Scam letter(s) from Kelly Michelle Emmanuel to Brian (USA)

Letter 1
Thoughts of you race through my mind and burning images of you stay within focus of my memory. Your body and your the exquisite perfection of your alluring face stays with me as if I am always dreaming. I can't stop thinking about you and the passion we create when we are together.
I dream that I walk into your house one evening late at night. The house is already dark except for a few candles and a thunderstorm is raging outside.
Soaking wet in my clothes I move over to you and hold you firmly as my mouth meets yours. I undress you there in the living room and lay you on the couch. In the flashing light of the storm outside I can see your body move and writhe with expectation. My rain soaked hair and clothes has covered your ***** body with a glistening moistness that begs to be touched. I can see the beads of water trickle down your stomach and thighs with each streak of lightening.
As I gently kiss your lips and neck I slowly undress myself part of the way. I move down your ***** chest and kiss your beautiful little *******, Your skin is hot to the touch and your moaning is getting increasingly stronger. I am not able to wait any longer and I stand up as you help me undo my pants and slide them down. I love being on top of you, feeling your arms around me and pressing into me as you are inside of me. The pleasure and intensity of the moment is almost too much to bear. For a few moments we are one. Moving together and holding each other joined by fierce *** and lustful emotions.
Brian Love,you drive me crazy. I feel as if I were once more a school Girl dealing with the raging hormones of adolescence. I never thought a man could make a full grown woman this hungry with a raging ****** appetite. I am stunned by my own animal drive to be with you sexually, but I am very excited about it. I look forward to all of the exciting new ****** adventures we will be having very soon. Thinking about you Love, Your Lady,
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