Scam letter(s) from Maria to Luis (Mexico)

Letter 1
hello Luis!
thanks a lot for your mail. :)
you are wrong, i am a talkative person :)))
i am :))) when i was talking to you on the site i was at work :)))
that is why i could not talk a lot :)
but we can continue talking here and you will see that i am talkative.
what do you think about it?
Letter 2
Hello, my dear friend Luis!!! How are you??
I’m happy to start communication with you….I think it’s difficult to share the thoughts and dreams with unknown person, that why let me introduce you myself! My name is Maria, or simply Masha! I’m 27 years old and I’m working as an economist in bank.
What are your hobbies? I like reading and foreigner languages, I study English from school and I like it very much, then I started to learn Spanish but it didn’t work out. I have had to stop going to courses of Spanish due to the hard financial situation but may be one day I will go back to study Spanish or may be the other language? Who knows!? I am glad that I know English as it gives me an opportunity to communicate with you without use any translator! Also, I like very much go to campaigns and fishing, maybe it’s not usual for girl, but it’s true, my father and brother like it very much and every time brought me with them, after some time I understood that it’s cool! :) And now it’s our family hobby! What I can tell you more about myself…I like dance and meet with my friends, sometimes we go to the party, frankly speaking, I’m not great fan of that, but if we have good company and I have dancing mood…….why not? What about man whom I’m looking…as almost all girls I want find caring, tender man, who will be able love me and of course I will give him the same….the relations must be mutual….Do you agree with me, dear Luis? Unfortunately, I had not success in my private life in Ukraine, that why I decided to try it here, in Internet! So, I think enough about me, I want to know YOU more! Everything is interesting, so don’t be shy and write me everything and about everything what you want!!!!!!
I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience!!!!!! Your new friend Masha.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Luis!!! How are you? I’m very happy that you wrote me back, for me it means that you are still interested in me, and it makes me happy! So, what about your day, dear Luis?
Mine was not interesting, that why I haven’t even anything for to tell you, maybe it’s not very necessary? :)….But, I can tell you more about myself, ok? For example about my hobbies, likes and dislikes…a little bit difficult, but I will try....What about music, I like Elton John’s songs, Robbie Williams and Madonna, as you understand I prefer pop-music, what about Ukrainian singers it’s Ani Lorak and romantic songs of Alexandr Ponomarev. Did you hear about them??? What are your tastes in this “field”? Also, I like very much painting, you know in my childhood the best for me was the book with the illustration pictures of the famous painters, I can watch it almost all day long, good that there were a lot of pages!! :) I like dancing, but as I wrote you in my previous letter, I don’t visit the clubs very often, but if I have “dancing mood”…….Ufff, I will file everything by my energy!!!! :) Of course I like reading! I like such writers as Francoise Sagan, Agate Kristy, Pasternak, Pikul’, I like poesies of Blok and Esenin! It’s everything fiction literature, but in the same time it’s interesting for me to know more about history and culture of other countries, maybe because I had always dream to travel a lot, to visit all countries…I had never been abroad, it’s even difficult to tell which country I want to see at first! :) What about my likes and dislikes….I hate impudence and impudent people, and also quinsy, especially in summer, and thorny pullovers :(…what I like? Sea, sun, a lot of sun!!! I like milk chocolate…I like to go to the country with my family or with my friends…oh, I didn’t write you yet about my family! Sorry, Luis, but I think if I will continue this letter more you will be tired and leave read it at all!!! I will write you about them in my next letter…..
I hope, you will answer me soon, dear Luis!!! OK? I will be waiting! Kisses from Maria.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear friend Luis!!! How are you??? Thank you very, very much that you answer me, I’m very happy to see your letter in my mail-box and I really thought about you and our communication today!!!
thanks a lot for the picture that you sent me! you look great! and the place... Taj Mahal, right? did you like it?
Luis, i am glad to know that you have told about me to your friend :))) it is nice to know that!!!! :) is he still dating that girl from Slovakia?
