Scam letter(s) from Lea to Neil (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Neil, Thank you for the long, detailed and interesting email, I enjoy reading through it. You write eloquently and with so much clarity and I know I will struggle to beat your letter, I'm not even going to try :) I'm glad we can communicate by private email as it will afford us a good chance of getting to know each other better. You have a very interesting and comprehensive profile or should I say bio but it's surprising that as much traveled as you are, you have never been to Turkey. This is also my first time here and I must say that I'm very impressed. I got here late Saturday but I'm just being able to write back. About me; I was born in Malaysia to an American Father and Malaysian Mother and grew up in Malaysia. My Father was in the US Army and met my Mom who was a civilian Nurse in one of their military assignments. They got married but choose to settle down in Malaysia because my Mom didn't want to leave at that time because of her ailing Parents. Dad passed on 11 years ago and myself and my Mom moved to the US 10 years ago after I had graduated from the University in Malaysia where I studied Human Relations. Mom is still living, aged 64 but not in a very good state of health. I have the dual citizenship of both the United States and Malaysia. I'm the only child of my Parents. When I first came to the United States I was not able to secure a white-collar job so I took up the career of a Personal Care Assistant also called Care-giver. My job involved taking care of sick (mostly terminally ill) people who needs help with their daily run-around and activities. It's a job that I actually enjoy because I have always wanted to help sick/less-privileged people as much as I can. The job doesn't pay much so I had no choice but to quit when the opportunity with Ethiad Airways came up. I was able to secure the job because of my background as they were at the time looking for someone of my background to work on their flights to the Asian continent. I started working as a Flight Attendant for Ethiad Airways at the start of the year. It's my seventh month in the job now. I'm not a rich lady but I earn just enough to take care of myself and my Mom. My job schedule is 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off and most of the time I am always working away from the US. My latest assignment is coming here to Turkey and I will be here for the next 2 weeks or thereabout. I started trying online dating less than a month ago. It's my first time and I hope to meet someone I will take my time to get to know without the pressure of meeting up. I hope through communication we can develop a connection and eventually make arrangement to meet when we both feel like it or when we believe the time is right. I am a very committed, loyal, honest, trustworthy lady who is ready to spend the rest of my life with the right Man. I'm hard working, kind, caring, loving, romantic, supportive and ready for a long term relationship. I hope to find a Man who understand the meaning of being in love and ready to be at the receiving end of it. I know it may sound odd seeking a serious relationship on that kind of website given the kind of many people on there but I'm sure I'm going to find someone there who shares the same interest as mine and luckily I already have a good start by meeting you. To be honest, I was already loosing hope of the site before you wrote to me because the many contacts I have had there are not what I'm cut out for. Some are looking for a No-String-Attached relationship, some just looking for a fling and other just there to play games. Just so you know, I have turned off my profile the day you wrote to my email. I want to give my time to this communication between us and see what we can make of it. I am optimistic about it though. During my free time I enjoy going to the cinema, going to the beach or just home enjoying some quite time to myself listening to music or watching the TV. I love R & B and blues and my favorite artiste are Celine Dion, Madonna, Lionel Richie and Marc Anthony. My favorite kind of movies are romance and Thriller. Leonardo Di Caprio and Angelina Jolie are my favorite actor and actress. I do sports like Swimming, Athletics and Soccer but my favorite is Tennis with the Williams Sisters my favorite tennis players. I like your fellow country Man too- Andy Murray. I had better stop here for now, I hope I have given you a view of who I am. Hopefully we'll keep this conversation going and get to become intimates and may be more. Enjoy your rest (as you are most probably in bed now). I have attached my pictures (one with my Mom) along with this email, I look forward to hearing back from you again soon. Kind regards,
Letter 2
Hi Neil, My apologies for not writing to you yesterday, I have been very busy with work and I'm just having some free time. I am presently in Indonesia. We move around quite a lot but return back to base (Istanbul) after every flight. How have you been? I hope you are doing well. Wow I'm amazed you have once stayed in Malaysia for some years in the 90s and even more surprised that you still speak Malay rather fluently, kudos. I actually speak better than I write in Malay... when growing up, we spoke more of English than Malay owning to the fact that Dad was American. I'm from Miri, Sarawak northern part of the country. Thank you for the pictures, they are so lovely and I enjoy looking at them. But you haven't been writing much lately, are you busy or because you haven't heard back from me for two days now? I once again I want to crave for your indulgence and understanding about my kind of work, if I am not able to write back to you as soon as you might have expected, please I want you to understand that I'm not ignoring you but haven't just had the chance to write and the little free time and opportunity that I have now is what I'm using to write to you. I also want you to know that I'm not in contact with anybody else but you and I'm very keen to see how this will work out between us. A testament to this is the fact that I have deleted my profile from AFF with the sole aim of getting to know. I'm very serious and committed to this Neil. Thank you the kind words you had to say about my last email and pictures, I'm flattered. I look forward to hearing back from you again soon. Fondly,
Leah xoxo
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