Name: Linda Ron
Age: 26
Name: Patricia Aka
Age: 25
Name: Adorina Umar
Age: 29
Name: Adelina Birankova
Age: 32
Name: Esther Habimana
Age: 25
Name: Sophia
Age: 28
Name: Ruth
Age: 22
Name: Julia Loskutova
Age: 27
Name: Maria Alexandrovna Kharitonova
Age: 30
Name: Tatyana Zolotova
Age: 26
Name: Evgenia Malykhina
Age: 37
Name: Maria
Age: 34
Name: Aicha Mohamed
Age: 55
Name: Jessica Michael
Age: 32
Name: Anastasia Nikolaeva
Age: 29

Scam letter(s) from Ulyana Doshebaeva to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Mark my sweet! How are you doing there without me? I hope your days are fine! I could not borrow the missing sum and I'm staying in my city. I proved to you that I for serious with you and God is my witness, I've done everything I can for our meeting, but I was not able to overcome this barrier by alone. Life goes on and we have to move on and I'm sure after a while, I will be with smile, will recollect all the things that I experienced during this few hard weeks. Now I will be closed. I should be in time in the fitness centre for yoga class. It will help me to relax. Please call me Mark, I will be glad to hear your voice! Kiss you! All my love, your Vera.
Letter 2
Mark my dear, I can not describe in words my joy and happiness! I got my visa and the exact details of my flight. I still can not believe I'll see you on Wednesday. Tears of joy filled my eyes. I LOVE YOU! I plan to stay with you two weeks. I talked to my boss and he allowed me to take extra days off. Today was hardest day, I lost all my strength and I want to go to bed. Tomorrow I fly to Moscow. I'll write you a more detailed letter tomorrow morning. Please be on the phone. I'll call you. Ok? I want to talk to you my darling! Thanks for the Rambo pics! Hot kiss you! Your future wife Vera
PS. I fly to you! Please promise me that you'll meet me at the airport. You promise? my flight details:
Moscow to Chicago (IL)
flight SU100 Aeroflot from Moscow Sheremetyevo Arpt 10:15 25 Sep to New York John F Kennedy Intl 12:20 25 Sep Airbus 300
connection New York
flight AA199 American Airlines from New York John F Kennedy Intl 17:00 25 Sep to Chicago (IL) O'Hare Intl Arpt 18:55 25 Sep Boeing 737
Letter 3
My love Mark, tomorrow we'll be together! Yes, I confirm you have the correct details of my flight. Please be at the airport at the time. Ok? Now I will fly to Moscow and stay the night in a Moscow airport. Tomorrow I'll sit on a plane and fly to you. Please be on the phone all the time. Ok? I'll try to call you from Moscow. I'm flying to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vera
PS. I love you so much!
Letter 4
I'm still at the airport and I'm more nervous than you, but I'm trying to keep calm. I do not know what to do me now? If I can not find money for to show at customs, I'll have to go back to my city. Tears filled my eyes and I do not want to show my tears to others here at the airport, so I will close my letter. I hope we can find a solution to the problem and tomorrow I will fly to you. Vera
PS. Please do not leave me! Only one step and we'll be together!
Letter 5

I'm still at Moscow airport, but today in the morning, I'll go back to my city. I did not sleep that night and I feel terrible. I'll write to you again when I get home. Vera
PS. Your last letter was shocked for me! I see you do not want to understand what I'm almost at a distance of 1000 kilometers from my house now. How you could be so not serious with me in this hard moment?
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