.
Today I have very remarkable news. I'm boundless is glad to this.
I want inform my news with you my dear Paul.
Today in morning I have received on my email the letter from Russia.
My best girlfriend from Russia has written the letter me. Her name is Olga.
She studied together with me at university. Later she has remained to work in Russia.
And I have left for Europe. My girlfriend Olga lives in city Moscow.
I already informed you about this city.
I had often with my girlfriend Olga correspondence by an e-mail.
My girlfriend Olga has informed me perfect news. She has found the love.
Wedding also will be speed at them. As we were the best girlfriends at university,
She has invited me to her wedding. I should be the girlfriend the bride.
I'm very happy for her. I shout for pleasure. When I write you this letter.
I sincerely hope that you can completely understand me.
Also earlier I already informed you Paul that I work in America already almost 1 year.
I now can receive 1 month of holiday. I'm going to visit Russia during my holiday.
It can will be very good that I to visit my parents. Also at me the time will arrive on wedding
My best girlfriend Olga. I think what is it there will be best for her a gift from me.
We very long time did not see. While I have not informed her the answer. I should ask my boss that
He has given me holiday. Paul you the first man whom I inform this news.
I think that you will be glad for me also. I sincerely hope for it.
Also I'm very glad that at us with you very well. That I have found you in my life.
Paul what do you think about it? You are glad what our correspondence passes in the good relations?
You feel it? Celebratory mood! You can feel it?:)

I wish to inform you of my phone number +1-701-205-0507

Should run and Its a pity again, that my letter - is not so long.
Take Care and have good day Paul! Yours, Walery.

Letter 19

Hi my dear love Paul!
I to inform you, that today in 2:35pm I to take fly from Fargo for Moscow.
Then by train I shall arrive home to of parent Moscow.
I very much to worry, as I 6 years was not in Russia.
Me ideas to overflow about my native land, meetings with friends to school.
For me all this is very disturbing.
When I shall arrive home I shall write to you the letter or to call my love Paul.
On work I yesterday to work last day. My boss to grant leave to me during one month.
My parents are very glad, that we shall meet each other.
Excuse with my phone there was a problem, something has occurred, as I to do many calls to Russia.
I call to the operator and they to speak eliminate the reason.
Do not worry I to you I shall write from Russia and I shall wait from you for message.
I to kiss and embrace.
Your love Walery.

Letter 20

Hello Paul :)
How are you there dear? As for me I'm just fine.
I already safely have flied in Russia.
Paul Im cant write you a letter. As I flight. Almost 16 hours.
It was very long also I strongly weariness. Dont warry for me. At me all OK.
Im very glad meeting my parents.
Was a wedding of my girlfriend Olga.
I hope you not insult for me. Also I want inform you Paul my conversation with Olga.
Today we talked much about you with Olga. She told that it is great that we have a conversation. I told her that you giving me so much to understand about myself. It is true I really feel like I found someone who understand me and share my thoughts. I value these points in our communication. I really get used to have a talk with you everyday through our letters. So I am glad to have every chance to send you even a little note. I know how it is waiting for a letter and thinking if everything is ok. I don't want you to waite too long and missing my letters. So I use every chance to write you. You know I feel the responsibility for our communication.
I will wait for your letter.
Bye Bye Bye. Missing, Walery.

Letter 21

Hello my love Paul.
I ask you not worry concerning me.
As I do not forget you. As I visited my grandmother.
She lives some kilometres from Moscow (in village). There is no computer.
Im very happy our conversation on a network. However I already many times thought rather our meeting.
Each time when I go to sleep I think concerning you my love Paul. I sincerely want arrive to you.
You agree to my arrival? I also think that very soon Ill arrive my love.
I had conversation with my mum and daddy concerning you my Paul. I have told all rather your letters.
My parent is very glad for us. My mum has said that when I'll arrive to you. My mum will send you some gift.
It is very amusing... I am sincere hope that soon time I can visit you.
You agree if I arrived to you in May?
It is necessary for me to know your full name, address and airport, I could take the ticket and make out the visa to arrival to you. Ok?
Write to me the answer. I very much wait for answer and to worry.

P.S. I send you photos of my grandmother and grandfather. They are very nice is not it?
T-shirt on my grandfather, my gift from the USA.

