Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Levedeva to Liliano (Italy)
Letter 1
Hi, my new friend Liliano!
How are you today? How is weather over there? here in Russia it is sunny today and it's about +20C. I'm glad to get acquaintance on the dating site with you. To tell you the truth, I'm a little embarrassed to geacquaintance this way, i mean through e-mails but as you are so far from me, I don't have any choice. I see soon you will be in Russia in Krasnojarks but it's very very very far from me :) How long will you stay there?
My name is Alena and I live in the Russian town called Ivanovo. This is a very nice place especially in summer and there are a lot of good people here. My town is considered to be the town of brides in Russia because there are many clothes factories here where many women are busy with needlework. I was born on the 8th of March,<=r> 1984, I am 29 years old, and I think that this is a very nice age to start new life! Right after finishing school I entered the School of Police and after graduating from it, I was offered a vacancy in our Police station. I agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my vocation and I was not mistaken, because I have never felt pity about my choice ever since.
I help people and deal with civil cases, sitting at the office. Don't be confused, I don't run in the streets catching the criminals. I'm a civil investigator. I run criminal or civil cases and then prepare them to the court procedure. So you see, it's not so dangerous. By the way, i wear special uniform and I heard that men like women in uniform. I'm right? :) Not much changed from that time, I dated with Russian men here but without any good result. Unfortunately Russian men used to drink too much strong alcohol like Vodka for example. And after that they become very aggressive and furious and even can hit a woman and without taking any responsibility for that. That's why I disappointed in Russian men because they can't respect and take care of women. It's very pity. Did you hear that Russia women are the best wives? :) I think it's true because we are tolerant and have good breeding. By the way, I'm sure that there are real careful and responsible men in this world and i pray God that I will find my destiny as soon as possible and who knows, may be it is you? If so, how lucky you are :) I'm not a young girl for games.
my intentions are very serious and I look for an open-minded, easy-going man to create family and live in harmony together.
I know that Internet is popular nowadays and my friends often tell me about there experience in the virtual reality. I was shown some well-known dating sites and after getting the most necessary instructions I decided to have a try. And here I am writing you my first letter! I don't know what it will lead me to, but at the moment I feel very interested in you! Please, write me more about yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! Don't worry about our difference in language. I can speak and write English without any problems. I can also speak little French :) I hope my letter was not too boring for you and I want you smile right now after watching my photos.
I will look forward to your answer! Don't forget, if you will not answer me, I will find you and put hand-cuffs on you ;) Are you scared?
I'm waiting for your e-mail and photos with impatience!
your Russian friend Alena
P.S. Thank you for your photo! you are so attractive and handsome man!
Letter 2
Hi again, my friend Liliano!
To tell you the truth I am very pleased that you answered me back because I waited for your answer with impatience! I see you will be in Moscow on Sunday and you will stay there only few hours? sorry but my town is 400 km from Moscow but you are welcome to come here if you have a chance.
In this letter I will try to tell you a bit more about myself. So what are the usual things the unknown people ask each other? probably about the hobby... well, I can't tell that I have some particular hobby, the occupation to which I would devote all my free time... I am pretty busy at work and to tell the truth I am so tired after it that I have no time on something but to go to bed and prepare something to eat and to read a nice book. May be you wonder why i chose to work in police?
when I was 10 year old my mother and me were going home late in the evening and 2 men attacked my mother and they stole her sac where was her salary and her documents. I was so shocked at that moment but I couldn't help my mother because i was too young. After that i decided to help people who suffer from bad and cruel criminals. Oh, and of cause I like to cook very much! My Mother is very fussy about foods we eat and she taught me cook very well. My Mother is a teacher, she works in primary school and deals with small children. My father is an engineer but he is retired now as he is quite old.
About my favorite films and books... I can strongly recommend you to watch my favorite film "Lilja 4-ever" with Oksana Akinshina in the main role. this is the film by the Swedish director Loukas Moudisson and as far as I know you will find it in English as well. This is a real tragedy of the teen-age Russian girl. well, I won't retell you the plot, you can watch it yourself if you want!
