Letter(s) from Jenny Cole to Dileep (India)

Letter 1


Thanks for the message you sent to me, I want you to know first before anything that i am a Christian but i don't criticize other people's believe or religion and i have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with God to affect my romance life in any way whatsoever. I was born in, Wisconsin in Oshkosh 54901 . Due to the nature of my Job. I reside in Canada before i left to Nigeria for a job. I will love to share the intimate side of me with someone willing to do the same, this are the things i feel you should know about me: I am 30 year Old, I like going to beaches, musical concerts and attend church services. I also love cooking.

I am Still Single, Still Searching for a man that will make me happy till the end of my life. You can get back to me, If you think we can have a chance together. I attach some of my pictures, so you can have a better idea how i look like.
I will send more pictures later when you reply. But, honestly, I think that the inside beauty is much more important than how people look, isn’t it? Please include a picture with your response so I can put a face with your name.tell me
more about yourself to move forward

Hope to read from you again


Letter 2


Thanks for the lovely message you sent to me..I think i like your personality, I have to tell you all about me, I have never tell anybody on the dating site details about me, I am telling you everything about me because i feel we have same thing in common and we share the same view about relationship, Both of us are on the dating site to find our soul mate.

I lost my parent in an Auto Crash Accident. I have been without parent for about 12 years now. I was 16 years when the death of my lovely parent happened. After the death of my parents, I stayed with one of our far relation who was then before her death a model costumer. She was the person that introduced me to modeling and i even learn costuming and woman hairdressing from her, that was how i started doing some local modeling plus costuming for models.

I later met a childhood friend of mine who told me that a modeling promoter approached her, that he need a model that can travel to Nigeria. My friend wanted to do the Job, but fortunately for me, my friend could not make the trip because it was during the process that she met the man of her life on dating site and to my surprise, It was not long at all before they got married and i was really happy for them. It was her case that got me convinced that this dating dating really work.

Fortunately enough, I was picked, that was how i followed the man down to Nigeria to do some modeling job on the company's new product. Presently in Nigeria to be precise, i have come here to do a 2 weeks fashion modeling for a new bikini producing company in Nigeria and the 2 weeks is even over. I will be back soon, anytime from now probably in a couple of days or perhaps i can even relocate to where ever you are what do you think about that?.

Hope to read from you again, I think it is better we keep contact through mails till i get back. Because i will be back anytime from now probably in a couple of days or perhaps i can even relocate to where ever you are.

I will be back soonest.

Letter 3

Thanks for your response, I will let you know as soon as am back from work, I will like to know more about you and your experience in relationship and how things going their with you now...
What is your full name:
How old are you:
How many Kids do you have:
What do you do for living:
. What is the socio-economic background of your family?
. What is your level of intelligence?
. What is your formal education?
. What is your level of intelligence?
. What do you expect each partner to provide in the marriage?
. What are your views about the distribution of power inside the family?
. How many children do you want?
. When should a family be begun?
. What are your views on the care of children?
. What is your political philosophy?

I look to read from you

Letter 4

Hello ,
Am very sorry for late reply..Its my very good pleasure to read from you and also know much about you and i am very happy about your response, it shows you are ready for a lifelong relationship. Because I am not a woman who likes one night stands or short relationships, I seek long term relationship.

I am alright here. Infant I am planning to quit this model job when i get back home, in fact that's one of the reason my promoter has gone to UK to find another model that will work for him in his new contract in South Africa.
I decided to quit for two reasons ..

(1) It gives me little chance to get closer to God as i ever wanted ..

(2) It has been my dream to settle down and have my own family healthy and happy in love.

And i am sure that if i continue modeling, i may not be able to settle down. So i am planning to establish a beauty salon for ladies when i get back home, from the money i realize from this trip.. i am just praying to God to lead me right.

Please answer these questions as i like to know your view about relationship.

Tell me the roles of man in a relationship ?

What are the things that matters in a relationship and what do they mean to you ?

What are the roles you want your woman to play in the relationship ?

What are the things you want your woman to do to you always ?

Have you even experience anything like this before ?

Tell me your likes and dislikes ? do's and don't do ?