Letter 22

Hello my love Paul again.
I have accepted the very serious decision.
Therefore I want inform you some good news.
You should think about my letter very well. As its very important for us both. I ask you read my letter very very attentively plz. OK Plz excuse me for the huge letter. But I couldnt write its more shortly.
As i have a lot of question for you. Think very well about all my questions.
Then give me complete answer on my questions. As our future depends from this questions. I ask you, dont make fast decision. Plz think very well about each my questions. Fine. I already informed you that now I have my holiday. I have still approximately 20 days of holiday.
If I'll arrive to you. You have already some plans about our meeting?
What would you want doing at this time? Than with you we'll be engaged? You will show me your city? Im very much want visit all your liked places with you. There are such? Also I want ask you. You will show me your relatives?
Probably your friends? You already told him about me? What they speak about me? I sincerely want to learn your relatives. Hope that you will think about it. You want carry out together rest of my holiday? Or you want that I remained with you? Its very important for me. Remember I'll wait your answer. I ask you think very well. As I any not game with you my love Paul. I hope that we can find out 20 days each other are more good for these. Also I want inform you, that I probably would like remain with you more than only 20 days. Probably all life... What you think about it? My love Paul I should also ask you the very important question. OK When I'll arrive to you, there is a place where I'll stop?
I'll be stop at you home? Or I should live in the hotel?
Also I want to inform you, that I dont want stop in the hotel.
I dont like stop in the hotel. Whether I can arrive to you home?
You take place where I'll sleep?
My honey Paul when I'll arrive to you you guarantee my complete safety?
I hope that you understand I dont want at once after the airport to make sex with you !!!
Guarantee me it please. I cant that promise concerning sex. OK
But you should understand me completely in this question. I dont refuse sex with you.
But should pass some time. That I could find out you more well.
You should give me 100 guarantee about my safety!!!
Excuse me for these words. I dont want to offend you. I trust you completely. But you should give me your word. OK I ask you my love Paul think well.
For what I am necessary to you? As Im not search only sex for one night.
I really want to build the true relations. To build our family.
I hope that your desire about the our relations coincide with my.
My dear Paul Im very much love your letters. Therefore I completely begin trust you. I hope that you sincerely in your letters and your desires to me.
In all my letters to you I tried completely give you the descriptions of me. I hope that you an estimation to this. But Im sure that the personal meeting will not replace any letters. I believe that better 1 time meeting instead of an exchange 100 letters. You agree? Only personal meeting can show all our feelings to each other.
And letter its only beginning of the relations. True relations can be only at meeting. I should necessarily ask you also. If at our meeting Im not like you.
And you will not be interested me. You will inform me it at once?
As I dont want that you a deceit me. Also I dont want to deliver you of any inconveniences.
I sincerely want that at us with you it have turned out really relation.
Are you ready to change your life? I am ready to reserve my life,
But only with you my honey Paul!!!
Only my love Paul I ask you not game with me. As its very serious both important for us.
I sincerely want to be with you. So my love Paul.
If you agree that I have come to you. And if you give answer me on ALL QUESTIONS !!!
Then I'll arrive to you in the prompt time. I ask you let's not lose time.
I ask you dont experience for anything. I already have told to my parents about my decision.
They completely understand me. Hmm... Im not small girl. OK
I ask you send me your FULL HOME ADDRESS, YOUR FULL NAME !!!!!!!
Necessarily check up that was correct. Also send me closest the international airport to your house.
When I'll receive the information that I'll buy air tickets immediately up to your airport.
When I'll buy the air ticket I'll write at once to you the letter.
And send date of my flight also number of air-flight.
I ask you not worry about me. All will be good. I sincerely hope that before our meeting there was only small instant. I'll look forward to hearing from you. I ask you remember I thought well. You think very well also. Before to accept the decision.
As its the very important step in our life. The large request to you.
Dont forget send me all information.
1. Your full name.
2. Your full home address.
3. Also airport.
Hope for your sincere answer. I ask you of a pardon for my large letter.
But I hope you understand now me. I could not write it more shortly.
I ask you give answer only on all my questions !!! If you is sincere with me.
My Paul if you only game with me. Then I'll understand you.
But necessarily write me answer.
If you only that game, then I'll not come to you.
But I can continue with you our perfect correspondence. OK
Forever always your love Walery.

Letter 23

Hello, my love Paul!
It'll be the small note. Because I've no a lot of time to write you the big letter.
Today I will go to embassy to do the tourist visa.
I will not have problems for visa reception. As I had a labour visa to the USA.
Hope that you'll glad to read these news.
I'll visit Internet Cafe. I hope to receive from you some news. Up to an our meeting there are some days.
Because it'll be our first meeting. I sincerely hope that you can meet me in the airport. OK !!!
Up to the soon meeting my love Paul.
Sincerely with love yours Walery.