I like to read very much, I prefer rather classical writers then modern ones, for example I appreciate Russain writer Bulgakov.
And my favorite book from his masterpieces is "Master and Margarita".
Did you read this book or have you ever heard about it? And of cause sport is my hobby as i must be in fit. I go to the gym, swimming pool and attend belly dance corses.
I hope to dance for you one day and I'm sure you will be pleased ;)
I can play piano also as I finished musical school many years ago but sometimes I practise it not to forget how to do that ;)
Well and on this I will finish this letter and I will start waiting your answer! please, write me as much as you can about you because I am interested in every detail of your life! of cause if you want to!
will come here tomorrow and hope to see your reply!
bye bye for now,
P.S. I attach you some photos, one of them is in uniform so you can see how Russian uniform looks like ;)
Letter 3
Hi, Liliano!
How are you today? I am very happy to receive the letter from you again!
I was thinking and trying to guess of what you will write me today!!!
probably this is a bit silly of me, but I read you answers several times before starting to answer. I think that you can write me everything you want, because I feel friendly sympathy to you and I am happy with every passing day I discover something new in you!To answer your questions, as i understood, you will be in Moscow in the end of July and you want to change your flight tickets, i'm right?
do you have an interpreter in Krasnoyarsk and how do you talk to Russian people?
I didn't have much work today, and this is good, because I could come earlier to the Internet cafe to write you a letter and now I have time to cook something delicious for me and my parents! I think I will make a cake, a magnificent cake!
I wish I could treat you to it! May be it seems to you strange that I go to the Internet cafe to write you e-mail but the reason is simple - I don't have PC at home and I can't use a computer at my work for private purpose as everything is always checked in our police station. By the way, I will get my own computer soon, as my friend is going to buy new one and she promised to give me her old one with 50 discount so we will be able to chat for example in Skype together.
I heard that computer devices, smart-phones and I-phones are quite cheap abroad.
Here in Russia such devices are quite expensive, for example, I-phone 4 costs more than 1000 dollars!
It's like my 3 salaries, that's why I use simple phone and I'm satisfied :)
By the way, what are you favorite dishes??? tell me, please, I will try to find the recipes and will learn how to prepare it! it will be a nice piece in my collection, I suppose! Today I will probably invite my best friend to tea, she is working in my police station too. I don't have a lot of friends, but those I have are true and I am sure that I can rely on it. by the way what is your attitude to friendship? I heard that in foreign countries such term as friendship is not popular, all people are living their own lives and they don't have such friends who are ready to help them in difficult life situations. But I appreciate friendship very much and I am sure that every person must have friends... do you have friends?
I feel that you and me have very much in common and though we know each other for a short period of time I feel close to you... but ok, it is too early to talk about something after some letters that we have wrote each other. let's go on and we will see what it will lead us to, ok?
I send you some winter photos as sometimes I miss snow. We have lot of snow during winter here. I like skiing in the mountains or in the forest in winter time. And what about you?
so, I am finishing and will go home now,
with my best regards,
Letter 4

Hello dear Liliano!
Thanks for your answer! I was very glad to receive it! I am glad that you don't stop writing to me, that you are interesting in me and want to talk to me much!
How are you? How are you getting alone? I hope that you are fine.
I'm glad to know that you will not have difficulties with language here in Russia or you can call me so I will be your teacher of Russian language :)
How is your family? I hope they are well. I will be very glad to learn more about your family because all that connected with you is very interesting for me, dear Liliano!
As for my family, i have already told you some about it. My parents are really wonderful people. I have told you that my mum was a teacher, and my father was an engineer. He is retied now. My mum is a very kind person, and that's why she brought me in the same way. I have never known such honest and good woman, and i am happy that she is my mother. Thanks to her i became a kind, honest and sensitive person, i can value very common and easy things which other people may be never notice. I think that we can say that a person is happy when in his life he has such things which can't be bought by money, because money is not the most important as many people think. It is wrong! I have also a very nice cat, called Kokos. I adore him as it is my favorite pet in this world. I send you today photos with my Kokos. He asked to say big hello to you ;) And do you like animals?
