Letter(s) from Isabelle to Dileep (India)

Letter 1


I am Isabelle and a girl of 24 years. I am looking for a honest person whom i can entrust very important information worth alot in monetary value and also our mutual benefit. I need someone who is willing and ready to keep this information as confidential as i do. Email me if interested and i will update you with all details. Please note that this is a legitimate issue and no risk involved.



Letter 2

Dear ,

I am very happy to receive your response to my email and to know that you are trustworthy to help me with the information i have to get back my funds.

The funds amount to in ten million dollars and i have been through a lot to get back the funds which has been with the United States customs for over a year consigned in two metallic trunk boxes.
I had a beneficiary who was helping to ship the funds through diplomatic means for investment overseas but she got terminally ill with brain cancer and cannot continue helping me.

I need your help to clear the consignment from the customs as my new beneficiary to invest the funds, this funds is all i have to get a meaningful life and it means a lot to me.
I have attached two pictures of myself so that you can get a picture of me and i will also like a picture of you.

I wait for your response,