Do you smoke or drink ? if yes , tell me how often ?

Are you Independence in your decision about your relationship or do you seek advice from people around you ?

How long have you been on this Dating Site? Have you meet anyone?

Please answer these question as i will do the same in my reply. i am through with my work here since last week but my promoter have traveled to UK as i told you earlier, but promised to be back sooner, So i am kind of lonely for now but i am doing all in my power to keep myself busy. but reading mails from you make me happy.

Hope to read from you.

Letter 5

How are you and you work ? Hope all is well with you ? I really love the way you answered my questions. It REALLY touch my heart and i thank God that i met you. You really make my days with the lovely email you send to me and i like the way you answer my questions. These are my answers too.

In my opinion the role of woman in a relationship is to be a provider of support while man should be the major provider of strength. she should guide his husband to feel secure with their relationship and encourage him to seek out what his heart desires in regards to life choices. Though man and woman have equal role to play.

The most important things to me in a relationship are love, trust, and communication. I want to feel as if I am more in love with a man everyday that we spend together. In order to attain this a couple must develop a supreme sense of trust where absolutely nothing is held back. Part of trust is to have good communication. Whenever a problem arises it should be talked out without anger or resentment. I also think sex is an integral part of a relationship.

In a relationship I would like a man to play the role of an equal partner. When I am not strong I want to be able to turn to my man to confide into and look to for help overcoming any problem that I face. I want him to be the person I love the most, respect the most, and consider my best friend.

I would hope that my man will be there when I need him most and always be able to speak to me with both frankness and sincerity. I like it when men can openly show his affection. or a smile that shows me that he really loves me.

I really enjoy when I can bring my man into all aspects of my life. I like a man who can keep a positive attitude during difficult times, who is open to trying new things, and shares my passion for life and for helping our fellow human.
The things that I don't like in relationships are when we loose the ability to be able to talk openly. Also, I do not do well with people who think they are better than others and are always thinking about themselves.

My do's: I am romantic, great at surprises, very funny and can usually turn a frown into a smile, very giving, full of patients, full of life and try to get the most out of everyday. I am good at inspiring others as well.
My don't s: materialistic people, smoking, drugs, money-hungry motives, boastfulness, and people who love to fight.

I think with the way you answered my question, It clearly shows you are ready for a lifelong relationship, It is not as if i am in a rush to get married but i know what i want, and with your answers to my question i think you are best for me.
I know what you want from me and i will also be happy to show you my love and happiness throughout our life time together. if am not wrong, i think this is the third or fourth mail we will exchange between each other, where exactly do you think this communication between us could lead to ? Have you even experience anything like this before ? with all i have told you about me, do you think we might have a chance together as we continue our communication ?

I will be expecting your response to this mail as soon as possible. and also let me know your daily schedule so that i might be sure of the exact time i can meet you at the computer so that we can exchange mails.

If things work out between us. How do you think we will meet when i get back home ? You are really finding your way into my heart and i hope this will be the beginning of something good between us.

I am very new to this online dating thing. I subscribed so that i can find my soul mate.

Hope to read from you soonest,

Letter 6


How are you doing there today and work, I hope everything is going fine with you baby over there, I love to read your letter how short it is but i enjoy what i read from you here honey, I like to meet you to baby and get to spend the rest of our life with peace and ease, I will like to ask you some question here now before i can conclude on how to meet now.. Honey are you ready to settle down with me and make me happy because am looking for a real man that can put smile on my face who will not let me down in life, who will never put cry on my face..About the meeting each other I believe for me to get over there with you i have to get a flight book from Nigeria here down there to you and I will be needing some Information from you for the booking of the flight through KLM Airline..

Your Full name:
Your Full address:
Your Contact number:
Your Nearest airport

Honey about the flight ticket I don't think i can get the flight paid fully because the only money i have with me here to get some document Clear about my late father properties but i believe i will get that done as soon as i get to you then you can even help me and get that out because it a huge amount of money that can make my life better my husband, But I will tell you more about that when we meet in person..But I will get back to you with the rest money as soon as you get back to me with the Information for the booking of the flight and the Confirmation will be send to you as soon as i get it done..

I look to read from you