Letter 24

Good day my love Paul!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter.
I'm good. A lot of time to take to make documents.
Next week everything will be ready and I'll come to you.
I really miss ...................
Kiss and hug.
Your love Walery

P.S. Parents pass on greetings

Letter 25

Hello my honey Paul!!!
But I've very good news, this morning I received a visa.
I am very glad what not was problems about reception of the tourist visa.
Today I've bought the aviaticket, flight information:

Flight on May 14
KLM #904
Depart 6:00pm Sheremetyevo Airport
Arrive 7:30pm Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport
KLM #695
Depart 5:30pm Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport
Arrive 7:30pm Pearson Airport

The manager also Informed me the very important information. For 1 hour prior to mine start to you my Paul I should pass customs examination.
I should show my luggage, visa, passport. It is all OK. I knew these rules for my flight to you. But also the manager has informed me.
To pass customs house for flight in Canada from Russia. It is necessary to me to have at itself some sum of money. It should be the sum 1500 USD.
It is rules has established yours government. To stop illegal immigration. I can not challenge it. But to my huge anger I have of a cash of money only 520 USD. This money I took for contingencies. Also purchase of some meal.
I have not enough for the necessary sum of money 980 USD.
I understand what is it small sum. This my salary at job in America for 1.5 week. But right now I have not enough this money. I sincerely thought that all will be good.
But I did not know rather The law against illegal emigrants.
I do not know as me now to act. I have a ticket, all necessary documents.
However I can not pass customs examination. What that nonsense. Why it happened with me. And right now.:- ( I sincerely hope that you read this my letter. I ask you read it very well. I try completely to describe to you now my condition. As still yesterday I was happy.
Now what that money forces me to experience. Is very insulting.
My love Paul. At me a very bad condition. There are no words to describe it. My fingers has the large shiver. Why it happened with me... Well I shall now write concerning important. I ask you to understand me very well. OK I do not want to ask you concerning this sum of money. As I do not want To begin our meeting from money. But I do not have other exit concerning it. I can not take money from my parents. As I know that they have presented a good gift On wedding for Olga. My love Paul I am sincere with hope I ask you rather 980USD.
You can help me? You should understand that after arrival to you I can to return it with percents. If want. But there is no other exit. Understand me also.
I shall look forward to hearing from you very urgently. Urgently write to me your decision. I am sincere hope only on you my love Paul.
I ask you to write to me the letter very quickly. As up to my start there was only 4 day. We should accept the important decision. I hope that am important for you also. Write to me faster I ask you.
But I sincerely have hope that all will be good. And you accept the correct decision. Remember I wait for your letter. I shall not leave Internet Cafe. While I do not receive your answer. OK This very large letter. I finish to write. Remember I wait for your answer,very urgent!!!
Sincerely I hope for your good decision, yours Walery.

Letter 26

My Paul, I understand you completely.
However you also understanding me. OK
I am in Moscow. I already have my ticket.
My love, I spend a lot of money for our meeting with you.
I do not have a cell phone. I can call from a payphone.
I do not know anyone to borrow money.
However you inform me bad news.
I do not understand. You should think very well.
As I should make a decision. The request to understand me.
However I really dont know what to me to do?
I wait your letter. I'll not leave Internet Cafe.
I ask you to understand me correctly.
Money which you to transfer me, I shall not spend them, as they are necessary for me for the customs control.
After you I will be met at the airport by me to give your money to you back. You to understand me?

Letter 27

Good morning my love Paul!!!
My congratulations to Katie, happiness and health.
How old is she? you've done it a gift?
I'll buy her a gift, I'll give just a little bit later than the day of birth.
Do not tell Katiy about my gift, let it be a surprise. OK?
My love, I tell you the information to transfer money through Western Union.
Info my girlfriend:

Alyona Cheremnih
Street: Dekabristov,10-47
City: Moscow
Code: 127562
Nountry: Russia

She agreed to help me get the money.
If I get money, I will need to pay tax when I'll fly out of the country.
My love, we need to hurry, because tomorrow is my flight.
I will wait for the transfer of money from you my love Paul.
Your love Walery.

Letter 28

I did not realize you're asking where will I live??
In a hotel or with you? I can live with you or at the hotel. what best?
This we can discuss when I arrive.
My love I'd have to get the money today or tomorrow?
I'll wait for an answer.

Letter 29

Good morning my love Paul!!!!
How are you? Why do not you sent the money for me today flight.
I do not have time to get your money (980 USD).
What to do? buy a ticket for another date?
Waiting for reply

Letter 30

good morning my love Paul!!!!!
I've got all your letters. I understood everything.
I'm good, do not worry.
Sunday I was not very good mood, so I thought at this time we will be together (((.
my love I'm sorry that I did not write.
I miss and love you Paul.
on what date can I buy a ticket. I think we can take a ticket on Wednesday, what do you think?
You have time to send money? today or tomorrow.
I'll wait for a response.
tell his mother greetings. Let her do not worry.
for her, I just bought a gift. I bought her a few Russian scarves and souvenir dolls. do not tell her about it. Ok?
my love I'm waiting for an answer from you.
Your gentle and tender love Walery.

