Scam letter(s) from Chloe Annie Tucker to Felipe (Brasil)

Letter 1
Hi Felipe, Good day to you and how was your night ? So interesting that you read my words and it makes you happy, i think you have the words that captivate a woman's heart, you must be a promising man and i think you have a good sense of humour, talking about love, i really think the best thing ever is to understand the word love and how it functions, and since you promise to be the guy who understands me, i will be eager to see you put all your words into actions and then you will get to see and know how open my heart is to love, and to be love. About my dad's lawyer, am sorry i forgot to include his email into the last email, i am going to do that now. Lawyer's Name : Barrister Abdulrazak Ahmad Email Address : Chamber : Shelmore & co My Dad's Full Name : Garry Smith Tucker I C Number : A00826819 Beneficiary Full Name : Chloe Annie Tucker Thanks for the pictures and i must be honest, it got me smiling and cant stop looking at it over and over again, you look cute. And for going back home, yes it will be soon i hope as they are working on the duties and then i can ship home, thought am trying to contact some of my clients to see who is going to order for some goods so that i can ship directly to there location and make sale so as to get back my money and make some bulks as profit as soon as possible. I should believe you are okay and then have a wonderful day. Yours Chloe. Xxxxx
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