Scam letter(s) from Ulyana Doshebaeva to Eamon (England)

Letter 1
Eamon my darling, I miss you so much! I do not understand, how you plan to visit me in Russia if you could not borrow to me the necessary sum now? Explain! There are things which you hide from me and you only do not want, what I would come to you and have seen your real situation? I am right? All it only game for you? I forbid you to compare me with scamers!!! I have not deserved similar insults in my address!!! I am not for the sake of money with you!!! I try do not show my emotions, but I'm really sad! Today, I went to travel agency and told them about my situation, but I could not get my money back that I paid before. I met a woman at the agency, she paid for air tickets and visa. I asked her what country she will fly and for what purpose? She told me that she met american gentleman on internet and they corresponded for several weeks and he invited her to visit him in his country. Today, he sent her the necessary sum and she came to the travel agency to pay for visa and plane tickets and in September she will fly to him. I could not hold my tears when I heard this story. I think I had nervous breakdown. I ran out from agency and I think more than an hour, sat in the park, crying and thinking about you. I am a strong woman, but today I could not hold my tears! Why have all these barriers in our way? Perhaps we do not deserve to be together? When I met you, I was beginning to think I finally met my man and it's for all my life! My female heart will be broken if I lost you! I love you Eamon!!! it's true, my darling!!! Vera
Letter 2
Eamon my sweet! How are you doing there without me? I hope your days are fine! I do not understand, how you plan to visit me in Russia if you could not borrow to me the necessary sum now? Explain! There are things which you hide from me and you only do not want, what I would come to you and have seen your real situation? I am right? I could not borrow the missing sum and I'm staying in my city. I proved to you that I for serious with you and God is my witness, I've done everything I can for our meeting, but I was not able to overcome this barrier by alone. Life goes on and we have to move on and I'm sure after a while, I will be with smile, will recollect all the things that I experienced during this few hard weeks. Now I will be closed. I should be in time in the fitness centre for yoga class. It will help me to relax. Please call me Eamon, I will be glad to hear your voice! Kiss you! All my love, your Vera.
ps. you know my favourite perfume.
Letter 3
Eamon my darling, how you doing there without me? You flirted with other fine young lady these days? I joke! As you know, the last some weeks were really hard for me. Preparation of my trip to you and all this misunderstanding between us, took all my forces and nerves and I have decided to take a small respite and all last days, I stayed in country house of my parents. Today I'm back in a city and I feel fine! I walked by forest footpaths, enjoying the wild nature and relaxed on beach. My friend Olga with her husband visited me in country house. I have cooked a salmon in special sauce and we had dinner together. I do not wish to brag, but my friends speak, I am a great cook. Eamon! Smile! All my friends do not understand, why I still continue to speak with you, after when you have left me one in hardest situations. Yes you have ignored my problems, but I still have serious feelings to you and my feelings cannot change, only because there is a small misunderstanding between us. I am sure you understand me Eamon. You are my soul mate, my best friend, my inspiration and my love and only you and I can understand us. I send you a copy of my passport, that you could see, that I am real. I want to see a copy of your passport too, it will help me, definitively to destroy any doubts. Ok? Please write to me immediately! I will wait your answer today! One million my hot kisses for my future husband!!! For you my darling!!! Sincerely your Vera.
Letter 4

Eamon my future husband, my dear! how are you doing there without me? I miss you so much! I did not reply to you sooner because I had to think about our situation. As you know, I'm not a poor woman, but I work hard for what would have such a life, what I have here. I have a comfortable apartment, a nice car, a steady income. I had savings, but one day, my father asked me to help him and I could not refuse. I do not regret it! If now, my parents would ask me again for help, I did not hesitate to help them. I love my parents! They are my family! Honey! The last few days have been really hard for me. I have torn by different bad idea, but I'm trying not to lose faith in you and our relations. When my vacation started, I got my salary is around 800 Euro. I paid my monthly expenses and left me about 600 Euro. But that's all I have now. I do not want to keep our relationship has ended so ****** and today I went to travel agency and paid part of the cost of my trip to you. I paid 600 Euro in the agency and that I proved to them that I have serious intentions to fly to your country. I will have to pay the missing sum this week. I was able to change the date of my interview at embassy on the 20th of August, but I was warned, if I again, do not come to the embassy on the appointed day, I will lose any chance of getting a visa. I was left now with no money absolutely, but today I feel fine. I feel like I took another step toward our meeting. I hope I have earned your hot kiss, Eamon my darling?! Smile! I am in a really good mood now. Write me! Sincerely with all my love, your future wife Vera.
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