Sometimes they are closer to people then even friends. when I come home in sad mood, my cat feels it and try to cheer me up with his purring. At such moments I don't need words. I know that my Kokos feels my inner worlds best of all.
I live with my parents in spite of the fact that i consider myself to be an independent person.
I know that they need my support and care every day. They wish me to be happy and they want much so that i find a good and reliable husband, and it doesn't matter where i will live...
in Russia or not. They just want to see me happy.
I will be very glad to hear from you about your family and yourself.
I am waiting for your letters impatiently...
Letter 5
Hello, dear Liliano!
How are you doing? I don't know why but it seems to me that I miss you more and more with every day passing. How is weather in your country? Here it is getting hotter with every day passing. My favorite season is summer as I put on less clothes and my skin can breath in a fresh air. I like swimming also very much and we have many lakes and rivers here. Thank you for your nice letters and pictures, I'm so glad to get it.
Why you didn't like the place where you stay now? what is wrong there? My congratulations to your success at learning of Russian language so I will check and give you a mark soon ;)
by the way, I see that you have a good sense of humor and I heard one day on the radio that the sense of humor is the first sign of the intellect! this is absolutely true, i think! I have never felt at ease with the gloomy person, and you are very bright, you are like the ray of the sun in my life! oh, I pay you so many compliments or you will decide that I am flattering you! but to tell the truth I am not tired to telling you pleasant things, because I feel that worth all my compliments and even more!
Today I would like to tell you more about my job. As you know, I'm a policeman or may be I should tell a policewoman :) I like my job, and I think that there is nothing better for me then my profession, the only badness of it that it is not very good paid. For example my salary is 15000 roubles but in dollars it is about $520 per month and sometimes it is even not regularly paid, but I am optimistic and I think that probably future will change and out government will understand that its people are worth paying them.
I send you some photos today again. Hope you like them. Of cause shorts are not the part of our uniform but sometimes I add something special to daily routine :)
I know some people, who hate their jobs, bit it's not my long suit- I'm interested in my job as I help people and fight for justice in this cruel world. And what can you tell me about your work? Do you fond of it or would you like to change it?
Also I'll never step aside of sport, the point is that it's the second pleasure in my life. I attend keep-fit classes, swim in the pool and belly dance almost every week. Some people make me participate in cloth model shows, to demonstrate, but I don't have a hankering to taking part in such shows. I want to feel freedom.
but as for models - they' re like dolls, stupid and light-minded, they're dependent. Also in my close future I'm going to make a family, that's why I'm searching my happiness in Internet...That’s why I wrote to you.
I hope that thanks to this letter you learnt me better, and you won't stop writing, I hope...
Keep in touch!!! Can I kiss you? Mmmua!
P.S. send me your phone number, please! I want to hear your voice!
Letter 6
Hi, my Sweet Liliano!
How are you today? I am fine, the weather is not very good, the piercing wind is blowing, and I am afraid to catch a cold, but when as soon as i remember about you the wind is getting warmer and it seems that it is whispering me the tender words... those i would like to hear from you some day... oh, I feel as if I have wings to fly to the sky and to shout that I AM HAPPY, I AM ABSOLUTELY HAPPY!
my sweet man, what have you done with me? how did you manage surrender my heart? oh... what is going on with me??? is it the same with you or am I just a sentimental thing? no, I am definitely not, because when I am reading your letters I see that you are feeling very much similar and you give me the hope that everything will go on, my sweet.
I got your sms, darling and I set up today the function to be able to send sms abroad so I hope to hear your sweet voice soon. I see you are going to Ghana soon? for your work and have you been there before? that's great that we can meet us in August but I'm not sure if you will have time for me as you are always busy with your work..
by the way, did you tell me where you live? Probably I simply don't remember (I mean not the country, of cause I do know it!), but I want to know the place itself. as for me, I have a small one-room flat in one of those terrible blocks where there are 3 floors and the conditions are very bad. the only advantage of those flat is that they are available to pay for (and I suppose that this is because of the fact that more or less well-off people would never agree to live there, but this is just my idea). at first Mum rented the flat, but when I came back from study at the University, we decided that it will be better to ask for the credit in the bank and pay it partly. so, I did it and bought a one-room flat 4 years ago.
