Scam letter(s) from Oksana Mayorova to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Mike!!!!!!!!!!!
My lovely, do not experience in this occasion, concerning a bedroom.
For me with you and paradise in a tent.
Thanks for a picture, it has very much liked me.
This night I for a long time thought of us, about that that I feel to you and as I shall start to write today the letter to you.
This night was the longest in my life, I could not fall asleep as my heart fought with the big force and I know, That the life without you will be for me the present torture. You can think, that it only words but if you will see me, will look to me in eyes, you will understand as far as I love you. Yes, I very much love you also to me it is necessary to be with you, You are necessary for me as air. I have risen very much early and have first of all called my girlfriend about whom I already spoke you.
My girlfriend is very glad for me and the help in all is ready. She even has suggested to live at her while will do all documents.
She has told what to make the visa will not make the big difficulties, but it is necessary to choose that, Which will approach more for us. One of them, whether is visa K-1 I do not know you heard about it, but It is the visa of the groom and the bride which is the best. On that it to make many time is necessary, About 6 months and thus it is necessary to have our hand-written letters, a joint photo and proofs of that we already met.
I understand what to receive this visa to us it is not obviously possible, I think you too it You understand. The best in this case is visa B-2 (the visa of the tourist). It is valid from 3 till 6 months.
The girlfriend has told what to receive it will not make to me any work and consequently better if to do it.
When we shall be together I can receive already directly from you visa K-1 or a green card.
Due to this I shall be with you always and it will be that about what I dream for us. I was so is happy, That it will be so simply to make all documents, but my girlfriend has lowered me from heavens on the ground that, That has told about the price of this visa. Visa B-2 costs 65 dollars. To live in Moscow these days it is necessary about 100 dollars as it is very dear city. To reach to Moscow by train 50 dollars are necessary.
It is necessary to pay 200 dollars for services of agency, but it in view of that the girlfriend will discount.
Whether I do not know you remember that I receive 1200 dollars one year on the work, I asked the help at Friends and at parents also could collect 100 dollars. I have considered, that it is necessary for me to have 315 dollars more.
My mum having learned about it too very much was afflicted, as she sees as me difficultly without you and as I aspire To be with you and I has dared to ask the help you. It is very awkward to me to ask about it, but differently we cannot meet.
I dream of that this money was not in general, but the real life speaks differently and from it to not get to anywhere.
Please only do not think, that he only for the sake of money, I assure you, that when we shall meet also I looking in eyes I shall tell as strongly I love you, you will understand as far as my feelings are strong. I ask you have gone to me of money in The nearest days and I shall make all that we were together and already were never separated, even in dream I shall be Ideas with you. I have asked our director in what way better to send money and it have told, That the most safe and fast translation system of money from one country in another is the Western Union.
He has told, this system is convenient that you do not need to know addresses of bank where it is also translation some minutes are carried out all. And as it is not necessary to have any bank account.
Love only needs to be sent you money for my name Lyudmila Rybakova and I without problems can receive your money at any office of the Western Union.
As it is very safe translation system of money and only I can receive them.
For this purpose there are special 10 figures of the control of a remittance (MTCN) which you should send me.
About the help of it I can receive your money. I am very grateful to my girlfriend and director that they gave me Such full information. My dear I with impatience shall wait for your answer and I know that this time will be Lasts the whole eternity, but I know, that it stands that. Due to you we can already be together in the read out days.
I very much love you, remember it loved. For ever yours Ludmila.
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