You know, Luis, for me it’s very easy to write the letters for you…about some usual things for me as my work and even about some things dear for my heart!!! By the way, do you remember that in my previous letter, I promised you to write you about my family! And now I want show you, that I can keep my word! So, I live with my mom, Tamara and my father Igor and brother Nikita, but he is in army now, and he will return only next year!!! My mother is a librarian and my father works as a joiner in the factory, where they make the furniture. The colleagues of my father say that he has the “gold hands”, because he can make everything! We are waiting for Nikita to come back from the army this fall! I miss him very much, we are very close and in spite of age difference we have a lot of common friends! Nikita write us almost every week, but unfortunately without photos, I would like to get even one from him! But he is in the army and not on the vacation!
We have our family’s hobby, in summer and in spring and autumn (if the weather allows) we go to the country, we are fishing, make “shashlik”! Do you know what is it, dear Luis? It’s meat prepared by fire, very tasty!!!!! :) something like BBQ, but better ;) What about fishing, as long as I remember myself, my father bring me and after my brother to fishing. Mom said all the time: she is a girl; she must play with the dolls!!! But I really liked fishing! Me and a few father’s friends from early morning went then and now to the lake, sleepy, we are waiting for fish with the fishing tackle!!! But after…….mmmm, you can’t imagine how tasty this soup with this fish is!!!! :) After, full and satisfied we drink tea from wild mint and we sing, one of the father’s friend, can play guitar….it’s really wonderful!!! Do you want join us next time, dear Luis???? I hope we will have such opportunity in future!!! By the way, do you have some traditions or things you enjoy or want to do in your family? I will be very happy if you will write me about it in your next letter!!!
I will be waiting for your mail. Write me please!!! :) Yours sincere Maria.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Luis!!!
How are you???
Dear Luis, you really can’t imagine how I’m happy to see your letter; frankly speaking, I miss you very much….it’s so strange to miss somebody who I had never seen in real life…but it’s true….
1965 mustang? really? wow!!!
Luis, i did not know that Taj Mahal is a symbol of love!!!! wow!!! sounds great! would love to go there one day!!!
How passed your day, Luis? Everything is fine? I hope so!!! My yesterday was wonderful, it was the birthday of my friend Svetlana!!! You know I like very much to make the gifts, and make the different surprises for dear to me people…and it’s this case!!! And this time, I really liked very much how we organized everything with my other friends….Maybe you will want something similar for your birthday, which maybe in future we will celebrate together? :)))))))))))) So, can you imagine, we came to her in the morning: flowers, gifts, confetti!!!! She was so happy, so exited!! She told that she ever didn’t have so happy birthday mood from morning!!! I know Svetlana already for years and she is a wonderful friend of me. Sometimes we go to drink a cup of coffee and discuss each other’s lives, sometimes we go to the movies. Svetlana turned to be 30 this year. And I adviced her to try to look for a man online as it is possible to meet a good and decent man here, judging by my example ;) do you have single friends? May be one of them will be a good match for my Svetlana? ;)
Dear Luis, do you have a lot of friends? Can you tell me more about them? How are you spending time together???? Will you write me more about it? OK?
I will be waiting for your next mail. Have a good day!
I want sent you my sweet kiss, Luis, if you do not mind ;)
your Maria
Letter 6
Hello, dear Luis!!! You are welcome to call me the way you want! seriously! How are you, my dearest?…yes, my dearest Luis. I will not write you now about some feelings or about love…because it’s not possible only after 5 letters…but I believe that we made already good step towards that….do you agree with me, my dear Luis?
You know Luis, I have today so romantic and sensitive mood….I think it’s you, who made such things with me….who make me think about love, feelings, romance and so on…. How did you spend this day? I walked today in the park….alone :) Soon, it is going to be autumn. And I try to imagine how it will be to walk here with you together….in this park I was today, where it’s so calm and air is full of wonderful scent of romance… Can you imagine it? Hand in hand? Would you like that to happen?
Or you prefer dream about such moments on some unknown island, where there is not any person…only you and your beloved girl…and sun and sea….maybe I’m too “sweet” and romantic today…simply I tried to show you my dreams ….. tell me what dreams do you have? What are you dreaming about?
Luis, of course i would like to come to Mexico one day!!! i would like!!! that would be great! really great!
Am planning to go home now and to cook something delicious… cannot decide what to cook! :) but I would definitely like to share my dinner with you!!!!
Kisses…. Maria.
p.s. thanks a lot for the pictures that you sent me ;)
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