But we do not live here now though i did not pay the credit to the full yet.
But we rent that flat to pay off the credit monthly.
A year ago my mum was given a flat from her work. It is a good flat and we live there together now. The conditions here are better and you know, it is always more comfortable to live with mum :) It is a very cozy and nice flat.
I send you some photos and a small video with my cat so you can see.
I heard that abroad people live in comfort and it is unbearable for the foreigner to live in Russia because of bad living conditions. Is it true?
sweety, I feel so much attached to you and I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't write you! darling, it can seem silly for you but if I come here tomorrow and won't find the letter from you, I can't imagine what I will think about the next day!!! I could never imagine that it is possible to feel to much to someone you know only by the letters. I am so great to this Internet that it keeps the connection between us! oh, it seems that my time at the computer is going to come to an end, and the manager is telling me that I have to let it free...But soon I will have my own laptop and we will be able to talk at last directly.
ok, I will go now, sweety and I will look forward to your next letter,
I am sending you my first kiss and first embarrass...
bye bye for now,
YOUR Alena
P.S. I send you some photos of my apartment and a small video with my Kokos
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Liliano!
darling, I am very happy to get your letter! honey, I was the same happy to talk to you! darling, my love, my prince your voice is so soft, so tender, so wonderful! darling, this is like music for me! and I am looking forward to listening to this music all my life!
my love, this was so great that we could understand each other! to tell you the truth, most of all I was afraid that we won't understand each other and that we will have to repeat the words several time, but I had no difficulty at all in understanding you! oh and I am sorry for my poor English. Everything came so quickly and I didn't expect that you can take train to my town today as I thought you will go to Ghana but as I see you didn't go there. By the way, I talked to my boss today and he told me that my holidays start on August 17 so I will be happy to visit you for a week. What do you think, my angel? Pity that we didn't meet today but I think such actions must be planned in advance and more over I could spend with you just few hours in the evening time because of my work so we better spend 24 hours for a week together. Do you agree?
Today it is raining here and my thoughts are very sad. I'm dependent from the weather sometimes and what about you? I'm in a pensive mood today and want to tell you about my past experience with men before.
So, at first i have fallen in love seriously when I was 18, we studied at the same group at the University, we dated and had very nice time together: flowers, walks in the moonlight, kisses, all the romantic things all the people who are in love have. We decided to live together, but my Mum was against my living without getting marriage, because I was only 19! she thought that i am too small to take such serious decisions. we went on dating till I finished the university. at first we missed each other very much, but then we started to realize that we have different lives and we decided that it will be better to be just good friends. at the moment he is already married and has 2 pretty kids, his wife is a charming woman and I am very happy about him.
soon after we parted I met a good man (as it seemed to me at that time), he was very handsome and very confident and he told me a lot of pleasant things, he assured me that he loved me and he suggested our living together. I agreed because I was 23 and I could do anything I wanted without asking my Mum's permission :) when we started to live together it turned out that he didn't love me as much as he assured me. he was very often absent from the house, he often stayed at night at some other places, and didn't think that he should explain me where he was. and some horrible morning I opened the door of our flat and saw the woman with a child, she looked very angry, and she started to shout at me. at first the sense of her words didn't reach my mind but then i understood that she was talking about my Vanya. she said that they had been married for about 4 years already and that I was destroying their family. but this was the first and the last time I saw this woman!
when she went away i packed his bags and sent it to his home address, I returned to my parent's flat with my heart broken and I never let this man come into my life since. So you see, how cruel men can be in love relations.
I prefer honesty first of all and what about you? Now you are the only man I am keeping in contact and I feel that my feeling have never been stronger to anyone.
Honey, I see that you are a genuine person and I was not mistaken choosing you.
