Scam letter(s) from Becky Andrew to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear, how are you doing? I'm sorry if I bother you with my message, I never mean to do so. I was only going through profiles when I came across yours, I must confess I couldn't get my eyes off you so I decided to send you a short note. Hope to hear from you soon. Beck
Letter 2
Hi, Am really sorry for not replying your mail on time. Am Andrew Beck by name, 42 year old, well educated professional lady. Am cool, respectful and a comprehensive lady who really wants to experience love. I work offshore, as a chemical engineer, I am working with Exxon Mobil Oil Company Scotland. I spend 3 weeks home and 3 weeks offshore, so I am talking with you from Scotland now does that bother you?
Letter 3
Hello my dear, how are you doing today? I hope everything is fine and comfortable with you and people around you? I really appreciate your response toward my last message to you. Actually there's nothing more to know about me. I need someone to share the rest of my life with. I have a son who is 17 year old. He is in St Mary's University San Antonio, TX. He is my life, joy and my happiness, I was married to a very lovely and caring man, but death took him away from me since then I have been alone, but I am ready to move on now. Right now you are the only one am exchanging message with here in the net and I believe that with time and the power of Communication we learn to understand ourselves and make the future brighter. Please I want you to be honest with me because Honesty is the foundation of Friendship... I need a man that is honest, God fearing, understanding, caring and lovely person around her. I just hope that with this message now you can learn everything about me. I could love to know more about you...
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