Letter 31

Good morning my love Paul!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letters. thanks for the photo.
I miss you my sweet love Paul.
What shall we do? when I come to you.
This week, we could be together, but you've got a lot of work.
On what date I booked a ticket.
I will wait from you the answer.
Your love Walery.

Letter 32

MY LOVE PAUL, ma nice to receive your letters.
How is your job? my love for what date I buy a ticket?
I so want to see you hug, kiss ................
I have the most wonderful dream to be with you.
We can take each other's hands, to feel the heartbeat ...........
I love you Paul.
When I come to you? when you can send me money.
My love, we need to act and this week we will be the place.
I will wait from you the answer.

Letter 33

My love what I do?
you can take a few days vacation, when I arrive to you?

Letter 34

Good morning my love Paul!!!
How are you? I'm bored and lonely in Russia.
I want to be with you. Hugging, kissing Ooooooooooo as it would be fine.
I think in the future we will be able to meet with you.
Moscow is a very good weather. I go for a walk in the park.
My love, when can we meet?
I can buy a ticket with an open date (ticket-opendate). you know what it is?
My parents send you greetings. they are very sorry that I could not come to you.
Im sorry but they are not able to help me.
Million kisses.
Your tender love Walery.

Letter 35

My love Paul if you are now able to send money, I'll take the ticket on a Saturday or Sunday.
What do you think?
My love can you send money to my girlfriend:

Elezaweta Onjanowa
Street: Mashkova 12, 45
City: Moscow
Nountry: Russia

Alyona on the weekend go from the city.
My love Paul I wait for an answer from you.

Letter 36

Good morning my dear love Paul!!!!!
I'm good. Yesterday I bought a ticket for an open date.
my love on a date of my coming to you?
You write me, when I shall come to you.
I know the flight number and time.
My love can you send the money in the name of my girlfriend Elezaweta Onjanowa.
my love I'm waiting for information to transfer money.
Of course I can buy you a vodka))))
I can bring a maximum of 1 liter of vodka.
My love Paul, I wait for an answer.

Letter 37

my love Paul, I do not understand the problem a bit.
can't you get the money in the bank card.
then go to the Western Union and send money.
possible via the Internet to send money to Western Union.
My love Paul I be waiting when you solve the problem.

Letter 38

you can send 2 transfers of money to $ 500

Letter 39

my love Paul!!!!!
Good morning.
How you sleep?
I hope that everything will be fine today or tomorrow.

Letter 40

Good morning my love Paul!!!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letters. How are you?
How is your weekend? my parents this weekend went to my grandmother for a visit.
Lot of talking, drinking tea. was a family day. Many remember from the past ............
I liked it. for six years, I missed the family goodness.
What you need to do, what would you permission to use your money? (when unlocked money?)
How long should I wait? my love as you send me money, I'll be able to arrive at 1 or 2 days to you.
My love Paul, I miss you, kisses and hugs.
My love I wait for an answer from you
Your love Walery.

Letter 41

I know their letters. very strange and interesting ..................
My love Paul, I wrote not only to you.
When I started writing letters, she wrote three men. I like them.
My love, I now write only to you.
I rejected their love and ceased to write them.
I wrote them that I have love (it's you Paul) and will no longer write, could therefore men were evil and slandered me.
I honestly in front of you. evil people were playing a cruel joke with me.
I perfectly understand you. what to do now?
Really because of evil people, we can not meet.
My love I hope for your understanding.
Waiting for reply.
Your love Walery.

Letter 42

Good morning my love Paul!!!
How are you? you understand my problem?
My love, I wrote to you that no one helps me.
I write only to you alone.
I still do to prove to you my love.
I called you and talked with your mother.
I have tears in their eyes, men are punished, as I wrote, not only to you alone.
My love I have a month to anyone not writing.
I write only to you.
I hope for your understanding.
I'll wait for an answer
Your tender love Walery.

Letter 43

Hello my love Paul!!!
I told you that I have a ticket with an open date.
My love if you could send me the money today, tomorrow (28 or 29 May)
I will come to you.
If you will borrow money, then do not worry, when I arrive, we will refund the money.
My love Paul miss you and wish to be with you.
My sweet Paul.
I hope for your understanding.
Waiting for reply
Gently kiss and hug.
My love from me for a long time there was no sex ...........
I wish our very close to you..........