I truly hope that you are different that you won't crush my heart, you won't make me unhappy. because if you do I won't survive. I will be destroyed completely, darling. I rely on you on the whole, I am giving you my heart and I hope that you will keep it safe and sound :) ok, this was a long letter and I think that now you know every detail of my past life. and hope that I will know the same from you soon, ok?
waiting your reply, my love, and sending you the passionate kiss and warm embarrass,
your Alena with love
Letter 8
Hello, my darling Liliano,
How are you, honey? thank you for your mails and words but to tell you the truth, i was surprised to know that you are married and I still didn't understand if it was your joke that your wife will be glad to accept me at your home. Are you kidding me or what does it mean? I hope you can explain me.
as for my time-table at work, I start at 8.00 and finish at 17.00 so you can call me in the evening time, ok? As for the weather, I like warm and hot weather when i can do sunbathing and swimming.
How was your day, sweetie? As far as my day is concerned, it was rich in pleasant surprises!
And one of these surprises was so stunning that I am eager to tell you about it right now.
In the middle of the day a man in uniform entered our police office and asked for me. He turned out to be a worker of flower company and he delivered a bunch of bright white lilies, so tender and delicate!
The bunch was really huge and my jaw dropped open when the man said it was for me. I could hardly believe his words and of course I thought it was a surprise from you as I have no other man in my life. The man went away leaving me and my envying colleagues with the bunch alone. I still wondered if it was you who had sent it or not. On the one hand, only you can make such a surprise for me. But on the other hand, you know that I adore red roses and it occurred to me that you would have sent red roses and not lilies. In addition, you would have sent it to my home and not to work. Unfortunately, there was no card in the bunch and the sender is still a mystery for me. I am pleased to receive it though I know now that it is not from you. Who could have sent it, darling? What is your opinion? My sweetheart, I am in an excellent mood today and I hope you feel great as well. Every day has surprises for each of us. Maybe tomorrow I will find out who sent me the bunch. I am so curious, honey. But no matter who it is, I love you and only you! Do not forget it, my prince. I was made for you only!
I have to go now though my desire is to stay and write you a few abstracts more. My man, take care of yourself for me, ok?
Looking forward to your next letter, sweetie.
Kiss you,
your Alena with love
Letter 9
Hello, my darling man Liliano,
How are you? I was missing you very much. I'm so tired today as we started new criminal case today and let you know about it later. I don't want to talk about my work now as I didn't have a rest for 10 hours already. But I don't give up as I'm a strong soldier :) thank you also for your call this week, i was happy to talk to you again.
So now I see why you wanted to meet us on the territory of Russia but not at your place. And do you still want me to visit you, darling? and what will you tell your wife??? that I'm your sister? :)
Do you remember I told you the strange story about the bunch of the flowers? Today I learnt who sent it to me. It was a father of one of my clients. Some months ago I helped a girl whose mobile phone was stolen near school. I have already forgotten about it because I have hundreds of such situations and I never expect some kind of gratitude from them because it is my work. Nevertheless, it was nice to feel that your work is appreciated.
I hope that you are not jealous, my darling, because this bunch means nothing. However, the man is rather handsome and divorced and maybe it was his attempt to get acquainted with me... who knows...
Today he came to the police office with sweets and expensive wine and said he couldn't come earlier because of his work, that is why he sent the flowers. I was a bit embarrassed with all the presents he gave me before and today. I am afraid that people around can conclude that he is my boyfriend. But my only man is you!!! And I love only you! And I want that everybody sees me accompanied by you, my sweetheart! I am sure this day will come soon.
Kiss you,
your Alena with love
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Liliano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry for the delay in my answer but I have reasons for that. At first I had to work hard because we had very serious accident on the road as a result 6 people died.
We had to open criminal case about that. Then we had Day of our City and celebration was for 3 days and everything was closed including Internet cafe also. We had concert of Pop star, different sport competitions on the main square and enjoyed salute in the evening time.
To crown it all, the holiday was organized very well. thank you for your mail and so sexy photo ;) Sorry but I couldn't open the attachment you sent me.
How are you today, my angel? How is your mood, my sweetheart? I came from the swimming pool right now and I feel so happy because I feel that my body becomes stronger and more beautiful!
I do it for you, my love because I'm your princesse and that's why i must look like a princesse and be in fit! I'm right?
As for our meeting, please, give me your address and the name of the airport so i can find out all the details and start making the visa for my trip to you.
So we can spend 1 week together. I'm right?
I miss you badly with every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dream about being with you again.
The desire to be with you in such physical closeness is so powerful that I cannot stop dreaming about your eroticism.
I crave every inch of your body with enormity as if I had a sick addiction.
You make me feel like I am about to explode as soon as you touch me.
My desire to be with you, on you and touching you is overwhelming.
I dream that I walk into your house one evening late at night.
The house is already dark except for a few candles and a thunderstorm is raging outside.
Soaking wet in my clothes I move over to you and hold you firmly as my mouth meets yours.
I undress you there in the living room and lay you on the couch.
In the flashing light of the storm outside I can see your body move and writhe with expectation.
My rain soaked hair and clothes has covered your naked body with a glistening moistness that begs to be touched.
I can see the beads of water trickle down your stomach and thighs with each streak of lightening.
As I gently kiss your lips and neck I slowly undress myself part of the way.
I move down your naked chest and kiss your chest then...
Your skin is hot to the touch and your moaning is getting increasingly stronger.
I am not able to wait any longer and I stand up as you help me undo my pants and slide them down.
I love being on top of you, feeling your arms around me and pressing into me as you are inside of me.
The pleasure and intensity of the moment is almost too much to bear. For a few moments we are one.
Moving together and holding each other joined by fierce sex and lustful emotions.
You drive me crazy. I feel as if I were once more a school girl dealing with the raging hormones of adolescence. I never thought a man could make a full grown woman this hungry with a raging sexual appetite.
I am stunned by my own animal drive to be with you sexually, but I am very excited about it.
I look forward to all of the exciting new erotic adventures we will be having very soon.
Your Alena with love
P.S. When we'll be together?????
Letter 11
Hello, my darling Liliano,
How are you? I wish I could give you a kiss as a greeting but you know that only words are in my disposal right now. I am missing you very much and I was missing you the whole day as terrible as never before! I'm sorry that I couldn't write you yesterday as I planned but I have to finish all reports before taking my holidays, it's very hard, you know. I was in travel company as I must make the visa to go to you and gathered all necessary documents to them so they make a procedure but they will be ready in few days. They offered me the other flights and I must book tickets here as I signed up contract with this company. They offered me the following flights for 480 euros:
18 August 2013
09:15 SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo
10:45 BLQ Bologna International
3h 30 25 August 2013
11:40 BLQ Bologna International
16:50 SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo
3h 10
So please, let me know, can you pay them for my flight tickets this week to reserve them while there are available seats? Let me know it soon, ok?
Today I had a very interesting meeting after my work. I visited my first teacher of English whom I haven't seen for a long time. She has got so old since the last time I saw her. But she is still a very kind and wise woman who treats her pupils like her own children. We were drinking tea and talking a lot today. She says she is going to leave school in summer and it is a bit sad because it makes me realize that everything comes to an end one day and life is so short. Some years ago I admired this woman, her energy and enthusiasm. And now she is a pensioner already.
Honey, I told her about you and our story. She is so impressed. I was her favorite pupil and we are still good friends that is why I can trust her. Now she is glad that I am going to be happy as a woman after I have found my man.
And in addition, my language skills she has given me are needed in my every day life and she is happy about it too. She was smiling and asking me all the time - when are you going to meet your man in real life? I was smiling and even laughing too, imagining our meeting and thinking of you at this very moment.
She was soooo surprised to know that our meeting will be so soon!
I think I should go home now and take a hot bath because my back is aching a little bit. The weather is rather windy and it must have affected my back. Actually, I need massage now, it would really help. Would you like to do it, darling? I am sure that your hands would reduce my pain, darling. And you are the only person I can trust my back to.
Kisses and hugs,
your Alena with love
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